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Subject: [Novel] True Sangheili (Part 39 available!) ~ 18 December


At first, the life of a warrior in the Covenant army seems a noble one. But are the motives behind the war with the humans as innocent as the Sangheili, Sorran, believes? An act of heresy unveils a conspiracy spanning thousands of years, which could bring about the total ruin of the Covenant.

True Sangheili
, from the fan fiction author of Halo 3: Insurrection and Memoirs of an ODST.


Book I (PDF)

Prologue + Chapter list

Part One - Sorran

Part Two - Warrior

Part Three - Besieged

Part Four - Into Custody

Part Five - Interrogated

Part Six - Assessment

Part Seven - Covert Extraction

Part Eight - To kill a Demon

Part Nine - Immortal Repentance

Part Ten - Insertion

Part Eleven - To show mercy

Part Twelve - Heresy, of the greatest kind

Part Thirteen - Trial and Punishment

Part Fourteen - Factions within Factions

Part Fifteen - The Truth

Book II

Part Sixteen - Life goes on

Part Seventeen - Things never go according to plan

Part Eighteen - The sound of battle

Part Nineteen - Old habits die hard

Part Twenty - Cultural differences

Part Twenty One - Personified Death

Part Twenty Two - Breaking Point

Part Twenty Three - Turnabout

Part Twenty Four - Breaking free

Part Twenty Five - Mutiny

Part Twenty Six - Skirmishes, and Reflections

Part Twenty Seven - Shrouded Heresy

Part Twenty Eight - Signs and Portents

Part Twenty Nine -Parted Reunion

Part Thirty - Honour

Part Thirty One - Visitations to the past

Part Thirty Two - Loss concealed within victory

Part Thirty Three - The best intentions

Part Thirty Four -The Tower came crashing down.

Part Thirty Five - Blood runs thick, brotherhood runs thicker.

Part Thirty Six - For whom the bell tolls, for whom hell calls.

Part Thirty Seven - Daggers in a cloak.

Part Thirty Eight - Gods and their weapons.

Part Thirty Nine - Trials of Delphi.

Next chapter ETA: Valve Time

**** ***** ***** ****** *****


Edict of the Most High Prophet of Truth, 9th Age of Reclamation.

By the authority of the noble Prophets of Truth, Regret, and Mercy.

Henceforth, any and all battle worthy Sangheili are to be transferred from any idle posts in High Charity and/or upon any Covenant held world/ship into the active combat. Those amongst the excused are the Honour Guard, the Councillors, and the mentally ill, physically unfit, and the old. Female Sangheili are, as always, prohibited from taking part in any military action.

Any Sangheili engaged in a guard post, other than the Honour Guard, will be replaced by the Jiralhanae until such a time as the High Council deems otherwise. Any Jiralhanae in question of where they now stand shall direct all enquiries to Tartarus, Chieftain of the Jirahanae.

Failure to adhere to this edict will result in death. No exceptions. These are trying times, my brothers. The Human infidels persist in resisting the might of the Covenant. Rest assured, this 'war' as some are calling it, will be over soon -- to be forgotten and dismissed as an insignificant event in Covenant history.

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Prologue and Part one up)

Part one - Sorran

Sorran cursed his bad luck. After centuries of peace, a war had to break out in his lifetime. And this wasn't the kind of war the Covenant was used to -- a rebellion, or a species to be absolved into their empire. The humans were smart, ruthless, and mighty warriors. Whilst the may use old technology, it was effective. Many a Covenant soldier had died at the hands of a crude human projectile.

The High Council had realised the threat these humans posed to the Covenant, and so every battle worthy Sangheili had been drafted into the Covenant. Sorran missed the days as a scribe in the Great Library of High Charity. A job usually reserved for the Prophets, it had taken much study on his part to finally be accepted into the library. And now all this.

Sorran looked down at the Plasma Rifle he held within a long hand with disgust. He'd never a fired a weapon in his life, never expressed a desire to do so. Yet here he was now, garbed in the traditional blue armour of a Sangheili Elite minor. He looked into a puddle at his feet, and was surprised by how warrior-like he looked.

Then again, every Sangheili was like that. Even before the days of the Covenant, theirs had been a militaristic society. Little had changed. Sorran looked every part the noble Sangheili he was supposed to be -- a little over eight foot tall, with narrow eyes and sharp teeth upon his mandibles. He resented that.

He brought up a hand to admire the way his energy shield flared ever so slightly as the patter of heavy rain fall bounced off it. At least that was a bonus of being a Sangheili in this war, Sorran mused as he looked over at a huddle of Grunts, desperately trying to gather what little warmth they could from the small, flickering fire. One Grunt was getting a little too close to the flames...

"Careful there!" Sorran called over, "Methane is a flammable gas, and your mask is a little too close to that flame Unggoy."

The five diminutive figures instantly all drew away from the fire, suddenly eyeing it as if were a deadly predator. A few moments later however, they shrugged and drew up to the flame again, in just as much of a precarious position as before. Sorran sighed, and turned away. He walked over to his superior, a Sangheili Major, who had been observing the Grunts with amusement.

"You waste your words on them my brother; Unggoy are notorious for being extremely dim witted." The Major remarked, crossing his arms smugly.

"Perhaps. Yet they are under our command, and we should strive to keep them safe, no matter how futile the endeavour may be." Sorran replied, disliking the way the crimson coloured Sangheili talked about them as if they were dogs.

The major cocked his head to one side, and looked at Sorran in an evaluating manner.

"I don't think I've seen you around these parts before brother. Are you new?" The major asked, as if he personally knew every Sangheili which roamed the outpost. Which, Sorran thought, he probably did.

"Yes, I'm new. Until a few weeks ago, I was a scribe in the Great Library of High Charity. Suddenly, I'm drafted and sent out here. My name's Sorran." He said, holding out a hand. The major looked uncertain for a moment, then grabbed Sorran's hand in a firm grip and shook it, once.

"Zharn." The major said simply. Sorran assumed it was the major's name. "So, the Great Library. You must not have seen much combat action there." It was a statement, no a question.

Sorran nodded in agreement.

"That's right. I've never fired a weapon in my life. Never planned to."

Zharn smiled.

"Well then, we shall have to remedy that. We can't have the Unngoy outstripping you in combat. But for now, we shall eat, and we shall talk. Now tell me, is High Charity truly as wondrous as they claim it is? I have always wished to visit."

"Ah, it is a truly wondrous sight Zharn. I am not usually a very religious person; I believe in the Great Journey, don't get me wrong. To suggest otherwise would be blasphemy. But I prefer the solid facts my scrolls give me. Yet when I behold the Forerunner Dreadnought in the morning as I walk though the holy city, it makes me want to get down on my knees and pray." Sorran replied eagerly, glad that they both had a point of interest.

"I was once going to embark upon a pilgrimage to High Charity once." Zharn remarked, staring into the Unngoy's fire in the distance. The rain echoed, distorting his words. "But my father fell ill, and so I had to tend to him back on Sangheilios. He died, soon after. The Covenant didn't give me much time to grieve though. I was called back into duty a day afterwards."

Sorran hesitated a moment, then placed a consoling hand upon Zharn's shoulder.

"I'm sorry for you loss." The Sangheili Minor said. "I too know what's it's like to lose a family member to an illness. My dear sister, Forerunners preserve her soul, died but a year back."

Zharn grunted, and shook off his hand.

"Let us dispel these melancholy thoughts brother. Come, we should eat. I hear the Kig-yar have been cooking up a stew. I'd better be there to make sure an offensive Unggoy doesn't become part of it. "

Sorran laughed at what he thought to be a joke, and followed after the Major. Zharn didn't laugh. Perhaps he wasn't joking after all.

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Wort wort wort!

Here is a thing I made: Linkage

Here is a Leet I made: Link BLARGH


Wolvey has another Fanfic?

Nice work.

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Thanks Chris, I'll release Part Two once I know more people are interested.

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Well, no one seems to be interested, but I'll release the next part anyway. If you are reading, enjoy.

Thanks for the feedback. Here's part two

Part two - Warrior

"That plasma rifle at your belt, Sorran. Bring it out." Zharn commanded, and Sorran obeyed, grasping to delicate looking blue handle.

"Excellent." Zharn congratulated as if the Sangheili Minor had actually accomplished something. "Now, I'm sure you know how the plasma is channelled, being a Scribe."

"Magnetic coils embedded within either side of the weapon direct the plasma into a desired path." Sorran recited from a text he had read once in a book about Covenant weapons.

"Good." Zharn simply said, and strode over to Sorran, looking at the way he held the rifle. He nodded appreciatively. "Now, the plasma rifle is capable of sustained fire, but the hotter it comes, the more inaccurate it is too. Keep that it mind. The most talented warriors fire short bursts, then take cover whilst it cools down."

"I understand Major." Sorran replied, inclining his head.

"I would certainly hope so. Now, look forward. I have set up deployable shield barriers in the distance. Your challenge for today is to bring every shield down with your rifle. Should one pop up before you are finished, you must start again. Begin."

Sorran brought the plasma rifle up at arms length, took aim, and fired. There was no recoil whatsoever as three super heated bolts of plasma surged out of the tip of the rifle, and crashed into the foremost shield. The shield rippled, and turned a deep red. The Sangheili Minor fired again, and the shield depleted.

"Well done." Zharn said. "Now you must take down the other nine, before the first can pop up again.

Sorran concentrated, and managed to take down a further five. But just as soon he took the sixth down, the first one popped up again. Sorran swore, and Zharn chuckled. The Minor waited a minute for them to all pop up again, and once they had, attempted the challenge again. He got seven this time, but once again, the first regenerated.

"This is impossible!" Sorran cried after the seventh try.

Zharn laughed now, openly.

"Yes Sorran, it is impossible. With one plasma rifle anyway. This task was so you would learn to efficiently use the rifle, rather than accomplishing it."

Sorran looked at the crimson Sangheili, shook his head, and lowered the rifle to his side.

"You've had me waste my time and temper upon an impossible task?" The Minor asked in disbelief. "That's low Zharn."
The Major merely laughed once again, and told Sorran to holster his rifle. Zharn drew out from his person two sharp, steel blades. Sorran recognised them as holding the shape of the Energy Sword, reserved usually for only the highest ranking Sangheili. Zharn passed one over to him.

"Zharn, I don't think I'm allowed to use this." Sorran protested, holding out the blade as if it were a deadly plague. Zharn looked puzzled for a second, then his face displayed recognition.

"Nay, do not worry Sorran. What you are holding now is not a pure energy blade, but a metallic representation of it, crafted with the same element we use to create Hunter shields. Even the lower ranking Sangheili are permitted to use it. Whilst you may be hard pressed to cut through shields with it, it is most effective against anything else. I will teach you how to handle it."

Over the next few hours thus, Sorran learnt the correct usage for the blade, uppercuts, lunges, parries, and as the sun began to set, he felt he had become a lot more proficient at fighting.

"You've made remarkable progress today." Zharn praised, nodding as he did. "Of course, it is never too hard to train a Sangheili to fight: deep within every one of them is a warrior. But yes Sorran, you have exceeded my expectations. Tonight, the Deacon of this outpost is holding a sermon. I usually attend them. Will you be coming?"

Sorran thought for few moments, then nodded.

"I'd be glad to Zharn. But first, is there anywhere we can get food for our bellies? I have not eaten all day."

Zharn chuckled, and beckoned for Sorran to follow him.

"I think we can find something brother."


"Praise be the Forerunners, divine as they are!" The Unggoy Deacon leading the sermon called, and the assembled group repeated the line.

Sorran took a quick look around the room. Nearly everyone on the outpost was here, be them Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Sangheili, or Brute.

Sorran didn't like the Brutes. Very few Sangheili did. They felt that their position was being usurped by the savages, and the the Prophets showed them more favour than they should. They were a lot like a pack of the wolves native to Sangheilios, in that they worked together to kill, and constantly relayed information to one another. They were more like animals than people.

As we were all praying on our knees, Sorran felt closer to the Gods than he had ever felt before. He never usually attended sermons, except when a friend would drag him along, and so this was a new experience to him.

As the Deacon was handing out bread from a basket, a religious custom for which the meaning escaped me, the doors to the makeshift chapel burst open, and everyone turned to see a black armoured Sangheili stand in the door way, dripping wet from rain. He must have not had his shields active.

Zharn stood up, and addressed the Sangheili.
"Ahkrin! I did not expect you to be back so soon, what news have you for us?"

Ahkrin as he was called strode down the red, gilded carpet in the chapel, wheezing as he did so.

"Forgive me my brother, I have just ran over sixty miles without rest. Allow me a moment to catch my breath."

A single phrase was being muttered around the room -- Stealth Sangheili.

Sorran had heard of the Stealth Sangheili before; they had a vital, but reluctant task. Rather than fight in battle, their jobs were to observe the enemy, and report back. Many Sangheili thought this to be a task without honour. Even so though, it was needed.

Ahkrin grabbed onto a nearby pole, and breathed short and shallow for a few moments, then stood up.

"Humans are on the way here. With an army to rival ours." Ahkrin relayed to Zharn, prompting much chatter, especially amongst the Grunts.

"Then we shall crush them like the bugs they are!" Zharn cried inspiringly, clenching his fist as he did so. Ahkrin shook his head.

"You speak too soon brother." The black armoured Sangheili replied. "This is not just a normal human attack; I spied Demons with the army too."

The clamouring escalated, and even the Sangheili were exchanging nervous looks now. Sorran knew why, he had heard tales of these Human Demons back when he lived upon High Charity. Apparently, they were over 10 foot tall and could smite a Sangheili with a single touch. They were supposedly invincible.

"Enough!" Zharn shouted, and the room was instantly silent. "We shall not flee from these infidels, nor the Demons they collaborate with! We shall stand, and fight, and win. How long will they take to arrive?" The Major once again directed at Ahkrin.

"I cannot say for sure brother, but they had tanks with them, as well as larger, even slower vehicles. I think we have a few days to prepare ourselves." Ahkrin replied.

"Then prepare ourselves we shall! I shall contact the Immortal Repentance, asking for reinforcements. The rest of you, suit up, and be ready for a fight."

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this is gonna be good

please continue

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Finally, a reply! Wow, this is a lot less successful than my other works - Now I know what it's like to be unappreciated.

Anyway, update in case you are reading and not posting, Part Three will be out soon. As in tonight. Stay tuned.

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Short, but hopefully sweet.

Part Three - Besieged

"Sorran! We need to destroy their turrets! Lead a squad of Unggoy and destroy them, quickly!" Zharn shouted down at me from the rooftop, where he was currently engaged fighting three humans in black armour, with blue mirrored visors. Sorran nodded, and ran over to a squad of Grunts, signalling for them to follow him.

The humans were cunning, Sorran had to admit. Whilst they had all thought that the human army was still a few hours off, as their scouts relayed, the scum had dropped in these armoured soldiers via metal pods which fell from the sky. It had surprised everyone, and the humans had the advantage, for now.

Sorran ran down a side passage which would emerge on the other side of the heavy turrets which were pinning the other Covenant forces down. The Unggoy followed, armed with needler rifles.

As the Sangheili Minor ran, he encountered two humans, who quickly shouted unintelligible words in response to his appearance. Before the first could draw out his weapon, Sorran fired four rounds from his plasma rifle into the humans head, and the soldier fell to the ground

Sorran's shields flared as the other human had drawn out his weapon, and fired. Bursts of fire echoed from behind the Sangheili's back, as the Unggoy sprang into action. The human cried out in pain as the thin, crystalline shards of a needler punctured through his skin. A moment later, the shards exploded, splitting the armoured soldier into multiple sections.

Sorran looked down at the bodies with melancholia, so much life, wasted. His first kill too. Whilst most Sangheili remarked that the first kill was always the most exhilarating, Sorran only felt sick. What right did he have to judge whether or not another living creature should live. He would have stayed there all day, contemplating this terrible act, had the lead Unggoy not spoken.

"Noble one, we must take out those turrets or many shall fall!" It squeaked, and Sorran looked up, nodding. Yes, he had a duty to the Covenant. Grief was not an option.

"Yes, you are right of course. Come, we must hurry on." Sorran replied, taking care not to step on the bodies as he moved through the tunnel. The Grunts had no such inhibitions, and happily trampled over the still corpses.

They emerged out of the tunnel a moment later, into the bright light. gunfire echoed in Sorran's ears, and he looked up to see four humans operating turrets. Sorran signalled to the three Unggoy, and they began firing. The humans swore in shock and clambered off the turrets, firing. One round caught a Grunt before he knew what hit him, and he went sprawling to the ground. It made Sorran angry; a warrior had died under his command. Sorran drew out his metal blade, and leaped onto the ledge, stabbing the sword into the nearest human. It fell to to floor, convulsing.

The rest of the humans panicked and began firing upon Sorran, but the rounds simply bounced off his shields. Sorran brought the blade down on the neck of another human, and the head hit the ground, accompanied shortly after by the limp body. The other two were drawing back now, and one tripped over. Sorran quickly pounced on the screaming savage, and ended it's life.

The final soldier threw down it's weapon, and began to run. Sorran wasn't about to let it escape. He drew back the blade, and then threw. The sword arced towards the human, and lodged in it's back. The black armoured figure fell, and Sorran walked over and picked up his sword.

A voice sounded in the Sangheili Minor's ear, and he recognised it as belonging to Zharn.

"Excellent work Sorran! You have struck a mighty blow! These humans were no match for our warriors, we are disposing of the rest with ease. Come, return to the Forerunners above, what is that?"

I felt it too. A tremor in the ground. The Grunts below squeaked in terror and looked at the ground. What was it? An Earthquake? No, there was a noise too. Turning slowly, Sorran looked out towards the horizon. What he saw terrified him.

"Tanks!" Zharn shouted over the intercom. "By the prophets, get down Sorran!"

Sorran tried to run. But there wasn't enough time. He was standing on the very edge of the outpost, and so he was targeted first. Before he could even open his mouth to cry out, an explosion smashed into the ground beside him, fired from one of the tanks in the distance. His shields were of no use, as the heavy round punched straight through them. The blast sent him flying, down to the rough ground below, ten metres from the Outpost gates.

His vision flickered, and he realised with dread he was blacking out. Zharn was calling faintly in his ear.

"Sorran! Sorran...Sor-"

The world went quiet as Sorran's hearing gave out, and his eyes shut close.

He opened them in what seemed like only a few moments, but already human soldiers were within the walls of the outpost. The world went black again.

Sorran's sight restored, blurry and fuzzy. This time, the buildings in the distance were in flames. Sorran tried to move his head, but couldn't. In the corner of his eye a figure caught his attention. This human stood taller than the rest, garbed in green, full body armour.

"Demon..." Sorran managed to whisper, before he blacked out for the final time.

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We should know better, because we are better.

Bravo! Another excellent fanfic! But don't kill Sorran!

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By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.

Yeah, just like you killed B....

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Three - Besieged)

Here's part four, should be a bit better than the last part, which I was a little disappointed with; I may rewrite it. Enjoy.

Part Four - Into Custody

Pain. Intolerable, inescapable pain was all Sorran Mahaf'ee felt, as he lay in the darkness. Was he dead? No, he can't have been. It looked nothing like the Great Journey. A dark void, devoid of light and sound, only his muddled thoughts present.

Panic gripped him: what if there was no Great Journey? What if the Prophet's had lied? Was he doomed to spend all of eternity drifting in the darkness, with heavy footfall echoing around him?

Wait; footfall? Yes, the unmistakable sound of feet meeting ground was distinguishable. Perhaps he wasn't dead after all!

His suspicions were furthered as he heard voices, tiny and distant. At first, it was like a whisper, drone like. The voices grew louder though, and Sorran realised with dread that they weren't Sangheili, nor belonging to any other species of the Covenant. They were human!

Sorran wished he could see, perhaps if he could, then he wouldn't be so afraid. But he couldn't, his eyes were shut tight. Or, he suddenly thought with horror, maybe he was blind! He put those dreadful thoughts out of his mind for the time being, and concentrated on the two voices.

"I don't think there are any survivors sir." The first said, deep and echoing, as if the human was wearing a helmet.

"Well if you find one son, don't kill it. We don't have much Intel on what the Covenant are doing on Eridanus II, so if we can capture one of the higher ranking soldiers, then we can interrogate it." The other, older sounding voice spoke.

"Roger that." The first voice replied.

Sorran tried to stay still, realising that these humans were looking for survivors, in other words, him.

Slowly, Sorran's vision restored, to his relief. He could see directly in front of him now, and nearly jumped up there and then in disgust.

A mutilated Sangheili was before him; right before him, the dead warrior's ripped open, bloody chest mere centimetres from Sorran's face.

Instinctively, Sorran shifted a fraction away from the body. A mistake, as he felt a new rush of pain as he did so, through his leg. It must have been broken. Sorran couldn't help it, he yowled in agony, and sensed the two humans turn their heads towards him, even though they were behind him.

"I guess it's your lucky day sir, here's one of their so called Elite Warriors, alive and kicking." The first human said, and Sorran felt a figure come up behind him.

Sorran braced his arm, and prepared to punch the human behind him. Humans were laughably weak, and Sorran knew that even in his decrepit, weakened state, he could probably knock it out, and perhaps level the weapon it likely held at the other human before it could react.

Gritting his jaw, Sorran ignored the pain and spun around, his fist an iron club. He felt his ragged flesh smash into the human's chestplate with a ping, but it didn't have the desired effect. The human merely laughed. It didn't even fall to the ground. Impossible. More curious than afraid, Sorran lifted his head so he could actually see the human he just tried to take out, and shirked away in fear.

Looking down at him, emotionless, was a mirrored, golden visor. Sorran knew that behind that mask burned the very fires of hell.

"D-d-d-demon!" Sorran shrieked, and attempted to rise off the floor. He managed to do so, yet before he could take a single step his legs gave out underneath him, and his face smashed into the rock below, cutting his face; displaying that his shields were damaged. The Demon bent down, and scooped up Sorran like he weighed nothing.

"Yeah, you'd better be afraid." The Demon threatened, driving an armoured fist into Sorran's gut. Sorran cried out, and coughed up blood. He felt himself being slung over the Demon's shoulder, and didn't resist. There was no way he could fight something like that. Even Hunters were afraid of the Demons.

"No trouble zero-seven-eight?" The second human asked, and Sorran looked at him. This one wasn't a Demon, but seemed to be in command.

"It tried to prick me with it's sting Lieutenant, but I've got it under control. I'd knock it out, but we don't want to run the risk of brain damage. Should we get back to the Pelican sir?" The Demon asked, and the Lieutenant nodded.

"Lead on zero-seven-eight, out work here is done."

Sorran's head was swimming, and he was only vaguely aware of what was happening. He felt himself being lead out of the outpost, and the next thing he knew, he was being slung into the back of one of the humans air transports. Sorran coughed, and looked up. There were other humans in the transport, and they seemed to be afraid of Sorran. They looked at each other nervously.

The Demon got on board, and slung Sorran into a seat. He felt his head smash against the metal interior of the 'Pelican', and his hand came away from the back of his head warm and sticky with purple blood.

"You try anything, and I will break you like a twig." The Demon said, tying Sorran's hands together, as well as his legs. It was a crude material, the humans hadn't even worked out how to use energy as a means to bind someone. Still, the rough rope did the job, and Sorran couldn't move in his pitiful state. All he could do was cower in fear.

What were these humans going to do to him? His thoughts were drowned out as the human transport lifted off the ground, and it sailed off into the distance. Sorran thought about trying to jump out, the hatch was open, and he could probably survive the fall. But there was the Demon to think about, it would either grab him or shoot him before he could reach the ground. Sorran sighed, and wished he was still in his Library, back before all of this mess had begun.

Far below in the outpost, Zharn Refun'ee disengaged his active camouflage, and watched the humans leave with Sorran. At least he'd managed to slip a tracker onto the drop ship before it had left. He hadn't dared to do more, the Demon was more than a match for him.

Kicking the ground in frustration, Zharn once again activated his camouflage, and set off in pursuit of the glowing beacon on his display.

He would rescue his warrior, no matter the danger.

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Posted by: BeyondMortality
Posted by: Radishhhh
4 europeans, an american and a japanese person in a game

I was totally expecting a joke out of that.

Interesting. Sorran looks to be in grave danger :D

I'd like to see how his captivity with the humans will develop, and Zharn's attmept to save him (and how do you pronounce that? Zee-harn?)

Anywho, keep up the good work :)

  • 08.07.2009 2:10 PM PDT

Posted by: Darkjigglypuff
Interesting. Sorran looks to be in grave danger :D

I'd like to see how his captivity with the humans will develop, and Zharn's attmept to save him (and how do you pronounce that? Zee-harn?)

Anywho, keep up the good work :)

Thanks, and it's more of a silent 'h', so the name is pronounced "Zarn."

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This is really great to read!

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Four is available!)

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My shi­t bacteria takes offense to that comparison.

Don't make me lel. You won't like me when I lel.

Yet another thread for me to save!
Mention it in your next post in your other fanfics.

The religious talk in this is scary in the references to the reality of Christian and Islamic fundamentalism. Very nicely done.

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The Director of Royal Films.

Great piece of work. Very good writing on your part. If you are interested in another form of story telling, check your messages.

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you are a good translator
Idiot can be a hard language to learn, but once you get it down, everything becomes so clear! The whole world will make sense to you.

This is very well done. I particularly like the scene where Sorran is being interrogated.

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We should know better, because we are better.

I thought you gave up on this story because no one read it so its good to see an update. :)
You seem to have a lot of your stories in top forum topics.

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Yeah, I just noticed! Four! Wow, proof of how inconsistent I am eh? Anyway, here's Part Five, I like it personally, and it's longer than the others. Enjoy.

Part Five -- Interrogated

Sorran was thrown into a small cell by an entourage of five humans, not Demons. Perhaps, if Sorran hadn't been so weak, and his shields had been functioning, he could have overcome them. As he was though, there was no possible way he could have done so.

As he staggered into the cell, desperately trying to keep his balance, the Sangheili heard a heavy steel door shut behind him. Sorran's eyes searched the room, yet he could find no possible way to escape. He was trapped in the room, reinforced steel surrounding him.

A motion in an upper corner of the room caught his eye. It looked like a lens, encased by a white box. A camera, if Sorran's studies of human technology were anything to go by. He was being watched.

A table sat in the middle of the room, with a large chair next to it. Evidently, if the size of the two pieces of furniture were anything to go by, this room had been catered to Sorran's needs. On the table sat a plate of human food, and a mug of what seemed to be tea; a human beverage popular amongst some Sangheili. They were both, Sorran presumed, for him.

The Sangheili Minor sat down in the chair, and found it to be relatively comfy. Odd, that the humans would care about how settled the enemy was. Sorran had been expecting chains and a dark, dingy dungeon. Strange.

He was, however, reluctant to touch the food, at first. What if it were laced with poison? Sorran put that thought out of his mind; if they wanted him dead, then he would already be lying face down in a ditch. No, these humans evidently wanted to question him. So without further pause, Sorran wolfed down the food, attempting to soothe the hunger which gripped him. The mug of tea soothed him, the warmth spreading through his shaking body. The camera remained trained upon him the entirety of the time. There was no doubt in his mind that every move he made was being scrutinised by human experts.

Time crept by, and Sorran took the opportunity to rest. He refused to fall asleep though, after all, he was in enemy territory.

Hours later, and Sorran could not tell whether it were morning or night, a bolt clicked in the steel door confining him, and a human walked in, flanked by three marines, as they were known. The lead human didn't seem to be a soldier, he wore no visible fire arm, and was dressed casually, in a shirt and loose trousers. Not the rigid, militaristic uniform the others wore. To Sorran's bemusement, the man gave him a warm smile, yet it didn't quite extend to the eyes. Strange, once again. It was almost as if the humans were trying to convince him they were friendly...

Aha, that's what they were trying to do, Sorran realised suddenly, they were acting friendly so he wouldn't feel intimidated, and thus, he would release more information, in theory. Undoubtedly, once they had what they needed, the humans would toss him in a ditch somewhere.

Then again, perhaps they were trying to broker a piece of sorts, it would be understandable that they would've mistaken Sorran to be a high ranking soldier in the Covenant hierarchy. They would be disappointed to learn the truth.

Regardless, the human pressed a button, and a stool rose out of the floor, on the other side of the table. He sat down, and faced Sorran. Sorran tried to keep his features blank, to keep the fear out of his expression. Then again, how was a mere human to know what a nervous Sangheili looked like?

"Good morning." The human greeted, confirming the time of day. "My name's Ambassador Errand, how are you?"

Sorran remained silent, this so called Ambassador of the humans would get nothing out of him. Sorran huffed, and crossed his arms in defiance. He noticed that one marine tightened his grip on a side arm.

"Yes...quite." Errand replied somewhat nervously, his smile faded slightly. " You are an Elite yes? One of the Covenant officers?"

An Elite? Sorran had never heard the term used before. The Ambassador evidently was confused. But, to some degree at least, Sorran was a Covenant officer. He commanded Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Drones, lower class Hunters, and if the situation required it, the Brutes.

"Elite?" Sorran simply phrased, trying to seem disinterested. Errand saw the opening though, and launched into a reply.

"Yes, it's the name we have given to your race. Do you..uh..have another which would be more apt?"

Sorran remained silent, he was not going to divulge any information to these barbarians.

"Elite is good then?" The Ambassador asked, clearly mistaking Sorran's silence as a yes.

"If you wish it so." The Sangheili replied coldly.

"Good, good. Now, as you are no doubt aware, Elite, you are now a prisoner of war." Errand stated, as if something like that happened every day.

"I see. Am I to be executed?" Sorran asked, trying to seem like it didn't matter. The reality was that he was terrified of dying. Yet he knew breaking down in front of the humans would not help.

"Executed? No, it would achieve nothing. You are far more valuable to us alive." Errand replied, prompting a nod from Sorran.

"That is understandable. Now, why have you come here? I am sure it was not to exchange pleasantries human." Sorran replied, noting the wince the Ambassador gave when he spoke the word 'human'.

"Why are the Covenant attacking us?" Ambassador Errand asked, his voice thick with emotion. "What did we ever to to you?"

The question caught Sorran by surprise, and he searched for the answer. Then he realised, he didn't have one. He fought because he had been told to, nothing more, nothing less.

"I. . .know not." Sorran replied to the question, feeling foolish and ignorant. One of the marines scoffed.

"He doesn't know why he's fighting us? Yeah right, and my girl back home's a super model!" The marine said, and the others found this funny. The joke was lost upon Sorran though.

"I think he's telling the truth guys." The Ambassador said, and the marines stopped laughing.

"Seriously? You don't even know why you're attacking? That's pretty sad." A marine said, and Sorran grew angry -- how dare these infidels question the glorious Covenant's motives!

"Nay, what is truly sad, human, is how your pitiful species cannot withstand our might." Sorran replied, in the heat of the moment. He regretted it afterwards, it wasn't their fault they were weaker, and less advanced.

"Right, that's it squid face!" The burliest of the marines shouted at Sorran, ramming his rifle into the side of Sorran's face. Sorran flinched, yet did not retaliate. Luckily, the other marines restrained their friend, although, Sorran noted, they did it reluctantly.

"Let's all calm down here shall we?" Ambassador Errand soothed, looking nervously upon Sorran. He remained still.

"So you know nothing?" Errand asked anxiously, and swore when Sorran wouldn't answer, "dammit, we're getting nowhere here. Maybe I should ask the Spartan to do the questioning."

A thinly veiled threat, yet one which Sorran detected instantly. Fear showed upon his face.

"No, I will talk, just don't bring the Demon in here. . .please." Sorran pleaded, disgusted with himself. What kind of a warrior was he, to break down at the first threat? Not a warrior at all, he reminded himself, but a scholar in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Would the Covenant rescue him? Bah, unlikely. Even if they knew where he was, Sorran doubted they would waste time and resources saving him. It was more likely they would send an Assassin to silence him, doing so would be simpler and more efficient than a rescue operation.

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"Smart choice freak," one of the marines said smugly. He would not be so smug were he facing Sorran on an open battlefield, him with a sword in hand.

"Tell us then, what do you know?" the Ambassador whispered. Gone was the smile, replaced by a frown. Sorran felt afraid.

"Human, until but a week ago, I was a librarian upon High--" Sorran stopped himself, realising he had nearly revealed the name of the holy city, "upon a ship in our fleet." he lied "I know little of the Covenant's plans."

"A librarian? Hard to imagine you stacking books you monster," the same aggressive marine taunted, and Sorran growled a warning. The human was beginning to try his patience.

"What is your rank in the Covenant Elite?" Ambassador Errand asked.

"Minor Sangheili." Sorran replied curtly.

"Sangheili? What is that?"

"The name of our species."

"Ah, I see. Who do you command, if anyone?"

"The lower caste of the Covenant; Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Yan'mee, Mglekgolo, Jiralhanae. Not other Sangheili, nor the Prophets."

"Whoa there, slow down. I didn't understand anything what you just said, speak English. I'll hold up photos, and you'll identify them for me."

And so the human held up images for Sorran, which he promptly identified. He felt like a traitor, selling out these secrets, but what else could he do?

"So," Errand said, once Sorran had finished, "let me get this straight. Grunts are called Unggoy, Jackals are called Kig-Yar, Drones are called Yan'mee, Hunters are called. . . bloody hell, I can't pronounce it..."

"Mglekgolo." Sorran filled in for him.

"Right, and the Brutes are called Jiralhanae, and your race, the Elites are named Sangheili. Is that right?"

The Sangheili nodded. He felt sick.

"Good, good. We're making progress. This information will be very helpful, thanks. And, one more question, what is a 'Prophet'?"

Sorran perked up. The fools didn't know what a Prophet was, they had no image of one. He decided to play dumb.

"Prophet? What do you mean?" The Minor pretended not to know.

"Don't play coy with me alien, you don't want to see me angry. Before, you mentioned a Prophet. What did you mean by that?" The Ambassador retaliated angrily.

"I know not what you speak of." Sorran replied tartly, hoping the human wouldn't be able to detect he was lying.

Errand narrowed his eyes, although what that signified amongst the humans was unknown to Sorran. To the Sangheili, it showed suspicion, perhaps it meant the same for the humans too.

"You're a liar alien, I can sense it. You said Prophet, we've got proof on tape. Sergeant Harper, beat the truth out of our guest would you?" Errand asked of one of the marines, who grinned wickedly, and walked over the Sorran.

"What's a Prophet eh?" The man asked, and Sorran shook his head.

"What do you mean?" Sorran replied uncertainly, and was rewarded by a punch to the jaw. It hurt, and Sorran tasted blood.

"What's a Prophet?"

"I don't know." Sorran repeated, and was hit again, this time on the temple. Before he could collect his thoughts, he was asked the question again.

"What's a Prophet?"

"I don't --"

Smack! Sorran was hit once again, and felt himself get pushed out of his chair. He hit his head on the hard ground, and all turned blurry. A voice called again, asking the same question. Sorran gave the same answer, albeit slurred, and was this time kicked in the side. He doubled over in pain.

Maybe he should just tell them. What could it hurt? It would give respite from the pain. No! He could not betray the Covenant; not again! He would remain silent, take the information to the grave if he had to.

Fear was replaced by anger. He was a Sangheili, not some common Unggoy! Why was he allowing himself to be abused like this? The anger surged through his body, filling him with adrenalin.

"What is, a Prophet?" The human named Harper emphasised once again, leering down at him, but this time, he received a kick to the stomach as an answer. Sorran heard the man gasp with shock and pain, and double over. The Sangheili stood tall, and faced the rest of the humans angrily. They were staring at him with newly found fear. They raised their weapons nervously.

"Freeze!" one shouted, and Sorran's anger faded as quickly as it came. He grew afraid again, afraid of the weapons aimed at him and the bullets they would fire out, ending his life. He froze.

"Stand in the corner, and put your hands on your head!"

Sorran complied with the order, and one of the other marines went to go check if the Sergeant was alive.

"He's got a pulse, he'll live, but he's gonna have one bad ass headache when he wakes up."

"Poor Sarge."

Gun barrels remained trained upon Sorran. Ambassador Errand stood.

"Ah, violence, how I hate it. I think we have enough information for now men, let us depart. Elite, I will question you once again in the morning. This time, I think I shall bring the Spartan in with me."

"Yes sir Colonel Errand." one of the marines spoke, and Sorran stared. The man had lied; he wasn't an Ambassador at all. Sorran had been duped, and worse, he had fallen for it.

The humans scooped up Sergeant Harper and left, slamming the door and leaving Sorran alone in the room. He gently caressed the side of his jaw. Pain shot through him; it was probably broken. His side hurt too, where the human had kicked him. Sorran felt his eyes go moist.

What had he done to deserve this cruellest of punishments?

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Poor Sorran.
I can't wait for the next part to read >.<

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We should know better, because we are better.

Why is it forrbiden to give away High Charity's name? As far as I can tell that would not cause any security breach because the Covenant does not write the ship names on the hull.
BTW another great fan fic!

  • 08.22.2009 7:48 PM PDT

Because the humans could then actively look for Covenant messages containing the name of High Charity. It would be like a human giving away the name of Earth, until they discovered it in Halo 2 the Covenant didn't know what the our homeworld was named.

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Posted by: Xd00999
Why is it forrbiden to give away High Charity's name? As far as I can tell that would not cause any security breach because the Covenant does not write the ship names on the hull.
BTW another great fan fic!

I think its more of not revealing the name of the Covenant's base of operations. If the name was given away and the UNSC captured a Covenant vessel, they would know what to look for in navigation logs. Otherwise the marines would see the name High Charity in the logs and think it was another common ship.

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Prologue and Part one up)

nice work on the story intro, real good stuff do you publish this?

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