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  • Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Prologue and Part one up)
Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Prologue and Part one up)

Why hello there.

Microwave ovens are quite large.



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  • 08.28.2009 5:46 PM PDT
Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Six is up 29/08!)

I love writing this...

Part Six - Assessment

Zharn took a long look at the fortress below him, and sighed wearily. Many humans guarded the fortifications, armed and deadly. Active camouflage could only go so far, and the humans did have heat vision technology. Somewhat irritatingly, the camouflage systems actually radiated heat, rather than masking it.

"I take it you have a plan." sounded a familiar voice from behind, making Zharn jump. The edge of the cliff crumbled procariously, causing rock to tumble down to the snow covered gorge below.

"How long have you been following me Ahkrin?" Zharn asked dispassionately, not bothering to turn around. This prompted a laugh from the Stealth Sangheili, and Zharn heard the sound of a stealth system deactivating.

"Since you left the outpost."

"Did you see any other survivors?"

"Nay, I did not. So, answer my original question. Do you have a plan?"

Zharn sighed, and shrugged. Finally, he turned around and faced Ahkrin. The sight of the Sangheili made Zharn wince. Whilst Ahkrin may have survived the brutal massacre at the outpost, he had not emerged unscathed; a great, ugly scar ran down the side of his face. It looked raw, and painful.

"Ah, you noticed my momentum of our encounter with the infidels." Ahkrin commented sardonically, perhaps a little too much so. Stealth operatives could be very cold at times.

"How did it happen?"

"A human bullet caught me with my shields down; it was all I could do to quickly activate them before it penetrated further."

"I'm certain your thick skull would have protected you Ahkrin.

"Very amusing Zharn, I'll remember that next time you ask me to save your life."

"Save my life? If I recall correctly, it was I who rescued you from the barrel of a human shotgun back upon Harvest."

"And I have rescued you a hundred times since then. Now let us stop bickering like old Councillors, and focus our attention on saving Sorran." Ahkrin reminded Zharn, ending the argument.

"I take it you've already scouted the area." Zharn stated. It wasn't a question.

"Ah, sometimes I think you know me a little too well brother. Yes, I have scouted."

"And?" Zharn pressed.

"And what?" Ahkrin replied, and Zharn clenched his jaw in annoyance.

"Why must you always be so difficult Ahkrin? What have you discovered?"

"Details are very important my friend. Now, to the east of the base, there is a ventilation shaft I noticed. It's a tight fit, but I'm sure with our shields down, we can fit. It should lead us directly inside." Ahkrin explained, and Zharn frowned.

"And what do we do once we are inside the belly of the best?" he asked concerned, and Ahkrin smiled.

"We improvise. Do not question Zharn, I am the expert of infiltration here. You can try a frontal assault if you wish, I'm sure you'll provide an ample distraction to make my job easier. That is, until you die."

Zharn grimaced, and shook his head.

"Dying isn't one of my priorities as of now. We shall try your plan, there is no other way."

"There's always another way Zharn; finding it is the real challenge."

Zharn merely grunted in response to the Stealth Sangheili's frosty demeanour, and checked the battery of his plasma rifle of a way of reassuring himself. It was on 73% charge. Adaquete enough, he could recharge it later.

"Let us waste no time, every moment we wait brings closer the chance of Sorran being killed. Lead on to this shaft Ahkrin."

Surprisingly, Ahkrin merely shook his head.

"No, not now. We shall wait until twilight before striking; the humans see poorly in the darkness, and so we will have the advantage."

"Sorran is in danger Ahkrin! We do not take risks where our brothers are concerned." Zharn barked, not wishing to wait.

"Are your brains addled? If the humans wanted Sorran dead, then he would be so. As it is, they seem to wish to question him. We have time enough, Zharn, to request reinforcements if we so wished it. Sorran would probably hold. But even I would not risk that, so we shall strike tonight."

Ahkrin's rebuke stung Zharn, and he stared at the floor.

"Very well, we shall wait. I but pray to the Forerunners that you are right Ahkrin."

"When have I ever been wrong?"

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Prologue and Part one up)
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When life gives you lemons, ferment them and get drunk.

awesome! I think you characterized Ahkrin very well. As ussual, i have no suggestoins for improvement seeing that i can find no way to make it better :)

  • 08.29.2009 9:34 AM PDT

Honor Light Your Way, Our Blood Shall Forge A Thousand Generations!.

Very nice.

  • 08.29.2009 2:34 PM PDT
Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Five is available!)
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When life gives you lemons, ferment them and get drunk.

As ussual i don't have much to say but amazing work :) I cant wait for the next part!

  • 08.29.2009 5:02 PM PDT

Posted by: Dropship dude
No, acnboy. Spartain Ken 15 is a lesser being. Much like the bacteria that lives in your shi­t.
Posted by: mike120593
My shi­t bacteria takes offense to that comparison.

Don't make me lel. You won't like me when I lel.

Nice. Akhrin was very well written.

  • 08.30.2009 2:59 AM PDT

you always have a way of making elites seem....human

keep up the good work

  • 08.30.2009 3:51 PM PDT

Posted by: Gunman1208
you always have a way of making elites seem....human

Really? Damn, that's not good. Unless you meant their emotions being human? I just try to make the speech seem archaic.

  • 08.30.2009 4:00 PM PDT

I mean't human as in I can understand what they are talking about and they use reason and have emotions

example-a normal elite would have left him to die a "dis-honorable dead" not lauch a reacue attempt

I like the way you portray them

  • 08.31.2009 5:20 PM PDT
Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Six is up 29/08!)

Well thank you. Here's part seven, it's nice and long. Enjoy, and please comment.

Part Seven - Covert Extraction

Sorran paced up and down the small room, stretching his ached legs. His jaw had swollen up, as a result of the 'interrogation', and his teeth dug into the lining of his puffed up gums. Luckily, Sangheili were quick healers, the wound would go down soon enough. That didn't stop it hurting at that moment though.

An ugly bruise had arisen on the side of his waist, from where he had been kicked. The humans truly were barbarians.

Two of the infidels stood posted outside the metal bars of the cell, each armed with one of their primitive weapons. Crude as they were though, they were still powerful enough to kill an unshielded soldier of the Covenant.

For the first time since being drafted into the legions of the Covenant forces, Sorran missed having a plasma rifle, or any weapon for that matter, at his side. The Sangheili felt defenceless, weak, vulnerable. Which, Sorran reflected, he was.

He looked closely at the two humans. One was dark skinned, with short hair and green eyes, the other fair skinned, with what seemed like hair to be growing on it's face, much in the same way of the Prophets, and Brutes. They seemed to both be male, quite young too, if Sorran's observations of human age were anything to go by.

The dark skinned one was at full attention it seemed, watching me with narrowed eyes, his finger perpetually resting on the trigger. As if he were a threat in this condition, hah!

The other human seemed to be sat on a chair of sorts, brow furrowed in concentration and eyes trained on an object in his hands, with human writing plastered all over it's papery surface. Sorran was intrigued.

"What is it that you are doing human?" The Elite asked softly, walking to the edge of the cell, so he was close to the barred, steel door. The human looked up from the object in his hand startled, with a questioning look upon his face. He then noticed that Sorran was looking at what he held in his left hand now, and comprehension dawned upon him.

"I'm ah...reading, Lord of the Rings." the human replied, confused by Sorran's interest.

This surprised Sorran. It was obvious, now that he thought about it, that some humans could read; despite how primitive they were in the Covenant's eyes, they still possessed some impressive technology. Naturally they would write instructions down.

"Can every human read?" Sorran asked, curiosity piqued.

"Well, yeah, basically everyone. We're not idiots you know."

This revelation shocked him; whilst it was true that most Sangheili and practically all the Prophets could read, the lower classes such as the Unggoy, Kig yar, and even the Jirahanae were taught but a few runes. Knowledge was power, and the higher races of the Covenant, especially the Sangheili did not want them to have power. That the humans considered it normal to read was an alien concept.

Before Sorran could reply with another question, the dark skinned human chose then to speak.

"Enough chit chat!" he barked at the battered Elite, who slunk away from the cell door, disappointed. The human then turned to the fair skinned one who had been reading, "come on man, you know what the Colonel said. 'No speaking to the Elite', I believe his words were."

"Yeah, I know. My bad."

"I didn't know you liked all that fantasy crap by the way."

"Crap? It's Tolkien man, it's a classic."

"It's like, six hundred years old!"

"So? It's still great."

So I wasn't to be spoken to? Sorran thought to himself. Interesting, although not surprising. Indeed, if he had held a human captive, he would have forbidden any but him to speak to it.

Despite the danger Sorran was in, he was growing extremely bored. He could not sleep, the pain in his jaw and side saw to that.

Units passed in the cell. What was it that the humans named units? Ah yes, 'hours.' Regardless of the name, they passed.


"The exit is barred Ahkrin!" Zharn hissed to his companion, who was behind him in the ventilation shaft. The two Sangheili had made it into the base where Sorran was held captive, yet they had run into a problem.

"That's a rather large thorn in our side." Ahkrin replied dryly, peering over Zharn's shoulder, "well noble Zharn Refun'ee, what is your plan?"

"I cannot break the bars hunched as I am. There is not enough room to apply real force. I could melt the bars with my rifle."

"No! That would not be wise, the humans would hear the shots. Here, use my energy blade." Ahkrin snapped back instantly, reaching his arm around Zharn, the inscribed hit of the plasma blade offered in his outstretched hand.

Zharn grimaced at the blade, and turned his head around to face Ahkrin.

"It is not permitted for one of my rank to use such a weapon my brother. The council, would have my head." the Sangheili Major lectured, pushing the hand holding the hilt away.

"Do not be foolish Zharn, the council need not know! Just cut the bars, and hand back the sword. I would do it myself, yet I cannot reach from where I am, nor can I move past you. Just take the blade." Ahkrin intoned, shoving the hilt of the sacred blade into Zharn's reluctant hand.

It was a strange custom, but none below the rank of Zealot were permitted to use the holy Energy Blade, designed by the Forerunners themselves. The only exclusion from this rule was that of the Stealth Sangheili's, and Spec Ops operatives needs. Which was why Ahkrin possessed such a weapon.

Heresy though it may be, Zharn took the weapon, and activated it. A sharp crack rung through the air as the plasma protruded, shaped by the magnetic boundaries around it. Had even this been witnessed by a councillor, Zharn would be in shackles.

The weapon sung of purity and honour, even as it was lowered by Zharn onto the metal bars of the grill excluding the two Sangheili from the confines of the base. It cut through easily, leaving the severed ends of the bars a searing mess. Zharn slightly pushed, and the grill opened enough for the two to fit through.

"Was that so hard brother? Come, pass me my blade back, and let us go on." Ahkrin said then, and for a moment Zharn felt a rush of irrational jealousy. Why should this sneaking, dishonourable bungler be allowed to use a weapon of the gods when he, Zharn, he who had won countless battles in the glorious Covenant's name was forbidden to even hold it?

The jealousy subsided after a moment, however, and Zharn was left feeling very foolish. Wordlessly, he passed the sword over to Ahkrin with no little reluctance, and moved through the exit of the shaft, dropping some eight feet to the ground below, with elegant grace. The Stealth Sangheili followed the Major's suit, surveying the room.

"And now?" Zharn demanded, looking helplessly around the small room they had dropped in. Human computers were stored in the corner, devoid of activity. A ornate clock hung in the room, it's pendulum rocking back and forth. A single human fan stood, blowing cold air into the small enclosure. It was all very mundane.

"I've infiltrated human bases before, they usually have their detention blocks on the ground floor. Follow my lead, and stay plastered to my tracks." Ahkrin intoned, bringing a small device out from his belt as he did so. Zharn recognised it as an Electronics jammer, used by stealth operatives. Once activated, it would send out a signal, knocking out all electronic surveillance items in the area.

Zharn engaged his active camouflage, as did Ahkrin. The humans may be able to detect it with a heat sensor, but it was still well worth using. Stealth at the expense of slightly weakened shields. The Sangheili Major approached the wooden door of the room's exit, and, grasping the small handle, opened it slightly ajar, to reveal an empty corridor.

"All is clear." Zharn whispered over a secure communications link, derived from Forerunner technology. His voice would be undetectable to all but Ahkrin.

"Then proceed brother, unless you consider yourself inept." Ahkrin mocked, amusement evident in his voice. Zharn scowled, and moved into the narrow stretch of corridor, wary of danger. Ahkrin followed up, sniffing the air before them.

"Humans have been here recently, and behold, fresh footprints scatter the floor. Hurry onward, this area is patrolled frequently." Ahkrin reported, and Zharn took the Stealth operatives advise, heading down a flight of stairs on the left.

The Sangheili Major suddenly paused when he heard murmuring -- human voices around the corner.

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Five is available!)

"That Elite we've got banged is a nutter, punched the Sarge in the gut he did!" the first human spoke in a heavy accent.

"Yeah, well, the poor thing was kind of being abused Harry." the second human replied.

"'Poor thing'!" the human named Harry exclaimed, crowing with laughter, "that's an Elite mate. They're the enemy, remember?"

"Yeah, I know, it's just that it looked so pathetic snivelling and bawling like that. Besides, it says it used to be a Librarian or something."

"We're not allowed to drink on duty Richard, remember?" Harry mocked, whilst Zharn drew ever closer to the one named Richard.

"I've not been drinking! I'm being serious, jeez man stop being a --"

Richard never had a chance to complete his sentence however, for at the moment Zharn struck, landing a heavy blow on the side of the man's head with his plasma rifle. The human collapsed instantly, dead or alive Zharn did not know. The other human, Harry, swore when he saw Zharn's camouflage fade as a result of the attack, but he could not cry for help, for at that moment, Ahkrin sprang into action, jumped upon the human, covering his mouth with one large hand, and, reaching down, broke Harry's neck with one fluid motion. The silent screaming ended.

"Nice move." Zharn complimented Ahkrin, looking down at the two bodies. Ahkrin pointed down at the human Zharn had felled; Richard.

"Is this one dead?" Ahkrin whispered.

"I don't know." Zharn confessed. Ahkrin took one look at the human lying on the ground, raised his plasma rifle, and shot the body twice in the head, melting it into a puddle of fleshy liquid.

"It is now."

Zharn didn't like the way Ahkrin had handled that. He had no problem killing human, by no means, but killing one in cold blood, whilst it lay on the ground, unconscious; there was no honour to be found in that. Still, they had a mission to complete, and so he forced the unpleasant thought out of his mind.

"Where now Ahkrin?" Zharn asked of the other Sangheili, who was checking the corpses for a pulse, just in case. Thorough bastard.

"Can you not read the sign above Zharn?" Ahkrin jested, motioning upwards. Human letters were wrote upon a green, luminous board.

"Those are not Forerunner glyphs brother." Zharn stated bluntly.

"Your point being?"

"I cannot understand them."

Ahkrin froze in disbelief, and rose up from his corpse checking duties. He turned towards Zharn.

"Truly? Gods, what do you learn when you become an officer of the Covenant then? All Stealth Sangheili are taught to fluently speak and read the languages of every known species."

"Even that of the Huragok?"

"Yes, but it is by far the hardest. Sangheili throats are not made for making all those chirps and whistles. More often than not, we use sign language when communing with them."

Zharn scowled, painfully aware that his own education was...lacking. No doubt Sorran was as educated as Ahkrin, being the scholar he was.

"We can discuss this later. Tell me what the letters say, and let us be on our way." Zharn ordered, despite the fact he and Ahkrin's rank amounted to the same.

"Hmph, very well. It reads "Detention block A", with an arrow pointing down the ramp on your right."

"And do you think Sorran could be down there?" Zharn replied earnestly.

"It's wholly possible. Come, let us go. Re-engage your camouflage."

They both moved swiftly down the ramp, which was painful to traverse with Zharn's hoofed feet. Cameras died as they moved past them, as a result of Ahkrin's jammer. They would have to move quickly, it wouldn't be long until the humans realised something was wrong.

They reached a dark corridor at the end of the ramp, where a large steel door barred their path into a room, likely where the cells were kept.

"Is it open?" Zharn questioned, knowing the answer already. A quick try of the door and shake of the head by Ahkrin confirmed his suspicions.

"Nay, and there are no weak spots either. We cannot blast the door off with a standard rifle. Thankfully, I have with my a set of plasma grenades. Stand back."

Ahkrin brought out three plasma grenades, and gently laid them by the steel door. The small explosives were extremely powerful when detonated, in spite of their size. Ahkrin moved away from the door, and hit a switch on his arm. The grenades sparked into life, and began hissing.


"I'm calling it a night Tom, good luck guarding the deadly prisoner." The fair skinned human mocked, closing shut his book. The dark skinned one, Tom, laughed.

"Alright Pete, but tomorrow, you're staying up." Tom called as his friend Pete walked towards the metal door leading out of Detention Block A.

Those words would be the last words Pete would ever hear.

For at that moment, the heavy steel door exploded in a cloud of plasma, incinerating the human named Pete on the spot. Sorran sprung out of his bed at the commotion, and moved towards the cell door.

"What the hell?" Tom screamed, firing randomly into the cloud of plasma. Moments later, plasma fire rained back, which Sorran identified to be issued from a standard plasma rifle. The superheated bolts burned through Tom's stomach, and he fell to the floor, writhing in a pool of his own blood and stomach acid.

Two tall figures came into Sorran's view, familiar ones.
"Ah, Sorran, I trust you've been keeping well." Zharn laughed, gripping the cell door with Ahkrin the Stealth Sangheili, ripping the heavy door from it's hinges, a feat Sorran could have never done alone, especially in his weakened state.

"You...came for me?" Sorran questioned, confused that they would so such a thing for him. Him!

"We never leave a needy brother behind." Ahkrin grunted, tossing the door away, and reaching out for Sorran's arm, hoisting him onto the floor beside him.

Sorran felt a rush of weakness, and nearly collapsed to the floor there and then. Before he did though, Zharn caught him in his hands, slinging the Sangheili Minor over his back.

"I see the humans haven't been under feeding you Sorran." Zharn commented wryly under the bulk of his weight. Sorran didn't reply, he was too tired.

"We must leave, now. The humans will no doubt of heard the explosion." Ahkrin stated, alert for danger.

"Then leave we shall. How do you propose we do this?" Zharn replied, worried.

"The back wall looks weak, perhaps we can force our way out."

Zharn grunted in confirmation, passing the limp Sorran over to his friend. He then walked to the wall, braced himself, and hurled his weight against it. Cracks were formed. After repeating the process twice, the wall finally gave, and Zharn burst through to the outside.

Alarms were now whirring across the human base, and the barks of dogs could distinctly be heard. Escaping wasn't going to be easy.

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Seven is up 6th September!)

Honor Light Your Way, Our Blood Shall Forge a Thousand Generations!

Very brilliant how you added Lord of the Rings into the mix, one of my favorite novels, not to mention motion pictures. Also, another reference in here that reminded me of Lord of the Rings was when Zharn felt reluctant to hand the Ahrkin the blade. Kind of reminded me when Samwise hesitated to hand the ring back to Frodo.

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This is your best work yet my friend. I like how you showed pete's sympathy for sorran. Keep it up :)

(Change of heart due to outside encouragement)

  • 09.06.2009 5:39 PM PDT

Thanks you two, it's lovely to come home after a taxing day of school to find new comments. Also, it's good to hear you stayed Teamkill.

  • 09.07.2009 8:04 AM PDT

Why hello there.

Microwave ovens are quite large.



This series is my personal favorite, Good work.

  • 09.08.2009 9:09 PM PDT

huh! What? It was the other guy, honest! ;)
'it was a sniper!' looks down at my sniper
uhh yeah? hes got one too. XD

how can you write three stories at the same time? i cudnt even write one! loving this new one your doing cant wait for more

  • 09.08.2009 11:41 PM PDT

Posted by: Matt Eddy
how can you write three stories at the same time?

I often ask myself the same question XD

Did anyone notice the latest part of Insurrection? It's pretty good, if I may say so myself.


Witness the return of an old, annoying friend. Ho hum.

  • 09.09.2009 8:27 AM PDT

Posted by: Dropship dude
No, acnboy. Spartain Ken 15 is a lesser being. Much like the bacteria that lives in your shi­t.
Posted by: mike120593
My shi­t bacteria takes offense to that comparison.

Don't make me lel. You won't like me when I lel.

Posted by: Wolverfrog
Posted by: Matt Eddy
how can you write three stories at the same time?

I often ask myself the same question XD

Did anyone notice the latest part of Insurrection? It's pretty good, if I may say so myself.


Witness the return of an old, annoying friend. Ho hum.
This ^^

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Four is available!)

Damn you are good!

  • 09.12.2009 3:02 PM PDT

1 day till odst

everyone grab a silenced SMG and prepare to drop

  • 09.21.2009 2:14 PM PDT
Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Eight is available!) ~ 28/09

Finally, I got past that awkward writers block! Now I can start writing this in full flow once again. Enjoy this part. Also, I just found out that the title of this chapter is also the name of a Halo 3 soundtrack. Awesome.

Part Eight - To kill a Demon

"Ahkrin, take Sorran and flee! I will deal with these beasts, and meet you soon!" Zharn shouted over the deafening sirens. The Stealth Sangheili turned, Sorran slung over his back.

"Zharn, take my blade. You shall need it." Ahkrin replied, tossing the hilt of the holy weapon to his friend with his free hand. Zharn thought for a second about protesting, and then realised how ridiculous his argument would seem in light of the circumstances.

"Thank you, my dear friend. Now go, quickly!" Zharn cried back, igniting the burning blade. The angelic glow instantly cut through the darkness of the night, and Zharn felt that the Gods themselves were with him. Ahkrin nodded, and fled out of the compound. Gods speed, Zharn thought.

He didn't have much time to think though, for at that moment two dogs jumped into the clearing. Dogs. Not to be underestimated; these ones were large indeed. Zharn had read that the humans named them 'German Shepherds.' They were indeed fearsome, and the bane of any Unggoy and Kig-Yar squad. The animals had been trained not to baulk at the sight of a Sangheili, it would seem, as they pressed forward, growling. Zharn backed up, trying to placate the dogs slowly with his hands in a calming manner.

It didn't work. The dogs must have been trained to recognise an Alien when it saw one, for at that moment, the first one jumped at Zharn, taking him by surprise. It pounced on his chest, and was surprisingly heavy, knocking the Elite off balance to the ground.

The German Shepard bared it's teeth, and made a lunge for Zharn's neck. His shields may have held, but then again, he'd heard some wild stories about Sangheili being slaughtered on the rare occasion that a dog's bite managed to penetrate.

Luckily, he would not have to find out if those rumours were true, for as the dog lunged, he managed to bring his arms up, and grab the animal's powerful head. It yelped in surprise, and Zharn felt momentary pity for the creature. Still, it was a danger to him, and so closing his eyes, Zharn crunched his elbows together, smashing the dog's neck. It fell to the ground in a bloody, limp mess.

Zharn scrambled to his feet, and growled at the other dog, who instantly fled in fear. The Sangheili gasped for breath, leaning against a brick wall. His respite didn't last long though, for a moment later he heard human voices.

"Cowardly mutt, nearly knocked me over."

"Stay sharp, whatever attacked the base is probably still around here."

"Roger Lieutenant."

Zharn pressed his body against the building, staying in the shadows. His camouflage was still faulty, curse Ahkrin's jamming contraptions! He would have to rely upon traditional tactics to evade the humans. Zharn could, of course, kill them, but he was painfully aware his shields were also weakened.

The Elite Major breathed shallowly, wishing his armour was darker. Four humans then rounded the corner, gesturing around with their rifles. One indicated for them to hold and search with his right hand.

Zharn peered closely at the humans assembled, and nearly fainted there and then. Clad in green, tank like armour was the Demon, a human shotgun in hand. It really was, as the Covenant claimed, the spawn of the devil. Smaller than Zharn, but there was no hope in the Elite's mind he could best it. Could he not? Then came the chilling words of the human Lieutenant.

"Spartan, search behind that wall."

"Affirmative." replied the Demon coldly. There was no emotion in that voice.

Zharn began to hyperventilate, and felt his eyes go wide. He clutched one of his beating hearts as the so called Spartan drew closer to his hiding spot. There was no alternative; he would have to fight.

Zharn braced his powerful legs against the brick wall he cowered behind, and soon enough, heard the harsh breaths of the Demon on the other side of the wall. The Elite took a deep breath, and heaved against the seven foot tall wall with all his might. It crumbled, and collapsed. He heard a gasp of pain and surprise from the other side, and leapt over the rubble, drawing out his loaned Energy Sword.

As he leapt, he saw the Demon collapsed under the mound of brick and mortar. Thank the Gods, it wasn't moving. By the grace of the ancients, Zharn had managed to knock it unconscious.

The other, normal humans had turned around, startled, and terrified of the raging Sangheili about the descend upon them. They tried to run, firing shots of their primitive weapons behind them.
"Crap! He's downed the Spartan!" a marine cried, terror on his face. He was the first to be speared by Zharn, the burning blade blistering the heart of the man as it plunged inside the vital organ. How impractical that humans had but one heart.

"Please! Don't kill us! I've got a family, I don't want to fight! I was drafted, please! Mercy!" another marine begged after seeing his friend killed, and dropped to his knees.

"Traitor! Fight the bastard, maggot!" the human Lieutenant growled at the man, ignoring the Sangheili before him. The Lieutenant, therefore, didn't notice Zharn draw out a needler pistol, and wasn't able to dodge before three crystalline rounds impacted. The man collapsed, all signs of life gone from his eyes. The marine on the ground was still grovelling before the Elite, who looked down thoughtfully. The man seemed to be young, even by human standards. And he had been drafted, like Sorran had been. Zharn felt a twitch in his stomach, and realised he felt sorry for the human. This was ridiculous! Still, a wise warrior did not kill without need, that was the folly of a murderer.

"Very well human, I shall let you survive. But deliver your commanders a message, and let them know that any human savage who takes a Sangheili into custody shall be killed. Tell your commander that his days, are numbered." Zharn instructed, and the marine nodded gratefully. The Elite scowled, and rapped the man on the base of the neck with the back of his hand. The marine collapsed, out cold.

Mercy was no useful trait in a war such as this. But occasionally, practicality had to be done away with, to preserve honour, and self respect.

The Demon, however, needed to be killed. He was too much of a threat to live; each one could kill legions of Covenant. And so Zharn holstered the needler, and marched towards the pile of shattered brick, under which lay the Demon in his exoskeleton.

It's head was the only thing not buried under the wall, and Zharn felt a chill as he beheld the mirrored visor of the Spartan. How many of the Covenant had that golden faceplate seen fall at it's wearers hands? Too many, Zharn wagered. It would end now, with the Sangheili's sword.

Suddenly, the helmet of the Demon twitched. Did it? Was it a trick of Zharn's mind? Impossible, the Demon was motionless, there was no way it could still be concious after having a wall collapse upon it at that velocity.

Zharn grimaced, and prepared to bring the blade down upon the Spartan's head. Perhaps he would take the severed head as a trophy. Or maybe he'd just take the helmet, they weren't so putrid.

Before he could cut an arc though, a hand shot out of the rubble, and grabbed Zharn's wrist, twisting it.

"Impossible!" Zharn cried out in fear, trying to pull free of the titan grip. It was of no avail, he was held fast. The rubble shook, and parted as the Demon rose out of the rubble, the embodiment of terror.

"Now; I'm pissed off." the Demon spoke angrily, delivering a punch to Zharn's gut. The Elite doubled over in pain, and felt adrenalin rush through him. He hadn't come this far to be bested by some nefarious barbarian.

"The same can be said for me Demon." Zharn gasped, and then he charged the Spartan head on, throwing his weight against that of his foe. The Demon seemed surprise, and didn't raise his hands to defend in time. It fell to the ground under Zharn, and gave out a cry of pain as it hit the concrete floor.

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Subject: [Story] Halo: True Sangheili (Part Seven is up 6th September!)

The Sangheili Major punched the Spartan's visor, and felt it crack. The human elite didn't have energy shields at least. Zharn rained blows upon the Demon, and then drew a plasma grenade from his belt. He activated it, and wedged it firmly between the crack in the Spartan's visor. It exclaimed a human swear word in shock, and, managing to throw Zharn off, detached it's helmet, tossing it away. The grenade exploded, and it was in such close proximity to the Demon that it sent him flying to the ground again.

Without his helmet, the Demon seemed a lot less demonic. It was certainly still imposing, with steely grey eyes, and a cold, hard face, but not as intimidating as the figure before. He had short, black hair, no visible beard, and scars hashed across his face. The skin of the Demon was as pale as the snow at their feet.

"Those helmets cost a lot of money Elite, that was inconsiderate of you." the Spartan exhaled out, rising to it's knees and throwing a punch towards Zharn, who jumped away. The momentum of the punch caused the human to fall to the ground again, face first. The Elite laughed, he was actually winning the fight.

His elation lasted for but a short time though, for suddenly, he heard the rumble of human vehicles in the distance, along with the shouts of men. They were drawing closer to his position. The Spartan smiled from the floor.

"You may have bested me, but you'll die before the hour is up." spoke the Demon, and Zharn knew he was right. In anger, he hoisted the Spartan up with effort, grabbing him by the collar of the shirt he wore beneath his armour. Zharn walked towards the cliff edge, peering down into the icy waters some hundred feet below.

"Perhaps, but by the Covenant Demon, you shall die now. Pray to your heathen Gods." Zharn growled, and then he tossed the Spartan into the air. Everything seemed to go slowly, the Demon's eyes widened in shock, and he made a desperate grope for Zharn. The human missed, and slowly tumbled down to the waters below, his screams of frustration penetrating Zharn's ears. There was a splash below, and the Demon sunk under the waters, swept away by the raging current.

Zharn stared at his hands in shock, shaking. He had just killed a Demon. An actual, living Demon. Never before had a single Elite accomplished such a feat. This was certain to earn him favour in the Council. The Elite grasped the fractured helmet of the Spartan, which lay on the floor near him, plasma still crackling across it's surface.

Of course, there would be no favour to be gained if he died. The human forces were drawing nearer, and they would no doubt shoot Zharn on sight. He couldn't see any viable escape plan.

It turned out he wouldn't need one, for at that moment, a familiar noise sailed over the nearby mountain, and descended down to the base. A Phantom! It rained plasma down upon the human forces approaching, and they scattered in fear.

The Phantom held fast near Zharn's position, and a gravity beam was lowered. A figure poked it's head out from the circular entrance.

"Hurry Elite, it will not be long before the humans rally their Wolverines to destroy this vessel." The Brute urged, and Zharn hesitated for a moment. Brutes? Still, any Covenant was better than no Covenant, and so Zharn ran to the beam, and floated upwards into the Phantom's bay. He felt the mangy paw of the Brute support him, and pulled away in disgust. Curs.

Zharn then noticed two other figures in the Phantom, Sangheili. Ahkrin and Sorran! Although the latter seemed to be asleep. He moved towards them, and greeted Ahkrin with a warm embrace.

"My thanks for coming back for me brother," Zharn spoke gratefully, and felt the Phantom begin to move into the distance. Zharn then lowered his voice, "but...Brutes?"

"They were the only local forces in the area Zharn, and at least they rescued you. Do not be so quick to judge. It is good to see you again." Ahkrin replied.

"Is Sorran still I slumber?" Zharn asked in puzzlement, surely the Sangheili Minor would have awoken by now. The Major saw Ahkrin grimace.

"Would it that he was. I believe he has been poisoned brother, by the bastard humans. Even as we speak, we are headed towards Immortal Repentance, but a short slip space jump away." the Stealth Sangheili explained, and Zharn nodded. Now that he looked closely, he could see the flecks of spittle and pale skin of Sorran. Undoubtedly poison.

"May the ancients watch over him." Zharn prayed, and Ahkrin nodded. Then the Stealth Sangheili noticed what Zharn held in his hand.

"Is that the helmet of the Demon brother? Pray tell how you did come across it." Ahkrin questioned, and a spark of pride entered Zharn's eye.

"I killed the Demon Ahkrin, threw it off a cliff into the icy currents below. He shall trouble us no further." Zharn boasted, holding the Spartan helmet up for Ahkrin to inspect closely.

"That is indeed an astounding feat my friend. You must tell the Council of this, no doubt they shall bestow the highest honour of honours upon your person." Zharn's friend exclaimed, impressed. Zharn was about to reply, when he heard heavy footsteps behind him. The Elite Major turned to see a Brute Chieftain, garbed in the ceremonial power armour of the Brutes.

"I wager you are hungry, Sangheili. Perchance you would partake of our food to ease the aching in your belly?" the Chieftain questioned, and Zharn nodded gratefully.

"That I would. Thanks unto you...Brute." he said, and the Chieftain grunted, barking an order to his inferior, who made to hastily gather food. Perhaps the Jiralhanae were not so bad after all. Perhaps.

"Come Zharn, let us eat together, and pray for Sorran's safe recovery." Ahkrin intoned, and Zharn nodded distantly.

It was nice to be safe once again, for however long that may last.

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Subject: [Story] True Sangheili (Part Eight is available!) ~ 28/09
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Had me glued to my seat the whole way through.


Good plot.

Nice diologue.

I beg for more, plus, I personally find the Covenant to be more intriguing than a story of the Humans. Keep it up, I await to see how the Spartan Zharn killed may come back.

(Hopefully I didn't spoil it for anyone, I'll edit my comment if you don't approve.)


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Thanks! It's nice to see some people still read this. I enjoy writing it as much as you like reading it.

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Posted by: Dropship dude
No, acnboy. Spartain Ken 15 is a lesser being. Much like the bacteria that lives in your shi­t.
Posted by: mike120593
My shi­t bacteria takes offense to that comparison.

Don't make me lel. You won't like me when I lel.

Ha, this story is intrigueing. I've never really thought about the Covenant in any depth (or read the books), it's good to see a story that goes into it.

Spartans never die

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