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Subject: Foundry, Forgeries and Fun

Cheese-filled alliteration aside, we're obviously paying close attention to the Forge-based shenanigans that have been transpiring on the Internet and in the interest of trying to herd the cats of creation into a single file line, please post your best Forge Variants here, with well-written and descriptive depictions of your map. Paint with your words, like you've painted on Foundry's canvas.

I've cross-posted text from another Forge/Gametypes thread here on the Forums. Do apply the format to Foundry specifically and go to town. We're watching, anxious to see your creations.

Rebound, a Re-imagination of Snowbound
Designed with Symmetrical-arena style slayer play in mind, Rebound takes elements of Snowbound that previously turned the map into an interior camping battle, like the Shotgun, and awards both teams a Shotgun in their respective bases. Weapon sets have been made close to identical on both sides of Snowbound in an attempt to remove the tendency of players to crouch camp underneath. This map is ideal for 2-10 players.

How to make these posts.
1. Create a gametype and map variant, upload these to your File Share.
2. Publish the Gametype and Map variants to the forums, save the links to those threads.
3. Create post in this thread, and link to the Map variant and Gametype at the Publish to Forums link here [this way players can easily click those links and download your gametypes.
4. Create a well-written explanation of changes made to the map and if necessary a description of the gametype you've created, including ideal number of players, number of teams (if necessary) and any other relevant information. Please write as clearly and coherently as possible.
5. Bungie will be watching this thread and using it as a resource for gametype creation from the community as well, all posts not relevant to the topic at hand will be removed and users potentially extinguished like torches in a monsoon.

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Ill try it

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The WorkPLace
(Formerly 'Halo 3 in The Work PLace')

Reach Map Variants

My Twitter

MARK VI Factory - Pics and YouTube vid there.
Perch - Pics there.
Elite Factory v2 - Pics there.
Serpent - Pics there.
Snowstruct - Pics there.
K.A.O.S. - Pics there.
Brute Factory - Pics and GeeVee vid there.
Spinal Tap - Pics and GeeVee vid there.
Depot - Pics and GeeVee vid there.
Job Site - Pics there.
Deadline - Pics there.
Ballroom - Pics there

MARK VI Factory
This map is arena style. Four bases in four corners. "Plus sign" underground passage with a goodie for whoever gets there first. There are two, two story bases with respective grav lifts and shield doors. Two sniper towers, one being a single story high above and the other being a three story tower. Also with respective shield doors and grav lifts to navigate the different levels. Extreme attention to detail and put together with great care. Enjoy! Supports: Slayer, Team Slayer, KOTH and Team King. Best with 4-12 players.

Completely symmetrical arena. High outer horseshoe with a sniper perch in the center. Two story bases under the sniper perch and then ends of the horseshoe. Another two story base located directly across from the sniper perch base. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, KOTH and Team King. Best with 4-12 players.

Elite Factory v2
Elite Factory was designed as a hybrid map. It mixes arena style infantry combat with vehicle combat. It's completely symmetrical and offers a truly unique experience. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF, KOTH and Team King. Best with 6-14 players.

This map was designed from day one to be a BTB, vehicle friendly map. Appropriately named 'Serpent' because by inserting winding turns I have transformed tiny ol' Foundry into a large, long, BTB playspace. Two bases, Warthogs, Mongooses, Mancannons. This map is fun and competitive. Set up for BTB. CTF, Big Team Slayer, Slayer. Best with 6-16 players.

This map features the top level of Construct and the underground tunnels of Snowbound. (Personally my two favorite Team Doubles maps.) Complete with shield doors from Snowbound and purple/orange grav lifts from Construct.However, this map is not as camper friendly as the original maps. Set up for Slayer and Team Slayer. Best with 4-12 players.

Using the latest in forge tricks for optimum joy, this map is apart from the rest. 99% symmetrical, competitive, arena style layout. Sniper towers for each team with the focal point of battles in the center two levels. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF, KOTH and Team King. Best with 4-10 players.

Brute Factory
Boot camp for Brutes. Completely symmetrical and original map. Perfect mix of different forge tricks to create a sweet playground to pound your foes into submission. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, KOTH and Team King. Best with 4-12 players.

Spinal Tap
Completely Symmetrical. Overlapping and merging with map geometry techniques used perfectly to achieve a truly unique and overall fun, competitive map. On top and in the tunnels of the backbone of the map is a highly fought after area. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF. Best with 4-12 players.

Stand alone sniper tower, very unique two level battle arena as the focul point. Easy man cannon access to counter the sniper tower. Nothing like you've seen before. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, KOTH. Best with 4-12 players.

Job Site
Job Site is a construction site setting. You have one side of the building nearing completion and the other side of the building shown in the "under construction" phase. The map also features a fenced in area that confines the storage containers and tools, etc... Not to mention the construction crane moving a column into place. Set up for Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF. Best with 4-12 Players.

Deadline is a SWAT map created for the Bungie.net group "Halo 3 in the Work Place". Standard Slayer and Team Slayer plays extremely well here also. Multiple levels and plenty of cover. Unique in many ways that you would have to experience to fully grasp. Set up for SWAT, Team SWAT, Slayer, Team Slayer. Best with 2-10 players.

Ballroom is a completely symmetrical, highly competitive map. Designed with SWAT and CTF in mind, this map will bring a new experience to your custom game carnage.Set up for SWAT, Team SWAT, Slayer, Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Team King of the Hill. Best with 4-10 players.

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I've made a Collection Mini game. You need to collect the Hidden Power ups within a Five minute Time limit. Check it out here.

Use standard slayer settings with a five min time limit. Have fun.

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Dub's Stadium2.0!
ITS HERE! Dub's Stadium 2.0! I COMPLETELY REBUILT THIS ONE! I started from a blank canvas, and changed the layout and everything.

Dub's Stadium2.0 has a WIDE OPEN FIELD! Great for playing Football, Soccer, CTF, and whatever you want to play, but mainly a great sports map. There is a spectator area which includes boxes over the goals. The soccer ball has an auto-respawn (meaning, when you hit it into the goals, it is flung back to the center for further continuing the game). The football on this map has 3 Bomb spawns, just to mix things up a little bit. And I even made up a new scoring system for soccer. I have tested the map quite a bit now, and I think overall it is error free. This is a MUST HAVE map for fun sports games. I even added some extra balls in floating boxes.

Dub's Stadium
This is a "Sports Stadium" map made to support Soccer and Football, and could potentially be used for many other "sport" like game types. I have made two gametypes that work very well on this specified map. The map features a spectator area, where people who would like to just "watch" the game or "ref" it can sit, without interfering with the action. I have goaly boxes, and many other "fenced" areas where you can watch the game from many different angles. The Soccer goals have mancannons in them so that the soccer ball will be shot to the center once one team scores. And there are shield doors surrounding the field, keeping the soccer ball from going out of bounds. The teams spawn in the "locker room" on game start, which add effect to whoever can run to the portal first, after that, if they die, they will respawn on the field. Overall, lots of fun with anywhere to 8-16 people. Not a lot of fun with a small amount of people though.

Dub's VIP Soccer
This is a new soccer game type that goes with Dub's Stadium2.0 (not compatible with Dub's Stadium1.0) Where the VIP on each team is the offcially ref of the game, and when their team scores, they walk onto the goto point to keep score. The Refs can get extra balls for the players, and even be goalies, if thats how you want to play. Its all up to yoU! But the Refs do have increases speed and jump.

Dub's Soccer Download
Soccer game variation made to be used on Dub's Stadium. Players spawn with a Gravity Hammer, and Brute Shot. And they must get the soccer ball into the other teams goal. You can't die, unless assassinated, and you have the SHORTEST respawn. This is very fun to play with 8-16 people, though 4 vs 4 isn't to bad either. I boosted the speed up to 300% so that it simulates the running of a soccer player, and gravity is set to 125%. Overall, a really fun game type, especially when used on Dub's Stadium.

Dub's Football Download
Football game variation made to be used on Dub's Stadium. This is a neutral bomb assault edit. There is only one bomb, and you must score "touchdowns" by carrying it to the other teams goal. When you reach there, the bomb instantly explodes, and you respawn back at your side. Players spawn with Energy Sword and you run at an increased speed. WHen you pick up the bomb, you run slightly faster than normal, but not too fast. You can still sword lung the person, if you time it right ;) Its a pretty balanced Football gametype, and especially fun when used on Dub's Stadium!
Thats all for now!

So far, this map(the one I am making currently, not the one featured in this post) has turn out very well, and VERY fun on neutral bomb, and neutral flag! All I am going to say is, 3 storys of madness! I'm still working on getting the weapon spawns, and player spawns to good places, and fixing small things such as that. Overall though, the map has gotten me major props from those on my "test team".

Message me via Bungie.net, Xbox Live, Email, or AIM about joining my Forge/Halo/Xbox Fan team. Right now, we need some more forgers or just people to help us test the forge stuff we make. The team only consists of a few friends and I. So we are still trying to grow. But you don't have to be a member to be a tester! Though it is suggested. So, if you would like to be on the team, hit me up!

Email: threedubsyo@gmail.com
GT: TripleDubs11
B.NET: FIgure it out! lol


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(walk on walls)


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Posted by: jemima
Wow! Finally! [url= http://www.youfail.org]Here[/url] you go... I have to warn you that it isn't worth it. Such a failure this week. I would rather have not had an update at all.


Or, Email me at gamefreek96@aim.com
^^^Jemima Got PWNED^^^


After about a week of designing the main concept for this little number I put together, I finally laid down the weapons, and then laid down the pain in a Custom Match. The cool thing about this, is that the humans rely on you, oh faithful downloader for the first Round at least. If you are a human, congratulations, if you are a Zombie, I estimate a good 3 seconds of in-game time before the next round.

Anyways, this whole map is based off a neat little Forgery Device I have made. Some of my friends told me to use lukems' imagination, but I don't have his, I only have mine. So I used it to imagine that I have Lukems' imagination...


Yes, that's right Bungie Goers! It's an ACTUAL door that ACTUALLY closses it when you ACTUALLY want it too!!! (unless the jackass on your team closes it before you get in it...)

I think it is pretty cool, with a little modifications as seen inside the thread above (where you download the game) you have a little hiding place in the room where you can hide for about 20 minutes (I did) before the Zombies find you.

And oh yeah, there is One little thing. There is a super duper camping spot that you have to find. Once you find it, you either have 5 minutes to live or the whole game. Depends how smart the zombies are.

This game is best used with normal Infection (with swords) and eleventy-billion people (16 people)

Thank you and good night!

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"The small town of Endsville was quickly brought to its knees when the infection broke out and spread across the country. It started just with small attacks during the night, but escalated to wide-spread panic and destruction as the living dead ravaged the entire community.

The bridge didn't even last until morning, so that wasn't an escape option. We barely managed to get out of that growing Hell and set up shop in this industrial facility on the outskirts of town. Our numbers remain small, but more and more of those things keep showing up at our fence. There's plenty of weapons and ammunition in the Armory, but we always need more of everything.

We only have access up to Main Street for supplies, since the rest of the town is engulfed in flames and wreckage..not to mention the zombies..It's fine, though. Main Street has plenty of stores (like Bob's Barrels and Al's Industrial Supplies) and homes to loot when we need to, though that'll only last us for so long.

There are ways for those things to scale that main fence, but it'll be fine as long as we've got people defending it at all times. The only other way for them to get in is a nicely blocked off rear entrance, but we still need a guard there at all....Someone just heard a loud noise along the western fence...Please, if anyone's still out there listening to this transmission, we need help."

Gametype! - Link
These zombies are tough, just like any mass of killers would be. Shooting them a dozen times in the torso isn't exactly efficient, so going for headshots would be smart. They're fast and agile at times as well. Getting into close-quarters combat with them is not recommended.

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Multilevel Doom

Built from the ground up, Multilevel Doom is a vehicular paradise on the ground, but the key to controlling the map is the catwalks spread across the skies, making the map vaguely reminiscent of Hang'em'high. No matter where you are you're never safe. Best for Team Slayer or FFA Slayer, ideal for 4-16 players.

EDIT: 2 more

Kart Circuit map and Kart VIP variant.
A race track in the spirit of Mariokart, including strightways, twists, and jumps, get the VIP through the checkpoints but watch out for your pesky opponents and their plasma pistol passenger. This map has been carefully balanced including ways to ensure competitiveness throughout the match. Requires the Kart gametype. Best for 1v1 or 2v2.

Storm the Base map and Storm VIP variant.
The defenders start out with all the advantages, the best weapons and the best strategic positioning, but they only get one chance, and the attackers never stop coming. Can the defenders conserve their resources and their lives for long enough? Best for lots of people, and requires the Storm VIP variant. Note: round time needs playtesting.

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LOOKing 4 people to scrim against MLG rules only. mostly to4 challeneges 4 fun

Friend Request i xario i


great CTF map as well as slayer


This is a asymetrical map which is MLG based. IT works for Everything but ctf. I think it is really well desiqn. I have a walkthrough a mlg game room because I did enter it in the forge the foundry contest. Please leave me so feed back at MLGPRO.com
mlgpro.com Leave me feedback please

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I'm going to make one in a few minutes. I'll edit when it's up.

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heres mine
please check it out

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Come and Try out The Fun Pit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Links to the Map Variant, Walkthrough video and Pictures.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Download The Fun Pit Here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Photobucket Slideshow of map pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Map Walkthrough~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Fun Pit is a map made by sgtmort22, with the feedback of his great friends.

It has lots of new weapons and cover to hide behind, but is all balanced. This map has added the following things to it: Needlers, Rockets, Laser, Flamethrower, Spike Grenades, Firebombs, Bubble Shields, Power Drainers and so much more. Almost all of the weapon spawn point have been edited and have been changed around or removed. Also a new area that was only assessable by skillful jumping can now be accessed with ease and becomes a huge aspect of game play, because this new “base” so call it has your flag and many other objective objects. There is also 2 mongooses that are inside the lower base to provide fast maneuverability, but it also has many enemies as the rocket launchers and fuel rod cannon are on here as well; with only one clip though so you don’t get to reload. This map has so many changes in it and is so fun the only way you will know is if you just try it, and the best part is you don’t need to download any custom game types to play this map as it was made in mind to hopefully one day be in Bungie’s matchmaking system somewhere someday. Try it out I know you will like it I have spent a lot of time at least a few weeks on it tweaking it and it is ready to show off, so if you are not convinced by now why don’t you take a look at the screenshots and, or a map walkthrough. Trust me everyone who has played my map has great fun, for it was meant to look and be professionally done. All Feedback is welcome good or bad it will help improve the map.

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Posted by: Lies
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Posted by: Th1ckestSausag3
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Tower of Power

Just made this map, it took me 2 hours to make so I think its good. You should also download the ToP game settings to go with it.


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My map is an exact replica down to the very proportion of the original old school PacMan map. If you look at the orignal map you know what mine looks like.

It requires the gametype "Ghosts Take" (I did this so when you play it, it says "Ghosts Take on Pacman".) It is very original and very fun.

It is essentially VIP. VIP being pac-man. One team hunts him. He goes to the check points. there are custom powerups to play roll as Pac Pellets.. these make pacman destroy ghosts. ha.

Here is PacMan

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Name of map is cells
it's on my file share i just made a bunch of boxes in the corner using door barriers it's good for shotgun and rocket fights if you want people to hate you
Gt is choclatemoose

  • 12.12.2007 1:52 PM PDT

He said to use Tucker's imagination, but I didn't have his, I only had mine. So I used my imagination to pretend like I had Tucker's, and look what I came up with!

Chill Out v3 Note: Screenshots are available in the map thread.
My third version of Chill Out on foundry.
Obviously a remake of the Halo 1 map, this version has been extensively playtested, balanced, and modeled.
All the original power weapons are present, including the flamethrower (correct to Halo PC placement). Equipment has been added to balance the heavy weapons, although it takes 90 seconds for the flamethrower or equipment to appear. The biggest changes are some room condensing & expansion. Some of the curves and inclines have been adjusted, because I had no curves and few inclines to work with.I believe all the original weapons and grenades are present, plus I added several duals and mid-range guns at strategic locations.I've spent many hours making sure the map plays balanced and fun, and it is the pinnacle of my forging so far. Objectives, respawn zones, and start points have been added for all gametypes, but it plays best with oddball, hill, slayer (FFA & Team), and infection. The maps feels full with six players and starts getting crowded with eight.

Note: When I originally posted this, it linked to my second version. My third version is now finished and I want people to see it instead.

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The Stacks
This map is formatted for vertical style of war that we all came to know and love in Lockout. Multiple floors and dead ends make it a perfect map for all gametypes. I recommend personally Hide And Seek, Slayer and Infection on this map.

EDIT: The map had a slight error in it that I need to fix. I'll post the final version soon.

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I just finished a rickety but fun Foundation map called "Tunnels". It's still a test but I need some feedback.

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FOUNDATION REMAKE - Over 2000 Downloads

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I have one i'm working on its called Side Blinder (Sidewinder Influenced)

Its going to be an awesome CTF.


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Training Ground

A small map made for slayer and objective games, no custom gametype is needed to play this map, 2-10 players.

Works with all standard gametypes.

Link to map

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Emergence 2006
"I have defied gods and demons."
"I am your shield, I am your SWORD."
"I know you, your past, your future."
"This is the way the world ends."

Behold Labyrinth

Labyrinth is an ideal zombie infection map with plenty of twist and turns which makes it difficult to manuver on the ground but also makes it suspenseful. Although i have yet to test out my own custom game type on it, I believe that no radar for the humans and no way point for last man standing would bring the best results.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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*Reservation of Greatnessly Gratitude*

Midship Remake with 15 Pics, very well done!

Hey i have my own thread that i would like people to use so go to this link: Foundry Remake and Pro Multi Base Archive

It is an archive for map remakes and professional multi base maps

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