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Subject: Humpday Challenge: HaloGAF


hey bungie, I'm still wait on our private 1v4 (me against you) game. If not i will pursue to making chicken sounds.

  • 10.14.2010 11:15 PM PDT

DEEP NNN = Depends

Clan 2old2pwn on 2old2play.

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

Sounds like I've "Depends" been called out by Bungie, for the next Humpday.

Maybe I'll get to drag my ancient parts over "Urk the Red's" face again. No need to shave, it won't hurt me a bit. LOL

Maybe you guys would have a chance if Marty is allowed to come out and play.

I hope 2old2play fields me. :)

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  • 10.15.2010 8:45 AM PDT
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No way! A Broseiden!! Only the epic of epics get this!!!

  • 10.15.2010 9:22 AM PDT

Check it when i spit it, Lick it how i writ it

Posted by: Mutoid Log
NYSTATEOFMIND23? Gosh, even I recognize that name. Did he annihilate you with his top ten worthy rockets?



  • 10.15.2010 12:29 PM PDT

Now that I know I'm not the only one with missing game stats here's a game I can't access either.

  • 10.15.2010 7:58 PM PDT

nothin to do with the vidio how do u install xbox live anybody anseri whant to nowso tell me how to install xbox live for 360

  • 10.17.2010 5:32 AM PDT

Husband, Dad, Gamer, and Nerd

Who would someone have to talk to in regards to getting a humpday challenge for an aspiring gaming community? (willing to beg lol)

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  • 10.18.2010 1:42 PM PDT

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