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  • Subject: PC Key unlock page is ready
Subject: PC Key unlock page is ready
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The support/technical thread is here

  • 08.25.2010 9:15 PM PDT
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It's no flair the CE forum is ruined.

It has come to my attention that this forum has been flooded with users asking about the CE visual flair. I would like to remind you all this is offtopic in the Halo PC forum, please instead post flair related questions in the relevant thread in the Community forum (linked above).

I would also like to firmly express that asking for a code on the forums is a. damn annoying and b. banworthy. Do not be surprised if you are met with a blacklist when asking for a PC code, this is a discussion forum not a charity.

Thanks to those of you who have already been directing users to the correct thread and have remained polite and patient.

  • 08.28.2010 5:32 AM PDT