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Subject: Heavy Nostalgia
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One of the most comforting feelings, in a way, is the feeling I get when I remember playing a game years ago that has truly created many memories of fun and happiness.

While this feeling comes about when I think of a few games, none evokes a stronger emotion than Halo 2.

I remember playing Halo 2 back in 2004-2007 like it was yesterday. I can picture clearly the main menu, I can hear with great detail the theme song and other tracks that played while sitting in the menu.

I can remember that rush of excitement I would get when, after sitting in the main menu for untold amounts of time, I would get a game invite. Kind of like the feeling you get knowing a package will arrive for something you ordered online.

Exhilarating almost.

And then of course I can remember the myriad of custom games I played with people whom I would never meet in real life but felt like the best of friends, the kind you make over a lifetime and not in the brief comparative timeframe of weeks and months. But they were great friends none the less, hours and days were spent playing thousands of custom games.

We'd play anything. A game would last for hours on Ivory Tower just knocking boxes around to build mini "houses" in some of the alcoves on the bottom floor. The amount of times I must have stared at the dark green side of a box while smashing 'B' furiously is surely in the hundreds.

Another few hours could easily be consumed researching the latest glitches and the attempts at reproducing them with friends. Who doesn't remember watching a lifeless Master Chief flop to his ultimate resting place high in the sky above Burial Mounds? Or the infamous 'Stairway to Heaven' on the same level.

And of course the superbounces.

Ah yes, crouched down in a corner holding the thumbstick forward like your life depended on it until you felt you had built up enough mystical power to achieve a high bounce when then proceeded to jump off a ledge and land on a crack.

What strange force was at work there? Personally I still do not know the logic at work behind superbounces.

Some people loved multiplayer, particularly Team Slayer, more than any other aspect of the game. Not me.

If I were playing a matchmaking game it would have to be Team Swat. Behind custom games, nothing was more satisfying than spraying Battle Rifle rounds into one of the rooms on Foundation and mowing down the entire enemy team. I'm rather confident the only time I achieved anything better than a Killtacular was in Team Swat. I'm also pretty sure that can be credited to my host connection at the time.

All I'm going to say regarding host is this: Host shotty on Ascension. Who even needs a sniper?

By now you've probably realized you have read, or at least skimmed, through my late night reminiscent ramblings of a time many years past. But besides having wanted to write something like this for literally years I do have at least a small reason for posting this beyond my own self pleasure.

I would love to hear some of the stories that clearly stand out to you from Halo 2. Please share!

I was around 13 or 14 years old when Halo 2 came out, quite young, but I loved that game like no other. To me Halo 2 was the highlight of my teens. I never went out and partied or hung out with friends much unless it was to play Halo 2. I don't regret that at all. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The summers I spent playing Halo 2 all day with my friends over Xbox Live, or the all nighters me and my buddies pulled just playing the game in every mode and variant possible will always be my most fond memories out of any video game.

Now that I am older, it is clear an opportunity to waste my time in such a fun and immersed manner will never come again. Work and school and relationships compete for attention, and little time is left for games. Often even no time at all.

So now that you have heard my random recount, please share yours.

Tell us what you loved, what you miss, what you remember and most of all what you will never forget.

Thank you for a great time guys, I'm sure some of you reading this were on my team or playing against me years ago. It was fun.

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I never had live for the original xbox but playing the game as a child was truly amazing. Battling Tatarus for the first time would be one of my fondest memories I can remember

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My friend and I decided to play the entire Halo 2 campaign in one night back in July. Damn amazing story. I really remember how much fun I had with the game. Halo 3 will always be my favorite, but Halo 2 comes in close, and still brings back nostalgic moments. Even the music. Halo 2 has the best soundtrack.

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FRIENDS: Shoot U Up, Natedogr, Commander Cody, green grunt, Present Darkness, Sergeant Keslo, Jedi Poet, Bacon 117, DerTrommler12873, Piejue, eggyghost, noreality

My father used to work the midnight shift, so I'd be left alone 5 nights a week. I'd come out of my bedroom to the living room where the Xbox was and spend three or four hours playing into the early morning.

I was 14/15/16 at the time. I made so many friends that I'll never meet again. I miss it. It doesn't seem as easy to throw together a full custom lobby anymore, in any game.

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This really warms the gaming side of me. This is pretty much my story from 2005 to 2010.

I still remember all the BTB fun..I still clearly remember customs, BTB, Team slayer and all the other great playlists Halo 2 had, and I still remember it as if it were yesterday, time sure flies.. Here's one of my double team highlights from about 2005 or 2006 I'll never forget One day during team doubles on Turf. My teammate left, and left me by myself, however I still kicked the other team's ass :D and yes you guessed it, they were pretty angry, but hey! It gave me a good laugh and also bragging rights.

Getting that rush of exitment as you were going into BTB and playing Flag or bomb on Containment, Headlong, Waterworks and other Big maps. Playing glitching games, getting out of Backwash, Terminal, Headlong and many other maps.

Custom games were also a blast. Zombies on Foundation, cops n robbers on Lockout, Tower of power on Ascension, modding in custom games, and many many more.

From March 12, 2005 to April 15,2010, I played aprox 9256 games with 31401 kills. I'm glad to have played in my opinion the best Halo during it's golden days online,, I really miss it. I wish I could do it all over again.

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Holy, Hannah, OP.

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Proud Spartan II, COG soldier, Hero of time, and crowbar wielding scientist.

I too was young when Bungie graced the world with Halo 2.
I'd go over to my friends house, bringing my xbox, hook it up to his, and play it for hours, every weekend for years.
The funny thing, is he didn't even have xbox live, so we'd just play the campaign countless times. I could draw a map of every campaign level if I wanted to.
In multiplayer, we'd mess around together on various maps, and maybe even getting a third friend over for some FFA slayer.
I've had a lot of good times with Halo 2, but then got Halo 3, XBL, I explored other games and got a PC.
The times of my glory days in Halo 2 are over, but will be fondly remembered as the best.
But until I grow old and senile, i'll keep coming back to it. I'm gonna go play it now. :P

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Easter Egg Hunter. Apprentice Tricker/Glitcher (learning from Grumpy and Sliding Ghost).

Trying to get Waypoint to update Halo 3 stats in detail like here. Now no one can see that my Halo 3 Spartan no longer looks like my Reach Spartan.

Really want to be a Heroic member or have a title. :/

I wish like hell I could have been part of all this. I'm getting nostalgic just reading all these posts. I played Halo 2 in 2005 with my Uncle. I sucked. I shot everything that moved, including my marines and Uncle. I died all the time. When I finally got the hang of playing it, Halo 3 came out and I didn't play it for a long time afterwards.

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Wahhhhhhhhhh I'm crying now ); too many -blam!- memories gone up in smoke wahhhhhhh... And and I just miss the good ole times :(

I remember I was probably 12 or 11 at the time but my friends and I would stay up all night 72 hours straight on the weekends playing halo 2. We grew up together, we were best buds and this game kept us together.. We lived every moment on halo 2 as if it were real! When Denny ( my best friend) would die I remember screaming "NOOOOOO" or when I would die he would do the same.. God I remember going DUALIES for the first time! I'm sure all of you remember the excitement of getting dual SMGs and pistols for the first time... God I remember playing infection all day and meeting new people... Crashing warthogs and drifting in them... :/ oh god the good ole days

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I am a pharmaceutical scientist. I received my Masters degree in Pharmaceutics from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 2010, after working as a Pharmacist for 4 years. I currently work in King of Prussia, PA, and focus on the analytical chemistry of small molecule APIs. My clients include some of the most well known big pharma companies in the world.

I was a freshman in college when H2 came out. I remember taking the train into center city Philadelphia to pick it up the morning before a chemistry exam. It wasn't until the following year that I really started getting into the LAN parties in my dorm. We had 4 rooms in our suite and we'd all link up and have constant 8-12 player matches with friends around campus.

Once we all started getting to be around the same skill level, and we were mighty competitive, I came up with the idea of playing SWAT pistols on Lockout. The nostalgia I get from the dozens...probably hundreds...of matches between my friends and I is truly unforgettable. Our 2v2v2v2 games or 8 person FFA's were incredibly intense, more than a couple heated arguments and trash talking at a level that would normally incite a fight if you were saying it to a stranger.

I still remember getting straight pwned in a 2v2 match on Lockout. We were down 47-30...and managed the greatest comeback of all time, winning 50-49. In fact, as I type this, I facebooked my friend that was on the losing side, telling him I miss "pwning" him in H2, even though he helped raise my skill level dramatically...haven't seen him since we graduated college.....

Halo 2 really was the first game that I shared great times with friends on. I'd been a lifetime gamer, but H2 really was the benchmark for fun and a lasting impression. Although it'd never truly be the same, I'd be truly warm inside if there was ever a Halo 2 Anniversary.

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I was 13 when I played. Some of the best years of my life and I didn't even know it then. I still have friends on my friends list that I played with 6-7 years ago but we never talk anymore

I was sure that halo 4 could fill the void, but I was wrong.

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Posted by: Gen Petitt
ME2 was known for stupidity and being retarded

Dat feel when you realize you'll never play Halo 2 Zombies ever again. :'(

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One particular memory that has stuck with me for nearly 7 years is when me and my brother were battling Tartarus on legendary for hours and hours; we were convinced it was impossible. But just as we were loosing all hope, along came a Councillor, firing two shots of the carbine into Tartarus' wrinkled face. The room fell momentarily silent until we both fell into fits of laughter. To this day, it still remains as one of my most cherished Halo memories.

  • 11.14.2012 12:26 PM PDT

I just loved being part of something, of the best game at that time. The sheer number of custom games that were going on was immense -- that just showed how busy the online world of Halo 2 was back in those beautiful days.

Those long, warm summer nights were well spent. My favourite custom game has got to have been 'Tower of Power' -- but any game that was only shotties and no shields was also a brilliant game to play. Zombies on Foundation was also amazing.

What I loved best was when you randomly found a party, through adding people who'd been in matchmaking games with you, who would play custom games over and over -- the exact type you preferred too: shotties, BRs, 'Fiesta', etc., on all sorts of different maps (but especially Lockout!).

It all seems so far away now, and hazy -- lost in the abyss of past. Dead. Something is perpetually missing now; it will never be replaced.

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My First account: MC VS ARBITER
My main account: xMCxVSxARBITERx
My new accounts: Legendifier & Melting Fire (I = i)

Posted by: x Gr3nad3z x
I just loved being part of something, of the best game at that time. The sheer number of custom games that were going on was immense -- that just showed how busy the online world of Halo 2 was back in those beautiful days.

Those long, warm summer nights were well spent. My favourite custom game has got to have been 'Tower of Power' -- but any game that was only shotties and no shields was also a brilliant game to play. Zombies on Foundation was also amazing.

What I loved best was when you randomly found a party, through adding people who'd been in matchmaking games with you, who would play custom games over and over -- the exact type you preferred too: shotties, BRs, 'Fiesta', etc., on all sorts of different maps (but especially Lockout!).

It all seems so far away now, and hazy -- lost in the abyss of past. Dead. Something is perpetually missing now; it will never be replaced.

Man, so true!

BTW, nice topic! I´ll be keeping an eye out for more interesting stories in here! ;)

Too bad I only got to play 3 matches of H2 online, darn it! =[

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I too miss the halo 2 days. I rememeber the good ol times. I remember when I first played- when i tried to kill somebody by dual wielding plasma pistols, and it didn't work! I remeber my first overkill with the sword on Gemini. I remember when we first got xbox live - that became the only thing me and my brothers did. Superbouncing to get up on that tree on Sanctuary- with the sniper! And tower of power. And swat fiesta on foundation. Getting out of the map on Outskirts. (must have done that 20 or more times). Good times.

When you think about it, halo 2 is a masterpiece. (apart from the graphics). If it is remade, that is the only thing they should fix, really. All though, if it is remade the thing that they will have to get right is the multiplayer experience. They can modify it ofcourse, but keep it roughly the same.

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Sup, I'm Vette. My online name is usually Corvette19, so if you see me at another website, that's my name. I first started playing Halo when I was in the 4th grade, now I've graduated. I believe that was 2002-2003? Anyways, I've been with Halo for a long time. I mod Halo PC/CE so just hit me up if you want to. My Xfire=Corvette19. That's all I can say pretty much..

Posted by: InToXiCaTi0n

I agree with every part of your post man. I was like 10 when Halo 2 came out and I started playing Live in January following that November. It was such a fantastic game. I only wish I could re-live it. Thanks bro!

  • 12.18.2012 9:28 AM PDT

I remember doing a Halo 2 LAN party, that was perhaps the best multiplayer experience I've ever had on the game. It was just fantastic, it was like LIVE, but my friends were right there next to me!. And campaign, I didn't have Xbox LIVE back then, so I played through the campaign so many times, exploiting glitches or easter eggs. That game was the best.

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@Noob Good job send me a PM.

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I was 25. I remember smoking a lot of pot, pwning with the sword on lockout, and getting flamed by your foul-mouthed 12 yr olds. Good times.

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"I'll tell you right now, if you ever see someone called ll wa1do ll... leave the game immediately. My friend knows him, I've been in his party a few times, do not mess with this guy. From what I've heard, he's the real deal. I also heard someone made a guy named Wa2do (similar to his name) and then he hacked that guy and boosted off his level." -From Minou on Bungie.net

It was more than just a game for me.

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I am the Thorian, known as Species 37 to you people. I am an ancient sentient plant that is fifty thousand years old. My ability to hibernate for thousands of years makes my real age impossible to guess though you are welcome to try.

Posted by: l bAlleRliCoius
It was more than just a game for me.

For me as well... it makes a very nice drink coaster.

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I, too, have the same story. I was fifteen when the game was released, and it was the centerpiece for any gathering of friends. I have so many memories of that game and so many stories of fun times. I will go through a few here for nostalgia.

Team Snipers: Team Snipers was the game type that my friends and I all played in matchmaking. We were all rather good shots, except for my buddy David. David was an amazing -blam!- sniper. I remember watching this -blam!- single-handedly go toe-to-toe with team of four level fifties. But, I had never the opportunity to play him. Until one day, when a bunch of friends were gathered when one's parents were out of town, and someone abandoned their controller after seeing the silver rifle's gaping maw entirely too many times. So, I hopped on. Now, I was not nearly the shot that David was, but I could dodge a damned bullet like there was no tomorrow. I had played Halo: CE for the PC on dial-up for years, so I had plenty of practice on how to move in order to avoid bullets. It was nice to hear him yell, "Would you stand the -blam!- still so I can shoot you in the face!?" from a level fifty sniper.

Rumble Armory: Rumble Armory was my favorite matchmaking game type of all of the Halo games, and sadly, it was only around for a month or so. Rumble Armory was an FFA match where one weapon is chosen at random and that is the only weapon in the entire match. And it could be any weapon, from Swords to Plasma Pistols. These matches were always incredibly chaotic and, from playing Halo: CE, I loved it. But my favorite variant was Rumble Needlers on Gemni or Midship, because I was incredibly deadly with both Needlers and Plasma Grenades. It inspired the game type my friends and I called Snakes N' Spiders.

There was a time that my friends and I played Matchmaking for twenty four hours straight, by accident, without leaving our little room. We had managed to clean a disc that didn't want to boot and didn't want to stop for fear of it not booting again... until I accidentally bumped the system and turned it off. We looked at the clock and it was the same time, the next day.

I miss the grenades from Halo 2. I remember playing Rumble Pit, and I did terribly, scoring seventh place in Rumble Slayer on Warlock. I was using my friend's account and he got he didn't want to watch me play badly and wanted me to hand him the controller. I told him no, and that I would play the next match with nothing but grenades to make it interesting. It was Rumble Rockets on Lockout. I fired not a single rocket and scored nineteen kills with eleven sticks, coming in second place. I can still find those matches in his history, though the actual game data is missing.

And fireworks were more fun than hell. I could bounce stickies around any corner of Lockout, though that's nothing compared to the things I saw people do on YouTube.

Anyway, that's too much nostalgia for one night.

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