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  • Subject: That's CLASSIFIED>>> Forum Suggestions and Purpose.
Subject: That's CLASSIFIED>>> Forum Suggestions and Purpose.

Welcome to the venue devoted to enabling you to create your ideal gaming experience.

Are you playing your favorite games alone?

Do you need teammates on the digital battlefield?

Is it hard to find players for your favorite custom games?

Are you forming a team of your own that needs brave recruits?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, it sounds like you need to place a classified ad of your own.

The community that calls this website home is unique in that it shares a passion for playing video games. Using the social networking tools that are made available, members of (that includes you!) can seek each other out, form into groups that emphasize specific interests, and funnel action into preferred pastimes.

As the name suggests, this board provides you the opportunity to advertise. Here, you dictate the tempo of community interaction. You set the tone. Extend invitations to parties you are hosting in a game of your choosing - any game. Promote your favorite Private Group to new arrivals. Introduce yourself to the Bungie Community, and invite them to recruit you into their secret clubhouses.

Sound fun? It is. A network of Private Groups hosted by Bungie connects the fans on this website like a spider web of social clusters. The leaders of groups, and the members they serve, weave a rich tapestry of discussion, camaraderie, and gameplay. Some groups are private chambers for discussion and debate among the people on exclusive guest lists. Other groups are war rooms for plotting tactics and strategy.

Things to Advertise:
-Your Group to new Members
-Yourself as the Member of a Group
-A party lobby you are hosting right now

Things NOT to Advertise:
-The sale of your gamertag
-Anything that involves the exchange of real money
-Anything outside the realm of making friends or playing games

Don't be shy. Make some noise. Bungie may be dark as we create our next game, but the Bungie Community is alive and well.

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