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  • Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 10/08/10
Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 10/08/10
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Raising the information level cap.

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  • 10.08.2010 2:39 PM PDT

What a hipster.

I love seeing the stats. They make me feel rare.

  • 10.08.2010 2:41 PM PDT
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First page!

Hi Mom!

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  • 10.08.2010 2:46 PM PDT

"Estimated percentage of those who did it WITHOUT "cheesing" (making a custom gametype with infinite ammo, unlimited shields, etc...) = .0001%."

Haha, it may even be lower. You really should have required the firefight achievements be earned "in firefight matchmaking" just like you do with the daily challenges. These achievements are pointless the way they are now.

  • 10.08.2010 2:49 PM PDT

First page! :D

  • 10.08.2010 2:51 PM PDT

I completed the campaign on Legendary "alone" a week ago and I noticed one of the best tactics was to kill the "heavy duty" enemies one by one and sprint far away enough so that a checkpoint would be created which pays off in the last level when you need to fight three zealot class elites and an elite with the fuel rod launcher.

  • 10.08.2010 2:53 PM PDT

First page!

  • 10.08.2010 2:58 PM PDT


just finished legendary solo last night, do a recount i wanna be a percentile!

  • 10.08.2010 2:58 PM PDT

first page???


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  • 10.08.2010 2:59 PM PDT

Sweet. Still loving this game even if I am just one of those "sitting in the upper echelons of the top (94)% of our player base for virtual-ranks-with-no-tangible-real-value!!"

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  • 10.08.2010 3:01 PM PDT

*Looking up in the sky* "What's that grampa John?"*The blue blob sticks to the girl and begins to sizzle.*

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That was a great update, but I have seen better!
Still, can't wait till the community maps come up in a playlist. Nice job!

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  • 10.08.2010 3:03 PM PDT

First page?

The campaign on Legendary solo I think is easier than Halo 1's Legendary (although it was still fairly hard). And the "If they came to hear me beg" achievement took a lot of tries before it gave it to me (discounting my assassinations over and over).

Oh, and I know of a person (not me) who actually was a false-positive on last week's 15,000 person credit reset (but you guys would never believe of course, so w/e).

  • 10.08.2010 3:03 PM PDT

Hints at a DLC reveal already?

  • 10.08.2010 3:04 PM PDT

~Beauty of Simplicity~

It's nice being in the top % :D

Nonetheless, great update. As long as the credits count for future rank, I don't care about the cap.

  • 10.08.2010 3:04 PM PDT

I didn't find solo legendary to be that difficult.

(Minor spoiler warning)

The hardest parts of the game for me occurred when you were defending against waves of enemies a-la firefight. Two specific times come to mind. (Hint: Last couple of missions) Other than that, every enemy was relatively easy to beat once you figured out how.

If you haven't made it through legendary by yourself yet, let me offer one word of wisdom: Shotgun beats hunter, and our good friends at bungie were kind enough to provide those shotguns at (almost) every hunter encounter.

PS - Can we vote in arena yet?

  • 10.08.2010 3:04 PM PDT

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Very nice. Stats always make me feel good.

And remember kids, make sure to use Needle weapons on Brutes. Especially on Legendary.

  • 10.08.2010 3:04 PM PDT

A large man

Hope that info next week is a dlc reveal or the legendary ending : /

  • 10.08.2010 3:05 PM PDT

Keep up the good work Bungie. I would like to see Assault in Big Team Battle and I would like to see a Classic Firefight Playlist.

  • 10.08.2010 3:05 PM PDT
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don't ever change your xbl login email. it will only leave you with over 30 days of stress trying to fix it.

this was an early update! good read about the new playlists but im just more excited that i'll be ranking to captain today!

  • 10.08.2010 3:05 PM PDT
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So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.


Nice update! :D

  • 10.08.2010 3:06 PM PDT

weee Armor Lock should be taken out of slayer games.

  • 10.08.2010 3:06 PM PDT

Disappointed not to hear anything about slayer pro I know a lot of the community is up in arms over this situation. Hopefully next week we will hear about a Arena Season 3 featuring slayer pro.

  • 10.08.2010 3:07 PM PDT