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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.


Thread updated: 07/09/12

The flood library is where you can find many works of fiction and art relating to the Flood forum, Bungie Stuff, or just plain random material. This is user submitted, and is designed so that members works are not lost. Post your writing excellence today!

P.S. Thanks to Squirrel dude and chi chi for your work with the previous flood libraries. Without your hours of hard work, none of this would be possible.

Useful readings:
How to write a story.

This Library Sections:
Section A: The Fiction Section: Forum Fiction and other works by Floodian Authors are here. It is made up of the Following Posts.

Section B contains Articles, as well as other material that does not fit into section A. It is located just below section A.

Posted by: squirrel dude
Can't get enough forum fiction? For more stories by your favorite Floodian authors, check out the Writer's Corner, or one of the other groups dedicated to bringing together the aspiring authors of this website. They work to improve their craft, and you reap the benefits of better reading material.

I give this system two thumbs up. Support forum fiction today!

Section A

Anonymous Users
Under The Bunker
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Multi-author Stories
Beneath The Flood - Halifax/Bacon Greese1521
Chapter 1, 2, 3
The Misadventures of Captain MacMillan. - Rare Spartan/Uberdog
The Flood are Spreading(Authors in thread)

Angry Brute

Clinical Trials
[url=] Chapters 1-14
, 15-25
State of Emergency
Chapters 1-8
Two Days: A Story of Redemption
Chapters 1-4,5-8
Coming out
You are seven.

Anonymous Dark

bacon greese1521
Black Shoes
Ground Zero
Part 1

I Am a Forum Frequenter
I Suppose
Poem about a friend

Bungie: The Seven Apocalypse

buffalo wing
The Seven Years War
The Epic Rescue of Chadwick the Clover
1, 3

Bucket of win
Bucket's first girl thread

Fall of Men
Book 1

Jumpin' on the Bandwagon

Halo A Tale of Two Swords

Chi Chi(The Original LIbrarian)
War and Spam
Links removed on authors request.

Clark 714
The Chronicles of Sergeant Clark

Pezz The Great Dispenser of Justice

Cold Blood Killa
The Great Forum War - Buster's Awakening

Colonel Corbec(Greatness)
Spartan 3
The Flood 1
The Flood Series
The Flood 2 | Rewritten
The Flood 3
The Flood 4: Parallel Worlds
The Flood 5: Liberty Lost
The Flood 6: Death Games
The Flood 7: The Emperor's Death Game

Through Hell for Hitler
War of the Matches

Commmander Locks
Attack of The New Mombassians
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Chaos Century
Flood Surgeons

Lost in the wilderness

Who ate all the pie, an insane short story

War of the elementals

Douglas Brown
Definitive Maka'
Oddyssey of Crappy
So you want to become a mod.
Too Much Bungie
Unbearable light of Lifelessness

Eight Oh 8 State
Story from 9th grade
Story of a girl...

Bear hunt
The shack

Emperor Gillard
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Feral Rabbits
Scary Story(The Floods first erotic novel?)

Flood 101

The Floridiot
Vader v Chief

Game Fan
When Destiny Interferes with Reality

Game Junkie Jim
Tale of the Grunt

Gamerz Property
Lone Wolf

The Paraelix Configuration

Unnamed wa story

The Great Forum War

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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.

Beneath the Surface

The Beauty of Annihilation

Glassesguy 904
Gareth: the defender
Space cats in space

The Gnome Book
The Ven7core

Good travis
Unnamed story I wish he would finish cuz it's awesome.

An Important Story
Rise of the Mods-
Intro, 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Create Your Own Story - More Blood Version - Choose Your Own Horror
1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
The Artifact
The Mod
Untitled Story

The han

The Great Forum War - The Von Keshner Chronicles

I Luv 2 Teamkill
Spartan 104: The Black Abyss

The Greatest Story Ever Told


Ugly Boy

Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand QuestsChapter 1, 2, 3, 4

The Reaper

Massive Novel
Part 1

Billy and the Attack of the Gun Toting Money
Elites Have Taken My Baby

Lord Crotchpants
Behind Zanzibarian lines with Peanut butter-
1, 2

The Floodiad
Chapters 1-9, 10-11, 12, 13

Halo Wars Goes GreyTrailer, Chapter 1

MC's Brother
New Beginnings 1
The Seventh Column-
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mink O War
Something Far More Sinister
Prologue to Ch. 7

Monty Python
After the End

Mr Evil 37
Hell Jumpers
(Removed upon request of Author)

Myth of tyrant

the panzie man
Panzie saves the flood(greatness)

Halo Civil War

Don't Scream

HRG Saga

Through a Forum Darkly

a rabid snail
The Great Forum War - The Light Chronicles

Ramen 6378
the diner
The Dream World
Chapters 1-4
Tera Firma
The World In my Hands
What's best for all

A Line Drawn in Blood
Chapter 1

Rampant Tragedy

A Story to be Remembered-
1, 2 the Xtreme

Halo: Celestial Hymn

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*Insert blank and confused face here*

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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.

The searcher
The search

World War Retard

Sgt Riffle
Sgt' Riffle's Story

Sniper McGee
Untitled work

Halo/Star Wars Mix

SP TecNine

squirrel dude
Death of A Floodian

Tartan 118
Hola: Parodies Evolved
The floodyssey

Tedi Slayer
The fall of Badgerstan

The Last Man
Battle for Bungie

Un Gato
New Beginnings 2

Untitled Story

Village Idiot77
Halo: Sierra


Viper Chief
The Beginning of Change at
Mod Hunting, Battle for Change, Planning

Zero V2
Another Story
Reploid Chronicles
Part 1, 2, 3, 4

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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.


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i like waffles (toaster,potato) POTATO OMG WAFFLES YUM YUM


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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.

Articles and Artwork Section


Courtesy of Emperor penguin, a large list of various works
Do We Really Exist? - AlexWithRecon
Epic Plan to Get Reach Early - the panzie man
Flood Cookbook - Douglas Brown
Flood Forum FAQ - Camouflaged
Flood Funny Sayings - A Dumb Door
The flood counts to five Cleopatra
History of the Flood Forum - xTrigger092x
Showdown: Ponies vs flood Dvy_jones
History of The Flood Forum revised 2nd Edition - squirrel dude
Post compilation State farm
Posting Habits - Douglas Brown
Shiska is not a Pegboy - Douglas Brown
Unwanted Threads - IMABALLPLAYER
The Flood Bios - FireSpartan176
The Flood iPhone/iPod Application - Mordicaii
The Flood Dictionary -AF ARMY ToughGuy(author of original thread)
The Floodian Guide for Noobs - Cleopatra
An Analysis of The Flood - Sword and Scales
Old Stuff - A Dumb Door
step-7 the panzie man

*all artwork must have a permanent holding spot such as "photobucket"*
The Flood Portraits - Gamerz Property
The Flood Family Portraits - Sgt Fro
The Floods "Education Center"
Flood Group Photo Happy Meals
Doug's Animations - Douglas Brown
Bigger, Better, Banhammer - HollowHill
Teh Flood - HolloHill
Flood T-Shirt Iron-on: Front|Back
UNSC Memorial Wall - MasterSin
Photoshop Pic's of Memebers - Vaderhater027

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i like waffles (toaster,potato) POTATO OMG WAFFLES YUM YUM

Posted by: the panzie man

too late

  • 04.27.2011 10:52 AM PDT

Can I post now?

  • 04.27.2011 10:52 AM PDT

dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.


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(') (')
(0_o) ROAR!!!
(") (")

you guys ruined IT! WTF!!!!!!! :-) still love ya random people <3 now tell me about lib v3

  • 04.27.2011 10:52 AM PDT

Don't regret anything. because at that time, you did exactly what you wanted.

Posted by: the panzie man

  • 04.27.2011 10:53 AM PDT

dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.

You can post now.

Squirrel dude quit his job as flood librarian, then gave me the honor. I will be building v3 over the next couple of days.

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Posted by: challengerX

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My Largest Thread
Please check out my map! hosts several objective gametypes!
F34R is recruiting! Message Kalypso on XBL for details.

Posted by: challengerX

  • 04.27.2011 10:54 AM PDT

"What does being a Firefighter mean? You show up, scrape a few drunken douche bags off the street, take 'em to the hospital, you go home, and that's it. But that once in a blue moon, you're there for someone in their darkest hour. Your a friendly face in a sea of sh­it.
You're a hero"

Jeenzz is my waifu <3

Posted by: challengerX

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Are these manditory?

Does that mean I can post now?

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Posted by: ytsmanman
Does that mean I can post now?

No, you can't.


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dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.


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Yes, I'm a girl, stop asking.

Republic Commando fans look here.

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang or whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door."

I think it'd be a miracle if someone was able to post six times in a row on the Flood without having somebody -blam!- it up.

On a new topic, anyways.

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WHat goes into the floods library?

  • 04.27.2011 11:02 AM PDT

dat feeling when you plow a multi-ton covenant war machine.

Read the beginning of the first post.

Usually, either stories or articles.

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