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  • Subject: What hair products does buck use.
Subject: What hair products does buck use.

Buck's hair has volume, shine, luster, and is one of the best haircuts I have ever seen. My question is what shampoo/conditioner does he use, and how long do you think he spends on his hair every day.

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This man, this man right here put it so eloquently that I actually cancelled my own 2000+ word long post.
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Moose? Wait...

This would fit better on the flood forum lol.

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no cuz im asking about the canon universe.

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Find The Bomb?!
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I think I'll save this thread.

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Dont be shy...
Im sorry for my coup changes but Im new at this.

tha same that me i guess

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Don't worry, you're still your mom's favorite Bnet member.

He uses Master Chiefs patented Spartan spray hair spray.

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The stuff of legends.

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I'm guessing the stuff that J. D. uses.

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Either blood or something really dumb, maybe Axe Whatever styling cream.

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Brylcream. Lots of it.

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