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  • Subject: Can Crimson take down Angry Birds?
Subject: Can Crimson take down Angry Birds?


Not unless it comes to iphone and android phones. There isn't enough of a user base on tablets.

  • 08.30.2011 7:24 PM PDT

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  • 08.30.2011 7:42 PM PDT
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Yeah, it definitely needs to come to Android.

  • 08.30.2011 7:57 PM PDT

I know you are but what am I?

Angry Birds has twice the user base because it's on Android, too

  • 08.30.2011 8:00 PM PDT
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It's a shame that it is only coming out for the iPad, as I feel there will be more buzz if it were available for other iOS devices too.

Also, Crimson is technically free (you can pay some money to go further into the game), so it and Angry Birds are in different categories ;)

  • 08.30.2011 8:04 PM PDT

Posted by: Duardo
It's a shame that it is only coming out for the iPad, as I feel there will be more buzz if it were available for other iOS devices too.
Well it's available for the Android (edit: Well, they said it would be... might not be right away I suppose), and in a post Bungie said it would be available 'on iOS devices.' I don't know anything about Apple, but I thought that meant Iphones too. I figured after that they just meant the first chapter was only free on the Ipad or something.

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Posted by: it1345
Hey, before MW2 they were the top in FPSes. Why not mobile stuff too?

Why is MW2 successful? Because it is easy and appeals to a mass market.

Why is Angry Birds successful? Because it is easy and appeals to a mass market.

Now, while Crimson is free, it's strategy genre is not exactly something for mass market. And, it is only on iPad where as Angry Birds is on many OS's. Now, I'm not saying that Crimson wont be successful, because I think it will, but it will not reach the level of Angry Birds. Hell, I saw a huge Angry Birds/Verizon poster in the mall the other day. I don't think I'll be seeing the same for Crimson any time soon.

In short, no, it wont.

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dude angy birds is no longer number 1 just to let you know

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seeing as you have to compare it to angry birds proves angry birds is better

  • 08.30.2011 9:46 PM PDT
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I hope not.

That would suck.

  • 08.30.2011 9:48 PM PDT

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Pretty sure if a Game released by BUNGIE game studios on an iPad everyone would download it so most likely crimson would win with the right kind of promotions.

  • 08.30.2011 10:12 PM PDT

Posted by: The U2 RoKKeR
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Hmm. I never thought of it that way. I appreciate your well constructed response, but I'm still going to have to disagree.

But when forming your opinions, have you considered the promiscuous nature of your mother and the embarrassing body odor?

Please, spare the childish ego boosting insults. It just makes you look like a pretentious ass.

Crimson is a strategy game, not a game you can mindlessly fling birds at towers. Therefore, it does not appeal to a wider audience and therefore it will not "take down Angry Birds".

Seriously, just because Bungie is publishing it doesn't mean it can take down the largest success in mobile gaming history. Run along now.

Hahaha, nice one bro.

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  • 08.31.2011 5:12 AM PDT
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Posted by: Oh This Dude
OT: I'm thinking we need to combine Sage's beard, bacon and -blam!-s.
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I disagree with your statement about Angry Birds. Although it is a good game, I prefer Doodle Jump to this. And although Tetris and games like Unblock Me aren't originally made for the mobile platform, they are still far superior to Angry Birds.

Another interesting thing I've found about Angry Birds is that there are a lot more similar ones on the internet, just with different "bullets" (so to speak) and objects you're knocking down.

However, I also don't think that Crimson will overtake Angry Birds. Although Crimson is predicted to be a good game, I don't think that Bungie's might will automatically make this popular and great.

Only time will tell.

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Yes I do. All Angry Birds is is a game that involved throwing birds at blocks. This game seems somewhat more complex, so it may top angry birds. plus, the bungie fans with ipads may help out with the popularity of the app.

  • 08.31.2011 10:07 AM PDT
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Holy Jesus this thread is Sapphire

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