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Subject: Feast of Bones
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Robt McLees speaks on behalf of the dead.

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  • 03.29.2010 2:31 PM PDT
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The title picture looks sick.

  • 03.29.2010 2:33 PM PDT

Member of the most storied groups on; Last Refuge and KOTOR

Cheers for Flood stuff!

  • 03.29.2010 2:34 PM PDT

I miss playing Halo with my friends.

Pray for Flood in Firefight!!

  • 03.29.2010 2:36 PM PDT

O Rly?


Man... I really wanted to read into that last story at the end.

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  • 03.29.2010 2:37 PM PDT


Urk will there be any flood in Reachhh???

  • 03.29.2010 2:37 PM PDT
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There is some very awesome artwork in that article.

  • 03.29.2010 2:41 PM PDT

Thnx for the article.

  • 03.29.2010 2:41 PM PDT

That was some sick artwork!

And the article was great too.

  • 03.29.2010 2:45 PM PDT

The Flood were always interesting, despite their grotesque composure. Great article!

  • 03.29.2010 2:47 PM PDT

Plekpedia - The most epic site in the history of ever.

Very cool.

  • 03.29.2010 2:51 PM PDT
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The Mythic Threads (Halo 3) (ODST) (Reach)

Sick. And awesome.

  • 03.29.2010 2:51 PM PDT

Posted by: prometheus25
I could have eaten a box of Alphabits and crapped out more logical proof than that...

Awesome article!

  • 03.29.2010 2:55 PM PDT

AKA: The n00b with the rocket launcher :)
And yes...I am a lizerd.

Yeah it is....
The flood has a pretty amazing history....

  • 03.29.2010 2:56 PM PDT

First page?


Anyway, I've been loving the Flood's story ever since the scary underground scene in Halo Combat Evolved.
Mainly from Jenkin's helmet cam.

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  • 03.29.2010 2:57 PM PDT

Forever praise Lord Jesus Christ, The Father, The Holy Spirit, the one true Lord Almighty God, and bless all forever in His holy name :)

Great concept art. Also just recently I finished drawing a picture of gravemind.

  • 03.29.2010 2:58 PM PDT
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Awesome article.

  • 03.29.2010 2:58 PM PDT

I always did find it a bit disappointing how few Covenant races were actually susceptible to Flood infestation...sorta downplayed how creepy they were.

  • 03.29.2010 3:04 PM PDT

You say tomato; I say potato.

Where has this been hiding all of these years?

  • 03.29.2010 3:12 PM PDT

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."- John F. Kennedy

They folded out of the system immediately
after I received the message, without so
much as a "Thanks for saving us from
becoming plasma on Tau Ceti, Durandal".

That last Gravemind concept is awesome.

  • 03.29.2010 3:19 PM PDT

#101111011110111100001# is a '7'.
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Posted by: Alec9224
Indeed. I haven't had XBL for a long time, but I still come on her everyday.


I am somewhat saddened, yet blissful, that the Flood Juggernaut never saw the light of High Charity.


  • 03.29.2010 3:19 PM PDT

Posted by: robby118

I am somewhat saddened, yet blissful, that the Flood Juggernaut never saw the light of High Charity.


  • 03.29.2010 3:23 PM PDT

Maybe I will never be
All the things that I wanna be
But now is not the time to cry
Now's the time to find out why
I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

Flood Grunt?

Does this mean the Flood will be in Reach?

  • 03.29.2010 3:24 PM PDT

Come on Bungie; Have Flood on the Reach Firefight

  • 03.29.2010 3:27 PM PDT