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Subject: So This Dog Hates Me...

I think. My family is fostering a dog this weekend. It was fine with me earlier, but all of a sudden, before I went to bed, it was scared of me. I turned off the light, went to go bring it into someones room so it wouldn't spend it's first night alone. I walked towards it, and it knelt down, and started whining. I spent 15 minutes trying to coax it over to me, and it always turned around and walked away.

What should I do about him?

  • 05.18.2012 8:50 PM PDT
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Kill it with FIRE!

  • 05.18.2012 8:50 PM PDT

These are not the informations you are looking for. Unless you're looking for my informations.

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Start up the grill.

  • 05.18.2012 8:51 PM PDT

Stick it in it's pooper

  • 05.18.2012 8:51 PM PDT

Have you tried

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  • 05.18.2012 8:52 PM PDT
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Posted by: Qbix89
Talking about Sweden is an ultrabannable offense.

Posted by: Achronos
Too bad being completely and utterly wrong isn't a bannable offense.

Put it on the porch

  • 05.18.2012 8:52 PM PDT

Posted by: ThundaCat
Who cares, it's only for the weekend.

Hopefully. My mother and sister want to keep it (I think), but they better not if it's gonna keep acting like this.

  • 05.18.2012 8:55 PM PDT

give it some food(but not food that is poisonous to dogs) as a dog owner i know for sure the best way to shut a dog up is to give it he/she is probably gunna like you after wards

  • 05.18.2012 9:03 PM PDT

The human element always mucks things up.

Kill it and claim self defense in the name of freedom.

  • 05.18.2012 9:04 PM PDT