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  • Subject: The Bungie Universe Forum -- Forum Rules (Last Updated 21 Jun 2010)
Subject: The Bungie Universe Forum -- Forum Rules (Last Updated 21 Jun 2010)

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Officium quod Fidelitas.

Last Updated: 21 Jun 2010

The Bungie.net Terms of Use and Code of Conduct apply to every part of Bungie.net, including this forum. Please read these pages and check back periodically for updates.

The Short Version

Bungie controls everything. You have no rights. Play nice.

1. Do not break the law or do anything that may cause Bungie to break the law.
2. Do not be selfish or a jerk.
3. Do not do anything at all that may impede normal, reasonable, on-topic discussion.

Bungie employees and forum moderators have total discretion to determine whether any thread or post merits correctional actions such as locks, warnings, bans, or otherwise.

The Long Version >> || Forum Specific Rules >> || Forum descriptions >>

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yoo•zel- ('yoo-zhul): slang: vb.

Officium quod Fidelitas.

The Long Version

Below, we have fleshed out the rules and added some additional specific rules. These rules apply to all posts in this forum, and it is your responsibility to read them. This thread serves as your only warning, and you may be warned and/or banned at the moderators' full discretion for violating any rule in this thread.

* Spam is prohibited.
What counts as "spam"?

* Do not create "blog"-style posts unless they are part of a larger on-topic discussion. These topics do not encourage discussion and are therefore spam.
What counts as a "blog"?

* Do not flame each other! Use your manners and common sense. If you disagree with someone, do so gracefully.
What counts as "flaming"?

* Bumping is prohibited.
What is "bumping"?

* Do not troll. Do not feed the trolls!What is "trolling"?
"Do not feed the trolls" means do not respond to trolling, and is also strictly enforced.

* Do not post off-topic or in the incorrect forum for the subject matter of your post. The forum definitions further down in this thread serve both as a guide and as the binding rules for on- and off-topic posting.

* Topics about a forum itself are improper except in the Bungie Community Forum. For example, a topic about the Halo 3 Forum rather than about Halo 3 itself would belong in the Bungie Community Forum, NOT the Halo 3 Forum.

* Petitions and "sign here" threads are prohibited.

* No political or religious discussion of any kind will be tolerated on the forums.

* Do not link to inappropriate websites. This includes, but is not limited to: sites containing adult content, information on any type of software piracy or shock sites. Violation of this rule results in permanent ban.

* Do not post false information or mislead other forumgoers. This includes false information about Bungie games, Bungie.net, the public forum rules, or other information that may mislead other users.

* Impersonating forum moderators and/or Bungie employees is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule results in permanent ban.

*Discussions of XBox or XBox 360 hardware or software modification or "hacking" are prohibited on any of the Bungie.net forums.

* Buying, selling, bartering, or offering to do any of the above for anything at all is prohibited. This includes XBox Live accounts, trial cards, and Microsoft Points, as well as all other items, services, or anything else.

* Do not use the public forums to run contests, solicit donations, or advertise other websites.

* Do not bypass the profanity filter (if it says -blam!- instead of the word you used, don't try different ways of posting the blammed word.).

* Advertisements for Groups, Clans, Tournaments, Custom Games, Parties, or Co-Op Play are to be posted in The Classifieds only.

* Threads about groups of users based on age, gender, race, religion, or nationality, including discrimination against these groups, are prohibited.

* Fileshare films, film clips, screenshots, and maps (including GameVee, eatHalo, or other fileshare "grabs") may not be the subject of new threads in any forum. For these items, use the Community Files system. This rule does not apply to media that is posted as an example, case-in-point, or demonstration within a larger on-topic post.

* Bungie-related fan media may be posted in the Gallery Forum only. This includes art, machinima, montages, and other fan-created content. This rule does not apply to media that is posted as an example, case-in-point, or demonstration within a larger on-topic post.

_____________________________________________________________ ________________

The Terms of Use and Code of Conduct give Bungie Employees and Forum Moderators the right to interpret these rules and definitions based on their own judgment, experience, and opinions.

If you are unsure about your post before posting it, please send a private message to a moderator before posting.
_____________________________________________________________ ________________

Various Ramblings and Insights...

>Report all violators, use the report tool.
>Do not reply to spam or trolls.
>If you feel a topic is in need of immediate attention report it to multiple moderators.

* Use a spell checker before posting..
* Don't use "text-message"-style abbreviations.
* Use the Search Feature
* Always check the Pinned Topics. They contain useful information and can answer many questions.

-This thread is subject to change without notice. You are responsible for reviewing this document periodically.
-Warnings will not always be given. Blacklists of 7 days or less are considered warnings and may not be appealed or changed except under exceptional circumstances as determined by a Bungie employee or moderator.

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Subject: The Bungie Universe Forum -- Forum Rules (Last Updated 10 June 09)
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Bungie Universe Forum: Forum-Specific Rules

* Halo gameplay threads are prohibited in this forum. Use the appropriate Halo-specific forum to discuss gameplay from Halo games.

* Fan-created media, including fanfiction, fan-made videos, photoshops, poetry/songs, and other media are appropriate only in the Gallery Forum. Halo 3 screenshots, film clips, films, gametypes, and map variants may not be posted in any public forum, and instead should be uploaded to your Halo 3 Fileshare and tagged using the Community Files system.

* Longstanding, well-established, and active "game universe" threads will be moved to this forum only upon request by the thread's original author. Please send a private message to any forum moderator to request that your appropriate game universe thread be moved to this forum.

* To clear any confusion, Halo story discussion is allowed in both the Halo forums and this forum, but gameplay issues pertaining to those games are only to be discussed in their respective forum(s). Do not cross post!

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Here at Bungie.net we have a variety of forums for all kinds of different discussion. Read on for a brief overview of each forum and please note some forums may have specific Rules included with the above mentioned.

Halo: Reach Forum
The Halo: Reach Forum is for topics directly related to the video game Halo: Reach only.

Halo 3 Forum
The Halo 3 Forum is for topics directly related to the video game Halo 3 only, except for XBox Live multiplayer playlist and matchmaking discussions, which belong in the Optimatch Forum.

Halo 3: ODST Forum
The Halo 3: ODST Forum is for topics directly related to the video game Halo 3: ODST only. Multiplayer and Matchmaking discussion are inappropriate in the Halo 3: ODST forum. General Halo 3 multiplayer topics should be posted in the Halo 3 Forum only, while topics directly related to Matchmaking playlists and gametypes should be posted in the Optimatch Forum only.

Halo 2 Forum (aka: New Mombasa)
New Mombasa is the official Halo 2 discussion forum. Come to sunny New Mombasa and revel in the Halo 2 chat, multiplayer and singleplayer!

Optimatch Forum
Optimatch is for Xbox Live playlist and matchmaking discussion only. A linked XBox Live account is required to post in this forum. Be aware that this is a Bungie feedback forum and is strictly moderated.

Halo : Combat Evolved Forum
The Halo: Combat Evolved Forum is for topics directly related to the video game Halo: Combat Evolved for the XBox and XBox 360 only.

Bungie Universe Forum
The Bungie Universe Forum is for discussion of all elements of the storyline, backstory, plotline, and canon elements of all Bungie games, including Halo, Marathon, Oni, Myth, and others. Additionally, this forum is about Bungie's potential future projects. Note that Halo gameplay and multiplayer issues are off-topic and strictly prohibited in the Bungie Universe Forum!

Halo PC (aka: The Maw)
The Maw is the Halo PC/Mac and Halo 2 Vista dedicated forum. Looking for a good server? Need technical assistance? Or perhaps you'd just like to brag about the Banshee you shot down with a rocket hog while playing Infinity. This is the place for it.

Bungie Community Forum (aka: The Septagon)
The Bungie Community Forum is for all topics directly related to the Bungie community itself, the Bungie.net community, and the Bungie.net website. Additionally, this forum is for discussion about World Domination, Bungie LLC itself, and Bungie lore.

The Gallery
Post your Bungie-related drawings, art, photoshops, montages, machinimas, and other videos here for view and comment by the Bungie community! Please note that Halo 3 Fileshare items may not be posted here.

The News
Any new B.Net article gets its own post in the news. There, you can respond directly new the latest Bungie stories.

Voting Booth
Frequenters of the last Bungie.Net may recall Bungie having their own polls from time to time. While at first, this feature was gone from the new B.Net, Bungie has brought it back in the form of a dedicated forum! Check here regularly for new polls being held by Bungie employees and forum moderators.

The Classifieds
This forum is for all clan, group, tournament, teammate, custom game, co-op, and other advertisements that are otherwise allowable under the Forum Rules, Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct.

Off Topic: The Flood
The Flood Forum is Bungie.net's off-topic forum, and is for all discussions that abide by all other forum rules but do not fit within any of the above forums.

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