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  • Subject: Pre-Xbox Halo: The Definitive Thread
Subject: Pre-Xbox Halo: The Definitive Thread

Incredible material

  • 09.18.2010 8:45 AM PDT

this is awsome stuff

  • 10.03.2010 12:42 AM PDT

Bring it on :)

I think the whole Halo game was a bit based on Marathon, u know.. the Master Chief's suit name and all that, the symbol on the Pillar of Autumn (Marathon's symbol) I'm not talking only of the pre-xbox halo, but about all the halo's.

  • 10.05.2010 5:05 PM PDT
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great stuff

  • 12.20.2010 12:44 AM PDT


So True. i allways loved the idea of this even before i sow the clips, and I agree bungie should release this, for mac or xp or even seven, im not an expert, but from my point of view it wouldn't be that hard, and there are alot of people that would realy apriciate it. Thanks.
{Sorry im not a very good speller}

  • 02.19.2011 6:32 PM PDT


By seven, i was refering to windows seven, not remake it just make it windows seven playable.

  • 02.19.2011 6:34 PM PDT


I just set up a poll on weather Bungie should release the alpha,so take a look and vote.

  • 02.19.2011 9:22 PM PDT

Without Marathon, Halo wouldn't exist.

Bungie, I beg you people:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hand out some of those older versions.
Even if they don't work, I'd love to have those 3d models and convert them into remodels for HaloCE.
I mean if the older versions no longer exist then that's a shame, but understandable.

I've wanted that old version with the funny looking elites and all forever.
Bungie, it wouldn't hurt you to have some of the old stuff get released.
We'd love to see this stuff, and play in the world that started this glorious franchise.
Sadly though, I just know it won't happen...

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  • 02.22.2011 12:32 PM PDT
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Thanks for the history lesson! Many of the current players have no idea how far the game and franchise have evolved. Know your roots!!

  • 03.21.2011 8:14 AM PDT

asking for mods is not a smart idea.
no bumping.

what is your next game going to be Bungie?

Posted by: farmerscott21
Thanks for the thread, dude. CE is still the greatest Halo game to date. I know it's only a fantasy, but I would love it if Bungie made a Halo CE/Halo 2 remake for Xbox 360 with LIVE support. Don't touch the graphics, only make it work with LIVE.

yes, I have been thinking this a lot.

  • 04.05.2011 2:33 PM PDT

that was an awsome halo overview. back when graphics were blury ,and blood gulch was awsome, wait... it still is!

  • 04.08.2011 8:54 AM PDT
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Cool this thread is still active!

Hey kotaku did an article on the halo before halo:
When Halo Was On The Mac, And Was A Totally Different Game

Think this can get on the comm chatter?

  • 04.26.2011 10:25 PM PDT

Yes. I am a Battle Rifle machine. The DMR is a poor replacement.

Mark V helmets looked kinda retarded before the game's final release haha!

  • 04.30.2011 3:22 PM PDT

(Bungie > 343i)

Brings back memories. :)

  • 06.16.2011 4:54 PM PDT

I'm 23, I have a house, dog, girlfriend, job and I have no interest in any fanboyism so if you're thinking about sending me a childish PM, don't be surprised when I don't call back.

Good thread.

  • 06.22.2011 1:07 AM PDT