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  • Subject: Bungie vs. The World Steaktacular
Subject: Bungie vs. The World Steaktacular

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Dang wish i could get some steaks ... The joys of being non american...

  • 06.23.2011 2:00 PM PDT
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No confirmation or debunk of Princess Carney's triumphant return to the battlefield? Crying shame.

Calendar marked. Hope everyone has a blast.

  • 06.23.2011 2:00 PM PDT

Bungie Rules

Bungie should also give out haunted helmets...just a suggestion

  • 06.23.2011 2:22 PM PDT

Thank you Bungie! I'll get some of my pro friends and we'll beat you. I <7 You!

  • 06.23.2011 2:25 PM PDT

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Per Audacia Ad Astra

It's on mother steaker! I suggest you guys bring a snack.

  • 06.23.2011 2:26 PM PDT

Acquire Aesthetics.

Can i haz the wurld helmet?

  • 06.23.2011 2:33 PM PDT

My Best Bungie moment: finally beating all the Halo games on solo legendary.
My Worst Bungie moment: not seeing giant stuffie grunts in the Bungie store.

I think a gift card that was once within Bungie Studios would taste better than a steak.. nom nom nom

  • 06.23.2011 2:48 PM PDT

Hello :D

Awesome Bungie :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3

  • 06.23.2011 2:52 PM PDT

When I broke my ankle, I needed crutches to walk. I called them "Armor" and "Lock"


  • 06.23.2011 3:04 PM PDT

Mongo Smash

Mmmmm....Steaks....Drooling like Homer Simpson over here.

Ah...the final B.V.W. event.(Maybe?!?) Who says these people don't know how to party like it's HOT. Wasn't me, I tell ya. Can't wait for Bungie Day let alone the BTB All Star and Swag I a nerd for taking off work that day? haha

Thanks Bungie y'all are awesome!!!!!

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  • 06.23.2011 3:47 PM PDT

Posted by: AngryBrute1
Oh yeah, since somebody does not believe what YOU believe; that makes us vapid...
I cannot grasp that what you call "Something happened to nothing, and that nothing became something, and it was smaller than than a period."

Posted by: North Kozar
Also, in the legalese, it states

Posted By: Legalese

Starting at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT), July 7, 2010, and continuing through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT), July 7, 2010 (the "Promotion Period") ...
Dammit, time to time travel, I guess...

  • 06.23.2011 4:28 PM PDT

Oh hey there

Posted by: petarded2
It's a metaphor for the 07s' lack of identity. too old to be newfa­g, yet too new to be oldfa­g, we wander in search of a home, forever trying to be something we are not.

Can we have the computer style wallpaper?

  • 06.23.2011 4:29 PM PDT

S117 I like to played video games since I was child but the game that change my life was HALO.
thank you bungie.

One of you BUNGIE t-bag me in 2009 and now its time to get revenge. >:)

  • 06.23.2011 4:38 PM PDT

It's never that easy.

What are the Max Local Players in the Bungie vs. the World playlist?

It's gonna be lame if it's just 1. Laaaaaaame.

  • 06.23.2011 4:56 PM PDT

All your stakes are belong to us

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  • 06.23.2011 5:30 PM PDT

Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by the accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you.
Augustine of Hippo

I can't prove it, but I can say it.
Stephen Colbert

i am not shawn from youtube, I created this username because I thought it was an unique name but if I could change it I would since it did not belong to me originally

Gotta win some steak :D!
Man, I need somehow match up against Bungie... What are the odds Urk?

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  • 06.23.2011 6:06 PM PDT

Wipe me down!
ZAP a.k.a. Mr. Cool Guy, 2 Man Beer Club CEO

Posted by: Butane123
When can I unlock Fishbowl helmet with the world inside of it and the Earth rotation armor effect?

HaHa. That would be awesome!

  • 06.23.2011 6:17 PM PDT

ill wear steel

  • 06.23.2011 8:05 PM PDT

arent they giving away blue flames too

  • 06.23.2011 8:33 PM PDT

Bungie, your prob. going to kick my ass. That being said I'd like to play with you. Against you sucks for me. But you guys are like a legend. I hear, read, watch you guys play. However I have never had the opportunity to play y ouand now prob. never will. I'll be there on the 7 but I will only have a 3 hr window. So I doubt I'll play any of you really, as there are alot more of us (average nobody's really, just a fan with mediocre skill, I'm sure peole with much better halo butt whipping ability will have you occupied) wanting to play you. And you just don't have enough employees to play. Or I might have played 1, with I haven't.

I truly am sad your leaving halo, I'm also disappointed to have never played with nor against you.

Well till we meet again on the next epic game you come out with.

I wish you the best of luck,


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  • 06.23.2011 9:01 PM PDT

The Battle begins...

  • 06.23.2011 9:13 PM PDT

Join The Reach Asset a group I am very proud to be a leader of.


  • 06.23.2011 9:21 PM PDT

I dont know if this is a typo, but this battle of the century states it will begin on July 7 2010. which was last year my good friends.

  • 06.23.2011 9:42 PM PDT

Sydney, AustraliaI

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I like sniping

Only Bungie would do something this epic, you guys are actually Legendary.

  • 06.23.2011 11:53 PM PDT