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Subject: Community Ride Along Events

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You may be invited to a series of events that will let us to get acquainted, mix it up in our favorite games, and sustain Bungie.net as a place to find the gamers that enrich our favorite pastime.

Community Ride Along Events
This ain't no Humpday Challenge. This is more social. Activities that shape our interaction from week to week will be more varied. This is an experience that you design. I want to know about all the games you are playing - and I do mean all of them. We will shine a spotlight on the private groups that make Bungie.net special, and make them a little less private.

Let's use the time we spend on Bungie.net to enhance the games we love, and form even stronger bonds with other people who play them. Bungie is as curious about you as you are about us. This is nothing new.

How you can participate in Bungie's Community Ride Alongs
-Represent a Private Group.
-Choose a game that you can play together.
-Design an evening of gameplay.
-Invite us along for the ride.

When these events happen
Monday or Tuesday nights, as early as 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

Let's ride...

Bungie Community Ride Along: Forum Ninja Edition - 12/2/11
Louis Wu Ride Along with Community Carnage - 12/14/11
Halcylon Ride Along with The WorkPLace - 12/21/11
Marty Ride Along with His Army - 1/5/12
Bungie IT Ride Along in Battlefield 3 - 1/11/12
Achronos Ride Along with The Ancients - 1/25/12
Community Mine Along - 2/8/12
For Carnage, Ride Along - 2/15/12
Ride Along with Bungie in BF3 - 2/22/12
Death by Ride Along - 2/29/12
Bungie Ride Along with Sapphire - 3/8/12
Bungie Ride Along with Cafe - 3/15/12
Bungie Ride Along with Mythics - 3/22/12
Bungie Rides a Little Pony - 3/29/12
Bungie Ride Along with Blueprint - 4/5/12
Bungiepedia Ride Along - 4/12/12
A Regular Ride Along - 4/19/12
Bungie Tries Hard on a Ride Along - 4/26/12
Bungie Ride Along with Dead Man's Hand - 5/3/12
The Art of the Ride Along - 5/10/12

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