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  • Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 04/08/2011
Subject: Bungie Weekly Update: 04/08/2011
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Yesterday was Thursday. Thursday.

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  • 04.08.2011 3:36 PM PDT

Darn, didn't make it this week either. :(

  • 04.08.2011 3:38 PM PDT

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Posted by: ECOH Cam
Darn, didn't make it this week either. :(
Better luck next time. Also, damn you. <3

Interesting update.

  • 04.08.2011 3:39 PM PDT

no codes FTL

  • 04.08.2011 3:39 PM PDT

First page? Reading now...

  • 04.08.2011 3:40 PM PDT

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Posted by: Recon Number 54
You have no idea how revolting I can be.

DeeJ's Challenge

Yay, updates!

  • 04.08.2011 3:42 PM PDT

Dont be shy...
Im sorry for my coup changes but Im new at this.

Come on I want a star.

  • 04.08.2011 3:43 PM PDT

If you're passionate about the thing you're talking about, I'll always lend an ear.

Just glad there was an update.

  • 04.08.2011 3:43 PM PDT

Que Pasta...?

Good to know I can buy myself a wristband now, all the way in the UK :)

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  • 04.08.2011 3:43 PM PDT

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Alas no feature, yet again. Good update though.

  • 04.08.2011 3:44 PM PDT

My old Halo 2 account is Devil brothers

Decent update, at least the blame stosh vid made me laugh.

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  • 04.08.2011 3:45 PM PDT
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  • 04.08.2011 3:45 PM PDT


Needs more chickenpede.


  • 04.08.2011 3:45 PM PDT
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Sweet, featured again! :D

  • 04.08.2011 3:46 PM PDT

Those who die, will live,
those who live, will die

Awesomeeee :D

  • 04.08.2011 3:47 PM PDT

Awesome update.

  • 04.08.2011 3:47 PM PDT

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Awesome update!

  • 04.08.2011 3:48 PM PDT

I play for fun, not for Competition, besides, its just a game you over actors.

After College, I plan to apply for a job at Bungie.

I've been waiting for a chess gametype since Halo 3. I can die happy now.

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  • 04.08.2011 3:48 PM PDT

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Per Audacia Ad Astra

Great update, and I love the chess!

  • 04.08.2011 3:49 PM PDT

Be a part of The Intel Agency

H3ITWP is now The WorkPLace

Good call going to CC for maps. The current setup is just such a letdown.

  • 04.08.2011 3:50 PM PDT

There should be a Bungie All Stars for making Ornate Chessboards.

  • 04.08.2011 3:51 PM PDT

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Posted by: urk
Yesterday was Thursday. Thursday.

Dammit that song sucks.

  • 04.08.2011 3:51 PM PDT

Long live Tycho!

Is the operator picture water colors? or some fancy weird shop tool? either way very impressive work, I would frame that.

  • 04.08.2011 3:52 PM PDT

I want her...

Nice update shame about the wristbands though

urk why do you hate me so?

  • 04.08.2011 3:55 PM PDT