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  • Subject: The Short List of Improper Posts - Please Read Before Posting
Subject: The Short List of Improper Posts - Please Read Before Posting
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Posted by: DEATHPIMP72
Anyone but Foman. He smells like cheese.

Everybody is excited about the opening of the Gallery Forum as a place to view Bungie-related artwork and writings created by members of the Bungie Community. But it is very important that you read this short list of posts that are guaranteed to cause a thread to be locked and the creator warned or banned. Thanks for your help as we try to help this forum become the premier place to show off the amazing artistic talents of the Community!

New Topic Creation

* Do not create threads that solely contain links to fileshare items (maps, screenshots, and videos) OR captures/grabs of fileshare items on YouTube or similar sites. You may, of course, link to source material (for example, an original screenshot link followed by your photoshopped version of it).

* If the item you are posting is not something that was substantially created, substantially modified, or substantially edited by the artist, it is improper here.
Some examples of non-substantial modifications:
*Writing words or drawing simple shapes/objects on an otherwise unmodified screenshot or fileshare video.

*A fileshare video simply set to music but otherwise unedited.

*A Halo 3 player model or emblem.

*Any other item containing only superficial modifications from the original

* Do not link to non-Bungie-related media. This includes media that relates solely to subcommunities or private groups having nothing to do with Bungie or Bungie games, even if the private group is hosted here on (for example, posting the "logo" or "signature" of your private group here on would be inappropriate for this forum).

* Do not create threads looking for ideas or "submissions." This forum is for posting your creations -- not for creating them. Use private groups, private messages, or the Community Files system (with the authors' permission) to find submissions.

* Do not use media as a pretext to advertise for private groups, YouTube channels, or other external websites or groups. Mentioning your private group, YouTube channel, or external website or group as a side note is fine, but if a moderator determines that the thread is more advertisement than display of Bungie-related art or media, the thread will be locked and its creator warned or banned.

Bumping (very important!)

*Do not reply to posts just to say "Thank you." This includes saying "thanks, I worked really hard on it," or "thanks, I used photoshop," or similar replies. This is a form of bumping in this forum and is strictly enforced.

*One-liner replies, even if directly in response another post, are almost always improper. For example, a response of "lol" to another user's reply in your thread is a form of bumping.

*"Buddy Bumping" will result in severe bans for all parties involved. "Buddy bumping" is asking, coordinating, arranging, or otherwise causing other people to post in your thread for the purpose of generating replies rather than for actual commentary on the media displayed in the original post. Bans for violation of this rule will be severe.

*All general rules about bumping still apply. In other words, if your post is not directly in response to another user's reply who posted after the last time you did, your post is almost certain to be viewed as a "bump" by the moderators.

Please send a private message to any moderator for further clarification of these rules. Thanks for your cooperation!

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