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Subject: CLOCKMAN search widens - Professionals Now on the Case

***NEW NEWS***
The search for clock Man has now entered into hardcore mode. First, I've personally emailed cartoon collectors/experts to see what they can discover in their personal archives. I've offered a cash reward to anyone with Clock Man in their collection. In addition Member pawn leo has contacted film universities spanning the globe for help from the academic field. The schools included are...

- National Film and Televison School (Prague and London campuses)
- Vancouver Film School
- Arizona State
- Cornell
- Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy (Ludwigsburg,Germany)

If one of these institutions are able to find the Clock Man short before a collector, I have offered to donate the money to their institution instead.

One other note: Member antonio iz 217 Has mentioned to me in a PM (as well as posting in this thread) that his cousin in California has a large cache of Pinwheel episodes on VHS and both him and his cousin believe The Clock Man short is on one of the old tapes. He promised to post the Clock Man short on Youtube if it's found in that collection. That won't be for 2-3 weeks though.

There has been enough people that have confirmed remembering the exact same short, so I feel very confident that this was not a jumbled memory. Any new information that I get my hands on, I will post in this "News Section" as soon as it becomes available.

I am looking for a particular animated short that terrified me as a child. I've been looking on and off for it for nearly 4 years. Maybe it doesn't exsist. Maybe...nobody should ever find it. But if someone can - it's The Flood.

Artwork Depicting the Scenes


Above Drawing Animated - credit for animation goes to BalistaGaming


Clue #1: The short I am looking for appeared during an old Nickelodeon Show in the early/middle 1980's. Target year is around 1984. The Show was called "Pinwheel"

Clue #2: "Pinwheel" collected cartoons and stop-motion animation shorts from all over the world to add to their show. I'm almost certain it's a stop animation...but all these years later it could be a cartoon. Nevertheless, the short is most likely not American.

Clue #3: I've already scoured Wiki, TV Junk, Retro Junk, Big Cartoon Database, and Youtube and have come up empty handed. I've also Googled and Yahoo searched for this short as well. Maybe it's the one thing that has evaded the internet all this time. And Maybe for good reason.

Clue #4: Due to a number of different posts on different forums I have come across something extrodinarily strange. I've discovered in the early 1980's 3 differernt kid's shows on 3 different networks all shared the same animated shorts from all over the globe. The 3 shows are 1. Pinwheel- Nickelodeon (listed above). 2. The Great Space Coaster (Cable Access?) 3. And Calliope (USA Network). I can't find out how they are linked - yet. But I will continue looking. Maybe this will help expand the search as well.

Clue #5: I have personally e-mailed a former director of the show "Pinwheel" for more information, as well as the only known seller of Pinwheel shows online with no success. Others have also attempted to contact execs at Nickelodeon and Viacom to try and shed some light on the subject. All responses recieved were of no help. The DVD's for sale arrived on day #6 of the search at my home and did not contain the episode with "Clock Man" in it.

Clue #6: Strangely, many people old enough to watch the show Pinwheel have commented that the show would put them in a dreamlike state when watching - some go as far to say they were "hypnotized" while watching and had hallucenations. Whether this is only a result of the memories being so old or something more sinister I cannot say. Although many have shared my fuzzy memory of Clock Man, others suggest that Clock Man is a result of being hypnotized by Pinwheel's allure.

- The Sandman
- The Clock Store
- Emily
- Creepy Einstein Cartoon
- The Red Shoes (Mel-o Toons) circa 1960
- Hattytown Tales
- Alfie
- This is Ebeneezer (Not Clock Man)
- NutCracker Fantasy Opening Also very close, but not it.
- "The BoogieMan Cometh." Also close - but not Not Clock Man. (creepy though)
- Davey and Goliath
- The Daydreamer (1966) Strikingly close description, but not it.


#1.(BEST DESCRIPTION) Found by Floodian oOMr. CheeseyOo posted on a horror forum in June of 2002...
...Then there was one based on this story of a little girl who lost her red shoes. so she asked a local wizard for hel (who could appear and disappear anywhere). He helped her, but told her she had to tell her mom. The little girl goes home and doesn't hoping the wizard would forget. But then the musicgets eerie as the narrator says 'But the Wizard...did not, forget.' And we see him appearing and disappearing along the house floors, till he suddenly pops out of her clock and steals her away, demanding to know why she didn't tell her mom. She makes up for it by sewing stars to put in the night sky, and the next day is returned home, and tells her mom the truth.

This short animation was terrifying as a child. The scene is still burned into my mind (28 years later). It's of a young boy sleeping in his bed. Above his bed is a ticking clock. All the lights in the room are off and it is very dark. Suddenly the clock begins to slow down it's ticking and eventually it stops...on midnight. When the clock stops a Greenish/Bluish man climbs out of the clock. The boy wakes up just in time to see this man dressed in black grab him out of bed and kidnap him by carrying him through a window. The "Clock Man" takes the boy on some kind of terrifying adventure and brings him back to his bed before sunrise.

#3. (DESCRIPTION SUBMITTED BY A POSTER ON /x/ FORUM)...Holy -blam!- I remember this -blam!- short!

It was like claymation with poorly made dolls and the animation was real stuttery and -blam!-. It started with the kid's mom telling him goodnight and closing the door behind her after shutting off the light. Then the door slowly creeks open while a generic eerie wind sound blows and the camera cuts into the kids room at the foot of his bed. He struggles to open his eyes as they slowly droop and he eventually gives in and goes to sleep. Then it cuts up to the clock while the second hand slowly ticks to 12:00. When it hits it there's like a low bell ringing sound and the camera goes back to the foot of the kid's bed. The "Clock Man's" head peeks into the room like the clock were a window. Unlike what the OP's image shows, the Clock Man's head then recedes back and his arms comes out and pushes the clock open like a door, revealing a big dark hole behind the clock. Then Clock Man hops out of the hole and the kid wakes up and stares beady eyed at the Clock Man. Then the Clock Man starts doing like a weird Irish river-dance. Oh, and the Clock Man looks a little different from the picture. He was wearing like an all black turtleneck sweater and a black bowler hat. His skin was green and I don't really remember him having a beard but he did have a big toothy smile and two real big eyes with very tiny pupils.

I don't think I actually watched much after that. But I distinctly remember the Clock Man saying his name was "Benjamin" and he rung an elevator up to the kid's window.

***I don't remember Benjamin, and the Clock Man in my memories had a black, bushy beard. Everything else is exactly the same.


To avoid making this a contest (and therefore against forum rules) I will only say this...

If by chance...someone was able to locate this terrifying child's animation and post it in this thread - there is a very good possibility that you will be handsomely rewarded in a PM from me.
- Anyone with questions - feel free to ask, I'll answer anything I can. It's been a very long time since I've seen that short animation and it has haunted me for almost 30 years. I can't begin to tell you how happy I'd be to see it one more time before I pass away.

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Subject: If you can solve my 28 year old mystery - You might be rewarded for it

Well, you're here. We have much to discuss.

I can see why you were afraid.

  • 01.12.2012 8:49 PM PDT

-I was here

I have no idea what you're talking about, but if it was just a figment of your imagination like you said, I smell the beginning of a epic creepypasta

  • 01.12.2012 8:49 PM PDT

It sorta reminded me of Labyrinth(David Bowie), absolutely horrendous.

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Ill look for it OP <.<

If I find anything Ill PM you

  • 01.12.2012 8:53 PM PDT

Posted by: goatman327
I have no idea what you're talking about, but if it was just a figment of your imagination like you said, I smell the beginning of a epic creepypasta

It was SO. REAL. I am 99% positive it was a short cartoon/stop motion short that appeared on "Pinwheel" in the early/mid 1980's when Nickelodeon was just starting out.

I was home sick with the flu as a young child when I first saw "Clock Man." I was scared to sleep for weeks. I have to find him again to get him out of my mind.

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Don't worry, you're still your mom's favorite Bnet member.

This is pretty creepy

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Posted by: DimentdMunchkin
Before you pass away? Why are you dying at such a young age?

No, but I'm strangely nostolgic tonight. I'd think about Clock Man sometimes at random. In junior high, high school, college...even sometimes now as a father. I just want to see Clock Man one more time. You never know when you are going to check out.

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Sorry OP, been looking for ten minutes and haven't found anything.

Was it actually scary or was it only scary because you were young?

  • 01.12.2012 8:56 PM PDT

I can't seem to come up with anything. Unfortunately I find it highly unlikely that anyone will. The show ran for 13 years, have you tried Netfilx? Just a thought.

Pulled up nothing on Netfilx either. Damn that is one retro cartoon.

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Check out My YouTube Channel. There's nothing on it right now, but subscribe and I will have a final H3 montage up before Reach comes out for sure!!

Try 4chan, there's way more people there.

EDIT: And post here if you do happen to find anything, now I'm a little interested in this too!

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Deva Path

Posted by: DecepticonCobra

We are all going to get banned aren't we?

Odd, i am a nick junkie and this is the first i have heard of this.

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Posted by: krnlcheese
Sorry OP, been looking for ten minutes and haven't found anything.

Was it actually scary or was it only scary because you were young?

I'm not exactly sure. I remember feeling great terror whilst watching it. The "Clock Man" abducted the little boy and took him to places he did not want to go. I can't remember where exactly, but I seem to remember the boy repeatingly asking to go home. Clock man just ignored him like he couldn't hear him. He kept dragging the boy through all kinds of scary places. I rember being scared for the boy and just wishing that Clock Man would take him home.

Clock Man did bring the boy home - just before the sun came up and then disappeared back inside the clock above the boy's bed. The short film ended when the sun came up and the boy's father came in to wish him good morning. He never got to tell anyone about Clock Man before the story ended.

  • 01.12.2012 9:02 PM PDT


This interests me. I'll start looking. I'll tell you if I find anything that could help in your search.

  • 01.12.2012 9:04 PM PDT

Unto the Fray we go

If you don't mind I may get some outside sources to help

  • 01.12.2012 9:06 PM PDT

I might be onto something.

Try Pinwheel DVD's, try and find the episode description you're looking for,

Edit: No joy.

I give up, and I almost always can dig something up. It's way to old. Sorry mate.

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AHHH, OMG!!!! I can't watch anymore of this crap, I give up.

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Posted by: ImperialAdmiral
If you don't mind I may get some outside sources to help all means.

Clock Man is going to be very difficult to find. That's not the name of the cartoon (as far as I am aware) - and it's one of hundreds of foreign cartoons that Pinwheel would use as fillers in between the main segments of the show. The show ran for a very long time on Nickelodeon and I've only seen Clock Man once. Maybe the cartoon was too scary for kids?

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Subject: New Leads! - CLOCKMAN capture IMMINENT!

I'm so pro. Why you ask? For my username has x's in it, of course.

Is "Clock Man" the name of the animation your looking for or a nickname that you have dubbed it?

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Subject: If you can solve my 28 year old mystery - You might be rewarded for it

Do you even lift?

Really now..

  • 01.12.2012 9:12 PM PDT


Who created the show?

  • 01.12.2012 9:13 PM PDT

Posted by: dazarobbo
"Macs don't get viruses"


There were 260 one hour episodes made...
This is going to be hard to find.

  • 01.12.2012 9:14 PM PDT


Any of the shows mentioned here stick out?

I might have found something ! probably not, but it's worth a shot.

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