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Subject: Black Ops campaign and zombies

My friend was tellling me that all throughout the campaing hints of the "zombies invasion" were dropped. I didn't notice anything except for obviousey the part after you beat campaign alltogether. Is he just bull-blam!- me or did I really just miss this part alltogether?

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  • 11.25.2010 11:15 PM PDT

Technically, the cake can NOT be a like. It was seen, in its' true form, to be so deliciously moist. Therefore, you not attending the party was a grave mistake, and you are now shamed in the world. How do you sleep at night?

Posted by: uWouldReadThis

  • 11.25.2010 11:17 PM PDT

Dial 36-24-36 if you want dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
Holidays, Sundays and special rates.


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Perpetual Ninja in training.

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."


Los Paranoias


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Maroon 5 is awesome. Deal with it.

He's bull-blam!- you.

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Say wut

Click for lulz.

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Once I boil the vegetable, what do I do with the wheelchair?
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lol, I hated tomorrow. Wednesday too.

[url=]Use google.[/url]


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We are all sheep in the lords pasture,except for me,i'm the wolf.
I am so not a raper.

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WyIdfyre: 'lol, who the hell would even wear those?'
AuSam: 'lol, who the hell would even have sex with dogs?'


The campaign is in fact entirely based around a Communist plot to unleash zombies on America, that's what the final numbers broadcast in the game is.
Nova 6 is actually produced by the zombies, there are plenty of easter eggs to prove it.

  • 12.05.2010 1:48 PM PDT

Per Audacia Ad Astra


  • 12.23.2010 3:19 PM PDT

Gamertag: AC Mobius

RIP Derek Farley


  • 12.23.2010 3:20 PM PDT

Yes. The game is about zombies.

  • 12.23.2010 3:20 PM PDT

There's no sense crying over every mistake,
you must keep on trying til' you run out of cake
and the science gets done, and you make a neat gun,
for the people who are, still alive.

Oh yeah, during one of the missions after you get curbed stomped by Krancenko a zombie will come out and bite his ear off. After that, you escape with 3 other people to a zombie invested resort in cuba, those 3 die in a mere 3 minutes, and you have to escape, ALIVE!

After that, you meet up with Dempsey, Rictofan, Toakeo, and Nikolia but Nikolia shoots you because he thought you stole his vodka.

tl;dr: No zombies are in Campaign and i have NO CLUE why i just typed all of that...

  • 12.24.2010 12:30 AM PDT

-blam!- Was that actually blammed out? Or did I just type it? You'll never know.

The numbers broadcast was supposed to unleash Nova 6 on America which would kill most Americans, then since we've never seen anything but the immediate effect of Nova 6, it possibly reanimates the corpses. After all, the Zombies in the Zombies mode and the people killed by N6 in game look similar.

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  • 12.25.2010 6:53 AM PDT

About me: I am a vicious wolf of a man.

But really am sweet at heart. =)

Posted by: BananaHalla
Posted by: uWouldReadThis

  • 12.25.2010 7:15 AM PDT

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