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Subject: ---The Revolution---MOA INTO MATCHMAKING----The Revolution----

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-Armor Lock
-Grenade Spam

Solution: Add Moa to matchmaking.

-People will be too busy shooting the Moa, causing everyone to have bloom therefore its a fair game
-When someone Armor Locks, the Moa will all instantly crowd him. As soon as he comes out, he is dead
-All grenades thrown on the map will be attracted to the Moa like a magnet, preventing grenade spam

It's okay Bungie, you dont have to thank me. And 343, I already have a job so I'm going to have to say no.

EDIT 1- Due to popular request, I will add an FAQ.

Will the Moa be ridable?
-Yes, but it will be very hard. It will take 777% damage to kill weaken them enough for riding. About 77 rocket shots.

Can the Moa be splattered?
-Attempting to splatter the Moa will cause a Swat Team to appear at your house.

Can the Moa use Armor Abilities?
-If they wish.

Can we play as Moa?
-Once you reach Inheritor, you will have a prestige option much like CoD. However, it's called "Moatige" and you will have the option to become a Moa. Exceptions can be made for Non-Inheritors.

What about the Moa Civil War?
-The Moa civil war began when two Moa fought over the same seed. Now, it has escalated into a full on battle between the Moa nation, split in half. This epic fight has now grew and invaded upon Human-territories, and already some Spartans have died due to falling in the middle of two Moa. For now, all we can do is hide in our Moa Shelters and wait until all of this dies out. Only the brave ones may go out into the open and confront these beasts.

What happens if we kill the Moa?
-The SEAL team that killed Osama Bin-Ladan will arrive at your door. They will not be happy.

Can the Moa be caught and trained?
-Yes, Moa CAN be caught and trained. However, it will take a team of at least 7 expert players. They need to surround it and confuse it so that it cannot choose and focus on one target. Once trained, the Moa will listen to and befriend you. Be careful, however, as the Moa may choose to leave you at any time.

Do we have to make sacrifices to the Moa?
-Yes, not making a sacrifice to the Moa every 7 minutes will result in immediate booting out of the game and a 2 week ban.

(FAQ will be updated depending on questions.)

New Achievements to come with this Update

Moa Burgers...
-Successfully kill a Moa in a matchmade game.

Moa never die... they just respawn!
-Drive a Moa into an explosion and kill an enemy in a matchmade game. (Idea by HIPPOWNER)

A Victim...
-Have a Moa kill you in a matchmade game.

-Unlock being a Moa in matchmaking.

The Moa the Merrier...
-Use a Moa to kill another player in a matchmade game. (Idea by Soundbound64)

If They Came to Hear Moa Beg...
-Survive a fall that would have otherwise been fatal by mounting a Moa. (Idea from AfRo SaUcE)

Lawn Moa...
-Earn a Splatter Spree riding a Moa in a matchmade game. (Idea by Soundbound64)

Crazy Legs...
-Win a Race game while riding a Moa in a matchmade game. (Idea by Soundbound64)

EDIT 3- Moa Survival Gametype
New Gametype; Moa Survival

In this gametype, teams of 1-4 start off in the middle of a Forest. There are 7 weapons scattered across the map, and once these 7 are collected the game ends. However, the forest is also infested with Moa. Can you survive? Will the Moa destroy you?

Can be played in Easy, Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. Skulls from campaign can be enabled, there will also be several new skulls;

Moa run twice as fast.

That neck...
Moa's attack range doubled.

Blind 2
Moa have active camo.



Moa Rank List;
(In order from least to greatest)
Moa Cadet
Moa Field Warrior
Moa Captain
Moa Champ
Moa King
Moa Spec Ops
Moa General
Moa Leader
Moa Emperor
Moa Master
(Several ideas taken from Method Man NYC)

In Depth Moa Ranks
Moa Cadet-Moa Captain
-The standard Moa. Equipped with sprint, evade, and very strong. They can take down Spartans easily and are the best to train and befriend.

Moa Champ-Moa Spec Ops
-A step ahead; equipped with all Armor Abilities and extremely powerful. Although they are very rare and hard to train, the result will be an amazing beast under your control (That is, until it decides to stop listening and tear you to pieces).

Moa General-Moa Emperor
-The best of the best, extremely rare and not even attempt-able to breed. They have been known to kill simply by staring. Travel in groups of 7, so there is no chance of surviving if they spot you.

Moa Master
-Little is known about this epic beast. The few facts are that he is the one leader of the Moa, able to unite them against any enemy. If one is within the 777 mile area, he will die on the spot. Even THINKING about ATTEMPTING to train him will cause in instant death. No one knows what he looks like because all painters that attempted to paint him died before laying an ounce of ink on paper.

EDIT 5- more details on the Moa in Matchmaking
The Moa will appear randomly in games, depending on what map is being played on. They will not attack unless provoked, so they will mostly be bystanders and watch.

Moa Probability Depending on Map
Anchor 9...45%, not very hostile.
Boardwalk...70%, mostly bystanders, occasional fight.
Boneyard...90%, will attack if seeing several humans together. Attacks are almost always lethal.
Breakpoint...70%, peaceful, will not attack.
Condemned...25%, highly aggressive, will attack within site.
Countdown...50%, mildly lethal.
Forge World Maps...77%, will range from peaceful to attacking.
Highlands...90%, always peaceful.
Powerhouse...65%, will watch unless provoked.
Reflection...10%, rare, but when they occur they will annihilate you.
Spire...85%, sneaky, will attack if needed for protection.
Sword Base...5%, bystanders.
Tempest...75%, will not attack, simply watch.
Zealot...35%, mildly aggressive.

EDIT 6- Halo R.L.M
Halo R.L.M. (Halo Real Life Moa) the new Halo Game.
Start off as a Moa Cadet. Work your way up the ranks and watch as the Moa world begins to fall to pieces around you! The Moa Civil War (see FAQ for more details) has begun, and it's time for you to take a side. Do you choose the Green side, or the Brown side? This decision will change all of history! Once your side is chosen, run through an epic campaign in which you rank up by accomplishing missions ranging from night-time assassinations to huge vehicle battles! Available Co-Op, up to 4 players. Modes are Regular, Difficult, Master, and Moa-Madness. (Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary).

Game will start with 7 maps, described below:
1.Grasshill... a grassy valley with hills leading up on both sides. Medium size.
2.Lake Moa... a series of small connected islands on a huge lake. Big size.
3.The Facility... a Moa training facilty. Medium size.
4.Skynest... using high Moa-science, Moa have developed technology to fight on clouds. Medium size.
5.Submerged... an underwater hideout once used to hide the sacred Civil War Seed (see FAQ for more details). Big size.
6.Abandoned... a seed storage factory that was recently stopped. The shadows are lurking with weird beasts nowadays. Medium Size.
7.Final Stand... a huge map on grass hills, perfect for vehicle combat. Huge Size.

Custom Games/Forge
The same features will be in Halo R.L.M., as well as new ones including...
-Weather control
-Gravity Control
-Water Vehicles

There will also be 2 forge dedicated maps like Forge World.

EDIT 7- This Is Why You Dont Attack The Moa!!! (Courtesy of Cowgoesmoo)


EDIT 9-Support this thread, it lists Moa as a vehicle! The thread of that OP and I have partnered up in order to get Bungie's attention!


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"So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it's gratifying to have something you have done linger in people's memories." John Williams

Someone hire this man.

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The cake is a lie!

I REJECT your reality and substitute my own!

Sir, finishing this fight.

Amazing logic.

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ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why you no Give Halo4?

Win thread is win. 'nuff said.

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This man, I love. One question though, Can we ride the moa and take out scorpions with it?

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ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why you no Give Halo4?


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"When Embarking the journey of revenge you should dig 2 graves" -Confucious. Also I like firefight not for the credits but for fun. Also like Campaign but I don't play it that much. Favorite Weapon: Battle Rifle and Light Rifle.

Deserve this!

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Sounds Fun....

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EPIC...as DLC?? You deserve blue flam'in helmet...

OVER 9000 People like the idea

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Thank you for the comments, and yes, you could occasionally ride them.

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I should...

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lol u mad bro

You Sir, have won.

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Posted by: KIBOSH
They should just make an HLG playlist then you guys can hide against each other and see how much fun it is.

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You Sir, have won.


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You won the cake.


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Thank you sir.

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OP has magic at his fingertips.

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Walk by faith. Dude. Not by sight.

Will the Moa be allowed to use armor lock, or will I still be safe when I splatter them?

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if you have problems with how people play in matchmaking I say: DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

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It only takes a simple question to change everything.

If only they would take this idea.

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