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Subject: A question about Zuka Zamamee?

In the novel, The flood, it says John-117 fought Zuka during the first level.
But in the game you never in counter a spec ops.
So what's up?

  • 09.05.2012 6:20 PM PDT
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Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

elites were also depicted to dual wield swords in novels before the release of Halo Wars

  • 09.05.2012 7:46 PM PDT
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For gameplay reasons probably. It'd ruin the surprise, the fact that there are vastly superior Elites out there, which lets you know that the Elites you've been facing are the suicidal variety, not tactical.

Of course, I think Spec Ops Elites in CE are overrated. The key to defeating them is to shoot them. You don't even have to take their shield down. He throws the grenade, there's your opportunity right there to stick him. But using a plasma pistol overcharge is just going to make him seek cover; they don't berserk, that is what makes them stand out and survive longer. They also have superior numbers which can make it difficult to single out an individual. I doubt anyone has forgotten CEA Keyes achievement for killing all the Elites.

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  • 09.06.2012 2:13 AM PDT

Protip: the book was written after the game was released.

  • 09.06.2012 5:23 PM PDT