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Subject: The Man Who Sang to the Stars

"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[May 2ND, 2554, Earth, Norfolk UNSC Naval Academy]

Major Eric "Smooth" O'Kife just finished teaching these young naval cadets on photographic intelligence. They were eager young minds who had been taking his Introduction to Electronic Surveillance 101.

This course educates the student on devices from a lapel cam to Drones. Useful applications in collecting intelligence and how to gather useful nuggets of intelligence.

Students filed out of the class room as the class was concluded for today.

Clearing up his notes on his holo display at his desk. He looked up to see Samantha Bright one of his top students." Sir that was quite informative today. I learned a great deal about how even with the best equipment it still comes down to the human factor."

Eric smiled at the young woman who was a lovely young brunette. " I related it back to World War Two when they did not have computers yet were able to get air recon over targets. In those days a pilot had to fly a mission to take the pictures. Later it developed into spy planes that were useful in the Cuban Missile Crisis and Even During the Vietnam Conflict. If you look it up you can find out how we got to drones and satellites but yes there is still a human factor in this."

Samantha shook her head yes at him. Excitement in her voice." I shall look that up sir. Thank you." She curtly left his classroom as he returned to clearing up his notes.

Stepping out of the class room he ran into the Commandant of the Academy. Who was making his rounds. He stopped to chat with Eric for a moment." Major i am glad i ran into you. I hope you have been treated well. Navy is not used to seeing Air Force personnel but you come highly recommended. The Covenant War has left us short handed."

Eric simply nodded at the true statement having lost too many good friends to the Alien Menace that was thankfully over." I am glad to be here sir. I accepted due to the fact my experience might rub off on these young minds. I accepted this position due to shortages all over and it i am proud to help out." This Made the Commandant smile.

" Good..good" Patting Eric on the shoulder." We should have a drink in the next staff meeting. I need to take care of a few things but we desperately need ten more of you but i will take what i can get so we can get these cadets graduated. Tell you more later keep up the good work." Patting Eric once again on the shoulder the Commandant walked on down the hall.

Exiting the building Eric did seem a bit out of place but his record shows he was willing to work with any one who worked with him. He headed back to his officer billet. It was a single house on a simple street. Military housing still was on the base yet he knew he would have to do "Paperwork" from his terminal inside.

He got into his car driveing off looking at the main building and its parade ground. Not to mention it's wet navy docks. Seamen have trained here for many years. He left the parking lot heading home.

After parking his car Eric entering his house. His loyal companion was a six month old Golden Retriever named George. Who bounded over to give him puppy kisses when he bent down to pet the dog. Passing his small Living room that lead to his kitchen he sat down opening his computer interface then petting George who was so happy to see him.

Giving George his favorite bone the dog happily chewed on it. Eric turned to do a few hours of work. He created a lesson plan for next week. George waged his tail before whimpering he was hungry.

Eric stood up feeding his loyal companion in his small kitchen. Giving George a pat on the head Eric looked outside to see that night had fallen.

Walking over to a worn guitar case. He took out his guitar from a case that was sitting on a couch. It had a blue finish yet was a familiar brand. Grabbing a few beers he headed out back. Carrying the instrument into his back yard,Plugging in his guitar to his set up.

It was a clear night with the stars shining bright. He left the sliding glass door open for George to come out if he wanted. Sitting down on a pre placed chair Eric began to play the blues.

It seemed as if time melted everything away. Even the crisp night air did not bother him. Twenty years of war faded from mind as he sang to the stars.

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Great read, 10/10.

EDIT: Oops, sorry, I meant the page title.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Authors Note:Thank you. I did have a dog named George. Every good writer puts a part of himself into a story.

Its funny how i loved Curious George.(old) even the new ones crack me up.

This story was inspired by many things. But my Favorite Writers are Still Robert A. Heinlein and David Drake.

So many good writers out there. I have yet to read a Halo Novel due to it might take the magic away from my fanfics but one day i will.

Thank you for reading. I do this for fun. I doubt i will ever get paid for writing but i love doing it for free too much.

* Head Shots a brute on Firefight with my sniper rifle.* Head Shot!..Ut ohs..* Hunters Drop in with Grunts Carrying FRG's. Slow Motion Wind blows dust at my feet as explosions rock the map. Only my Spartan Armored Underwear is showing.*

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[October 5Th, 2525, Orbital Station Orion]

Staff Sergeant Eric"Smooth" O'Kife looked out his office window.Orion was a space station in the back end of no place. It was situated in a star system critical to UNSC rapid deployment forces and Intelligence gathering. It had been built to deploy forces against the Indies.

The station was built in total secret. Special Forces were dispatched from here due to its location between the inner and outer colonies. It housed a few R&D labs not to mention dry docks for deployment of troops.

It had been a busy day when a Battle Group pulled up to the station. This station had a small crew complement. Mostly Navy with Army, Air force and ONI all working on why lights went out at Harvest. Harvest situation was pressing concern when it went dark back in April.

Yet turning back to his console looking over intelligence reports from his small window at the three ships docked to the station. It reminded him why joining the UNSC had been a good move to get his life turned around.

Being talented guitar player he played when he could. Growing up in Las Vegas of all places he was able to make a decent living. But wanting to go to collage he simply did not have the money.

He was apart of the Air Force band for two years after joining the UNSC. He had been taking classes in Systems Engineering and Computer Science to become more knowledgeable.

He was retrained for the War Effort due to heads rolling in intelligence Snafu's. One General Stated." We need more eyes getting things done. Get me some one who can roll up sleeves and start digging." So he was recruited by a persuasive Captain named Alpha.

Alpha was good at his job he spotted Eric's talents convincing him that he could do communications to flying drones in hot spots for accurate intelligence.

"They needed some one to bridge the gap." Alpha kept saying between intelligence and drone operators. Even being a "Forward Observer in the field when necessary." Eric smiled at the memory.

Yet he has been here at this station for the past four years. His job was to be "boots on the ground if necessary". Collecting intelligence on enemy forces from afar or in secret.

He did accompany some special forces on assignments with several unknowns. Being trained and able to operate from a desk or out in the field made him flexible. With an array of drones to gather Intel he still had to go through terabytes of data.

Every scrap of data to get a picture of what was going on. Pictures, Sensor readings like thermal to radar. Even seismic sensors to Meteorological data.

He could even repair a drone if necessary. Depending on parts. Yet with all the tech it still took a human to give a intuitive report of what was going on.

Yet his true love was for the blues. Every one loved hearing him play so he was allowed to play on the Stations PA. It helped morale.

It approaches that time again it was 0100 hrs. Clicking on the P.A. Eric spoke with a strong voice." It is that time again. Folks. Smooth here to wash those worrys away." He took out his Guitar from under the desk." To all those who wear the uniform." He linked the guitar to a separate data base. It in turned allowed him to play it plugged in wireless.

Eric began to play strong beginning notes. Singing." I left my baby for outer space. I got the blues today. I left on Sunday morning. I feel out of place. Want to be with my baby if i had my way.-" It was a song called the Soldiers Blues. It was about twenty years old but it rang true even today.

Little did he know that it was being broadcast to the Battle Group. His smooth notes gave many a soldier a positive feeling.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1900 hrs ,October 5th,Orion]

Eric was enjoying dinner when he spotted a young navy Lieutenant(jg)come into the mess looking for some one. Spotting Eric the officer sat down across from him.

" Sorry for interrupting you Sargent but i need to swap out three drones on board the Heart of Darkness. The Captain insists we have Battle Group D fully ready.

" My name is Shawn Cartwright. Lieutenant assigned to Heart of Darkness.Eric nodded to the man taken a moment to think on what he had said.

Shawn had red hair and freckles but Eric knew the young officer was sent over for a good reason."Yes sir i can help you. I can eat later." Dumping his meal down the waste disposal unit he grabbed a cup of coffee before he left the Mess hall.

Heading into the Cargo Bay B that was past many bulkheads near the rear of this station. Three way intersection leading to each cargo bay. B was the one on his left.

L.t. Cartwright fallowed him silently. Eric stepped inside putting up his arms." My beauties. Each one in perfect order." Shawn smiled a moment." Thank you" waving a finger at Cartwright Eric produced a shipping manifest keying up the Pad's screen. " Sign here and here sir. Also if you can order us one million pizzas from earth we would be obliged." Smiling as he handed over the stylus and Pad showing the Navy Officer where to sign.

Cartwright selected the three he needed. on the Pad handing the holographic interface back to Eric." I can call every pizza outlet on Reach." Eric made a ugly face."Gah..too much bird in that pizza." Cartwright Nodding to Eric." I will get a few men to help me with getting them onto the pelican."

" Yes sir, Also we have plenty equipment to help with any loading as well." Eric waved a hand to the loaders." Have a good day sir." Eric walked back to the mess hall wondering what that was all about. Then again he did not really feel like knowing.

It was too bad drones could not fly that far. Out to Harvest that is. One day when he was old and grey. Shrugging his shoulders Eric headed back to the Mess Hall.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1400 hrs October 8Th 2525Orion]

Eric was working on some intelligence reports when Command came over all channels giving an Alert Romeo Level, Priority One.

Lord Hood Appeared on every terminal or computer. It was being broadcast all over the UNSC military network. His face looked saddened. It was a live message not some recording but it will be.

" We are at war with some Alien race that has most likely devastated Harvest. Two of our ships were destroyed by a large unknown alien vessel."

" We suspect some of our other outer colonies that went dark are due to this threat."

" All Units Are Directed to Assemble at Pre Planed Points. UNSC is to direct efforts for full scale war. All forces are directed to engage enemy forces while a response will be made."

"We are at war. This race has no peaceful intentions they mean to cleanse us. All efforts will be made to engage this threat. God Speed to you all."

Every one was in total silence for over ten minutes. Information came over his terminal.

From:UNSC Command
To: All Personnel

UNSC Command Priority One Flash.

Directed by the UN under emergency war powers provision 30.2 all leave is canceled. All Military Personnel are to report for duty.

All units are to engage these Alien hostiles with all force. Civilians are to be evacuated. Rescue operations will commence soon as personnel are available.

Independent action is authorized. Units cut off will engage enemy forces when necessary or wait for rescue.

Recruiting efforts are to take place all over UNSC space.

United Nations Space Command.
Eric looked out the window thinking of that young Lieutenant he met the other day. Also all those civilians on Harvest. Aliens were here knocking on humanity's door. The loss of two ships as well. He shook his head feeling overwhelmed.

This enemy may rejoice for now but pay back was a -blam!-. It will collect soon. This fight was going to be different. He had a duty to do. Gathering his gear Eric did his duty going over the data packets. Every intelligence analyst will go over the details.

Eric would have to wait for further orders but if he did not get some soon he would join the fight to assist the ground pounders.

He contacted the other Air Force personnel who would be biting at the bit. He needed them focused. They will get there chance as will he to avenge those lost.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[2554 May 3rd, 0321 hrs, Earth, UNSC Norfolk Naval Acadamy]

Eric woke up from a nightmare. It was all too real. He lay in bed for a moment trying to collect his thoughts. It was still dark outside. Yet his mind could not rest.

Covy war had taken a hard toll on many soldiers. Some bought the farm. Hero's they were called but fallen friends many were. Eric carried the memories of pain, despair and fear.

Yet out of all of that mess was the sense of loss. Guilt he survived to live another day. The Norse used to have a speaker of the dead. They would keep the lore of the great hero's.

Was this his curse ?. Getting up Eric made his way to the bathroom. He stared at his face. His hair was buzzed down due to a receding hairline. Few scars on his face showed how close he had come to death.

His brown eyes searched his soul for some measure of redemption. He felt as if he left some of those men to die. Yet things happened. No matter how good you are or how strong you might be you cannot save every one.

This truth was hard to face. Yet he had the memories of a man who had seen too much war. Using the bathroom to take a shower he mulled over a few things when George jumped into the shower.

The puppy did not realize the water was hot and took off yelping. This made Eric smile at the dog. Taking a towel off the rack he looked at himself again. A tired old man who still could show the kids a thing or two.

Spending his life in the Military did not mean he was dead inside as a person. He fought for many years for people to get married and have babies. Dressing he watched some news on the Holo-Display in his liveing room about the plans to study New Mombasa ruins.

Checking over his dress uniform he did not look too bad for a man in his 50's. The uniform was immaculate. He stepped into the kitchen to see his guitar put in a corner of the kitchen. He made a pot of coffee.

Smiling at the memories and good times he would not trade for them in the world. Even though those men were gone or moved on in life they will be remembered.

Filling a cup of coffee before he headed out. He arrived driving up just in time to see the sun rise in the Academy's parking lot. Parade Ground had cadets doing P.T.

He leaned back in the seat quietly sipping his coffee to look at those young faces who he hoped never would see another war. Looking back Eric supposed if he kept telling the stories it would keep the memories of those men he knew alive.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[2525 0800 hrs October 16Th Reach, Special Warfare Center.]

Lieutenant Commander Shane Hernandez stood before the deputy director of ONI. Rear Admiral Karen Shale sat behind her desk. To her right was Brigadier General Ben Davis.

A new comer sat on the left. Lieutenant-General Lu Chang Wu sat with the other flag officers who were enjoying a cup of coffee together.

Admiral Shale stood up greeting Shane." Good to see you again Lieutenant Commander. Would you like some coffee.?" He nodded yes knowing the Admiral well. Waving to an empty seat Shane sat down.

As the coffee arrived from the Admirals secretary Shane took the cup leaned back listing as he put sugar and cream into his coffee" We need your S.E.A.L. team to go to a newly settled colony near Harvest. Eden its been called."

" There you will insert with your team to see if this new enemy has arrived. If they have you are to head to this school to destroy any data or secret projects." Davis added to the conversation.

" We have a special request, General Wu."Davis nodded over to Wu . General Wu nodded giving a squint before speaking." I would like to put one of my men with your team. Hes there to provide drone support."

Shane looked confused." I have a full team. Why this one man?"
Wu answered." You have a few marines and even a Ranger. Hes a good man who has gone in several times with special forces."

Handing Shane a manila folder. Some Generals liked to do things the old fashion way. Nothing wrong with that in Shane's book.

Glancing over the file he sipped the coffee. Surprised at the mans record this Sgt. Eric O'Kife." Well hes not a desk jockey. I do have one question. What is this school ?. Why have i never herd of it ?"

Davis took this question looking over at Shane in the eyes." Its a school for some of our more gifted youngsters. Waycrest was set up to help those with special needs or who were gifted proteges. Some of our most brilliant minds come from there besides earth." Shane sipped the coffee leaning back.

" A small settlement has grown around it but mainly the school is the hub of attraction. Colonist from all over attend this school on a grant or scholarship to attend. We have a few projects on going inside that are Top Secret or above."

"Why me ? many do not like my methods sir." Shane looked at the brass who shifted focus on him with glassy eyed stares.

" You were apart of the Spartan one project. Not only that you are one of the most experienced special forces operatives we have at this time. Also you have a Spartan II as a team member if i recall. So you should be in and out." Shane stood up after a long pause, saluting all three of them understanding he was dismissed." Aye Aye Sir." He had his orders.

Exiting the room Shane knew there was some motive behind this. Knowing ONI it was more than it seemed. He had hunted down Indies for years now in black operations. He grew wary of ONI who liked to hold back a little.

They disliked his methods due to him doing what was right and getting the mission done. Nothing was ever simple with ONI. Yet this new enemy scared even ONI. They must be more worried than usual.

He had preparations to do and his team needed to get aboard a frigate that was heading out to the planet in question. One thing was for sure he was not betting on ONI to send him on some milk run.

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I came for Halo, but I heard the Tru7h, fought thru Carnage, and stayed for Bungie.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.--Teddy Roosevelt

I know I am combo breaking your thread OP, but damn that's some impressive writing.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Authors Note: Thank you. Over the years i have a few things that inspired me. If any one Remembers a show called Space: Above and Beyond, Robotech: Magcross Mainly.

Both were well written. One a show and another one a Amine/Cartoon.

Naw you did not break any thing. Thank you for the positive feed back. I enjoy bringing the magic to the reader.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[2525 1322 hrs,October 18Th,Orion]

Sergeant Allen Green stood up as the Pelicans cargo ramp descended. His black armor denoted he was apart of a special forces unit. The ODST visor dialed clear, showed his rugged face.

Some medical supplies were placed in the pelican. A single man dressed simmiler as him strode up. His kit was a bit different but the M7s he carried was the same all except the black wolfs head on a orange background on Allens left brest.

Both men shook hands." Its good to see you again Staff Sergeant O'Kife." Eric smiled shaking hands."Good to see you again as well. Thought you would be with the Rangers."

Allen shrugged." I got a better offer from the Lieutenant Commander. Also i never left the Rangers. My skills are appreciated." Eric set down a guitar case.

" Still toting that thing around ?" Allen nodded. Eric shook his head no." This one is the string model." Taking a seat with Allen who was glad to see a friendly face. Its been a year i think ?" Allen smiled.

" Yeah that secret Indie research station. You saved our butts that day with those drones you carry." Eric looked off for a moment." I did not save every one." Allen patted the mans armored knee." You did good. No ones perfect. We blew that station to hell."

Eric gave a silent nod.Remaining silent the two men watched the cargo door close on the pelican. Alarms went off as personnel left the cargo area." So ? who's the C.O. ?"

Allen waited till there pelican was space bound. It gathered thrust leaving the cargo bay as the doors opened. It set a course to Devils Advocate. A refurbished frigate that was refitted to drop rapid deployment forces on any planet.

Allen answered Eric's question now."L.C. Shane Hernandez is our C.O. of the team. Team lead if you will. He is the Heart of the Wolf Pack. Not many can match his skill in battle or tactics."

Eric leaned to look out the pilots window seeing the docked frigate.Allen continued after pausing a moment." The rest you will get to know when we arrive." Allen leaned back to catch a nap during the ride over.
Gently awakened by the cycling air of the Pelican as it touched down on board the frigate. Both exited the VTOL all purpose troop transport.

Pelicans might be ugly to some, but angels when you are in a hot zone needing a pick up. Allen stepped off the cargo ramp. He taped Eric on the shoulder who had grabbed the guitar case.

" Going to meet our other new member." Allen knew Eric pretty well. He thought it was nuts to send some Air Force techie out into the sticks. He proved that theory wrong.

Calling in that air strike to allow them access to the research station took guts. His whole old team had took fire. Eric had a drone give him coordinates while he assisted a wounded man.

Allen was impressed with the dedication of the man. They became fast friends. Allen made Eric an honorary Ranger for leading them past booby traps or mines with his portable drones.

Allen was no slouch having fought the Indies for a few years himself. That research center had been a tough nut to crack. Yet they managed to blow it to hell.

Both waited in the cargo bay observation room waiting for the shuttle. Both men were silent as each leaned against a wall.

Each person had skills that made a team as a whole better. It was this foundation that formed the backbone of any team. Joining Wolf Pack was a simple choice.

Most of his team had been wounded or killed on that last mission and was surprised that a Navy Officer was interested in his soldiering skills.

Being the best shot with about any rifle in his battalion did turn heads. He gained even more credit by being able to fly and nail targets while using a jet pack.

His real talent was hidden behind the macho exterior. He could hack or splice any system made. This stemmed from a early childhood love of some of his favorite video games.

He developed a unhealthy obsession with electronics so
to keep up with that, he would break into stores. He was a guest of juvenile corrections for years until the death of his father made him rethink life.

When he turned 18 he left his childhood crime sprees behind to become a productive member of society. Joining the UNSC gave him doors to open that had been closed before.

He was a street kid. One with the savvy to make it in a ever changing universe. A universe with allot to see. His wanderlust never left him as he had traveled to hidden places few have seen.

Seeing the Pelican arrive they both headed down. Stepping out of the Pelican's bay was a Spartan II. Her green armor gave the impression it was a robot of some kind.

Taking off her helmet showed a red headed beauty. Her hair was cut stylishly short yet the baby blue eyes stood out the most.

White number was on her armored shoulder. 050 had been painted on. She smiled at both of them." You boys expecting me ?" Allen waved for her to fallow." This way. I am Sergeant Green and that is Staff Sergeant O'Kife. Fallow me if you will."

The Spartan II smirked at them both." Petty Officer Elizabeth Dillard."Placing her helmet on again. Allen leading the way the trio made there way to the upper decks of the ship.

Seems as if his travels were not over but were going to be interesting none the less. He hoped to see some interesting sights in this new war.

Allen made sure the two were with him before reporting into the L.C. who was behind this door in his small office. Waiting at the door for the two.

He glanced back noticing Eric's interest in this female Spartan II. It made him smile. Yep his travels always had some sort of interesting thing about them.

Keeping silent he opened the door leading the way.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[2525 1436 hrs,October 18Th Devils Advocate]

Elizabeth Fallowed both men into the office. Sgt. Green saluted before the seated Navy Officer." Sir our new members." Standing up to return the salute every one took off there helmets.

Both Staff Sgt. O'Kife and her self stepped forward coming to attention." Reporting for duty sir." Sgt Green found a corner. The man looked pleased as he was in the middle of paper work.

Terminal flickered at the center of the desk. The man was denoted by his rank tabs. A patch on the left shoulder of a orange circle with a black wolf head, adorned the white uniform. Several rows of medals covered his chest.

" Ah our new recruits Sergeant Green. I am Lieutenant Commander Shawn Ramirez. You both are now apart of S.E.A.L. Team Five or better known as Wolf Pack."

" Sergeant Green has told me of Staff Sergeant O'Kifes abilities and vouches for his skills. Petty officer Elizabeth Dillard. You are a recon specialist. Also lets just call you Liz for short" L.C. Hernandez evaluated each of them with a look in the eye.

Liz was happy with this." Yes sir. I am proud to serve with you sir." She felt pleased with this due to one of her squad mates dieing in the operation the other disfigured for life.

It was good to have a family again. Yet she missed Jack and Kai allot. Kai would at least have a place in ONI. Snapping back to the present Lieutenant Commander Hernandez shook both of there hands.

" Welcome both of you. I am sure the other team members are eager to meet you. If you will both excuse me i have some work to do. Briefing at 0800 tomorrow. Dismissed." L.C. Gave a salute then sat down at his desk as the three exited the office.

"Sergeant Green. I need you in here." L.C. called out before the door closed. Sgt. Green about faced entering the office again shutting the door. She stood with Sgt O'Kife. A smile played on her lips while they waited.

" What is that in that case ?" She noticed the odd shaped black case. Holding the case out a little O'Kife smiled back." My guitar. I was unable to bring my electric one so i brought this wooden one instead. It takes no power to use." She smiled unsure what this meant.

" So its some sort of device ?" The chuckle came from Sgt. O'Kife made her tighten her lips when she was confused.

" No it plays music. You have to be skilled. These days most people use electronic instruments or have computers do it for them but it takes real skill to learn how to play one. I play a old music form called the blues." Seeing her face he lowered his head speaking in a low voice.

" I did not mean to embarrass you. I will play for you before we jump. If you really want to know i suggest opening the ship library from your state room terminal to know more." Raising his head looking Liz in the eyes.

They both locked eyes. Liz felt joy in this. Her stomach had butterflies but showing no emotion on her face. She was like a swan on a clear lake. Yet her feet were churning mile a minute.

" I would love to hear you play." Saying in her most pleased tone but feeling off balance. Being a soldier was all she knew. Being a human seems it did not come with a field manual.

Both got quiet as they waited for twenty minutes, then Sgt. Green stepped out. " I will give you the tour of the ship." First lets head to our equipment lockers. Wolf Pack is all on one area of this ship."

" This ship was refitted to give special forces units a mostly self contained environment. Meaning-"Sgt Green spoke while the two of them listened as he made his way past the bunks to the equipment lockers. Armory had been stenciled above the hatch.

" -Each is in a mostly self contained section of the ship." They opened the hatch letting it swing ajar." That means teams stay together. Only during meal times do we ever see other personnel. Sometimes you might see a work crew fixing a problem but that's about it." Each of them walked over to the lockers.

They began placing arms and armor inside. Her locker was a bit bigger than the rest. It had no name on it like some of them but it was apparently designed for a Spartan II.

Sgt.Green showed them to the bunks. It was co-ed yet each had a private stateroom. " Well i shall leave you both to it. The rest of the team is at lunch. I gotta talk to Hernandez to see that you each get a meal for dinner."

" Oh one last thing-."Sgt. Green turned around." -Rookies do the odd jobs around here. Also you two are to take meals down here until the L.C. says you earned the right to eat with the rest of the team. This is a privilege even i had to earn."

Watching Green go Liz felt really alone as O'Kife entered his room leaveing her in the hall.Standing a few moments before heading inside her stateroom she opened the Library to find out what O'Kife was speaking about. She took her meal inside as a orderly handed it to her later on.

Reading all about the blues made her wonder about allot of other things. Her past was foggy when she tried to recall events of her childhood. Bedtime approched as she fell asleep on her bunk.

Dreaming she was on a table with cold metal arms as if she were being riped to pieces. Being reformed into a robot in her dream.

She awoke a few times before she got restless. Getting under the covers she felt safe. Pulling the covers up over her head. Liz Drifting off once again, this time haveing plesent dreams.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[2525 October 19Th 0313 hrs, Devils Advocate]

Staff Sergeant Eric "Smooth" O'Kife had gotten up early. He was excited to be aboard the ship. He opened the tiny window to see they had left dry dock.

He had wanted to get up early to go over his equipment. Figuring he could play while taking a break as well. He needed to check over the units helmet cams anyways.

He placed his tools inside the guitar fingering he could carry both at once. He got dressed then headed out down the silent hall.

Coming to the armory door he undid the hatch closing it as he stepped through. A cup of coffee would be nice but getting this done before the briefing seemed appropriate.

Opening his locker door he took out his armor gently holding it aloft while detaching the two folded drones on the pack.

Getting his tools out of the guitar case he unfolded them letting the wings fold into place. This model he liked allot. It was portable, Light to carry on his person.

Other drones were bigger but they were too heavy to carry unless he could get a 'Hog to transport it. Selecting the right tool he did a diagnostic checking the systems.

The Dragonfly was a small drone that had a geometric tube like fuselage. Its wings had VTOL like fans that helped it stay aloft in the air.

On the nose was a sensor package. It was modular so you could replace parts on it. Sensor package could be swapped out depending on what the mission was.

Over all it was a mere 5ft when being transported. When it was unfolded it added another 2 ft with a 3ft wing span and a tail section that slid in place.

He did not get the chance to do a check before he left OrionStation. Glad he did finding one of the sensor packages needed to be replaced.

Working he did not see Liz step over to her Armor locker. She got dressed till he looked up from the sensor module trying to figure out if he could salvage it.

" Good Morning." Liz finished putting on her Mark IV armored suit before replying." Sergeant O'Kife" she said to him in a sleepy tone. Eric did notice but said nothing looking up.

" What are you doing ?" Taking an interest now. Elizabeth looked over at the drones wondering what Eric was doing.

" Maintenance on these drones. Eyes in the sky that i use while on the ground. I am Forward Air Controller Ma'am. My drones can give real time Intel to the Squad Leader." Liz stepped closer kneeling down.

" Interesting" Liz said as he was focused on the sensor package." Oh before i forget i am going to Link every ones helmet cams as well if i can have you leave yours behind i would appreciate it." Liz said nothing for a long moment looking over the drones with a keen interest.

" I can do that. I will grab the others helmets as well." She took each helmet out of the lockers setting them down. " Actually i can do it. What do you need it linked to ?"

Pausing a moment he took out a PAD lighting it up then handing it over." To this. I have a Laptop in my room i can transfer the commands to."

" Also call me Eric or Smooth when the officers are not around or any brass." Liz gave a nod working on each helmet. She took a seat in a separate area but close to speak with out yelling.

" Eric ..i have questions if you do not mind ?" Still working on the sensor package he found the problem then began to look for the parts in his kit to get the electronics working again.

" Sure i can anwer a few. i am not suited to answer questions like who built the piramids in Egypt. Go ahead ask away." She worked on the first helmet while linking it to the PAD.

" I read about the blues on the Terminal you suggested. It looks interesting but why do you like it so much ?" Not phazed by the joke in the slightist.

" Fair question. Music gives man a outlet i suppose. Many are inspired in other ways such as art or sculpting. The blues just let me get out whats bothering me. It lets me connect with others who feel the same." Finding the parts he began to discard the faulty ones.

" I was trained for war. My recon skills are quite good but there is more to being a soldier than just fighting ?" Setting aside the helmet she was working on putting another in place.

" A question that is difficult to answer. Every one has a different path. Even blues players or jazz. I spent two years in the Air Force band. I never expected to be a Intel Specialist."

" Yet here i am. Dropping in with special forces units to help them do difficult work. I have met some of the most dedicated and professional soldiers. They are able to find pleasure in even the small things."

" If you have a passion for something you will find others who like what you enjoy or practice it with the time you have. Even in war you have to find some kind of joy." Concentrating now Eric fell silent working on the part. He did not see Liz face who thought about this silently.

Few hours later they were both done as they stowed the helmets in the lockers. He placed the Drones on the racks that extended on either side of his pack making sure they were in place.

It was almost time for the briefing so he got cleaned up. Liz met him outside his Stateroom. " Thank you for answering my questions earlier. Also you mentioned being a FAO and Intel Specialist." Eric closed his door ready now. Nodding to her as they came face to face

" Sure anytime Liz. Both in fact... Some days its a pain in the butt. That's just about every day." They both flashed smiles at each other then headed off to the briefing in silence. Eric felt she would find her purpose.

He knew what it was like to feel lost before finding ones self in solid ground. It took allot of work to get there as a person.

He felt bad he never got a chance to play a few notes. Allways later on he hoped.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[2525, October 19Th, 0703 hrs Devils Advocate]

Lieutenant Commander Shawn Hernandez was dressed in a black t- shirt with green pants. It was his BDU he normally wore. He was currently finishing up some paper work in the mess hall.

A bridge crew member popped his head in looking for some one finding Shawn he approached." Sir the Captain would like to speak to you in his ready room."

Shawn stood up patting the sailor on the shoulder." Lead on." Picking up the tablet he had been working on fallowing the man.
Passing bulkheads to reach near the bridge but made a right turn, as the salior enterd the bridge.

Entering the Captain's ready room he stood at attention several moments. Captain looked up at Shawn with a sigh.
" You know Shawn. ONI keeps pestering me like this i might retire. It's not worth having a feud." Captain Douglas Night said in a candid tone.

" Captain, Sir. I have tried to avoid one yet the last operative they sent left us after they got the package. They must have disliked me requesting a Intel specialist that was not Navy." Shawn spoke in friendly tones having known the Captain for six years now.

" They are insisting the Intel or what ever you get from this one is given to O'Kife for handing. Our ONI officer on board is adamant about Tier one projects not being properly handled. Lieutenant Angelina Cortez wants to speak with the man. I am keeping this civil so i want you to let him handle it."

"I shall do that Captain." Pleased to hear this Captain Night dismissed him with a wave. Captain had paperwork of his own to do so Shawn saluted then left.

Heading back down he had a briefing to attend. Lieutenant Angela Cortez was downloading information into the Holo-plot that hung in the center of the darkened briefing room.

His team members entered. Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Shale was his Top NCO. Heavy Weapons Specialist that made many look small. Fallowing in behind him was Lance Corporal Shawna Dupree. A former MP that trained as a K-9 handler. Her four legged partner was Delta.

Delta was apart of a successful genetic experiment to combine the best genes of dogs to create a military dog that was genetically smarter stronger and agile. He was a German Shepard "Super Dog" as some have called him.

Petty Officer Haley Winter was the teams medic,who was no slouch being a marksmen. Dropped out of med school due to financial problems. Takes medical courses to get her Doctorate in medicine during R&R. She entered with a smile nodding to every one in the room.

Petty Officer first class Jasmine Casanova is his teams sniper. Demotions expert and all around pain in his ass. His problem when she is off duty. Excellent Sniper but she likes to get into some minor trouble.

Sgt Green entered with a half asleep look he pulled off pretty well. Ranger with excellent EVA skills who also could break any kind of lock or secure door.

Entering behind him were the two Rookies. S.Sgt O'Kife and Petty Officer Elizabeth. Both stood in the rear of the room leaning on the wall. Every one else sat down in the chairs.

" Let us begin." L.t. Cortez began." ONI has pinpointed two main objectives. First one is the Waycrest school. Its sealed in a vault. Tier one objective that is to be retrieved at all costs. Second one is at a R&D facility that is off the main campus." Holo-table lit up displaying a 3-D map of the area.

" You will be dropping in on the Campus." Green Carrots showing the teams positions." ODST's will be standing by to be dropped in once the main campus is secure." Blue carrot showing the ODST's drop point.

" We have marines as well who will assist you to the second objective as the first is secured. We are unsure if these new enemies are currently on planet."

" It was suggested by a tactical analysis that the main team continue onto the second objective. While the second team with the ODST's take care of the other projects."

"Pelcians will arrive for pick up. Total time on the ground should be no more than thirty five minutes. Tactical Reassess will take place while we are in orbit."

" I have floor plans and schematics with other information for study on each of your terminals. ONI ask you do not disclose any information to any one until we arrive on planet."

L.T. Cortez began to gather her briefcase placing a tablet inside. Wolf Pack members filed out the door leaving them alone.

" Anglia look i-" She gave him a cold look." Please do not go there. Not all of us ONI personnel are evil sinister people with hidden agendas. I thought you were better than that Shawn." Shawn fell silent knowing words would not suffice.

" I thought we were more than friends. That you trusted my judgement. Now excuse me Lieutenant Commander i have work to do and i will give you a update on things once we arrive at Eden." Picking up the metallic suitcase she left him confused.

Shawn could smell her perfume even after she left. He stood in the dark looking at the Holo-table with a far off look.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ 0137 hrs October 26th,Devils Advocate, Eden System.]

Captain Armando Night stood on the bridge looking out the main view port. Looking over to the helm he spoke to Ensign Redwolf.

" Have we any contact with Eden yet ?." Shaking her head Ensign Redwolf kept focused on her instruments." Not yet Captain."

Engsin Redwolf turned around in her seat."Seamen Juarez Captain needs to know if you have anything ?."

Seamen Juarez shook his head no." No ma'am. I am picking up strange faint energy signatures from the planet. Also i want you to see this. I have been scanning this for few minites. I think i know what happened. Magnifying by 20."

Captain could see Eden yet the settled region of the planet. Magnifying it looked as if it glowed red. From afar it looked like some kind of Alien glyph was carved into that region.

Captain Night showed no emotion "Take us in close to Edens second moon so we can see if there is a hostile presence. I want our ONI officer and the team leaders for Operation Raven in my ready room with all data from our department heads in a hour."

" I will be in my ready room. If i am needed." Ensign Redwolf replied as the bridge crew scrambled into action." Aye Captain."

Captain Night turned away knowing more than he let on. What ever was down there Fleet Com ordered him to retrieve it at all costs.

It seems this new enemy had visited the planet. He could only hope to complete this mission then depart before he lost his ship or had to scrub this mission. His orders came from Vice-Admiral Cole him self.

Entering the Ready Room he sat down at his desk taking out a bottle of aged whiskey pouring a glass. Slamming the shot he turned on the terminal tucking away the bottle in a drawer.

Looking over information they had gotten he prepared for the others. Burdens of command felt like stone anchors on his shoulders but he had to carry on.

[0243 hrs]

S.Sgt O'Kife fallowed Lieutenant Commander Hernandez into the Captains ready room. Unsure what he was suppose to be doing here he stood silently to the mans right.

Eight Others stood in the room as well. Captain Night sat behind his desk speaking to them all. " We have arrived in system. This new enemy has hit Eden. They have destroyed most of the settlement. Only the Waycrest Academy seems to be intact."

L.T. Angela Cortez spoke out to him her voice trembled." Sir there were ten thousand people on that planet!."

Captain Night stood up." Yes there were. Our orders were to grab the two objectives. While you are doing that i will have marines conduct S&R. Some one must still be alive down there."

" It is time i tell you that this does not leave this room. I have orders from the top that we are to complete our mission at all cost."

" On planet this enemy has left behind a contingent of forces. I belive they are looking for something. It might be the objectives. There for."

" I am authorizing full use of all units to complete this objective. Once you make a stealthy drop i will make sure you have Gunships and Air Cover. We hit fast and hard. Then we pull out before any reinforcements show up."

Every one saluted. Captain Saluted back." You are to drop in the hour. Dismissed." Every one filed out.

Lieutenant Commander Hernandez spoke to Eric." Lt. Cortez will have instructions and additional info for you. Talk to her in her office." Eric understood as he fallowed the ONI officer who turned to see who was behind her.

" Ah yes Staff Sergeant. Sorry my thoughts were for those poor people. I wanted to speak to you. Lets make this quick you drop soon." He fallowed her to the small ONI office.

Both of them sat down in the some what decorated office. A small plastic plant of flowers. Wicker basket of small drives. All sat on her desk.

" Well here are the protocols you need for both of the objectives. Also i need you to be on the look out for Dr. Karen Bryce. Shes a Archaeologist working on the first project. Second is Dr. Witherspoon who is project lead on the second project. I think they might have gone to safe rooms ONI built in case of attack."

She handed him two flash drives. One was red/black the other was blue/black. Eric took them both understanding." Yes i will do that."

She simply nodded having worry on her face." I will try to explain later if i can. Even i am not fully aware of whats down there. Also take care of the Lieutenant Commander."

" I might disagree with him on a few things but i do care about him. He is a good man. No matter what he thinks of ONI he can rely on me." Eric saluted her as he came to attention leaving with the drives in his pocket.

Eric was a bit confused haveing opted to stay quiet when the Leutenit spoke about the Lt. Commander. Heading back aft to get geared up for the drop. There was allot going on he would have to sort it out later. He needed to concentrate on the mission at hand.

He did not have time to ask questions sure they might reveal themselves. Every thing had a time and a place. Even music. He did know it will be one hell of a party when they got back.

This made Eric smile knowing the stars will accompany him when he dropped. It made him feel good knowing that one day he will sing to the stars with comrades who have seen hell then put out the flames.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[2554 1842 hrs May 4th, Norfolk UNSC Naval Academy.]

Eric stepped out into the parking lot late. Tired from a unscheduled staff meeting with the facility. He thought he was imagining things for a moment moving to his car, until he got closer.

Lt. Commander Jasmine Casanova stood next to his car. Her tropical uniform stood out. A playful smile touched her lips as he got closer.

She had brown hair that seemed disheveled. In her right ear was a small golden wolf head earring. Yet her green eyes showed delight like her namesake.

They both did not say a word letting there eyes do the talking. He took her hand then stepped close to kiss her lips gently.

Some cadets from afar had seen this then cheered at the two officers embracing. Eric did not care touching his forehead to Jasmines.

" Good to see you as well. Thought you might have forgot about me."Jasmine touched Eric cheek as he looked into those glittering green eyes." I think about allot of things but you have been on my mind often as i can spare a thought."

" I made it off Reach as you can see." Eric held her close as she put her head on his chest." Such a bad girl. I would spank you but you might like it." Jasmine grinned." Not so much a bad girl any more."

" Well i did not see you on the KIA list nor the MIA so i got a puppy fingering you might show up. Hes a six month old golden retriever." She smiled at this." Let you break your promise. I would have beaten the entire Covy army with a tree stump to settle down with you."

" I had to be restrained to get off planet. I did not want to leave with out you." Jasmine straitened her face looking into Eric's with a more somber expression." Look i know you loved..were in love with.."

Eric stroked her hair brushing back strands around her right ear." She has been MIA for ten years or more. I..Well it was hard to move on. This war is over perhaps we can get married-"

Jasmine put a single finger to his lips." I know you both were in love. I was there. I am sorry she is not here. So many are not here to see the both of us right now. I now know the pain of the loss."

" L.C. Used to say allot of burdens and secrets in life how to live with them.Right now both of us need a little rest Eric. You are a good man. One who carries the burdens. I want you to know you do not have to carry all of them alone. The both of us know that to make it right we need to live our lives to the fullest."

" I know you are right yet i..have carried many secrets..still do. I feel joy yet sadness because our friends are not here to see the final victory."

" Jasmine i will take comfort they are watching over us. That each day i have with you will mean a life of peace and happiness." They both kissed deeply. They embraced for a long moment.

" Eric lets live our life's like they would have wanted us to. We both i hope earned that right." Jasmine took Eric's hand as they got into his car. He felt stab of guilt that the Old Wolf Pack was not here. They both held hands still as he drove up to his officer billet.

They silently got out knowing one another well. They had kept in touch over the years. Both entered the house to Georges puppy kisses and he watched Jasmine squeal in girlish glee.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Authors note.: I shall go over the story at some point to fix things better. Correct and proof read bear with me. Allot more to tell.

* Lord Hood's pug bites my armored foot so i punt him getting demoted to private potato peeler. To this day you can see a pug orbiting the earth.*

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0341 hrs October 26Th 2525, Devils Advocate Orbiting Edens second moon]

Captain Armando Night looked around the bridge at the busy crew members. All these young faces about to head into the unknown. Not to mention those jumping down below.

It made him feel older yet he once was a young officer who did not have the burdens of command nor the responsibility of the lives. Like now when it really mattered he understood the necessity of war hating how he will not be able to save every one.

Proof of that was the planets civilian population of Eden burnt to a crisp. Only if they had gotten here four days earlier. Yet he ordered silent running. They had exited FTL at the edge of the system. Then enter scanning for any hostile presence was here.

Operation Raven was about to begin. Yet feeling like he failed will not accomplish what they came here to do. Nights face looked like granite but in private he felt deep sorrow.

"Ensign bring us about to 0100 degrees to orbit the planet. Alert the air boss let him know i want a CAP around the ship as we move to drop position."

" Inform the crew to get to battle stations..bring us to Red Alert level three. " Night speaking to Ensign Redwolf who layed in at course. Other bridge crew alerting all departments of the Captains orders.

" As of this moment Operation Raven is in effect. All non critical communications are to be put on hold. All weapons are to be brought to bear high and tight ready for action." Captain touched the 2-D system plot board setting a way point for the Ensign to fallow.

" Some one patch me into the Advocates PA system." Seamen Juarez looked over at his Captain." You are on sir." Captain Night spoke into his headset." All Crew this is the Captain Speaking. Operation: Raven will commence shortly."

" I want to say how proud i am to serve with each of you. Honored that you are here to serve aboard this ship. This new enemy has not yet learned of our resilience."

" Nor our dedication to protecting humanity and the UNSC. We shall do what we can for the survivors. We shall do our duty. Most of all we shall show that humanities greatness is not in our ships or weapons but in the men and women who serve. God Speed. Captain out."

Ensign Redwolf swiveled in her chair facing the Captain." Sir we are in drop position awaiting your order."

Captain Night squinted up at the plot board." Alert Wolf Pack let them know we are going to drop them. Alert all stage one forces to be ready for RDD. ODST's are to be on ready. All other forces will be landing in Pelicans."

" I want that Vulture and those two pelican gunships ready with the ODST's. Bring them to alert one status." Captain stood at the plot at parade rest going over the information.

Engsin Redwolf spoke clearly to the Captain as she looked at her controls. Redwolf ajusting ships thrust to match orbit around Eden." Sir we are in orbit around Eden."

Captain Night shook his dark head still looking at the plot board." Give the word then." Alarms went off as the pods extended, locking in place. Eight Drop pods were jettisoned towards the planet.

A good helmsmen was needed to lock in the coordinates unless they were doing a even more riskier drop. Engsin Redwolf was skilled so he had no worries about that. What was down there gnawed at him the most. So many unknowns yet you have to open Pandora's box to find out.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0514 hrs, October 26th 2525, Eden, DP Alpha]

Eight pods decended in darkness hurtling twords the planet.
Elizabeth with the others landed in there pods in a forest clearing.

It was two klicks south of Waycrest Acadamy. Liz pod impacted into the forest floor. Blowing the hatch she yanked out her DMR(S) from where she stowed it.

Gathering her kit together. Some of it she had on her person. DMR(s) was a special DMR fitted with a silencer. It could be customized as well.

She carried two M-6(S) pistols in low slung shoulder holsters.

Rounding out her kit was a Ghillie suit, Few grenades, Her lucky combat knife, few days of rations and a self replenishing canteen.

Liz liked to be light on her feet to allow her to sneak up on enemys. Doning the Guilies suit. The other team members were checking equipment. O'Kife's pod had landed close so she went over to watch his back while he deployed both drones.

" Matain Noise Disapline every one. Smooth you getting our eyes up ?" O'Kife Seeing Liz he silently greeted her unfolding one of the Dragonflys." Working on it Hellhound will have both birds in the air."

" Roger that Smooth. Once we get them in the air we can mark targets and see what the enemy is up to. Every one stay frosty watch the treeline." L.C. Hernandez said to them in a quiet voice.

Liz watched both Dragonfly's be folded into position then with a wrist mini display S.Sgt O'Kife sent the drones aloft. Touching a wrist mounted mini computer display he remotely started the Drones lift off routine.

He mentioned a laptop was in his pack so it must control the drones to some degree. He took his M-7(S) in hand standing up. He also carried a grenade launcher that was slung on his back.

Allot to carry for any soldier but she could not see his face in the darkened visor." Hell hound birds are away. They will fallow our track then orbit the objective for accurate Intel."

" Meet up at Rally Point one" Liz took the lead as they both met the rest of the team. Arriving to find five enemy's had come to investigate all five were dragged into the trees. L.C. Hernandez was checking over the little creatures with gas like masks.

" Sir we need to move. clocks ticking." Gunny stated looking for more hostiles. L.C. Stood up taking the plasma pistol from the fallen alien body." Right Loud, OK everyone listen up. This is not a fact finding mission. We will head to RP two wait for the drones to give us info on disposition of enemy forces."

" We will move quiet. Once our enemy wakes up there will be no second chances to surprise them. We mark targets then let air support come in. Secure the Objective then deliver the package."

" Silent you cover our rear." He was speaking to Jasmine. Turning to Liz he directed her forward." Take point Liz, Delta will not be far behind with Fierce. Lets move."

Liz felt comfortable talking point. Moving like a jungle cat she silently moved out heading to the second Rally Point. Liz felt comfortable being out in the field. All the harsh training she endured over the years gave her a keen sense of awareness.

Her skills allowed her to even sneak up on the other children. It was Honed into her by instructors how to remain silent. Each Spartan was different even unique. Some were more lethal or had a diversified skill set.

Yet some were set apart being leaders or defineing there MOS in every detail. Liz sometimes would hide away when she was younger. To get away from it all. Being really shy it took time for her to bond close with her team.

Her team was trained in Marshal Arts. Liz Kai and Jack were the only ones to receive this special training allog with how to be silent. Especially how to listen to there environment.

She could see flames in the distance as they reached RP two. Every one ducked down laying flat as a Drop Ship passed over head. This enemy craft was flying slow heading to the Academy. They all quickly got into cover as it passed.

Liz was relived that they were not spotted. As was the entire team. Keeping an eye out for danger she just listened.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ October 26Th 2525, Eden]

Staff Sergeant O'Kife lay flat not moving when the enemy drop ship passed. Strange Y shaped craft passed then descended towards Waycrest.

He brought up the mini-display he strapped onto his right arm he began hitting buttons to bring up both Dragonflys sensors.
Targets begin updating in the HUD of the squad members.

Shifting one drone he opened the Camera showing the Drop Ship hover down to open its side doors. Strange looking alien warriors hoped down.

Two were bird like carrying some kind of shields. Another looked fierce. More of those little aliens hopped out as well. He was glad the Dragonfly's fans were pretty quiet unless you got in close to ten meters or you visually can see it.

His Dragonfly's were equipped with night vision lenses and outfitted with standard sensor package. All that data went to his com pack that interfaced with his laptop.

He could plug in the computer external if he needed to or slide it into a slot. UNSC Air Force kit sometimes differed from the other branches depending on MOS.

He was like a Radio Operator from back in the early days of war. These days equipment was lighter to carry. It was more versatile.

In later years Forward Air Control Operators directed air strikes or were a vital communications link between ground forces needed air support.

Most Army units have a FAC, Especially Special Operations Units. FAC give flexibility to friendly forces. Team Leaders have more tactical choices on the field.

UAVs have been more of a intelligence tool for recon. It used to take six guys to coordinate Intel in a room and fly it. These days technology allows for one or two operating the Drones allowing them to operate away from bases or outposts.

Drones come in all sizes. UNSC military ones can be the bigger ones like the Dart down to the portable ones like the Dragonfly.

Smaller ones might not have the power or endurance depending on weather conditions or other factors.

Most drone operators who operate in the field hang out at base camp. Assisting in communications and gathering Intel for the forces in the area.

Rebels forced UNSC to re-evaluate the situation. Allowing more direct role by operating with the forces involved giving real time Intel and allowing for drones to find enemy targets even calling it in if the FIO is down.

Drones can be armed. Even his Dragonfly's that mainly are unarmed. Weight Balance must be maintained. All that could be mounted is a pistol or rifle underneath the nose.

Eric being a new breed of Intel Specialist/Crossed with a FAC allowed a new MOS to be created. So he went from place to place assisting units in need of his skills to get missions done that would have been much more difficult.

It allowed the UNSC to train more like him. yet his training was even more comprehensive than a ODST or Ranger. Only a few were like him yet as time goes on he is sure to see more.

Even this enemy gave him pause. Aliens who seem to share some sort of common bond. Sun was starting to creep over the burning mountains as he gathered the information on disposition of the alien forces.

Speaking on the teams secure channel Eric spoke sofly." It looks like the enemy has been preparing." Updating there helmets HUD with his sharing the information.

" They have gun turrets watching the south entrance. Same for the North. A patrol of enemy one man craft seems to be circling the perimeter."

" Enemy forces seem deployed in five man squads. Alien Craft is still on deck. Total forces twenty nine hostiles. with unknown number inside." Eric rechecked to be sure.

L.C. Hernandez touched the right side of his helmet changing com channels to Devil Advocates main push." Hell Hound to Delta Able. We are marking targets for air support. Enemy forces are fortified. Over."

Female voice replied." We can barely hear you. Signal Strength is Weak. We copy. Longswords inbound." They waited laying in ground cover or behind bushes.

" Sandman Two to Wolf Pack. We are inbound with fireworks." Eric spoke with the Longsword pilot." This is Smooth we copy Sandman Two. Golf 203 Charlie 02 Delta 06. Attack direction East out of the sun. Marking friendly position with IR grenade." Eric tossed a IR grenade on his position.

" After the air strike we hit them fast and hard." Hernandez directed every one to get ready.

" Sandman Two we have friendly position marked. Rolling In." Missiles exploded on the enemy drop ship as it tried to rise. It lost control crashing before it could try to escape.

Missiles blew apart the plasma turrets sending the little aliens scattering for cover. Two Longswords streaked past to make a second pass. 50mm guns chewed up earth as the enemy fired small arms trying in vain to hit the fast moving jets.

"Sandman Two to Wolf Pack we are clear heading RTB at this time." Every one moved out fallowing Hernandez. Sniper fire and DMR shots picked off some of the enemy.

Both sides closed as they did he noticed one of the drones was down. Nothing Eric could do now. They got closer to the south entrance with plenty of hostiles waiting for them all.

Good thing about all of this was they could get it over with.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ October 26Th 2525, Eden]

Have you ever felt that moment in time when everything bears down on one place. All those actions were meant for you to be in the present situation.

Lieutenant Commander Shawn Hernandez has felt that before. He was in a firefight yet the situation reminded him of his mixed past.

One thing he was proudest of the most was his team. How skilled they each were. How every member of Wolf Pack was the same in that regard.

This team was the best since he joined with Commander "Texas" St. James. That was years ago him being a rookie.

Everything was in slow motion as his DMR(S) fired shot's at these bigger aliens. Energy Shields deflected the rounds off the blue alien.

" Tangos have shields. Concentrate fire on the big ones." They moved slowly up as the aliens fired back with blue or green energy blasts. Some hit the earth sending dirt flying all over.

Sgt. Green was on his left laying down SMG fire hitting bird like aliens with some kind of shields on there arms. What he noticed the most was these aliens had some kind of bond.

They also wore color armor to distinguish each other in some way. In all his years of soldiering he never expected to be fighting alien forces on a sacked planet.

On his right Gunny was blasting enemies who got too close with his shotgun. Even using the Magnum-6(S) pistol for longer range easy kill shots.

Bigger enemies were leading the smaller ones with masks despite being scattered by that air strike. A few tried to charge in but P.O. 1st Class Casanova shot them as they were priming a grenade.

Some sort of energy grenade that detonated killing most of the little aliens squad. He put his SPI armor hard into the dirt despite that he was nicked on the shoulder by a energy blast.

It seemed he was beating the odds again. Like one of O'Kifes blues songs. If he counted this would be a IOU to the grim reaper for the one thousandth time.

He had not known that it was risky to become a Spartan. Volunteering for the ORION project seemed the right thing to do at the time.

He had seen more war then all of his team put together. Including Liz whom he felt a bit sorry for in some ways.
He would take her under his wing try to do his best for her as he did with all of the team members who really needed it.

His sins were mixed with a deep dark past so black that most of his record is dripping in black ink. It was getting harder to sleep at night.

One operation that reminded him of events long past. They were sent to destroy a rebel camp. After clearing a room with grenades then flaming the supply room they found out it was full of children.

That Operation was ten years ago. Yet like a snow ball he began to question ONI about there motives and intel. Not all were bad but those at the top were about results at any cost.

Not that he was not expendable to solve problems. His team served as a tool to be used then put in the shed for later use.

Amanda had opened his heart. Allowing him to see the world in a new way. He fought for so many years for Honor or those who had fallen. Now he adds love.

Just to get off the operating table was a miracle for him so he was glad for a new perspective. It was not bad for a punk kid who grew up in Los Angeles in the slums.

Being a Navy Spacemen has given him so much. Allowed him to go to places. Do things most people see in Videos or Movies. Till now Aliens existed in imaginations.

Every one was pounding fire into the last few as Delta and L.Corporal Dupree moved up to get close and personal backed by Liz, Gunny and O'Kife.

One thing that every soldier picked to be in Wolf Pack had was battlefield intuition. They liked to move fast as well. Yet that was not somthing a soldier learns automatically.

It takes years of experience to get that kind of sixth sense down. Being inventive creative or inspired to do incredible feats is why super soldiers were created.

Any soldier can do all of these things but he or she must be honed to perfection. Mind, Body and Spirit must flow as one. Spartains are just able to do all this only at a higher sustained level.

In any case even the most athletic ODST would have a hard time doing what a Spartain can do with out much pysical effort. Humans can possibly perform the same feat.

When picking members when Shawn became team leader. He really wanted the best he could get in the UNSC even before ORION shut down. A balance of team members who would be from any branch.

Starting with two S.E.A.Ls and two marines after serving a tour in another unit making Lieutenant. Regs about serving in the same unit when making rank.

He eventually was reassigned to his old unit taking command. He reformed it turning it into one of the best units, USW had around that does " We were never here missions."

Including allot of training. They never trained for Aliens attacking. You learn the enemy's tricks. Yet this was all new so they were learning what to look for.

Air strike had allowed them to close in on the enemy forces. Delta limped over while L. Corporal Dupree using sign language to the dog who barked in response. It was funny that it had specially designed armor like the ODSTs to keep it safe from fire.

These energy weapons would burn through any armor if you took too many hits. Enemy had been dealt with. So they approached the south entrance.

Squad of them appeared as Waycrest Academy doors slid open. L.Corporal Dupree was Injured in the shoulder by a pink round from some sort of strange gun.

He downed the shooter with a shot to the head. It entered the eye socket then its head blew in purple mist. No one messes with his people."Medic. We need a medic for Fierce."

Doc Winters rushed out to check on the wounded K-9 handler. Using her M-6(S) pistol to cover Dupree. Doc spends most of her time behind Casanova covering her back.

Looking over the wound as the last enemy dropped Doc Winters pulled out the pink silver gently. Armor took most of it yet blood poured down from the hole in the armor.

Pointing with out words Hernandez told his team to watch all sides. Dock Winters worked in the shadow of the southern entrance to Waycrest.

Two burning turrets with burning mountains off in the distance made a remarkable sight. One he will never forgive nor forget.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[Devils Advocate,Orbiting Eden. October 26Th 2525]

" Sir transmission from the planet." Captain Night had been looking out the main view port at Eden. He was monitoring the situation below." Hellhound to Delta Able we are moving into objective. Once we have package we will call in ODST's to assist. Over."

Captain Night replied personally." We copy that Hellhound. 25Th and the 31st ODST is ready for drop if you encounter any more resistance. "

Lieutenant Cortez stood next to Night advising on the situation below. Coordinating Intel. Speaking to the crew Night tried using a neutral tone." Enemy seems to know we are here. Launch S&R birds during Phase two of Raven. Let them know to be careful down there. Alert Major Ivanovich that i want her marines to keep eyes peeled."

Cortez looked over at the Captain." Sir i know this may seem heartless but i have to say it anyways. Why are we looking for survivors ? I personally would do so.. yet my duty has me inform you that this is a waste of assets."

Captain Night in a gentle tone." We do not leave others behind in any disaster or war. With out hope lieutenant this war is over." long silence fallowed after the exchange.

" I will leave you to it sir. I need to collect more data then coordinate with my people on what we have so far." As she left the bridge Lieutenant Angela Cortez entered her office to see a Priority One flash.

Touching a panel a hidden com unit folded down. Captain Zerkof waited at the other end. His face as always was almost impossible to read." Report on the situation."

"Captain we have forces on the ground. Wolf Pack is closing in on the objective as we speak. Angela always felt as if the Captain was like one of those stern school teachers. He looked the part.

" Good then you fallowed my instructions. It is pivotal they be kept in the dark even O'Kife. I want the package out of system even if you have to deliver it your self Lieutenant." She felt uneasy now.

" Sir we will get it done, you can trust Lieutenant Commander Hernandez." She said in a positive tone.

" That's the problem. I do not trust him not after his arrogance to ONI personnel. He is compromised Lieutenant. Even so we need every bullet, soldier and ship we can lay our hands on."

" Things are brewing back here. These Aliens have shaken up people. Secure all data related to them so i can brief Vice-Admiral Cole when you return. Zerkof out." He disappeared allowing the console to automatically fold into the wall behind her desk.

Angela felt the pressure of this all bearing down on her slim shoulders. It was frighting now that she was alone. Captain sensed she might be emotionally compromised as well.

Some sort of beam weapon destroyed all those homes down on Eden. All that was left was some sort of glyphs. She took out a old picture. Two people from another time. Shawn held her close while they were on a sandy beach in Baja years ago.

Tenderly she touched the picture of a person long ago who was vibrant. Even she had to admit that string bikini looked stunning on her.

Military was her family now yet, Shawn held a special place in her heart. As did her parents who died in a car accident. Taking another framed picture she looked at the faces of her parents.

Tears fell as she hugged the picture. It was hard being in the middle of all of this yet she needed comfort that seemed faraway.

Being a Orphan at age six had been difficult. Now she finds happiness in her work. Military is her family now. In her heart she was praying for Shawn to come back.

It hurt her to see him fight against the system. Against her even so, she forgave him. Desperately wanting to be that person in the photo again.

He wanted to as well yet things got in the way. knowing it is worth it all so they might share a moment. One with out war. Was it blind hope or her determination to see it happen.

One way or another she would make it happen.

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What is love? Baby don't hurt me...

Posted by: CoRaMo
I know I am combo breaking your thread OP, but damn that's some impressive writing.

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Feels like something is missing.

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