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Subject: Bungie Aerospace
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Bang. Zoom!

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  • 06.30.2011 6:02 AM PDT


  • 06.30.2011 6:05 AM PDT

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Awesome, I'm looking forward to see what comes out of Bungie Aerospace. And Hmmmmm more goodies for Bungie Mobile.

All sounds good

  • 06.30.2011 6:06 AM PDT

Hmmmm.... so this is Bungie Aerospace.....


EDIT: Well, I see that they are trying to achieve World domination by taking control of smaller developers.


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  • 06.30.2011 6:07 AM PDT

Halo 3 Sonnet

We are the Bungie community, and thus, by definition, we are given the right to complain about any work that Bungie produces, mentions, or even thinks about, with no limits set by knowledge, logic, common sense, or understanding of sarcasm!

I am sorely disappointed that Bungie Aerospace is not a collaborative effort with John Carmack to usher humanity into the spacefaring age.

  • 06.30.2011 6:08 AM PDT
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I support said t-bag.

Well, I know this is usually the place for blind showering of Bungie ogling and all that jazz, but I'm not really impressed. I don't play mobile games on my phone.

Although, now that I read this update, I'm not really all that surprised that this isn't a game.

  • 06.30.2011 6:11 AM PDT

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hmmm... a little disappointing... I was hoping for an announcement of something more substantial.

  • 06.30.2011 6:11 AM PDT

Wait what. :/

  • 06.30.2011 6:12 AM PDT

Sounds amazing. Indie devs will be so happy about this.

  • 06.30.2011 6:15 AM PDT

Nothing to write home about.

  • 06.30.2011 6:16 AM PDT

Acquire Aesthetics.

What's up with the triangle, circle logo?


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  • 06.30.2011 6:16 AM PDT
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I like classic rock.

I was expecting a new game but this is nice too; helping out smaller game developers to get their games out to the public.

But what I want to know is will this only be for iPhone and Android games or will there be Xbox Live and or downloadable computer games that you'll be helping out with also?

  • 06.30.2011 6:18 AM PDT

DDOS'd Amazon's servers F5ing for Swag Bags...yeah I was there. :)

7-7-11 was another awesome Bungie Day! Thanks Bungie for making halo so amazing over the last 10 years. Can't wait to see what your Destiny will be next. ;)

Definitely nowhere near what I thought it was...but still this is a great thing. It's another way for Bungie to support their community in a totally different and new way.

I am actually excited to see how this turns out. I am also hoping to be a part of the Aerospace system in the near that I know what it is. lol.

  • 06.30.2011 6:18 AM PDT

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I be... disappointed.

  • 06.30.2011 6:20 AM PDT
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Bam! Bungie I didn't know you cared so much about independent developers. Hope this thing launches of really well and continues to do great in the future. :)

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  • 06.30.2011 6:21 AM PDT
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"wont be out until this summer"

mfw it's summer already.

  • 06.30.2011 6:21 AM PDT

Well that actually makes sense to me because the name of it didn't sound like a game at all.

  • 06.30.2011 6:21 AM PDT

Who Are You? There's Nothing Here. Go Away Now.

I Can't wait! Crimson sounds fun.

  • 06.30.2011 6:22 AM PDT

This is the point where your whole community goes to the 343 forums

  • 06.30.2011 6:26 AM PDT

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Question: how do small developers use this?

I'm working with a few others on a game, how would we go about using aerospace?

  • 06.30.2011 6:28 AM PDT

There is just something epic about pistols.

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Sounds pretty awesome. Now you've got me hooked coming to this site until you actually reveal your next game.

  • 06.30.2011 6:29 AM PDT

"Wake me...when you need me."

I love the misdirection. Looking forward to seeing what all is going to come of this!

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Sounds great!

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