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  • Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 11/19/2010
Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 11/19/2010
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Posted by: Marc v7
So no news adressing all the complaints and population decrease?

Not only is that poor marketing for your maps, but 2 weeks from now the population could be at a low that cant be recovered from.

What complaints? And "low" population? Well there are other games out there. It's not like the days of Halo 2. Still, I'm always able to get a match whatever I choose. Am I missing something here?

  • 11.21.2010 2:47 AM PDT
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Posted by: the panzie man
Above angry post aside, I do wish forge world would have had more color options.

Ah this is true. And more "natural" objects are needed. At the moment I think less is definitely more when building a map. As lovely as some maps are the sea of grey makes everything mush together.

  • 11.21.2010 2:50 AM PDT

Wait, when is the deadline for the Forgetacular contest? I checked the original news post ( =Forgetacular) and it says "You have until November 28th, 2010 to create your masterpiece."

This weeks update says "November 30th is the cutoff date."

Which is it? I won't be able to get on again till the 28th, so if the old date still stands, I just need to take some photos & send it in, but if there's an extra 2 days, I would love to be able to make use of them. Any chance you guys could clear this up for me? Thanks.

  • 11.21.2010 8:47 AM PDT

I think it's horrible only because of the DMR. It's much harder to run across the map with a handfull of DMR snipers out there. It's just... If you decide to walk, it definetly comes out on a DMR fight. I think it should be made as a BTB classic map (gametype does not yet exist, but still).

  • 11.21.2010 8:59 AM PDT

Posted by: iBart NL 197
Wow, my heart jumped when i saw how simple the textures were on the new maps. For a moment, I really thought Bungie finally understood that when you don't have so many details, it's much easier to oriëntate, and more fun to play on - until I hovered my mouse over the picture. Thats just me, but I REALLY mean it: LESS detail IS MORE fun.

Can someone please reply on this, I wanna know how you guys think about it.

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  • 11.21.2010 9:01 AM PDT

well i think your right, look at sword base, it looks really simple but still the most FUN MAP in Reach. I think bungie should make a few simple made maps and see if it's fun or not before and bungie should only make maps like sword base, just simple:)

  • 11.21.2010 11:15 AM PDT

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Hog sniping
Exalted is considered "the highest" because you can't get any bans or warnings of any kind for quite a long time, which is harder than just being a member for a long time.

That cat might take a chunk of that finger off!

  • 11.21.2010 9:46 PM PDT

I came here wanting to read the whole "Hey, sorry our game is broken, but don't worry because we're busy fixing it" update that I've been expecting for quite some time now.

But as always, no. I get some BS about new things I'm supposed to buy and some trying-too-hard-to-be-funny videos, one of which apparently features cats.

Please, get real. Fix your game already.

  • 11.21.2010 10:27 PM PDT

Great update cant wait for the new maps :)

  • 11.22.2010 12:59 AM PDT

New Marathon? Thanks Bungie!

Stoshs cat is mean

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  • 11.22.2010 6:28 PM PDT

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That's my screenshot! :) The monitor one, ~Peripheral~, that is.

  • 11.23.2010 7:16 PM PDT

[talking about Reach maps]
"...but Asylum is better than Pinnacle, right?"
"Oh yeah are you kidding me? Hell is better than Pinnacle!"

I love the before and after on the maps. At first I didn't mouse over the pictures, but I was sure they couldn't be the actual things; the difference between the before and after was amazing.

As for the complaints from the community, I haven't been able to play as much as I would like, so none from me yet... However, if a significant amount of people are having problems, Bungie has generally (in my experience) been good about staying on top of things; hopefully this is no exception.

  • 11.25.2010 10:44 PM PDT

i was credit banned and i wasent even boosting thus results in me betraying my teammates for 2 weeks straight

  • 11.26.2010 2:21 AM PDT

That Falcon overkill made me jealous; a feat which few pilots in any game can accomplish.

  • 11.26.2010 9:26 PM PDT

yaa it is

  • 11.27.2010 7:56 AM PDT

Paintball is awesome!!!!!
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Can't wait to play the new maps

  • 11.27.2010 1:18 PM PDT

I don't play anymore.

There is an issue I would like to see addressed;

Being the last person to quit a Firefight = Quit Ban. Why, it's not ruining any other players gaming experience.

For the last couple of days I have had multiple quit bans due to networking issues. I believe it is due to my roommates hogging up the cable bandwidth.

In most circumstances I will be playing a Big Team Battle, then it will black screen and everyone will drop but me. After that I will receive a quit ban.

In one game it even finished, score limit reached and I lagged out during the carnage report resulting in another quit ban.

I have no reason to quit a matchmaking game, on average I am a very effective player and this is becoming a serious inconvenience.

  • 11.27.2010 4:00 PM PDT

No, bad! :P

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  • 11.29.2010 10:10 AM PDT

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Late, but still. Bad kitty! No biting!

  • 12.02.2010 4:09 AM PDT