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  • Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011
Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011


  • 03.25.2011 6:29 PM PDT

Whoop, nvm!

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  • 03.25.2011 6:31 PM PDT

My Best Bungie moment: finally beating all the Halo games on solo legendary.
My Worst Bungie moment: not seeing giant stuffie grunts in the Bungie store.

Great update. The community never ceases to amaze.

  • 03.25.2011 6:43 PM PDT

I just got back from SuckerPunch and was greeted with this wall of boredom. Thanks for ruining my excitement Bungie.

  • 03.25.2011 7:04 PM PDT
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Listen to this while looking at the second background picture. (It happened to be in my head at the time.)

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  • 03.25.2011 7:09 PM PDT
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The HUD picture was awesome.

  • 03.25.2011 7:10 PM PDT

I achieved my Recon armor through the screenshot contest Team Control, not Bungie Day or ODST. 5/29/09
No, Luke! Noo!
64th last player to play Halo 2 online.

Thanks for the update, Urk!

Is international shipping fixed?

  • 03.25.2011 7:17 PM PDT

  • 03.25.2011 7:21 PM PDT

these updates ARE worth waiting for. urk is a fantastic writer and his comedic-type ramblings are a weekly treat. KEEP IT UP.

  • 03.25.2011 8:00 PM PDT

Many bulls encompass me; strong bulls of Bashan surround me;
they open wide their mouths at me, like a ravening and roaring lion.
I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint;
my heart is like wax; it is melted within my breast;
my strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to my jaws;
you lay me in the dust of death. -Psalm 22:12-15

Thanks for the wallpapers!

  • 03.25.2011 8:50 PM PDT

Didnt you say [ill try to round them up for next week so you can take them for a spin prior to the official introduction in matchmaking]? What happened? I really want to see the new remakes for Team Classic!!! I looked for a week trying to find them but I could only find 2 of them. :(

  • 03.25.2011 8:57 PM PDT

Join Planet Reach
Hog sniping
Exalted is considered "the highest" because you can't get any bans or warnings of any kind for quite a long time, which is harder than just being a member for a long time.

That was a good clip... hunters deserve that -blam!-.

  • 03.25.2011 9:12 PM PDT

Tank Beats Everything!

*sigh* Seeing the Firefight background with the Security helmet reminds me how disappoint I am that it was changed in Reach. At least it can live on in our memories.

  • 03.25.2011 10:12 PM PDT

Gaming Rig Specs:
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Corsair 120GB Force GT SSD // Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB HDD // Intel i7 3770k CPU //
MSI Z77A-GD65 Mainboard // MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr III OC Edition Graphics Card -- Runs BF3 on ultra at anywhere from 60FPS to 130+FPS.

|| Average Joe ||

Huzzah, my 'shot got featured!


Nice screenshots everyone, I can see a lot of hard work went into some of these.

  • 03.26.2011 2:58 AM PDT

My old Halo 2 account is Devil brothers

I'm in love with the wallpapers. I don't know which one to use though...

  • 03.26.2011 3:22 AM PDT

Multi-trillionaire modern cowboy.

That's right.

Posted by: Raaascal

Isn't there a youtube video made stating that you like men?
No offense and stuff btw.

  • 03.26.2011 4:02 AM PDT

Love you guys! Thanks for updating!

  • 03.26.2011 6:25 AM PDT
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Wow, for updates that are known to be heavy on fluff and filler, you guys went overboard this week. Someone got paid to write this?

  • 03.26.2011 6:30 AM PDT


holy balls! when he said that he read a forum post asking for the awesome menu arts, that must have been mine! Thanks urk dude!

  • 03.26.2011 7:43 AM PDT

If you're reading this, congratulations. You've just pressed a button to find out a little bit more about me. Not that you will, but well done anyway.

Posted by: talon2000
Any news on international shipment for the wristbands?

  • 03.26.2011 8:13 AM PDT

Posted by: MercifulPhoenix

Posted by: talon2000
Any news on international shipment for the wristbands?

This! o:

  • 03.26.2011 8:22 AM PDT

Why do the wallpapers have a bad quality? D:
I've been waiting forever and a half for those pictures, but when I finally get them, it ends up that they don't look very good because of the quality.

Oh well, I guess I'm lucky I got them at all.

  • 03.26.2011 8:33 AM PDT

New Marathon? Thanks Bungie!

Posted by: Hylebos
Posted by: warriors300
Awesome, Bungie.
However, you need to unleash hell...

73 days till E3 2011 where we might see something.


*gasp* do want

  • 03.26.2011 8:38 AM PDT
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It's Hazard Time

Good to hear you're cutting down on Bungi "pro" (aka greed), wouldn't surpise me a bit if 343i would offer the same service for free ^^
Even CoD already does...
Anyhow, nice pictures, remembered me of what Reach could have been ;)

  • 03.26.2011 8:42 AM PDT

quod te non occidit, te fortiorem faciet

Posted by: HALO3syourdaddy
The community fist was epic =)
Tnx =D

  • 03.26.2011 11:17 AM PDT