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Subject: The Flood RPG - Public Release!
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Me and Kd5Shw are proud to announce that we've decided to release The Flood RPG: Alpha Stages. Right now is the very raw game, filled with attacking, chatting and a small amount of items.

It has a rather large map, that will get bigger as time goes by. Right now there's 40,000 squares filled with buildings and streets.

The games look has been upgraded slightly, with grey paths instead of blue.

Anywho, enough of the small-talk. You'll see it when you log on. Here's the guide to installing and playing the game:

Note: This file has been edited as of January 03. Could a moderator please LOCK this thread, as to stop it from being bumped. Please, DO NOT post in this thread. PM me or Kd5Shw for any problems with joining the game, or running BYOND.

Steps for downloading and running BYOND:

Download it from here. It's a small download, but it may take upto 30 minutes on dialup. I'm using a much older version then this, but it shouldn't screw up.

Install the file, then goto the directory in which you installed it, then click on the folder called "bin".

( C:\Program Files\BYOND\bin )

Once there, there are two applications that anyone needs to worry about. One is called "Dreammaker". This shouldn't concern anyone, but it's the coder for the games and such.

The file everyone will get to know, and you could probably place a shortcut to on your desktop, is "Dreamseaker". This is the game player. You can play my game, or any other, from here.

Dreakseaker tutorial

You will notice, when you first click in, it will ask for a key. This is your user ID. As long as you're smarter then Bacon Greese, you should be able to make your own key. You will need an E-mail, and it does get annoying that you've now got two dialogs opened up while you're trying to fetch the number.

Once you get your number, put it in, then log in. You'll goto a program with four buttons up the top of the "text" box.

TEXT: This is where all the chat information will go. It's normaly best to have this one selected while playing games. More room for speaking, incase you miss something.

BROWSER: As the name suggests, it's a browser that uses IE. You can post from there to B.Net if you wish, or simply look up pr0n.

PAGER: A once usefull feater, but Dan and Tom (BYOND creators) have made it a pay-for service. Now it simply tells you if a friend is online. It's like a friends list, and I'm not sure of any features it still has.

HUD: Basicly the BROWSER, but it redirects you to the BYOND home page, which I'll now talk about.


This shouldn't, if I plan right, concern anyone really. But if you get bored playing my game (or if it's offline), you can go and play other games up for hosting. A good RPG would be "Mystic Journey".

Also, if there's any DBZ fans who accidently got sent forward in time and have no sence that DBZ sucks now, there's hundreds of DBZ spinoffs, all using the same code but with a different name, in the "UNPUBLISHED" secion.

I haven't worked out a way for people to connect to my game without other random people joining, but if anyone wants to help me find out, AIM / PM / MSN me.


Currently, to connect to the world, once in Dream Seeker, type in the pink box (located at the bottom), "", without the quotes. If that doesn't work, the server is either down (Send Kd5Shw a bunch of angry messages), or Kd5Shw has changed the IP (Send Kd5Shw a bunch of angry messages)*.

*I do not encorage spam.

Code of Conduct:

All rules from Bungie will be enforced, but we will allow some leg room. But I don't want to see ANY abuses of glitches. If you find a glitch, tell me. I may even reward you with an item or something.

But please, use common sense. If you do ANYTHING that ruins the fun for others (Unless they're just poor sports and don't like you killing them), I will either boot, mute or ban you.

Also, anything that you don't like is automaticly Kd5Shw's fault, even if I caused it, or if it is my fault. Hell, even if you like it blame Kd5Shw. If you are Kd5Shw, blame the member with the least amount of vowels in their name, unless that member is not you.

Thank-you, and goodnight!

>> Kritz

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