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  • Subject: How to TROLL Halo REACH? Things to avoid doing.
Subject: How to TROLL Halo REACH? Things to avoid doing.

My name is Mohinder ???? (not suresh, I hate that show) and I am working to get a degree in the fine arts and architecture.

To evade a bungie.net ban, simply sign out, go to your tools, select delete recent history or clear browsing data, and then clear everything. (Or just delete the cookies.) Then sign back into another account.

If you sing into another account without clearing your cookies, disembodied soul will catch you. :) I hope this helps! Spread the knowledge to others!

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  • 10.17.2010 9:18 AM PDT

never save anyones life, it's blatently killstealing

  • 10.17.2010 9:19 AM PDT

thing is,is every single one of these is 100% correct......... Reach isn't broken I think its the players

  • 10.17.2010 9:20 AM PDT

Posted by: ANDUKE666
thing is,is every single one of these is 100% correct......... Reach isn't broken I think its the players

hahah true

  • 10.17.2010 9:21 AM PDT

Avoid avoiding things too, then your team calls you a -blam!-.

  • 10.17.2010 9:21 AM PDT

win thread is win, give this man a cookie

  • 10.17.2010 9:22 AM PDT

Thread made me lol, all true

  • 10.17.2010 9:22 AM PDT
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Only in Hell will the true heroes rise.
Posted by: MasterChief7777

Posted by: In SorteDiaboIi
OP is mad he cannot spawn trap and play like a douche to boost his K/D...

Best Post Ever.

Rep means nothing anyway. Enjoy the game.


  • 10.17.2010 9:23 AM PDT

"The Septagon symbolizes all that is right in the multiplayer world. A few million men and women, bound by honor, Bungie, and celebratory crouching."

Good topic. Thread now saved. lol :)

  • 10.17.2010 9:23 AM PDT
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The win in this thread is approaching record levels.

  • 10.17.2010 9:24 AM PDT

...not being sooo ashamed of your low k/d ratio that you're considering offing yourself.

I play it because it's fun, not because I'm good at it (which I'm not), or because I like to teabag my five kills a game. I play because it's obvious that bungie gives a crap, and it's just flat out fun!

  • 10.17.2010 9:24 AM PDT
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Also the only thing to fear is fear itself and spiders

this makes me laugh so much

you are doing something right here

  • 10.17.2010 9:25 AM PDT
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Too bad report can only be used for bad things, I would report this thread for winning so much and request for sticky.

  • 10.17.2010 9:25 AM PDT

How about using any power weapon in general? Because it's obviously cheating if you managed to get a better gun than your enemy.

  • 10.17.2010 9:25 AM PDT
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i agree with all of the above statements... the sad truth is i have had my rep on XBL go down thanks to people being dicks... anyone else had someone stand infront of the turret of the tank when you jump in it on BTB on paridiso? seriously sucks...

  • 10.17.2010 9:25 AM PDT

Posted by: explosivepigs
No matter what I do in matchmaking, I always end up pissing somebody off. Whether it is because I use the tank on boneyard or use armor lock. Somebody once reported me for using the rocket launcher while crouching. My rep has gone from 67% avoided to 90% avoided even since I bought the game. I do not want this to happen to anybody else, so I am going to list the things that piss people off according to my observations. That way, you can avoid doing the following:

1.Use armor lock at all. It pisses everybody off and people will report you for using it.

2. Pick up the sniper rifle. If anybody picks up the sniper rifle, they will be betrayed. If you boot the betrayer, you will be reported.

3. Drive the warthog into the water/off the cliff. For some reason this always pisses people off.

4. Use the falcon on The Spire. The other team WILL call you names and report you.

5. Win a game in halo. You should never ever do this as you will be reported by everybody.

6. Use the shotgun in infection.

7. Use the plasma pistol to stop a vehicle.

8. Playing the game.

9. Not playing the game.

10. Stealing somebody's kill. While this is very lulzy, microsoft will ban you after about 5000 people report you for "cheating"

11. Play with little kids. Should you encounter a kid in matchmaking, just mute him. If you beat his team, his mother will call the police and tell them that you are a hacker. If he is on your team, he will report you for sucking even if he has -14 points.

12. Using any weapons in the game.

13. Using the DMR

14. Not using the DMR

15. Using the female models. Eveybody knows that there are no women on xbox live.

16. Having fun. This is a big no-no and it is forbidden.

Those are my observations so far. Feel free to add your own observations. Tell us what you notice piss people off.

Awwww, did someone get reported for farming?

  • 10.17.2010 9:26 AM PDT

Lyricus Renasci [LR]

Sadly the truth.

  • 10.17.2010 9:26 AM PDT

Lols you are right people take this game way too seriously

  • 10.17.2010 9:26 AM PDT

I've never been booted and have yet to boot anyone myself.

Granted, considering some of the relentless, Relentless, RELENTLESS!!! Hate Speech that I end up dealing with on a regular basis. It's no wonder kids are hanging themselves in droves these days.

  • 10.17.2010 9:26 AM PDT

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's like a jar of Jalapeños, what you do today might come back to burn your backside tomorrow!

You may also get a negative player review for even thinking of defending yourself against the "Good sportsmanship" like attitude a lot of the Reach players have.

NB: "Good sportsmanship" is a term used extremely loosely.

  • 10.17.2010 9:26 AM PDT

For the record, I would tap that like like it was put-put golf. Like a college student opening a beer keg. Like a phone in the cold war. Like an oil company in a nature reserve. Like a goddamn telegraph.

Posted by: il uragano 3493
Seriously though, I'm fine with experimenting

This thread is amazing, I got a good laugh from it.

Don't use power weapons at all.

Don't use stickies.

Don't assassinate people with the animation.

Don't assassinate people.

  • 10.17.2010 9:27 AM PDT

Lol at 8 and 9. Also, 15.

  • 10.17.2010 9:27 AM PDT


once black ops comes out all the complainers will leave and only number 9 will stay.

  • 10.17.2010 9:27 AM PDT

Never throw grenades. You'll be called a grenade spammer and reported for cheating

  • 10.17.2010 9:27 AM PDT