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Subject: If Bungie allowed you....

Foday Church
>He wonders why we're here...
"Magic Touch" Received 10/29/11 due to this thread
Twitta: @St3p_R1ppin

...To put your own custom Member Title, what will it be?
(Nothing Inappropriate)
Mine would be: Magic Touch

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"We live in a special time; the only time where we can observationally verify that we live in a very special time" - Lawrence Krauss.

I was a finalist :P

Prof Zealous.

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When I grow up I want to be bitter and spiteful.

"i liked the reality where everything was on fire better"
-legato on remedial chaos theory

Posted by: SasukeFKay
(Nothing Inappropriate)
Curses! Thwarted yet again!

"Magic Touch"

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We miss you Logan.
Ask any question. I'll help with anything on site or off.

I'd have machinimagames.

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Posted by: WolfmanMaverick
You people have just sent my sides into orbit. A bunch of MLG try hards sucking the dick of some supposed pro half the thread hasn't even heard of. Classic.

Better Than You

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"Coup master race."

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"I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned 'wilith."

Go check out The Community Carnage!


"Master Forum Ninja... Just Kidding!"

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Per Audacia Ad Astra

The Graphic Guy.

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13.72 billion years in the making.

On December 1st, 2012, I met Neil deGrasse Tyson. I shook the man's hand, and even made him laugh. Not much else to do with my life now.

"Consumer of heresy"

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Winner of the 2012 Lurker of the Year award.

I'm watching you.

Exalted Bacon Master Ninja Pirate Extreme

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Lurking like a baws. Totally. It's like totally important if I post because I barely post.



I Lurk, Therefore My Posts Are Important

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What's up with all the -blam!-ing negativity?
Stop it.

Member of KOTOR

God of Destruction

"Honorable Veteran Bannana"

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What a hipster.

Genital Xtra-Pack.

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 じしf_, )ノ . . . . "The cowboy hats are coming towards the cameras!"

Village idiot.

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I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear.


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On a related note, ******'s mom has really nice boobs, and it doesn't take much booze or encouragement to get her to let the puppies out of the pen...if you know what I mean...

Coolest Guy on the Forums

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Wikipedia's Informant.

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Veteran Legendary Member.

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I breathe BR, not kidding homie.

Thank You Based God

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***Aberrant Designs***

Finished the fight on September 26,2007, 10:49pm EST
Remembered Reach on September 15th, 2010 9:30pm EST

Your Mom's Lover

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Posted by: Dustin 6047
Troll confirmed. I never even insulted you

Posted by: Dustin 6047
OP - You're a dumbass with the reading comprehension skills of a second grader.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with these two, this made me LOL hard.

Asian Persuasionnn!

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Proud member for 4 years, and i hope many more.

B.net birthday 11.21.08

"Damn Canadians and their poppy things!"

That "Guy"

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Foday Church
>He wonders why we're here...
"Magic Touch" Received 10/29/11 due to this thread
Twitta: @St3p_R1ppin


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