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Subject: Humpday Challenge: 2old2play

Another tie on Hemorrhage... <sigh>.

CTF just doesn't work as well in Reach -- without the OS/Camo to encourage a decent push.

  • 10.22.2010 4:13 PM PDT

You will be missed.
My YouTube Channel
"See what I did there?"
"I can hear you caring."
Dont get too wrapped up in the Internet. It's already forgotten about you.

Lol, I honestly thought it said Coldplay at first :)

Nice write up!

  • 10.22.2010 4:38 PM PDT
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Glad to see the Humpdays back!

  • 10.22.2010 5:01 PM PDT

Are you the person who sets up the humpday challenges if you are can i be in the next one.My gt is reaper dyl.

  • 10.22.2010 8:54 PM PDT

You guys didn't call out any group for your next challenge? I looked through the post to see who you'd challenged next, but saw no sign of anything. If you do decide to challenge the PraetoriaGuard a third time, I'm sure our overlords would gladly accept the challenge and select a team to face off against yours.

~Chaz, proud member of the PraetoriaGuard since New Year's Day 2010.

  • 10.23.2010 6:25 PM PDT
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yeah your so right

  • 10.24.2010 6:00 AM PDT

This is my clan! Wish I had known, I would have played. For those of you looking into 2o2p, know it is HUGE, with many other clans within it. The one I belong to is called 2 old 2 shoot, and is comprised of a lot of the fps guys.

Bungie avoided us I think, mainly because they know we would have cleaned up!

  • 10.24.2010 8:13 AM PDT

Bungie is try hard!!! Ha looks like some good games! Good deal guys!

  • 10.24.2010 9:20 AM PDT



  • 10.24.2010 3:00 PM PDT

sans lemon.......that was awesome.

  • 10.24.2010 3:39 PM PDT

Hey, Mix :)

So, Bungie, when will we be allowed to play mid-sized maps in BTB?

It's always been fun!

  • 10.25.2010 7:40 AM PDT

i wonder how many points ill need for the NEW MAP PACK

  • 10.26.2010 6:23 PM PDT

i agree... although there could be some minor changes overall a very good game but now EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:>

  • 10.28.2010 7:05 PM PDT


  • 10.28.2010 7:13 PM PDT

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