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Subject: This is not a Bungie Weekly Update

Posted by: Hylebos
Interesting not-update. I never knew that there was a climbing wall in the studio...
Considering what else they've done this doesn't surprise me at the very least.

  • 06.17.2011 3:01 PM PDT

Posted by: AngryBrute1
Oh yeah, since somebody does not believe what YOU believe; that makes us vapid...
I cannot grasp that what you call "Something happened to nothing, and that nothing became something, and it was smaller than than a period."

Posted by: Cryptic

Mt. Workerscomp sounds fun!

[Edited on 06.17.2011 3:13 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 3:10 PM PDT

Not an update?

  • 06.17.2011 3:16 PM PDT

Preparations for Bungie Day are now in full swing. Full disclosure next week. It's only fitting that we get to show you how we really feel during this year's celebration. We promise to keep our pants on.

No promises

This was in the update last week. I thought that was to mean we were getting full disclosure this week. I am wrong? Did I waste my time taking all of those English classes in college? Has my reading comprehension failed me?

* The text contains extended characters that are not allowed.

this error message is far from helpful

  • 06.17.2011 3:25 PM PDT

I breathe BR, not kidding homie.

So...obviously no update this week ? >.>

  • 06.17.2011 3:26 PM PDT

so is there still going to be an update? I am confused.

  • 06.17.2011 3:56 PM PDT

there hasn't been a real update in a long, looooong time.

  • 06.17.2011 3:59 PM PDT

I can't wait to hear more about Bungie day. Nice not-update, Urk.

[Edited on 06.17.2011 4:01 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 4:00 PM PDT
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Posted by: Wikked Navajoe
Mt. Workerscomp sounds fun!
First post I've seen in a long time that made me literally rofl.

@Urk Nice non-update. Going to really miss reading those BWUs... I know, you don't have to say it, you're going to miss me reading them as well. The distance will just make the fondness grow. It'll be good for us... It will, won't it? :'(

  • 06.17.2011 4:04 PM PDT

Obviously it isn't. I still can't wait to see what all you guys have in store for us this Bungie Day. Totally loving the app also! So easy to check for new news posts when I have access to wi-fi.

Almost forgot, Mt. Workerscomp is really awesome.

[Edited on 06.17.2011 4:05 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 4:05 PM PDT


Posted by: Uncle Phil777
It's sad that they didn't mention that T2T was finally conquered today! :(

That was done a while ago before E3 d/62589
Nice non-bungie weakly update

[Edited on 06.17.2011 4:11 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 4:08 PM PDT

Great rock wall Bungie!

  • 06.17.2011 4:12 PM PDT
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Posted by: burritosenior
If my face looks sad, it it a sad face, or the face of a sad person?

Why does that sound so philosophical?!?!

  • 06.17.2011 4:13 PM PDT

And so it begins :(

  • 06.17.2011 4:22 PM PDT

Nice Non-Update.

Looking forward to Bungie day!

[Edited on 06.17.2011 4:27 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 4:26 PM PDT

This is Bob
(**) Bob likes my maps
/I\ Bob says try my maps
/ \ If you don't Bob will come and take a dump in your house
His dumps stinks so please check out my maps

Even though i didn't earn the name plate others have. Thier accomplishment is cheapened by giving everyone the name plate. I think we should of just gotten the blue flames.

  • 06.17.2011 4:33 PM PDT

Posted by: dm8ns
Many will enter, only one will rise to the top and he might not even win....

I thought we were getting the full disclosure this week, I guess I am mistaken.

  • 06.17.2011 4:34 PM PDT

Tru7h. C4RN4GE. Bungie.

Love the Krull reference. LOL

Although this "update" didn't really give much info.

  • 06.17.2011 4:48 PM PDT

It wasn't supposed to. The juicy stuff about aerospace and bungie day is coming in the later weeks, followed up by a a long time of no news.
Posted by: ConstantC4RN4GE
Although this "update" didn't really give much info.

  • 06.17.2011 5:04 PM PDT

You will be missed.
My YouTube Channel
"See what I did there?"
"I can hear you caring."
Dont get too wrapped up in the Internet. It's already forgotten about you.

Oo their ain't no other way, Bungie I was born this way!

  • 06.17.2011 5:25 PM PDT

Maybe I will never be
All the things that I wanna be
But now is not the time to cry
Now's the time to find out why
I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

Nice... Non-Weekly Update dude.

  • 06.17.2011 5:34 PM PDT

If I was in a room´╗┐ with justin Bieber, Bin Laden, Hitler and a gun with two bullets I would Shoot Bieber twice.
Posted by:Albert Einstein
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

you guys should do the Flame thing for Halo 3...just saying

  • 06.17.2011 5:39 PM PDT

I achieved my Recon armor through the screenshot contest Team Control, not Bungie Day or ODST. 5/29/09
No, Luke! Noo!
64th last player to play Halo 2 online.

Thanks for the update!
Wait, wut?

[Edited on 06.17.2011 5:45 PM PDT]

  • 06.17.2011 5:44 PM PDT

Wipe me down!
ZAP a.k.a. Mr. Cool Guy, 2 Man Beer Club CEO

And I thank you.

  • 06.17.2011 6:00 PM PDT

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