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Subject: How to Give Good Feedback
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nobody -blam!- cares

  • 07.31.2010 11:17 AM PDT

You know it's really hard to be nice when i have been trying and trying to get the endure vidmaster for like six months and i finally got it and now there telling me it can't be verified, look bungie.if my -blam!- isn't unlocked in that twenty-four hour period it says, you just lost a very very very good fan. it's a promise, I mean seriously WTF right? you obviously know how hard that crap was and now i don't get it, you guys probably don't care about one fan because your probably up on some time of moral high horse. but it's like...damn so figure it out for please because i refuse to do it again and im literally about to break my halo game and cancel my order of reach. i'd appreciate it thanx (Gothador93)

  • 08.10.2010 4:51 AM PDT

wtf was that!
sence you made me watch that video i want recon.
can i please have recon or at least a couple people to help me get the endure and deja vu achievments.

  • 08.16.2010 10:06 AM PDT

so did it work?

  • 08.16.2010 10:09 AM PDT

I dont need feedback I just wont to say I think yoy guys should make a movie cuz look haw good the live action tralers are but if u do movies start with reach then go from their to h1 ,h2 ,and halo 3 and end it with cheif lost in space you guys can get really rich of this if you do it.

  • 08.26.2010 8:24 AM PDT

why wont it let me view my achievments , i have them but they dont show up on view achievments. It just says there ll locked ??????

  • 08.27.2010 4:31 AM PDT
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Right now, like usual, have to game ends in a boxing match, and I'm not too fond of boxing in an FPS. Maybe lower the melee damage? I like the "No damage to health when shielded" but don't like how 1 punch takes your shield.

Technical Consulting Services

  • 08.31.2010 8:13 PM PDT

Men have a history of being the more violent of the sexes. This is a fallacy perpetuated by the macho sex. Every man in history has had a woman behind him crying, Squish it, Kill it!

Hello Bungie, I just found a bug in the released game. When you play race in a banshee on the level that's kinda like valhaha you cannot touch the waypoints. Please fix this. I would love to race banshees

  • 09.15.2010 4:48 PM PDT

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. then find someone who life gave vodka, and throw a party.

i'm the Nostradamus of F@!%$ing up...

i got a question, you see ive pre-orered reach and when i entered my recon helmet code it said "invalid code" can you help me?

  • 09.16.2010 3:02 AM PDT


  • 09.17.2010 11:22 PM PDT

plz i need help i pre ordered halo reach but the shop sent me a game with no preorder codes by accident.when i rung the shop they said they had none left and there was nothing they could do can any1 help idea how to use this website or how to email bungie

  • 09.18.2010 12:44 PM PDT

please how do i change the gamertag y account is linked to

  • 09.18.2010 11:34 PM PDT

haha yeoooooooooooo...

  • 09.19.2010 1:36 AM PDT

Kick Ass and Take Names

Im not trying to figure out how to give good feed back just trying to get a hold of someone to give me more nameplate options for halo reach my gamertag is XTC71724 and i have played multiple halo titles online and want to know i am suppose to prove this like you guys ask to. I kinda thought that my profile on this website with stats in multiple halo games should be enough so what do i do?

  • 09.19.2010 12:35 PM PDT

Bungie, i was play reach and i chek the new daily challenges and the bulletproof challenge is failed! you can play in firefight mathmagin 1 round and bulletproof challenge have to get in 1 game 3 rounds to survive. Can you fix this?

  • 09.30.2010 4:15 AM PDT

yea i just want to say. I LOVE Reach, it's absolutly beautiful. but I just think that there should be some sort of skill rank, like in halo 3, along with the credit system because let's face it, if a general faced up against me in halo 3 i would be a little cautious because at least I would know that that player is somewhat decent. however in reach i feel that if a general faced me then I wouldn't be nervouse at all because I have no bases on whether or not that person is good. In other words, it's too easy to rank up. the arena is an awesome edition, I believe that it's a good replacement for lone wolves/ team slayer. But I feel that no matter how many times i play in the arena, I still won't face people with my skill level as i did in lone wolves in halo 3. But with that said, Halo Reach is a must buy for every Xbox owner. Long live Halo and long live Bungie, we're gonna miss you!
ps: I really want an Arbiter armour permentation for the elites to use. =)

  • 09.30.2010 4:42 PM PDT
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Does anybody know what rank you get the sniper shoulder please I reallyy want it this game is very addicting. If no one can tell that fine I'm reall wondering what rank

  • 10.01.2010 4:10 PM PDT
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Its not that easy to rank up! And besides it was way to hard to rank up in the last game

  • 10.01.2010 4:13 PM PDT


  • 10.11.2010 8:30 AM PDT

make a playlist where everyone on the team has to use a different ability to find out who has the best teamwork

  • 10.25.2010 10:36 AM PDT
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ok so i was just playing halo reach and idk if this is the right website but as i was playing i all of a sudden got a message saying i couldnt use recieve credits. i am probably the most loyal to xbox 360 rules there is and i am furious that this has occured because i did nothing i have friends who have been boosting and i get the blame for it. i did nothing to help them i was just playing the game with the kid who was boosting but i couldnt tell if he was cheating but i got my credit privialge away and i havent called the company yet becuase i do not want to yell or get furious with the workers but i want to know if there is a way to fix this situation because i dont want to lose all my leveling up time during christmas! i mean that is outrages! who takes it away before christmas!?! now if anyone knows a way to solve this please message me because it would be really helpful

  • 12.14.2010 1:13 PM PDT

I agree with you about the embles I wish the the Phoenix with swords behind it was back from halo 3 but beggars can't be chooser you know

The Yoink feature I don't like cause several times I'm following a teammate from a distance and I assassinate someone who's trying to assassinates them only to be repaid in a stolen kill. I know the feature has a purpose and I'm not bashing it but I don't know what it's quite for. Either way I wish I could still keep my assassination but have the other guy get some points or get an assassination assist worth slightly more than a normal while the other player gets his or her Yoink.

Still loving this game keep up the amazing work bungie ready to be blown away by more great gametypes

  • 02.07.2011 7:31 PM PDT

I linked the wrong gamer tag to bungie how do i change it

  • 02.23.2011 3:55 PM PDT
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no u

Armor lock usage

Now I love the idea of armor lock but instead of 7 sec of armor lock you change the time to 3 sec. This way the true purposes of armor lock would shine and keeping everyone happy. It gives you time to call your team mate or kill a ghost. Here is a clip of a armor lock glitch Watch it frame by frame

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  • 03.14.2011 5:23 PM PDT

k bungie!!!

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  • 03.25.2011 6:36 PM PDT