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  • Subject: Bungie vs. The World Steaktacular
Subject: Bungie vs. The World Steaktacular

"Wake me...when you need me."

Looks like a great time was had by all.

  • 07.08.2011 7:09 AM PDT

they used my halo outfit for the worlds outfit

  • 07.08.2011 7:41 AM PDT

they used my outfit that i was using for my player in halo since september as the outfit of the world

  • 07.08.2011 7:43 AM PDT

I dont know why so many people are complaining, you should have known the tiny odds before you started. Either way its always good playing some halo, the hope of finding bungie made it a bit more exciting too. Thanks bungie, we will miss you.

  • 07.08.2011 8:29 AM PDT

This really isn't the end though, right? I mean, Bungie is going to get together another time next year or the year after to pwn or be pwned, right?

  • 07.08.2011 9:31 AM PDT

that is what i keep thinking

  • 07.08.2011 9:59 AM PDT

i never saw a bungie employee :(

  • 07.08.2011 10:03 AM PDT
  • gamertag: rmx36
  • user homepage:

The world knows that they can't beat me so why try? I just think that you should stand back before you have to experience getting owned. That's my question.
-----Get Owned-----

I hope so..

  • 07.08.2011 10:04 AM PDT
  • gamertag: rmx36
  • user homepage:

The world knows that they can't beat me so why try? I just think that you should stand back before you have to experience getting owned. That's my question.
-----Get Owned-----

didya get some steak?

  • 07.08.2011 10:05 AM PDT

do you know when the award is going to be released because we beat bungie in game wins and what do we got <(o.o)>

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  • 07.08.2011 12:05 PM PDT

i got steak im de frosting it right know that is some cold steak.

  • 07.08.2011 12:08 PM PDT
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Here's a list of all who played with Bungie in and on the Bungie Day. You can copy and paste into a text file then open in your own spreadsheet program. Below is the content of the Comma Separated Values (CSV).

P.s., Congrats to all of your friends that got a chance to play against the Bungie employees, and my condolences to those that didn't get steak.

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  • 07.08.2011 1:50 PM PDT
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---copy below this line---
Player 1,Player 2,Player 3,Player 4,Score,Vs Bungie,

Steelyuhas5,Tunavi,Hitmonchan107,Mr Kwarz,50,22,gameid=689243548

L3M0NSAMURAI,GOLD BLOB3,Prodigy Comply,Eatslushy,28,50,gameid=689255815

Futur3Sh0ck,KTS Ashes2Ashes,wIDchild xTx,NewSawChuck,27,50,gameid=689262570

ToastyGloves,ChiefsRule1967,VIOLINT,unrespected,50,24,gameid= 689278949

SUPERTASTno1,StifftSteve69,ReprovedPath,SA1NT 8,33,50,gameid=689284735

Ozzys Warpig,PremedDa kings,NUKL3AR F4LL0UT,BarterClub,50,23,gameid=689290731

Amateur,Desolate,Gurantee,Right Trigger,50,14,gameid=689295647

ROFLCOPTERBIMBO,VenomXKilljoy,Miked Out,Jamesmike2000,35,50,gameid=689303614

Nick Griffithss,The Noble Chip,g3cjr,ORCAS KILLER,36,34,gameid=689311888

Spudsworth(G),LaRouxPanda,Spudsworth,Spartan LDR7,31,50,gameid=689317119

Jqod,RexRocketFists,Ty Is Super,Afroninja360,50,49,gameid=689323671

Classified,Yepanito,WhiteLightnings,HC Dream,50,14,gameid=689328455

Sklover34,AvK z HooDLum,BeeeaStLy,Rockin Gamer752,50,37,gameid=689334567

John295,SurCampsAL0T,LtnCol Blarg,XxBeastxX555666,50,46,gameid=689340966

Jinkay,JOE 69ya,Aileron00,XBLACKxRAPTORX,50,30,gameid=689346141

Nv FieZy,tingcelery,DJ579,Crave16,50,48,gameid=689351205

l LMNO l,RiP x MANIAC,xXAntraxVirusXx,PieKiller12385,39,50,gameid=689357630

KRAZYxACE,EQ10,EliteMike007,xXRedGummiXx,40,50,gameid=6893617 23

TKG Maldito420,TKG Soul Reaper,XxANROBxX69,JUSTINB444,18,50,gameid=689367299

FALLOUTxFreak99,DERkl3in3VAMPIR,reaper9971,a ewok a,21,50,gameid=689372333

TFEC SNIPER,lll FINEST lll,FODAWG 14,TFEC DRAG,43,50,gameid=689377690

CrazedOne1988,rowboat 000,RePTaRs ReDBar,Zz iLiNxX zZ,47,41,gameid=689386364

AcBig Daddy,DHG dairewolf,Veryeckz,FUSION wins,50,24,gameid=689392063

XxxArmenianxxX,Ameteur,Strocity,JiPiSiG,50,14,gameid=68939617 7

SPARTAN 08947,aWhippedPoptart,GoldenFloppyCow,aVianillaPepsi,23,50,ga meid=689401950

Alander71,ILL SMACK U 8,weatherbeenj,ll NMG II,32,50,gameid=689408138

XxNeobreakerxX,Masterhi3f 117,PancakezMonster,ShadowHorse95,27,50,gameid=689420318

GunSlingerXD,I want ur STEAK,Echo N Cider,x DMR mrkiller,48,50,gameid=689415008

StudMuffinsworth,Zinastin,GrizlyDave,CrewCut158,45,50,gameid= 689436425

REVERENC3,Shadow Recon117,J0N PA,Guitarplyr123,43,50,gameid=689443503

L I n T,Xekrom,Euphoria 84,lPhaxxyl,50,18,gameid=689450810

ChackieBlan,Master Malis,HARDCOR3 H3RO,BludyStaindSoul,50,31,gameid=689458407

xInhaleExhale,Blackjack 423,James Disel,BludyStaindSoul,50,40,gameid=689469152

Bloodshed 510,James Disel,xInhaleExhale,Oh My Wolverine,49,48,gameid=689480616

CPO SPARTAN 117,TehLizard,AK Nightmare13,Toddways luvs u,38,50,gameid=689487709

Chunky Bubb,HardcoreTREZ,StyledHurrican3,x MrDSquirrel x,50,43,gameid=689497690

chooloitscuintle,SamuelLJackson,DrakeBS757,Call Me NomNom,38,50,gameid=689508892

Outlaw Fo LifE,Pro X Rifles,Air Force Hero,DeathDevil36,43,50,gameid=689522470

chooloitscuintle,A Kid Named Dro,l iPatch l,RexRocketFists,50,25,gameid=689533222

RADIOACTIV4F3AR,tristanlx9f,Arsonist,THOMAS 150,37,50,gameid=689545044

chooloitscuintle,A Kid Named Dro,l iPatch l,Knightmare1313,50,25,gameid=689555262

MiP HOFFY,Pro X Rifles,MiP BACKLASH,MJOLNIR HERO,50,40,gameid=689576439

Oh My Wolverine,BlackFyreDragun,Spencer,MrT undercover,50,37,gameid=689596453

OwerTheBig,Raul1028,droid 5568,aWhippedPoptart,49,50,gameid=689614451

TheVenom 1nSide,aLL FouR DowN,PuR3 ZoOtzZz,Darkest Hour,50,12,gameid=689626635


D00MBRINFER666,Poom10,xKasabian,Oh My Wolverine,50,33,gameid=689657465

Vaderkon1,Spaz89MHFL,EVILS1TH,MONSTER4640,50,28,gameid=689686 549

IIVxDEATHxVII,mrgangstac,RocketRedWeasel,mrgagstac(G),50,40,g ameid=689706654

iTz Scope,CAVEGUY2,BALLIN MARIO,C0RRuPPT,50,15,gameid=689721865

k0ruptd,xXACECOMBATXx,MONSTER4640,xKasebian,50,23,gameid=6897 39466

TheBandEmery,EllSmiRip,OhYeahItsQuack,BLUNTCOBRA,50,23,gameid =689762047

I R Sniper LOLZ,a dyin hobo,Erahs,a flyin hobo,50,19,gameid=689779454

Ryanitus,a moldy cheeze,SKLFKR666,Spaz89MHFL,49,50,gameid=689798276

vHyDroCiTy,MAD SQIRREL,TYM2F1Y,CleanGem0,50,23,gameid=689816376

MasterChiefsKid,GOLD ZEALOT,high times jb34,ILL SMACK U 8,50,20,gameid=689834753

Pringlesman19,Jared is SkiLLz,WTFGrif,iamblamb,50,18,gameid=689851855

King Raptor 22,A helpful hobo,Madcat529,BARCODE 69,50,46,gameid=689871888

jbraud1555,eiden man102,G1Ng3R H3AD mAn,Dauntershi,23,50,gameid=689889637

theCanEHdianKid,Dadab The Grunt,XxWOLF117xX,ffTWISTERVII,42,50,gameid=689908687

X1Sparks,HighVoltageHell,Geekal,shinigama sama,50,43,gameid=689934578

Cleanliness OPS,SEASICKDWARF,Dluzion FaiL,The Darkhero 148,50,15,gameid=689958759

TreaSeN,MagmaticLizard,Br0kenMeth0d,whitentaco,50,46,gameid=6 89980903

ROM iz Clutch44,Dark Knight S10,iCaptainFrance,a Butterfinger,50,46,gameid=689999727

Skiouros Kurios,rA1ndr0PZ8,SonOfAdam777,Keifer,50,32,gameid=690028306

Try Hard Hoodie,Shadow Blue42,llWingman7ll,MAKING HIST0RY,50,22,gameid=690051824

GroaningDog358,VaXin,lDirr T,OvoZ,50,10,gameid=690066615

WolfinWolfey,BldX009,xZatturox,OwnedPerson,50,47,gameid=69009 2644

D Fault 117,Itz ATOMIC,NOBLExTEAM 9,martincool21,50,34,gameid=690116068

xXTheMotivator,Kid Shame,Itz ATOMIC,Kid Takito,50,43,gameid=690136992


SouPy DuPy,Shadow 79 CS7,Popu1ation Tire,mywekarm,50,22,gameid=690175082

TDxCLIMBER,R I O S I,o Reckless x,ROG DINOWIZARD,50,26,gameid=690193751

Grand elite777,Erahs,MadMonopolyGuy,iCY ExcLusiVE,50,28,gameid=690219145

DaNinjaMasta,BryceKrispies25,BakedPotato35,TIE077,50,42,gamei d=690237801

Kristoba,Project Hybrid,Monkey Grc,receiveMESAGE,50,12,gameid=690256945

Promoters,DarkWing491,martincool21,The Dillest,50,28,gameid=690274028

GingerInFringer,Hobbiit,xGETHx,roberthoeg,50,34,gameid=690298 015

SpotUnclesammy,PlayerT56,FOUR DEAD BIRDS,BOSSMAN1314,26,50,gameid=690317795

PARAD0xx0xx,ravarezii,Awsomo50000,Swedish hardy,50,46,gameid=690343327

AC3 521,CarboardPeace,sethnik,Sgnt Slaughtrr,44,50,gameid=690366387

MadMonopolyGuy,XGC DCTA ZERO,Poom10,Plunderfull,50,36,gameid=690390062

XxCrackedSkullX,TheIronClam,Duke Pantarei,xMEATxBALLx,41,50,gameid=690409646

Poom10,Iachris07,The Whyte Panda,Putm20,50,29,gameid=690427048

Light Z FURY,Lunar Optics,Ranger Onyx,LightningReject,50,27,gameid=690445983

Ninja Shizoku,Cwfreak123,Flash n Lights,Zinastin,50,26,gameid=690464092

KSC EarforceX32,Food Negotiator,partyatlive09,assassin kenny,50,25,gameid=690482266

Bongo Bongo347,Oregon Ducks1,LtnCol Blarg,creampuff95,50,35,gameid=690503089

Propain C3H8,edfan888,TrIpPiNxOuT,MoNsT3R BONGRiP,45,25,gameid=690531363

KTS Ashes2Ashes,SlipnotandMSI,Lasangna Cat,Gremlins,48,50,gameid=690555126

Nova Nova,Propain C3H8,a moldy cheeze,TikiTrollGuy,51,19,gameid=690577781

Gohhd,The Leonely,JustFerSpite,aWhippedPoptart,50,30,gameid=690604371

MaximusUlimate,ThisBlue,CanadianMan126,Skiftk3y,40,50,gameid= 690631287

X1Sparks,Rope 0n A Tree,shinigama sama,SlipknotandMSI,42,21,gameid=690662048

xDumbKnutx,Rope 0n A Tree,SniperSmiley,pinkbunny84,50,38,gameid=690690010

JayJay 707x,Propheezyyy,ShadowBlue42,A 7 Hour Woody,50,32,gameid=690713708

FTW The Jackel,D Fault 117,izayoi touua,King Raptor 22,47,39,gameid=690743031

RaspingMovie,Raaascal,Sarsion,MaSter GuNs 22,50,44,gameid=690764028

RecallingLethal,E1ementa1 Chaos,Xx W ii C K 3 D,DPassat17T,50,41,gameid=690788561

PURPLE REIN 13,COOK1E MONSTA98,Kl11ERP3NGU1N78,AiFXEVILC10wnx,13,50,gameid=69080373 4

Traffic Coned,Artes,FlameSplitter,Tap The Butcher,43,50,gameid=690830005

iLethargy,Ultra CHEZ,mgeezy728,chingus84,38,50,gameid=690857855

Scottay 179,RPAL,ScrappyDoughnuy,xXTwitch21Xx,37,50,gameid=690881360

Xteam Clutch,DARKNESEVIL95,MasonZane14,FallenMiseria,50,39,gameid=6 90902281

kinfkeatoonamor,TheLordOfChaos,Ice Over,clu7chNinja,32,50,gameid=690923131

Queens Knights,BrenGT2,CmBLitZ16,Fromonkey2003,31,50,gameid=69094532 0

R33L NOOB,l SykoPath l,DESTRUCTIVE NUT,crazymote37,50,37,gameid=690965014

ShubLocket,Bongo Bongo347,creampuff95,iiMLGT RageQuit,49,50,gameid=690991429

iRyukSenpai,XInhaleExhale,iCloudStrife,Oh My Wolverine,50,47,gameid=691013876

Blackjack 423,TakingYourCandy,ColonelMitch311,yNevermind,50,50,gameid=6 91038029

Hobbiit,Dr Bad Touch 69,SPY X5Z,Chief at War,35,50,gameid=691055396

MacabrePuddin,Suvets91,Bindra,briannickenson,6,50,gameid=6910 76898

RexRocketFists,Bongo Bongo347,creampuff95,Oregon Ducks1,37,50,gameid=691100773

destruction777,Oh My Wolverine,Tap the Butcher,Howlitzer,12,50,gameid=691122219

Two Betrayals,SpryFox,LostSoul119,h0mic1dalNorte4,44,50,gameid=69 1145981

Lunar 630,monkeygobyebye,MutantMnMz 630,Traffuc Coned,50,48,gameid=691167533

TornadoTheFace,MOSH2013,SoulSlayer2008,CAK07,29,50,gameid=691 189660

Guarantee,l 12AMPAGE l,Dom is awful,SharpsshootiN,50,23,gameid=691203398

LittleOgre,Bergy92,Apollyon,MrWilis6084,50,44,gameid=69122268 8

l Y0UR DAD l,Obi 1 Kaboozie,Chilerr,B5D Hanter,50,39,gameid=691239826

Charlie Parra,Skully Papa,Skully Mama,RIKUBUG420,50,47,gameid=691257855

SN I IP E,TK Meecrob,TacoPizzaHunter,BurgerlerKing,50,18,gameid=691271033

xInhaleExhale,thehappiestelf,StrongestTJ,II mR Magico II,50,22,gameid=691284257

Da ShiFter650,TimedDread,MaskedJjt,Colonel Juju,21,50,gameid=691300387

EverettNK,DHG dairewolf,TornadoTheFace,Stopish,50,26,gameid=691316342

iRyukSenpai,iCloudStrife,Shooter003,Dragote,50,43,gameid=6913 27293

Fro rly,The Judge Man,CL0UDw0lf,VALENTIN58,50,49,gameid=691338719


Kaldricus,MeJordan,JF0wler,WhipperSnapper,50,49,gameid=691361 479
---copy above this line---

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  • 07.08.2011 1:51 PM PDT

alguno me ayuda a conseguir el efecto con llamas ayer jugue todo el dia pero me dice que lo reclame aca y no se como :s

  • 07.08.2011 2:45 PM PDT

My Halo Reach disc is screwed up because my lil' brothers scratched it. I don't even have the maps for matchmaking any more. It woulda been fun if I could have tried to fight them. (As the chances of actually seeing them were low)... But I hope all you winners enjoy your steaks ^^.

  • 07.08.2011 4:06 PM PDT

Que Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

--Tea-baggers are funny, it's as if they think they are far more hetero than the people who do it in real life, because they use their e-ballsacks to do it. What a manly victory dance.

So, you guys said 20 kills or more. The actual medal says 'more than 60%', and you can see that it doesn't give it to someone who went 50-30. So which is it for this.

  • 07.08.2011 6:11 PM PDT

bring it on!!!!!!!!!;(

  • 07.09.2011 6:38 AM PDT

i heard that if we beat bungie by at least 20 matches we would get red visor and a map pack with a blank map
is the true or just a lie

  • 07.09.2011 11:22 AM PDT
  • gamertag: [none]
  • user homepage:

how do do that like fight them i want to so bad tell me

  • 07.09.2011 7:46 PM PDT

Hey bungie your awsome this month you should give out the red flames one day.

  • 07.10.2011 12:19 AM PDT

"Teabagging is for homos"


Aww. Such a boastful press release and your fans made chumps out of you :)

  • 07.10.2011 9:16 AM PDT
  • gamertag: [none]
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I dont think it a real helmet

  • 07.10.2011 10:43 AM PDT
  • gamertag: [none]
  • user homepage:

Pretty sure they just did that for the promo poster. I may be wrong, but I haven't seen anything for the EVA aside from the variation with the skull painted on.

  • 07.10.2011 1:29 PM PDT


yo -blam!- i won a free -blam!- steak

  • 07.10.2011 9:35 PM PDT

yeah... i never saw bungie, i even started the matchmaking search the same time they did by watching the webcam. :(

  • 07.11.2011 7:41 AM PDT