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Subject: The Man Who Sang to the Stars

"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Chapter: 4

[ 9Th Age of Reclamation, Planet Eden]

General Kol'Dal watched the humans from a distance on a 3 dimensional Holo Image that was projected from the floor. They were unlike the others. Even the merger human soldiers who tried to stop them.

On his right was his Ultra Prime Sharzan'Thul. Who waited for his words. Warlord Kel'dar Entered this command chamber in his dark armor who served as his Scoutmaster.

" General we await your word to cleanse the humans. My forces are ready to strike. Kneeling down Warlord Kel'dar waited for the General's words." We must wait. The trap is nearly sprung. We have been waiting here in this hastily constructed base but rest assured our prey is moving into position."

Sharzan'Thul said in a cruel tone." My lord General we shall cleanse the filth that tried to hide it from us. Yet i shall wait seeing that we can kill these infidels ending the Heretics desecration."

"We shall strike soon. Alert the two Corvettes to get into position so we may signal them. Once we Jam the enemy they will be alerted. The signal will be sent once the humans get the artifact then try to leave with it."

" Both of you will see to it this does not happen." With a wave of the General's hand the display changed to a map of the Academy.

" We know its energy source is there but are unable to find it. We let the humans find it for us allowing us to position shadow teams inside. In case they live we will use the other troops to surround the building."

Map detailed units to positions as the General placed them." We will use Banshees to cover the air. Then we ferry in forces to the fighting. I will send an armored force to hit them. You will lead that armored force. The humans will try to stop or slow you down Sharzan'Thul."

" Kel'Dar you are in charge of the shadow teams. You are to stop them or slow them down. Drop Ships will deliver troops with air cover. If you see it i want to know what they are doing with it." Shrinking the world to a globe.

" Genral what about the human ship above ?." General Kol'Dal in a pleased tone with mandibles clicking turned to Sharzan'Thul who had asked." That will be a surprise the humans will not forget. Our wait is nearly over Brothers. We will banish these vermin then take what is ours as they are burned in the fires of sacrament. Now go. The Great Journey awaits us on this first step."

Both Sangheili left as the General turned to admire his cunning in private. These humans were desperate to find what he was looking for. He marveled at the power he would be given once he arrived with it in hand.

Hero to his people and respect by the other Covenant races. No more would he suffer from fools. He would uplift his people to a new future. One he would forge with those who were true believers. It was all coming into place.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ 0824 hrs October 26Th 2525, Waycrest,Eden]

Eric stood waiting for Doc Winters to patch up L.Corporal Dupree as he did it felt as if he finally found a home.

Some had simply ignored him till the mission was completed. Lieutenant Commander Hernandez did not do that. Every team member was vital.

Each of them were different. A Spartan II who he seemed to be making fast friends with. Her first purchase at the ship commissary was a magnetic chess set.

Dupree also amazed him with a dog who could read sign language Or Casanovas skill with a sniper rifle. Each of them were different yet he did not feel as if the team members felt threatened by him being on the team.

" Hellhound i forgot to mention two more objective updates. I had little time when Lieutenant Cortez gave me the two drives." He mentioned to L.C. Hernandez who looked over as did Gunny.

"Spit it out Smooth." Gunny said with a whimsical harsh voice.

" Right Loud. First i lost a drone during the fighting. Not sure what happened. As for the objectives Lieutenant Cortez told me of two project leaders who are most likely in ONI safe rooms."

Lieutenant Commander Hernandez was quiet for a moment with this then spoke." What else did she say ?"

Clearing his voice Eric repeated what Cortez said about him" She has your back no matter what you think of ONI. That she cares for you still."

" You can make up when we get back Hellhound. We need to move out of here. Fierce is nearly patched up. If i die out here i will never hear the end of it from my Wife." Gunny patted L.C. On the shoulder who did smile a bit.

" Right Loud. Listen up. We go inside check those corners. We are about to get tactical. Dupree you stay with Doc. Check our six." Hernandez waved a hand inside.

"We pair up. Call out any targets. Mean you are with me." Sgt. Green entered with L.C. Hernandez who went quiet. Every one started moving inside. Liz paired up with him they stepped inside Waycrest Academy's doors.

It was filled with body's. Liz Knelt down looking at one." They died before they could run. This one was cut by something." Eric looked at the body she was speaking about bringing up his Thermals.

Gunny with Casanova entered seeing the carnage." Fun house of horror they left us. Smooth move up to Hellhound." All four of them moved up as Lieutenant Commander was looking over the bodies.

" They never had a chance. Herded in here then cut down. No place to run." Eric looked around a bit more. Information booth it used to be.

The dead lay all over. Some missing limbs. The old the young. Teachers and students lay in heaps. Most of all it was deathly quiet like a morgue.

This senseless slaughter would haunt all of them. Winters with Dupree came up behind. Delta limped on one paw as his master was half carried inside.

" Hellhound we need to find those survivors. They might give us a better idea of what we are dealing with. Also some one might be able to open the objective." Every one snapped out of the shock yet there was a lingering feeling of dread.

" Right. You have the coordinates ?." Eric put up a blue carrot selecting the location on the map. On the teams HUD it was one hundred six meters away." That should lead us to them." Every one clicked on flashlights going into NV mode.

" Take it slow people." They moved up in twos covering each other in the once gracefully designed Waycrest Academy. It had two levels.

It was the size of a football stadium. This main campus had some fountains with plants and padded benches. Vending machines stood at strategic points.

Stairs lead up in a figure eight like design. It had been a lovely school before this. Only his foot falls could be herd besides his teams. It felt strange to be alone in this tomb.

Eric had been on a few missions. Nothing prepared him for this. Yet when he got back first thing to forget this was a few songs.

He understood why so many soldiers did not speak about there experiences at times. He was never trained for this yet he did have eight brave souls who were plunging into the darkness.

If they had been alone it would have cracked the most seasoned veteran. As it was they were barely holding together.

They headed towards the safe room signaling each other along the way. Hand signs were used to keep it all stealthy. When it was quiet like this sound traveled far so noise discipline was needed.

Well good thing no one felt threatened by his skill set. Some would get all macho on Eric then try to insult him."Tech Weenie" Or his personal favorite "Robolove Slave." He was impressed with every one Else's skills feeling a little more specialized.

Few could do what he did. Busting his ass off to get in shape. Training with the Security Police Tactical Response Unit. Many thought he was some desk jokey who thought he knew what he was doing. They find out quick he is not what they expected.

He has come so far yet had so much to learn. Yet the blues were that outlet that gave him peace of mind. That made him feel as a person again not some toy soldier.

Pushing back these dark thoughts he had faith. Faith that he would play again. That people would enjoy his music.

He would in the end see to it that this enemy would fall. His Intel would be accurate as possible. Eric failed these people.

Approaching the ONI Safe house door it looked like another wall. Eric looked for a hidden panel while the others covered him.

Green pointed to a square that looked different from the rest of the wall." That i think is it." Eric touched it. It slid down to reveal a keypad.

Eric got the code from his wrist mounted mini-pad. It opened the false wall. A solid steel door cycled opened. They moved inside keeping weapons low.

" Watch our six Doc and Fierce." Eric entered behind the L.C. With Gunny behind him. Liz stood with Winters and Dupree.

Entering some sort of common storage area. This Safe Room had food water and medicine. Two doors were here in a T like intersection. One door had a long window with three beds.

They opened the next door finding the survivors packed inside. A security officer had his M-6 pointed at them. Every one was scared.

" UNSC Navy. You are safe now." Every one was at ease. Security Officer went off to talk to L.C. in private. The survivors filed out of the food storage room.

" Dr. Karen Bryce ? Are you here?" A voice said to him as she pushed her way past the mass of exiting people." Yes i am her." The woman was in her late sixties.

" Ma'am if you would come with me so my C.O. can speak with you. We are unsure what it is we are picking up. I can say we will get you out of here." He put a hand on her shoulder.

" What about the others ?" Dr. Karen Bryce asked with a flat tone. L.C. Hernandez came over with Gunny to see what was going on after finishing with the Security Guard.

" They did not make it. I am sorry." Dr. Bryce was in shock. Her face was in horror." I was told to come here. My team and a few i could gather." Eric comforted the woman.

" Ma'am i know this might seem harsh but what were you working on ?" She pushed away the arm.

" So that's what you are here for! I lost so many friends are they all dead !? What about the rest of the planet ? We came under attack so fast. No one was sure who it was."

" Ma'am so far you are the only survivors we found. There might be more. As for who we are working on that but know that these Aliens were responsible." Eric tried to sooth her.

" You military types all the same. You did not come here for us you came for the Halsey Fragment." Dr. Bryce showed anger in her eyes.

" What is it ?.. We need to secure it then get you off planet with it. Doctor please help us." Eric took off his helmet to show he was sincere.

" It is some sort of Alien data module. It was found in some ruins while a survey team was looking for Resources on some planet. It was given to us for research."

" I jumped at the opportunity. It was the Rosette stone of alien artifacts. We were able to translate some of it over time."

" I named it after my long time friend who sent this my way. This fragment belonged to a long dead alien race that our studies were going to unravel even more. We learned many secrets from it. Yet i now see it has brought doom to this once beautiful world." Dr. Bryce wept at the end. No one moved yet were supportive. After she finished L.C. Moved forward.

" Ma'am i am Lieutenant Commander Hernandez of Wolf Pack. I promise you that we will get you off planet. Right now we need to move it so we can get to our second objective. I am sorry for your loss but i can assure you they will be remembered well."

" Smooth here will take care of you." L.C. Hernandez patted his shoulder." We will have ODSTs here so i understand the frustration. Its possible enemy forces are moving here so time is short. We need to move these people out for evac."

L.C. Moved off to the side contacting Devils Advocate. Dr. Bryce Stood in shock still." I herd the screams. I" Dr. Bryce looked ill but crossed her arms hugging her self. she found a wall to rest on.

" Delta Able this is Hellhound. We have survivors. Send in the ODSTs for package delivery. Have Pelicans stand by for evac. Echos might return so we are holding here."

Captain Night Replied." Copy that Hellhound. Wolf Pack hold position. ODSTs are dropping and Pelicans are on the way. ETA for Pelicans is twenty minutes. Good job finding the survivors. Night out."

He felt bad for Dr. Bryce she was sitting in a corner hugging her knees. That long stare he knew well. All her friends gone.

Crouching down putting a hand on her shoulder not saying a word. Eric comforted her. Damn this war.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ Admiral Cole's Private Diary]

I have become a hero for a reason that seems sound. I have witnessed hero's rise and fall. I never asked to be one yet i have joined the ranks of privilege and burden.

Yet i must say i have ordered men to there deaths. Hero's to all. In my own heart i must confess that they should be remembered for the deeds they did for one and all. Not my self who did what was necessary.

Being a Hero was never my intent. As did others but they rose to meet the challenge. This is what defines a generation who rises to the call.

It is rare to see a living Hero. One who meets the problems of the day. One who is humble to know that he professes it was others who were the true hero's that stood against the storm with him.

It is the greatist honor being a Hero. Some will stand with you. Others will stand apart. Even others will cast you down into the fires of hell.

But it is the strength of a hero that will carry the legacy on. Humanity is blessed with hero's that they champion the cause. They belive when all seems lost. That hope will arise from the ashes.

I can only pray this is true for we have brought the battle to Harvest. As long as there are Troopers,Spacemen, Airmen, and Marines there will be a future of peace.

Humanity's greatest accomplishments are during peace time. Our enemy underestimates us as we will rebuild. There will be singing, dancing and art.

Yet we practice the ways of war to bring peace. It gives me great hope that we will have a role in the stars. That we are not alone lets us know we need to take a more active role once the war is over.

All of it would not be done unless we have Hero's who will sacrifice everything for this dream. Our enemy fears us, for they know we can do great things.

Vice-Admiral Cole (2526 After the battle of Harvest)

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0836 hrs October 26th 2525, Waycrest, Eden]

Sergeant Allen"Mean"Green had seen allot of war. Yet even he was overwhelmed with the Genocide these aliens have inflicted in such a short time.

Checking on Dupree who was helped inside as Doc Winters was looking over every one who had any injuries. Even Delta got checked out who licked Winters hand.

" Hey Mean i need you to wait for some ODSTs Hellhound says they should be here anytime now. We got Pelicans coming as well." Gunny put a big meaty hand on his shoulder.

" Sure Loud. Just i was hoping to put some rounds into those aliens again but if you need me to hold there hands-" Gunny cut him off." We need all the help we can get besides you Army boys need to exercise more."

"Is that so ?. I think if you spent more time aiming more you all might be better shots. Exercise does not improve aim." There playful banter sounded serious but it was more rivalry between Marines And Rangers.

Allen moved out to wait for them near the stairs. ODSTs came inside as he was relived that they would get this objective then get out of here.

Ever have that feeling you are being watched yet cannot find who it is. He felt eyes on him but it might be his imagination.

ODSTs came up the stairs. There squad leaders stepped forward." Lieutenant Brandon Ling of the 31st." The other gave a nod to Green as well." Staff Sergeant Nikomi Rogers of the 25Th."

" Hellhound is back inside. Not sure if all you are going to fit." Green mentioned off hand yet keeping alert looking about.

" Right you men stay here i and the Sergeant will speak with the Lt. Commander." Lieutenant Ling fallowed by S.Sgt Rogers who went back to speak to the L.C. while he was stuck with the ODSTs who looked about.

" OK keep eyes open." One of the ODSTs undarknend her silver visor." So Sergeant care to tell me what is going on ?" Green shrugged." We have Civilians who need evac. Pick up this objective then move on to the next."

" Sergeant Valentine." Introducing her self." Its a honor to work with Wolf Pack. We passed allot of bodies on the way up Not to mention the dead enemies..aliens what ever they are."

"Seems our enemy sees humans as dead weight. We will show them otherwise by dropping it on there heads." He said in a sharp tone.

Out came L.C. Hernandez with Gunny fallowing. Behind him were Lieutenant Ling and S.Sgt Rogers. O'Kife came out a few moments later with Dr. Bryce.

" Pelicans should be arriving soon. Loud you take the Sergeant here and cover those civilians while we get this thing then scoot." L.C. Hernandez motioned to S.Sgt. Rogers

" Smooth you are on me. Liz too. Mean you go with the Sergeant and get Fierce on a Pelican she is too stubborn for her own good to get on one. You too Silent. Make sure Dupree and Delta get out."

" Lets go Dr. Bryce, the Lieutenant here will cover our backs while we get the package." L.C. Moved out leaving Gunny to head back inside with Mean who helped Dupree up.

" We are evacing you. Hellhounds orders." Allen took Duprees hand putting a arm over his shoulder as Gunny got the Civillians out into the hallway.

" Lets go. We have Evac coming in to get all of you to safety. Fallow the ODSTs who will take you outside. We will fallow." Gunny checked the rooms then lead Dupree, Delta, Silent and Doc Winters out of the Safe Room.

The Door was sealed again. They fallowed behind the ODSTs who were escorting the Civilians out the South Entrance. One or two Civilians would trip over a dead body. Even comment yet they kept moving.

Allen was not used to being around Civilians. Most war zones had very few of them. He knew some rebel camps had them but he had not encountered any. Most were farmers who they would get out of harms way if a big battle was going to occur.

Yet he hated being on the Defensive. He wanted to be able to strike at the enemy. Too many places here the enemy could jump them.

Outside was not bad but it was too open. If they were attacked not much to hide behind besides some planters. Two Pelicans hovered down landing on the grass.

Cargo Ramps descended as the VTOL engines on the Pelicans were on idle. Two marines were guarding the cargo doors. Civillians cimbed aboard happy to be safe.

Doc Winters helped Dupree aboard. Gunny yelled over the engines with Allen near." YOU STAY WITH HER DOC." Giving a thumbs up to both of them. Gunny tapped Allen's shoulder to fallow. P.O. 1st class Casanova fallowed behind them both

Watching with the ODSTs they both felt elated. Both Pelicans lifted off like Angels to carry the survivors to safety.

"This is Loud to Hellhound birds are away."Getting Nothing he tried again."Loud to Hellhoud do you read ?" One pelican landed as another hovered both were outfitted with rockets.

" Golf Zero three six to ground team. We are awaiting pick up." Gunny unsure what was going on." Golf Zero Three Six we-" The other Pelican Gunship turned to its right." This is Golf one zero seven. We have enemy movement. We are being Jammed. All UNSC forces. Take cover."

" Copy Golf we will take hard points."Sgt. Green was glad laser communications could not be jammed. So it was point to point. Yet you had to be in visual range or close proximity.

Both Gunships got off in time to meet enemy fighters who engaged them in ACM. Green took cover as a fighter took a pass at them fireing blue bolts of death. ODSTs hustled to Wolf Packs position firing along the way at this lone fighter.

It suddenly blew apart." This is Voodoo Zero six six . We are engaging hostiles. Covering area for Phase two deployment." Every one was glad that a Vulture appeared to lend assistance as were the Pelicans.

" Golf Zero Three Six to Voodoo Zero Six Six thanks for the assist. We have enemy ground forces moving in. More bandits inbound to our position as well." ODSTs made it to there postion behind some planters then took up fireing postions.

" Ground team we will hold here as long as we can. Phase Two deployment should have Marines on the way. Golf Zero Three Six out." They cheered as alien fighter peices rained all over.

"Copy, Wolf Pack two-four is heading inside to relink with Wolf Pack one-Six. Keep the skys safe." Waveing a hand at the ODSTs they moved out heading back into Waycrest.

Sargeant Rogers kept her team togeather fallowing the Wolf Pack who was hustleing to the Vault. She did not want to loose them. Gunny slowed down speaking to Sgt. Rogers.

" I need you to head outside to the North Entrace. Secure the area so our Pelicans can land Worthogs for our trip to Objective Two. We have this."

" Lets move Troopers. You can complain on the way." Sgt. Rogers tilted her helmet in ackowlagement to Gunny. The ODSTs moved off leaveing them behind.

Gunny moved out with Allen next to him checking corners. Casanova had both of there backs covering them as they all three moved swiftly.

They some how slipped past the Drone outside. O'Kife was too good to not spot a team slipping in the back door.

Hearing gunfire then enemy energy discharges they headed twords the sound of battle. Allen felt really afraid like he has not in a long time. If they can slip past them what next will they do ?

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ 0906 hrs October 26Th,2525 Devils Advocate]

Captain Night stood on the bridge looking at the plot when Lieutenant Cortez called him. " Sir i need to see you in the war room when you have a chance. Asap if you will".

Night Touched his headset." I will be-" Chief of the Watch moved to speak with the Captain." Captain." Chief Thorton a respected NCO who had nearly twenty years in.

" Sir. LADAR shows two enemy vessels entering the system. We detected the jump signature's as they came in. Also we are not in contact with ground forces."

Captain Night stood tall." When are they due to arrive ?"

Chief Thorton opened the plot touching it to widen. " Twenty four hours sir. They came out close but i figure this was unfamiliar system so they did not risk crashing into a planet."

" Hmm seems like there trap is working. Time to change that. I am sure they would assume we would leave." Pointing to the two Corvette class ships.

Captain stood in silence as did the bridge crew who was listening in." Do we have any contact with our forces planet side ?" Chief shook his head no eyes downcast.

Com Tech Stella Allers stood up." Captain we have Pelicans approaching. I am putting them on the bridge sir." This is Perseus one three one to Devils Advocate. We have civilians aboard." Bridge speakers amplified the pilots voice.

" This is Captain Night we lost contact with the ground team can you tell us what happened ?" Allers linked Captains Mic to the Pelicans transmission.

" Negative. We left before the shooting started." Captain nodded." Air Boss will direct you in then Perseus." Allers switched over the link to the Air Boss.

" I want eyes on the ground soonest. Get me in touch with the ground team if you can. I am going to be into briefing room one. Signal me if anything crops up." Captain Night exited heading to the briefing room that was not far away.

Entering he found Lieutenant Cortez with her secretary. A young blond woman with green eyes. They were standing over a holo table with unit symbols. Green triangles were friendly. Yellow on standby and Red enemy.

" Captain i am sorry to take you away but we lost contact with-" Captain Night gave a look that silenced Lt. Cortez." I know. What can you tell me."

" Sir we think they are jamming us but we will need time to trace it. " Cortez widened the field showing a 3-D model of the Waycrest Academy and the surrounding area." From what we can tell enemy forces are advancing on Wolf Packs position."

" We set up a staging point for forces in Phase one here. Phase two as well." Pointing to a round green circle. One klick from the academy in a small canyon. "We know they have moved in."

Also we are detecting movement on the ground. We flew over a drone that was shot down but we were able to gleam information. The enemy is massing a large force that will arrive in about an hour."

" We assume our forces are under attack Captain." Captain Night looked closely at the display." Seems as if they are giving us a dilemma. Two enemy ships drive us off ,wait for our ground forces. All a perfect trap we fell for." He put a fist in palm.

" Not today. Come with me Lieutenant." They both left the room heading to the bridge. Captain Night strode in barking orders. No one had ever seen him with that fierce look in his eyes.

" Ensign Redwolf take us below. I want us near the Academy." Captain Nights head swiveled to Chief Thorton." I want Task Force Ivan prepared for ground deployment. Tell Major Ivanovich she is to lead this force."

" Let the Air Boss know i want Longswords prepared for alert five and air strikes on enemy positions. Recall all SR birds. I want them for RDF duty." Looking at Tech Allers. Every one listened closely.

" Bring all weapons online. Tell gunnery to stand by for target information. Hold the line while we give Wolf Pack time to complete its mission."

" Lieutenant get me those positions on the jammers so i can send units after them. Most of all get me anything you can on the enemy positions. We are not failing this mission people." Every one busied themselves with there tasks.

Captain Night took a long stare at the plot board. The clock was ticking. He was not going to leave them behind. Not if it cannot be helped.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ 30 min earlier 0836 hrs October 26Th Waycrest Academy.]

Liz fallowed Lieutenant Commander Hernandez keeping a sharp look out for hostiles. Fallowing was S.Sgt O'Kife, Dr. Bryce, and the 31st ODST who were trotting behind.

Dr. Bryce had the location so she took the lead. She was afraid so O'Kife helped her past the dead bodies. Every so often she would gasp.

Ever feel afraid that there was something lurking in the closet. That there was something in the dark waiting. Her training allowed her to let the dark become just another setting.

Still there was a little girl who was sobbing for her mother. In the dark in a strange place. Jon comforted her as did the others but that was long ago.

They all had trained together. Mostly no one spoke unless spoken to. Even O'Kife said she was " Pure Soldier." Not sure what that meant but he did not mean it in a negative way.

All of them arrived at the location. Touching a fountain in the right place it opened up. Stairs lead below. This fountain was hidden away. Yet it had seemed real.

" Lieutenant stay here watch-" Liz saw movement not much could sneak up on her let alone a group but they did as Dr. Bryce entered the code opening the Vault.

Everything happened fast yet she reacted quickly. Three ODSTs were down with curved like spears in there backs. Eleven alien warriors descended down upon them.

Three had some sort of energy like swords that glowed a fluorescent white. One tried to stab her as she blocked the blow with the rifle stock. Spin Kicked the Alien into another.

Her martial arts training was not in a specific form. More or less it was a mix of moves optimized for combat. Every Spartan II knew how to kill in hand to hand.

Her squad had been trained far more than the others getting close to targets being able to take them out with bare hands. Yet they did not make it past the operation, she did.

L.C. Hernandez moved much faster than she or the enemy anticipated. He caught the neck of a thrown spear in mid air while turning before it impacted him.

He dropped it firing the DMR(S} as the Alien fired back. He rushed it bringing his rifle on the creature head. Bringing down the shields. With a shot he fired point blank yet not having time to see if it was dead being jumped by another enemy.

O'Kife was knocked into the vault by a flying Dino alien who was thrown. O'Kife rushed out as grenades went off some how in the vault area.

Dr.Bryce took cover in a corner near the door. Watching as O'Kife hustled out of the clean room.

They were slow and clumsy. One tried to cut her with the energy blade. He hit another as she was in the air doing a flip using the alien.

Both surviveing ODSTs were going hand to hand as well. They were driven back when one tried to throw a energy grenade. It was the one who was stabbed.

Both side's broke combat as the humans dove for the safety of the vault. Aliens ran for cover as the one with the sword had a blue orb of death on his face.

Both blew up as energy sizzled the air killing both instantly. Grenades with energy blasts fallowed. Dr. Bryce had shut the vault door. Just in time to save every one.

One grenade blew up in the dressing area while they were in the clean room. O'Kife was protecting Dr. Bryce who nearly strayed into the grenade. He flew across the room impacting with the already weakened security glass surrounding the artifact.

Liz checked on O'Kife who had a small dent from impacting the wall. His arm had shattered the glass. Knocking the two triangle like metal object to the floor next to him self.

" Ouch..I.." Trying to get up his hand brushed the artifact. It was glowing some sort of light green. He fell back down unconscious as Liz leaned over him.

It bothered her that there were real monsters in the dark. These days she was a bigger threat then they were. Sgt. Valentine made her helmet go clear.

" Thank you Spartan. I have never seen some one so skilled. I just wish we could get out there to save Porter who was bleeding out."

Liz was pleased to hear this." Thank you ma'am but this is not over yet. Looking down at O'Kife. Doctor i think he might be injured can you take a look at him ?"

Dr Bryce looked over" I am not a medical doctor but i have some training." Bryce looked over O'Kife taking off his helmet." He is breathing. No fracture of the left arm. I think he might have a bruise or pulled a muscle."

Explosions rocked outside. Sniper fire also. Then it was silent again. Pounding on the door" Its Loud. Open up Hellhound."

The vault door was opened for the rest of Wolf Pack." You know my rocket launcher was-" Looking around seeing Casanova." We are missing one. Mean-" Liz stepped out to see that some one had used allot of explosives to kill the enemy.

Gunny was carrying a rocket launcher so that would explain it." Hes dead sir."Casanova pointed down the hallway. Green had been cut open with a energy sword like weapon." It was that red one who was the leader. He ran past us while i was reloading i thought Mean had him."

" He did his duty protecting you." L.C. Walked over taking the mans dog tags. Breaking one off then drawing out a disk from a sealed pouch." Once we make contact with the Captain we will send some one for the body's."

L.C. Said nothing more entering the vault quietly with the others who did not speak. Liz seen a look in Hernandez eyes she never had seen before.

Valentine did the same with her fallen squad mates. No one gets left behind.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[ Time:Unknown 26Th October, Location:Waycrest,Academy.]

Eric was in a dark location. Some one was coming into focus as he lay on the floor. A woman with blue wings looked at him. She was bent over makeing his lips look like a fishes.

" Hey you, Still alive ?" Eric noticed he was not wearing any helmet." Get up you can see us." Eric was helped up.

A red suited jester danced around." He is here the Keeper. He is confused. bemused yes ? " Jester peeked out behind the woman." That is Jester. I am Pixie."

Eric was confused he was just flung into a hard object he must be dreaming." Oh this is no dream." Pixie smiled." We are data module you touched."

" Reclaimer he is not. Yet he has come distraught." Jester pranced around like a ballerina.

Eric smiled at Jester. Turning to Pixie rubbing the back of his neck." I am a bit confused."

" We are a experimental data module. You are human so we need to go see the Architect who creates us all and gives us life. " Pixie explained.

Eric was baffled." So you are in my mind ?"

" Here let me show you. This was long ago. Wait we have some kind of data port. Oh i see. You humans use a lower form of tech. Close your eyes."

His mind went back long ago. A scientist who was human shook a fist at fleeing ships. He saw his reflection in a sheen metal wall. Orange/white suit with dark hair.

" You doomed us all you fools!" yelling at ships leaving. These ships were strange yet familiar. The man sealed his door afterwards. looking at his wife who was not human but she was humanoid looking to pass for one.

" Idiots who should have stayed till we were all ready. Flood show up they run. I am the last human to be on this planet and you are forerunner." Eric was this man looking at the house. It was strange yet every machine had a purpose.

One thing he did notice was the water pitcher on the dining table with a few cups. So they were low tech also. Eric could not move but yet he felt and could see what the Scientist did.

" Love lets not give into fear." That face looked like Pixies." We both worked so hard to make this." Huge thud on the door as it bent from several hits then it fell.

" It shall be our legacy. When humanity is ready they will come again." A huge sickly looking creature with tentacles grabed them. He was back again standing with Pixie and Jester.

" Our poor masters. They died before we could get to the Architect. We have waited for a long time for humans to re surge. After the cleansing we feared that no one would find us." Pixie fluttered her wings.

" Death, Silence, Now life. Now Champion rides forth. Rings of fire. He will defy them all. Wind of change puts out it all. Champion rises who does not know. Paladin for all to show. The way out of the dark into the light. He will continue the fight. With sevral Knights." Jester walked on his hands easily saying all of this.

" Covenant are here. It is our job to pass on to the next humans information. We were created to store it here. I can show you on planet where it will be-."

Eric awoke to Bryce having his helmet off. Groggily getting up he used the artifact to push up as he took it in hand." You took a hard hit. Lucky you just have a concussion." Liz gave something red to Dr. Bryce who stabbed him in the vein with the pen injector. Things started to clear up.

Eric felt dopey he did not know if it was a dream but it was strange he stood up with the Artifact." We lost Green." Liz said to him as he turned to look over at L.C. Hernandez who had a look of pain.

Gunny as well. Every one looked pretty glum. He was feeling great! Drugs felt great. Yet his arm hurt with his head throbbing a bit.

Nothing was broken. He grabed one of the small boxes that they used to transport the item. Placed it inside. " You got it lets go." The vault door opened. He fallowed Gunny who was holding him steady.

" Sir we have no com link, We i think are jammed. I had the other ODST squad go outside to clear the area for Warthog drop." L.C. Nodded." Good lets get out there get this done.

That second objective is up the hill in the science ward. Lets move." S.Sgt Eric O'Kife put on his helmet again as things came into more focus.

Every one was quiet on the way to the North Entrance. Eric had seen the body. He would morn later. Right now he needed to shake off the dream. Get his head in the game.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0912 hrs October 26Th, Waycrest Academy, Eden]

Gunnery Sergeant Brandon"Loud"Shale had been in the marines for nearly sixteen years. He had seen many good soldiers fall in battle.

It wore on him that Sgt. Green was killed in that last heated battle. Even if he was an army puke, he was Wolf Pack. A valued member who did impress Gunny even if he did not admit it.

This would make number four in this unit. He had been with the 17Th ODST before Wolf Pack. He joined the war effort on the Indies for payback when some of his family got killed on Arcadia.

They bombed a Mag Lev train in a terrorist act. It claimed the lives of nearly sixty people. His uncle and aunt died in that crash with his cousins.

He figured that making a difference would be getting on the front lines. Not many were his size. It took the big men to use the big guns.

Yet today he had seen more dead then his entire military career. These alien butchering bastards killed allot of people.

It made him think about what was important in his life. He had a wife who became estranged. They met on a cruise liner. They both hit it off pretty well.

A secretary for some corporation who still believed in such things as having a human to talk to not some computer.

She moved up the ranks over the years as his career became a wedge between them both. He could not open up to her about what he did. It drove her crazy that he was away all the time.

The worst was the danger he was in that his wife sort of knew about. They had not lived together for years but he did make the effort to write the kids and talk to her.

Hardest thing was when he was on leave. How his kids had grown. It was difficult to be called away all the time but he could not simply just leave the Core.

Few more years in he could retire. Yet that seemed distant with this new war. He had been lucky so far not to dig his own grave. Die on some distant world.

One thing he did promise is to send these alien scumbags to an early grave. He would not allow them to hurt his family. Most of all take any more of his people with out a fight.

The door opened in the North Entrance to a well designed Courtyard. Far in the distance was the raging fires of once a human town.

A Hornet spun out of control then crashed. Phase two forces must have arrived. He spotted a Warthog driving around with marines pushing back enemy forces.

Bodies lay all around the Courtyard. Mostly enemies with marines or ODSTs. Looking to his left were the 25Th ODST sat in the shade of the door. What was left of them.

" We took the field Gunny." Gunnery Sergeant Shale Knelt down looking at the Injured S.Sgt Rogers who was being tended by a fellow ODST.

" You did good trooper." She weakly smiled before life faded from her eyes. Sergeant Valentine put a hand on the remaining ODST.

" We are going to need wheels." L.C. Hernandez radioed out. Looking at the carnage." This is Wolf Pack Six. Any one reading me ?."

" Copy Wolf Pack Six. This is Voodoo zero six six. One of our Pelicans are down. Charlie team is finishing up with enemy survivors. We will drop 'Hogs then pick up wounded."

Brandon took Rodgers dog tag with a sullen face. He hated to see good soldiers die but he knew she did not do so in vain. He took the disk with her final farewell letter from Rogers hand.

He stood up looking around at the field closer. Brass was laying all over. It glittered like reflective snow. Enemy had used light attack vehicles. Even some kind of shock troops that looked like apes.

" Charlie four to Wolf Pack over." L.C. Replied squatting down to take off S.Sgt. Rodgers helmet closing her eyes. Standing up now." This is Wolf Pack Six i read."

" Something is jamming our signal. Delta Able is unaware of our progress. We have a Vulture on station. Two Hornets with my platoon holding here. Echos seem intent on taking this area.

" We lost a Pelican with about half my platoon. This seemed to be a large scout force. Orders ?" Lieutenant Commander Hernandez looked up into the blue sky.

" I copy. Pull those men out. We are heading to Objective Bravo. I want ground troops to pull back. This enemy seems intent on Package. We will take hogs then get objective clear. I am sending a Civilian your way."

" Roger that. We will send our 'Hog to pick her up. Charlie four out." Three Pelicans Hovered down into the Courtyard dropping off Warthogs.

Two were standard varity with chain guns. Last one was a Gauss Hog that Gunny got on the turret. every one took a hog even the three remaining ODSTs joined them as well.

Charlies Warthog picked up Dr. Bryce who was taken to the Pelican LZ sixty meters away. She with the marines were flown to safety.

ODST drove Gunny with Liz. while P.O. 1st class Casanova was driving L.C. Hernandez. S.Sgt O'Kife,Sgt. Valentine and a ODST were all in the last 'Hog.

They waited till the Pelicans took off covering them. Then roared off towards objective Bravo. Gunny could see Voodoo Zero Six Six engaging some enemy aircraft.

Ships flew past the Gunship with it's Hornet escort that were too busy to engage the Y shaped ships. Three Drop Ships sped past to deploy troops at the science ward.

It was time to get loud. Gunny had some avenging to do for humanity. Especially Mean who he was joking with before they assaulted the vault.

Focusing his sights he hit the pedals moving the turret. Squeezing the grips letting a Gauss round fly in anger at some set up gun emplacement.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[O927 hrs October 26Th,Waycrest Science Ward,Eden]

Lieutenant Commander Shane"Hellhound"Hernandez had thought he would never loose another team member. It was difficult personally for him.

It was his responsibility. He knew that Gunny blamed himself as well but it rested on his shoulders. Yet this enemy might claim more lives.

Firing 12.7mm Vulcan machine gun that spit out twenty five rounds per second. He squeezed the butter fly triggers fanning the fire to hit these new enemies. Ape looking creatures.

Some began to charge them if they were hit with too many rounds. Little aliens had set up a gun emplacement that was taken down by Gunny who focused on the charging ape creatures.

Third Warthog was firing at one of those purple attack fighters who seemed intent on disrupting the humans plans. O'Kife was on the turret hosing down the thing with fire.

They would have to clear the area of hostiles before moving in. This could get hairy in so many ways. If this was hell then he hoped that heaven would be better.

" Voodoo Zero Six Six is going down." Hernandez could see a swarm of enemy fighters. dodging weaving the Vultures fire. Sending blue energy bolts into the hull of this lone Vulture." Escorts are down as well. Mayday Zero-Six..Six is going-Down." He briefly seen one fighter blow up as the Vultures automatic cannons riped it apart.

His head sank a bit knowing that right now rescue of the crew would take some time. Energy blast hissed past his head. Swinging the turret around he let loose with a full burst.
Hot brass fell out the chute as he laid into new targets.

Casanova with her great reflexes skidded in a U turn that allowed him to pepper the new arrivals who were hiding inside with bullets.

It was two large blue like aliens with what looked like tank armor. Huge cannons were on each arm. Both looking similar with orange exposed areas.

A huge green energy blast flew past as one raised its weapon attempting to send there Warthog to a fiery doom. At the same time the alien attack fighter blew apart as O'Kifes 'Hog searched for more targets.

"Hellhound watch out!. Silent break left!." Gunny said into the mic." He crouched down." Holy-" A few more squads of Ape like aliens showed up as well.

One had a huge hammer in hand. A few more who came out to investigate the battle. Casanova broke left as it fired one more blast. Both big aliens moved up unafraid to deal out damage.

" Gunny Lay down fire on those two. We will get there attention. O'Kife keep those other tangos off us." He did not hear any reply too focused on staying alive at this point.

Spinning up his M41 that seemed to be shooting spit wads. Most of the hail of bullets missed but they did score a few hits in soft places. Putting up some kind of arm shield to deflect them.

He got there attention as Gunny sent 25mm Gauss rounds into the back of one shattering its armor then killing it as the other was trying to melt them into goo.

It turned to face Gunny its cannon lit up about to fire when O'Kifes 'Hog rammed into it sending the huge armored creature tipping off balance.

All three Warthogs finished it off then turned to fighting the in cover ape aliens. O'Kife, Valentine hoped out then dragged out the ODST driver who seemed to have minor injuries.

" Well Hellhound seems hitting objects is my thing. I will have my drone do a flyby to make sure this is all of them. Were OK." O'Kife was behind the Warthog with the others.

"Just give us time to check this guy out. We will move up clear them out if you can give us support fire".O'Kife gave a thumbs up.

"Copy Smooth. That 'Hog wont be moving any time soon. Looks like you wrecked the axle." Laying down fire to keep the aliens pined. Every so often one would try to throw one of those energy grenades.

"Lets round them up then move in." Gunny hit the one with that hammer several times as it went berserk. Charging out with some of its squad while fire from Hernandez with those behind there ruined vehicle seemed to finally bring down the charging alien.

It hammered O'Kifes Warthog that flipped out of the way that they used for cover. Gunny hit the thing in the head. It finally fell dead as Hernandez riddled it with bullets.

Grabbing the ODST under his armpits O'Kife with Valentine rushed for cover as many of the enemy went for broke to get to them but were gunned down.

Few that were missed were dealt with O'Kifes team. ODST seemed to be OK moving then getting up woozy. He was sat down on a bench.

"Hellhound area is clear. Tangos are down. He seems OK." Shane directed Casanova to stop near Science Wards entrance."Copy check him out. Loud you keep watch for any hostiles. Stay here keep the engines running."

" Copy that sir. You heard the man. Form up when ready on Hellhound. We will keep engines hot. I have a feeling we will need to get out fast. Enemy seems intent on stopping us." Gunny made an observation.

" Yes they are very interested in the package. This is why-" Looking up they watched a single frigate break through the clouds like one of those old sailing vessels on the sea.

Painted in White Letters on the hull.Devils Advocate. It was Klicks off but you could make it out as the sun touched its hull.

There must be a good reason why Captain Night would take such a chance with there only ride home. What ever the reason they had a job to do. Knowing that they came down here to buy them time.

" That's the ship ?" Casanova said looking at the sight.

" Yes it is but we have a job to do." Gunny snapped every one out of it.

" OK form on me. Two at a time. maintain noise discipline. Enemy is able to use some sort of visual cammo so keep eyes open." Troops gathered near Shawn.

"Silent stay here. Gunny might need back up. Or we might."

"Copy that Hellhound,Good luck. Enemy is about to learn a lesson in sharp shooting." Her tone was sharp but she was looking for targets out on the horizon.

"Lets do this fast. Captain brought down the ship for some reason so things must be getting hot. Move in find the ONI Safe room like before then we can figure out what to do from there."

They Covered each other as he took point. Every one paired up checking corners.

Being pressed for time did not bother him. Hurrying then making mistakes did. He could only hope his enemy would make more.

Too many mistakes got people killed. Learning to pace things with out sacraficeing people with sloppy mistakes. Its a hard lesson when a team leader fails becuse it means some one died.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0940 hrs 26Th October, Devils Advocate, Eden]

Ensign Redwolf opened the main bridge view port for Captain Night who had been silently standing at ease staring at the plot board again.

" Captain we are feet dry. I brought us over the target area. IFF confirms no hostiles as of yet. LADAR shows enemy air activity but nothing in our direction." Redwolf swiveled her chair to face her Captain.

Captain Night stated." Bring us to five thousand feet then hold." Redwolf simply smiled turning to her instruments.

Lieutenant Cortez entered the bridge reporting to Captain Night." Captain Night sir, We have a fix on those jammers. They cleverly hid them with triple A. Two we can hit with our ships guns. The other one is at the Academy."

" Charlie Team is at our forward operating point whom just reported in. They say Wolf Pack pushed on to objective two. Should i let Charlie team go in ?."

" How are they situated ? Can they get it done ?" Captain Night looked into her brown eyes with calm demeanor.

" Half of the platoon is injured or dead. Those marines have seen hell sir but they insist there fit for duty." Captain Night nodded.

" Have Charlie take them out but i want them to have heavy wepons and some sort of armor." Lt. Cortez saluted."Yes sir."

" Gunnery lock in coordinates." Cortez had handed him a small holo-pad with all the nessary information. She was currently speaking with the young secretary on a private line on her head set.

Captain Night punched in the coordinates." Gunnery Starboard battery's prepare to fire. Port battery's prepare to fire." A voice came over the line as Allers switched him into fire control." This is gunnery control. We have coordinates locked."

" Targeting solution is good. Clear the deck. Inform Air Boss that aircraft should stay clear. We are ready to drop the hurt Captain." Night smiled.

" Fire all battery's." Devils Advocate shook as its armament complement except the M.A.C. cannon was fired at both targets.

Plumes of dirt rose fifty feet in the air from the massive bombardment. Purple flames could be seen for kilometers." This is Gunnery Control. Targets hit, Repeat targets hit."

"Sir Jaming is weaker but i am picking up a signal..Captain you need to hear this. Its outside our mission area but-"Com Tech Allers stood up looking over at Captain Night. Switching him over to hear this transmission.

" UNSC vessel this is Colonel David Colt of the Independent Colonies Movement. We have survivors that wish to be rescued as do we. I will turn myself in with others to be rescued. Currently this alien force has over looked us."

" We can only protect them so long after this transmission that will repeat its self. There are no other survivors due to the aliens brutal campaign to secure the planet. We all have lost good people. Please rescue us. This transmission will repeat every fifteen minutes."

" Allers keep this to your self for now. Fallow me to our war room miss Cortez." When they entered Captain Night sat down in the big chair.

Lt. Cortez sat down as well waiting for her Captain to speak. He rubed his forehead with a look of worry on his face.

" It seems our Rebel friends took in survivors. I guess till now they thought it appropriate to keep quiet. They might have information that will help us." Lt. Cortez shook her head stunned in silence.

" So here is what we are going to do. I want you to take a few Pelicans Evac those survivors. You will have marines to keep order. If they get hostile you are to do what is nessary. I would prefer a non-violent soultion than gunning down desperate people." Lt. Cortez gave a slow sharp nod still in shock.

Captain Night left Lt. Cortez sitting in the chair who now felt out of her element. She wondered what Shane was doing. His advice would be welcomed.

Standing up feeling a bit light headed she needed to eat. Then see to it about rounding up marines. What was it Captain Night said." No one gets left behind." Her mind was working on solutions to problems that might arise.

Calling her secretary on her headset she was an officer. Yet it was getting harder to keep those emotions in check. Fear of Failure. Yet it would drive her to do the best she could not let it overshadow her senses.

Gathering her strength Lt. Cortez steped out into hallway renewing her courge.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Posted by: TheRealObsidian
Feels like something is missing.

Authors Note: Humm ? Well if i could put music to it and shoot it like a film yet i run it in my head like one.

Few ideas i am toying with.

Any ways i will be putting at the end of this a jargon table. Like RDF stands for Rapid Deployment Forces Ect. I am thinking of putting up personal records of each of Wolf Pack to give the team a deeper feel.

Thanks for reading any ways i have to schedule a bath with a grunt two weeks in advance then do PT with a brute and finally play golf with my Elite buddy's. * Wakes up from dream.* Oh well..

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0942hrs October 26Th, 2525, Devils Advocate Drop Bay]

Major Kelana Ivanavitch had many years in the Marines. Every one figured she was married to them as well. They would be wrong.

They were not wrong about her being a -blam!-. It was about duty honor and the Core. Everything else was secondary. Walking past several marines who were preparing to land.

" Jones i am going to ride with first platoon." Kelana jumped onto the back of a Rocket 'Hog. She was in a private channel with Sgt. Major Jones her Company NCO.

She had some of the best bad assed marines. They rarely got to fully deploy but when they did it was hell on wheels. Charlie company was usually there support but they were tasked with supporting Wolf Pack.

" Major we will be landing shortly. I want to wish you all good luck down there." Captain Night said as the ship shuttered from sustained fire.

Sounds as if the Captain was getting things off on the right foot. Clicking over to the main push." Thank you sir. We are ready to make these boogy men just a bad dream." Saying confidently.

" Task Force Ivan is ready when you are sir." Night answered back" Hold them as long as you can. fall back to LZ for pick up."Checking over her gear by touch in the low lit bay." Aye Aye Captain." They felt the ship descend.

It was silent in Drop Bay as marines silently prayed. Suddenly the lift was lowered. It looked like hell. Ring of fire was burning around them. It was off in the distance.

Marines hustled off the ramp. Technically she was a captain. Since there cannot be two on a ship. Bumped to Major temporarily while on the ship.

Private Kolowski was driving her Rocket Warthog. A good kid who seemed like a decent guy. Corporal Sanchez was her office clerk while on ship. Off the ship he acted as her body guard.

Murdering alien scumbags are gonna get hurt bad. Kelana had a force of one lance of Scorpions. Tanks that get the job done. Two Cobras and Two Wolverines. Twelve Warthogs mostly Vulcan gun models. Two pair of Hornets. Two platoons of infantry.

Her force was very mobile. With Reinforcements that get air lifted by Pelicans. Dropping in Warthogs, Putting in fresh troops to medevac.

The Advocate finished deploying her Company. It was going to be different from other engagements. These aliens might shoot flames from there butt cheeks for all she knew.

" Clear the Zone. Lets set up defensive positions. Devils Advocate you are clear." Allers a familiar voice said calmly." Copy Ivan Six. Captain is notified." Taking out a tablet. Queing up the screen showing a map while hanging on as her 'Hog moved.

" Ma'am we are three klicks of the Academy. I can see the spaceport burning also." Confirming his coordinates." Copy that. Focus on the task at hand Will. Payback is coming soon." They stopped as she looked around.

Stepping off the back of the 'Hog she looked around to the slack jaws. Every one was milling about. Queuing in the main channel." Let go marines. This is not a field trip. Enemy Contacts are due to arrive soon."

" I want turrets set up on the right and left. Scorpions i want in the center. We hit them hard and fast. Infantry covers our backs. We fall back to LZ marked on your apes helmets." Pointing in the directions she wanted the turrets.

" Warthogs screen the attack. Hornets give us air cover." Men hurried getting ready for combat. They were situated on a grassy forest medow. It was sparse tree cover. Mostly tall grass. With a few hills.

Kelana noticed Sanchez standing next to her. He was very protective of his Major. Second platoon was moving fast thanks to Sgt. Major Jones who was hollering at the troops.

" Sanchez get me air support. See if the Captain can send us a few Longswords." Her troops were busy digging in as Sanchez was on the line with Com Tech Allers.

Ivanavitch did not like playing second fiddle to Wolf Pack or there ODST boot lickers. It was marines like her in the ranks that kept things going. Like now when it was about to drop in the pot.

It was going to be a interesting day none the less. At least she did not have to deal with ONI all the time. They even tried to make her a ODST few years back. Hell no. She wanted to stay with her boys. Wipe there noses. Teach them to be marines.

Climbing in the back of her Rocket Warthog Kelana clicked safety off ready for action. What ever comes over those hills is going to have to get past her first.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[2554 0632hrs May 5Th,Norfolk UNSC Naval Academy]

Eric came out of a strange dream. He was speaking to Pixie who he did not understand. It was as if she was speaking underwater.

Jester was singing a melody he had not heard before. It was all surreal. He lay in the early dawn light that crept over the horizon. Jasmine was next to him sleeping like an angel.

War had kept them apart for years. They met when they could. His right hand shook. He wept like he had not in many years. Victory on so many levels.

Both of them had dinner together. They shared a few beers joking while he played for her in his lap. They both enjoyed this together as the stars seemed to wink in approval.

He noticed a spark in her eyes. It was intoxicating. To have her here once again in his arms. Safe from the troubles of the world.

Last night was drinking food and just good old fashioned fun. George joined in howling at his music. He touched her bangs then gently touching her forehead as well.

Her beauty had not faded one bit. Eric knew she was an artist. Did allot of drawing when on downtime on ships. He remembered that first meeting.

Seeing her cabin. Her art on the walls. He was inspired by her as she loved to hear him play. Scars of war would fade both real and mental.

Her eyes fluttered open." Good morning...Were you staring at me ?" Eric shook his head yes."I was. You are lovely when you sleep." They both kissed. Jasmine cuddled closer with him.

" Well lets get dressed-" George dove under the covers worked his way up with a cold nose. He wanted attention as well. His tail wagging. " OH!" She said in surprise." Cold Nose." Letting George get between them as she scratched his ears.

George grunted in delight. Eric caressed her shoulder." Seems we have allot of time to make up for. Breakfast on my day off then we come back. Also i have something to tell you. I trust you allot so i have decided that you have to know."

" What about ?" Jasmine's eyebrows raised as he sighed." Its complicated but it is about that first mission we went on. No worries you have security clearance anyways but i feel its time since we are going to spend our lives together."

"Sound important but lets wait till after breakfast. Allot happened on Eden. Sifting through those memories can be bad."
Eric kissed her on the lips." No worries but there are things i experienced that i have not told any one except those in Intelligence."

" Well still i do not want you to get into trouble. But if you feel its nessary then i understand. We do have allot of catching up to do. Not like any one can punish us. We do have pretty high security clearance and no operations would be compromised." Both of them getting dressed. Looking semi decent Eric shuffled out in boxers and a T-Shirt.

Jasmine wore his unused terry cloth green robe in the bathroom. George fallowed them downstairs as Eric made breakfast.

He made coffee first grabbing two mugs for both of them. They waited kissing then nibbling on each other. Taking a mug Jasmine smiled after the first sip." Oh this is that Turkish Roast from Reach. I guess i turned you on to it."

" Turned me onto allot of things." Sitting down she looked out into his backyard." So do you plan on playing at any night clubs or for charity ? " Pouring him self a cup of Coffee.

" Thought about it. Probably Charity. Allot of people need help now that the war is over. Oh did i mention the Air Force Academy is offering more perks than here ?" She smiled at him.

"So what did you say ?" Sun shining down on Jasmines face." That i will be with them in a few years. Made a two year commitment here. Anyways it builds bridges putting aside all that rivalry stuff." He made his coffee with creamer sugar and honey. Taking a sip it was perfect.

"Besides i got this lady i know. Been long time since i seen her. Known to break rules." She grinned from ear to ear." This lady you know ?. She sounds as if she would love you forever. Breaking every rule in the book."

" Yeah i would sing to her every night. Tuck her in then sing her a lullaby." That spark in her eye again. Standing up adjusting her robe. She walked over they kissed softly." Hum sounds as if she is a special lady." Putting a hand on his neck they both locked eyes not saying a word.

George barked interrupting them again. Yet no one minded. Whimpering George was hungry." Well lets feed him." Grabbing Georges dog bowl he filled it up with food.

Was it abnormal to want to live a normal life. Did he become so used to war that now this dream he had seemed different. Yet this is what he had been fighting for all these years. A piece of heaven to call his own.

Eric was truly happy as he had not been in a long time. It just felt as if there were something he was forgetting or missing.

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Posted by: toxicpanther615
the only problem i have with mine is that it's unstable,[very shakey],so you'd need a tripod for it.

Posted by: CJ Olvaid 360
Just drink a beer and everything will be ok

Could you release in pdf form or something, please?

  • 12.13.2012 5:07 PM PDT

"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Authors Note:Well to tell you the truth i dont have MS word and i would have to check on that(Puter never came with it). Also i know it seems akward but i got used to just writeing it up. I will fix it.

I do apologise but this one is being written in this format. So i do need to clear it up ect. Its being told from diffrent view points so i am trying my best to keep it clear.

Humm i just feel the creative flow of things for some reson also vs sitting off line. But i will work on it get back to you. I think there is even some free stuff out there. Thanks.

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Posted by: toxicpanther615
the only problem i have with mine is that it's unstable,[very shakey],so you'd need a tripod for it.

Posted by: CJ Olvaid 360
Just drink a beer and everything will be ok

Were you writing this straight up onto BNet? If so, impressive effort, I just assumed it was a copypasta from a word document.

No worries if you can't get it in pdf or whatever, that was just a suggestion.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

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Were you writing this straight up onto BNet? If so, impressive effort, I just assumed it was a copypasta from a word document.

No worries if you can't get it in pdf or whatever, that was just a suggestion.

I write it kinda hot draft onto bungie net. I kinda shoot it like a movie in my head to get where the concept and chars are going in the story.

I do my best so if it seems choppy its more me getting the story out kinda hot draft. To come back then fix the errors. I swear i need a editor. XD.

Takes about an hour to write it up sometimes even two. From my mind to Hey if you cant use a lighter to make a fire get some moss then rub two sticks together.

Thanks for the comments i hope you enjoy the story. It will be a shocker on many levels.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[9th Age of Reclimation, Eden]

Warlord Kel'Dar knew a great deal about honor. He would use it against his opponents who resisted the will of the Covenant. Yet these heretics seems to defile everything they touched.

Looking to Lance Leader Thul'Zar who's squad was wiped out. All of them were cloaked in the building these humans entered. It was hard for a Sangheili to run away.

The objective came before honor. Honor was put aside for the missions sake. Yet how many times had he lured out those who spoke against the foundations of the Covenant to silence those who spoke of honor.

He respected a foe who was cunning or even skilled. These humans were both. His lance waited in the building. Unggoy lead by Sangheili were cloaked. He lead his brothers in a single squad.

They all knew the plan it was dark useing this, Another squad was moving up from behind. Soon the artifact would be in his hand. De cloaking Kel'Dar with his squad became visible while the others trained wepons on the approaching humans.

"Give us the Artifact Humans." His Energy blade ignited. He was pleased as those Jiralhane were the distraction as they got into place.

" So you do speak our language. You just killed a bunch of innocent people on this planet. So hand over is not in my vocabulary. Come get it if you dare." Cocking the humans primitive weapon the leader pointed his weapon.

" If you give it to us i can ensure you will die with honor." They waited as all of the humans were back to back now in a circle." Were not alone Hellhound." One said.

" I have the honor of informing you that i am going to put a boot up your ass then walk out of here with what you want most." Giving the signal plasma fire rained down at the humans.

Turning he walked slowly to his brothers as two squads of lead Unggoy rushed in to take the humans. Some sort of explosive weapon decimated there ranks.

"Then die like a vermin" Once it was finished his squad rushed forth. A black suited human fell beneath the twin plasma rifles of a fellow Sangheili warrior.

One human clad in green armor with a helmet charged forward firing her rifle then kicked the warrior sending him flying as he lost one plasma rifle.

Kel'Dar charged the leader. Striking for a quick blow this human countered with his rifle stock. All around them was a chaotic battle.

Kel'Dar felt pain in his leg as the human tackled then bashed his left knee knocking him off balance. They both fell to the ground.

Throwing the human off he tried to get up as this leader jumped on then pined his right arm. Drawing its pistol for a head shot that missed when Kel'Dar's left hand punched the human off.

Both got to there feet. his enemy had both pistol with a knife he drew in hand circling Kel'Dar. Kel'Dar right hand held the energy blade that.

It had been a long time since any one had given him a good fight. Tracking this human was worth it. They both circled each other moving away from the main combat.

In a flash it was over. He clipped this human as he severed his arm. The human brought his knife into his weak spot in the neck/head where the armor was thinnest.

Falling to his knees Kel'Dar saw his family one last time. He smiled at the memories of his Uncle and Aunt. Children he sired , His loving wife.Then he fell to the floor into darkness. Never feeling the killing blow that came after.

Thul'Zar fell with the others in this battle. He would not abandon his fellow warriors again. Motivated by more than death threats from Prophets. Instead were motivated by the holiness of the object and its significance.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[0956 hrs October 26th, 2525, Waycrest Science Ward, Eden]

S.Sergeant Eric"Smooth"O'Kife Had taken refuge in a corner with his grenade launcher. This battle was over for now. Alien blood joined human blood on the floor.

He had taken a hit to the stomach from one of those energy pistols. It hurt pretty bad. He was fortunate that it clipped him instead of burning through his armor.

Liz walked over with Sgt. Valentine who noticed L.C. Hernandez arm was severed. Eric had his medi-kit open working on the L.t. Commander who had passed out from blood loss.

Eric was unsure why it seemed the man was healing when he lost an arm. Using a like substance that looked like blue gel he applied it on the mans arm that was cut off at the elbow.

It joined the bandages sealing its self to the wound as it halted the loss of blood flow. Injecting a blue pencil then red as he injected drugs then a dose of plasma.

Lastly he took out a special device given to special forces units only. Not every one carried one but the combat trauma surgeon kit contained nanomites that would stitch up wounds.

Good thing L.C. Hernandez had one due to there experimental nature. He took the CTSK Injecting it into the base of the wound the nanometers began to repair flesh.

Liz went to check for other survivors as she helped Sgt.Valintine with what she was doing. Eric stood up letting the healing work on Hernandez.

" This is Wolf Pack one-three does any one read us ?" Gunny's voice came over the team channel." I copy one-three. Smooth i can hear you now i think the jamming is gone." Finishing up with Hernandez whose arm was being stitched from the inside.

"Roger that. Hellhound is badly wounded. We were ambushed just outside safe point. We need to get them a Medevac while we press on. I think we are safe for now." The nanomites would flush out his system.

" Come outside. Its too hot for a Pelican." Another voice cut in the line." This is Charlie Four. Jammer is down. We hear Wolf Pack Over." A female voice replied" Understood Charlie Four."

Gunny Replied switching over to the right channel." Copy your signal Charlie Four. We have wounded. Need evac for Hellhound. Nice to hear you as well Allers."

Eric during all of this with every ones help moved wounded outside. This building was half the length of the main campus. It had two levels,Second level was housing for staff the lower level was for projects.

" Charlie Four is South of you at the Engineering Ward. We can come to you then secure area." Gunny sounded disappointed." Negative Charlie Four wounded needs help now. Wait one." Seeing them bring out the wounded.

It they reached the entrance seeing there 'Hogs there was a sigh of relief. Though they were trained for endurance it seemed that this was pushing it for many of them.

Gunny Dismounted his 'Hog as he did Casanova took his place on his hog. Liz even took a few hits yet she had nothing more than a limp as Eric watched her come out of the dark building.

" Good you all made it back. I guess its on me now." Watching as L.C. Hernandez was put into the passenger seat of the Gauss Hog.

" OK listen up. I know this is not what we expected. Sergeant i want you and Silent to get to Charlie Fours position. Get Hellhound out on a Pelican. I need it done five minutes ago."

" Patching in Delta Able Actual in a moment." Com Tech Allers voice said calmly."Roger that." Gunny then turned to all of them." Form up on me." Every one else gathered around Gunny.

Gauss Hog peeled out as the ODST driver stepped out letting Sgt. Valentine drive. They sped off as Eric was checking out his drones sensor array. His stomach did not hurt much unless he moved the wrong way.

" This is Captain Night SITREP." As the Captains voice sounded neutral but stressed." This is Wolf Pack Four. We have one injured being currently taken to Charlie Fours position. One KIA. I have assumed command of the team sir." Gunny's voice sounded dismayed.

" We are going to push to second objective. We lost some good people today. ODSTs took a bad hit. We are Green sir."

Silence on the line then Captain Night replied." Understood. Task Force Ivan is holding off the enemy main advance. We do not have much time as the enemy plans to trap us here. Enemy ships are heading this way. We have about Sixteen hours to get out of system."

" Charlie Four will be near in case you need them. I will have them head to your current position for final Evac. Get this done. Delta Able Actual Out." Gunny turned to face all of them taking his helmet off.

" I just hope Hellhound-" Eric place a hand on Gunny's shoulder." Loud we need to move. Sooner we get this done. Faster we get off this rock." Gunny placed his helmet back on.

" Right lets go see what ONI has been up to out here. Remind me to thank Charlie Four. Those Recon guys are crazy but my kind of crazy." Every one headed back into the building.

" Hey Gunny i am starting to figure out what those aliens keep using on us. It emits some kind of EM signature." Gunny nodded to Eric." Keep me posted. I know it sucks that they can get past us." Eric sighed not saying anything more.

Eric had his drone circling this place yet somehow they got passed it. He could warn his team now that it detected the anomaly. When he got back-if he did then looking over this data would be worth it.

Every one came to a halt. There was a ONI Kiosk here. Eric moved up hitting the pad. Behind the Kiosk was a wall with the ONI Symbol.

Typing in the code on the Kiosk key pad there HUD was updated as the false wall opened. Every one steeped inside then a door behind them closed another door opened showing leading into this small office with a single camera fallowing there movements.

" Oh good you are here.-" Another voice male cut in as if the man pushed the first out of the way." Doctor let me do this. Take the Trolley over." O'Kife lead the way. His link to the drone was patchy but it would fallow its flight path collecting information.

Solid steel door opened in front of them it was five inches thick as they passed through it getting on a Trolley car that carried them the rest of the way.

Exiting another steel bunker like door cycled open as Two UNSC MP's waved them inside. Eric was impressed at this laboratory set up. A science team of seven were here with four Mp's with a single ONI officer in charge of all of this.

Holo-displays hovered in the air of experimental wepons or new equipment. Eric had never seen anything like it. Nor did any one else. Gunny Introduced him self to the Officer." Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Shale of Wolf Pack. We are here to get any survivors with Tier one objectives out of here.

"Well sergeant. We have been stuck here for some time now." Eric looked over a diagram that was not human. Some kind of Alien weapon from a console.

" I am Lt. Colonel Kingston of ONI Special Projects Division. Before we were attacked. I was in charge of overseeing this facility. We were deciphering some information from that artifact we found."

"I am unsure how they were able to interface with it but all of this has to leave with us or get blow to smithereens. Is there more help coming ?" Gunny could see this officer was unaware of allot of things.

"Sir the entire planet has been put to the torch by alien's. We are from Devils Advocate. Every one else except our crew is dead except you and those we found at the first objective." Gunny kept his voice calm.

"What ? There all gone. I was just suppose to take it easy here. Babysit the science team. I got assigned here for drinking. Did my job for years just it was getting to me." The ONI officer ran his hand through his hair.

" Look Gunny is it ?. Before we leave this place needs to get blown. You can use these wepons as well. Just make sure you do not give them to the enemy we have been reverse engineering them from alien tech." Pointing to the Forerunner schematics.

" OK sir they need to pack cause were gonna be busy readying this place to blow." Gunny nodded to the science team.

Fallow me i will get your team situated. We have a new Weapon called the Spartan Laser." Pointing to the bulky shoulder weapon as they fallowed Col. Kingston who gave them a tour of the labs.

"Back here is our attempts to use this alien shield tech. So far no luck but we do have a working model in a cold room with a suit we think over there." Pointing to the sealed metal room that had a white armored suit.

Walking back further they were in a garage like area with a Cyclops mech standing in the center instead it was changed." This is Project Zeus. Our attempt to create a combat mech using the Cyclops mainframe. "

Every one sucked breath at the impressive machine. Single Gauss cannon in the right arm with a Vulcan Cannon used by most Warthogs in the left. Twin missile launchers protruded from the shoulders housed in armored launch pods.

It was painted a forest camo to give it a more military look. Eric was impressed yet he looked to the others who probably did not have a clue how to drive one.

" Liz can you drive that thing.?" Gunny asked looking at Liz who felt for the first time out matched." Not if i do not have the proper protocols or training Loud. I can try to jack into the things computer to interface. I will need Smooths help to do so."Lt. Col. Kingston listened to the exchange." I have them here-."

"Oh i see you are enjoying our new toys. I am Dr. Weatherspoon the project lead here." A man in his sixties wearing glasses with unkempt grey hair stood with a old style clipboard in the crook of his arm. He looked more like a math teacher then a scientist.

"Doctor can you get the others ready to go ?. We need all data portable when they rig this place to blow. We are taking what we can then destroying the rest." Lt. Col. Kingston informed Dr. Whitherspoon who was in shock.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Doctor Witherspoon returned to his colleagues where they assisted in helping the others as they packed. Mainly Dr. Weatherspoon.

Liz with Eric help were both working on the Zeus. It had impressive armament. Yet it was lacking being a hand me down to fix up.

Still in the Experimental stages.It had a bug that would shut down the system if you did not fallow the start up procedure properly.

Other minor issues as well. A single 25mm ALIM Gauss Cannon in its right arm gave it the firepower of a Warthog with a hand held turret M247H Heavy machine gun. Zeus had one hand yet put it to good use.

It also had additional armor that reinforced the chest shoulders with some reinforced joint protection. Dr. Whitherspoon was going over the systems with them as Liz tested systems out.

She even was able to climb inside to get a feel for it stomping about. While she was doing that Eric turned to the Doctor who was busy at a computer terminal.

" So Doctor. I am puzzled as to why we are risking our lives for all of this including one puzzle box. Is it worth that much to the UNSC to decipher it all ?" Doctor Weatherspoon turned to face him.

" It was an important discovery yet it was kept secret until the powers that be needed us to decipher what it was. We still do not understand it or what else it holds but these were inside when it was breached for information."

" It has been here for years as we have studied it. Some unknown reason we think is genetic is that we humans can read it or use it. I came into this project late so i do not know what took place before."

"Just to get this little bit took about twenty years. We have no idea why it radiates an organic field but it somehow must be tied to some one."

"They brought us that suit on the monitor." Doctor Weatherspoon pointed at the security monitor above his head." We knew that were not alone so they wanted to use what we have learned with the tech we have." Turning to look Eric in the eye.

" It helped us make MOJLINIR a reality." Eric was confused." What do you mean they ?" With fear in his eyes Dr. Weatherspoon said shaking his head." ONI "

" They were mapping our genetic structure long before but the tech was not there. This was not the first discovery. Yet it yielded more answers that allowed us to understand more."

" ONI with UNSC support has several operations like this one. ORION project then came the Spartan II project. Our research helped with all of this. So-" Liz had been testing systems. Then she parked it. Climbing out of the Cockpit.

" -we barely understand it all its like trying to teach a person used to Algebra, Trigonometry. Very complex." Doctor Weather Spoon smiled at Liz.

" All systems are go except the targeting data seems off. You two might want to take a look." Doctor Weatherspoon walked looking about carefully. Taking his clipboard in hand he left Liz and Eric alone.

Liz was a quiet person yet her eyes sparkled with questions. They both went to go see this strange suit. It was quarantine kind of glass that was shatter proof. Probably even bullet proof.

They went back to work for a while when Lt. Col. Kingston who had a small British accent at times when he talked. Walked over to speak with Eric.

"I need to speak with you privately." They both headed to his office where he closed the door.

" Now do you have it on your person ?" Eric was a little off guard but answered to the best of his abilities." Have what sir ?"

" The Artifact. Do not be coy with me." Kingston's eyes narrowed like he was looking into Eric's soul." Sir we are here to get you out then get back to our mission. I am not going to discuss our objectives at this time." Both locked eyes in a fierce contest of wills.

" You listen to me. Listen good. Air Force Intel should not be handling this. I will order you to hand it over if you do not." Lt. Col. Kingston voice was desperate having a chill to it." Shaking his head no. Eric refused

" Sir i will not obey that order."Pulling out his pistol Kingston stood up pointing it at Erics head. Having left his helmet behind Eric would be killed instantly.

" Then under section three article seven of the code of military justice. UNSC personnel who willfully disobey a direct order from a superior officer are in violation of the UNSC military code of conduct."

" Will be detained until a hearing of your peers can be convened. Under the articles of the UNSC. So give it to me or i will arrest you. If you resist i will shoot you right here."

It was a set up. Two Mp's came in as he had a button to call them Kingston probably did." Sir ?" Pointing his pistol at Eric."Take his wepons lock him in the cold room."

"If he does not tell us where the artifact is we leave him here. I will not have some one else undermining ONI operations. He might even get us all in trouble if you know what i mean Sergeant." Looking at one Mp who said nothing back.

"Search him then throw him inside." Eric was briskly searched yielding nothing. Just a empty box it really ticked off the Marine Mp's who beat him till he passed out.

Awakening to a freezing room he tried to get up. He hid it on his grenade launcher that was laying with his pack that was far away through meters of concrete.

His head throbbed taking allot of blows. Knowing that he would never be able to get through the door into the Zeus hangar where his gear lay.

It was silent as he heard a lift. He could only pray that Gunny or some one else would look for him.

They wanted what every one else did. Yet Eric was the key to this as he could only wait to see what will happen.

He had questions of his own that would probably never be answered. This felt bigger than him. Biggest question was why him ?

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1006 hrs October 26Th, Waycrest Campus,Eden]

Petty Officer first class Jasmine"Silent"Casanova was worried for the first time in many years about Lieutenant Commander Hernandez.

Usually she was his problem child. Out getting drunk. Then some scumbag would touch what he was not suppose to then it ended up with her beating them.

A few even came back not able to bear the shame of being beat by a woman. Her childhood had been troublesome. It was expected there would be excellence in all things.

Her father was a UNSC Navy career man. Who drank yet being a mechanic made him bitter at the world. During testing he would let his anger loose at any near in the house hold. Her brother got most of it but she did as well.

Most of all he was a sore looser. He had to win. It taught her that life would never be fair. Never knew her mother who died in a car accident.

She took up archery then that lead to learning about firearms. It was about the only activity she shared with her father who qualified as a marksmen every chance he got.

They would go to the range. Eventually he even took her hunting. Leaving for the marines she told her father off then never looked back.

It was the first time she ever seen her father look sad or cry. He did love her yet it was hard for him to show it. Her mother drew art so she took that up as well.

Her father never bothered her about that it was strange. Her time in the marines lead to ODST then being asked to join a SEAL team.

Now one of her most trusted friends lost a limb. Who lay pale in his seat. Now feeling guilty that she would not be able to say she was sorry for being such a pain in his ass.

Hearing the sound of enemy fighters she turned the gun as Sgt. Valentine zig zagged to avoid enemy fire. A huge ball of energy blew a crater in front of them.

"Hang ON!"Valentine swerved hitting only a part of this crater. They were airborne for a few seconds, when Jasmine took her first shot nailing the craft. One spun out of control crash landing as the second looped firing rapid blue energy bolts.

It was good her Gauss cannon had a shield it deflected most of those shots one hit her left shoulder feeling a small sting of pain she let loose more rounds as the nimble craft dodged them.

Jasmine would not let them be taken out before they got help. That enemy fighter broke off as they neared Charlie Four seeing a Scorpion with a few Warthogs all covering a Pelican.

" This is Wolf Pack One-One hold your fire. I assume that Pelican is for us ?" As they drove up a Lieutenant stepped out with Doc Winters who waved to them.

" Silent over here." The Hog slid fifteen meters before stopping leaving tire tracks in the grass. Valentine had put them right near the loading ramp.

" Damn sight for sore eyes Doc." Jasmine said very pleased." When i herd that he was hurt i rushed here feeling bad about leaving the team with Dupree and Delta." Doc Winters went over checking Hernandez eyes with a pen flashlight.

" Lets get him inside. Notify sickbay we need a doctor on standby." Speaking to a Medical Corpsmen who radioed The Advocate then helped Doc Winters with L.C. Hernandez who was put on a stretcher.

Jasmine hopped down taking her helmet off. Worry was plain on her face as Sergeant Valentine put her hand on Jasmines other shoulder to comfort her silently.

Other marines stood about keeping alert. Some even had heavy wepons. A few snipers were on the look out as well. Looking about she turned her eyes back to those who were working on saving one mans life.

Cargo ramp closes then the Pelicans engines went from idle lifting off circling once then was lost in that blue sky. Jasmine turned to Charlie Four who smiled at her.

" Hes a strong one. Don't you worry. If they can't kill him nothing short of a tank will. First Lieutenant Benjamin Strousemen. First UNSC Marine Divishion,Second Battalion, Second Recon." He shook her hand they both shared a moment.

" I think i worked with you in passing a few times. One of Ivanovich people right ?" L.t. Stroussmen shook his head yes." That's right normally we go in first scout the area. But for this operation you needed more than ODSTs. No offence." Nodding to Sgt.Valentine.

" I am Petty Officer First Class Jasmine this is ?" Looking at Sgt. Valentine. "Sergeant Valentine." Whom introduced her self taking off her helmet as well. They both needed a shower but for now sweat caked hair was order of this day.

" Captain wanted us to wait for you then secure the Science Ward area then we all get a ride home. These aliens are pretty strange. I am hoping to not loose any more marines." He looked off now with that guilty thousand meter look.

" Our Vulture went down but no life signs. We had a bird do a flyby that yielded nothing. So relax for a bit. Get some ammo we are moving in fifteen. I need to check with my men be right back." Off went L.t. Stroussmen who checked his DMR striding to a group of NCOs.

Jasmine would do just that. She wondered what the rest of Wolf Pack was doing. Yet she felt guilty over allot of things. Valentine shared her Canteen with Jasmine who noticed she carried two.

It was a pleasant surprise to taste real rum. Taking a swig they both silently shared a few swigs. Enjoying just a few moments of peace.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[9Th Age of Reclamation, Eden]

Lieutenant Darthan'Sha dressed in white armor, General Kol'Dal's Champion escorted three other leaders into the planing room of the Command Center.

High Chief Zergon who lead all Jiralhanae on planet. A blood thirsty chieftain as most of his race was yet also cunning.

Lieutenant Dark Wind who lead Kig-yar, He seemed more like a pirate than a mercenary Covenant soldier.

Deacon Oltan who was in charge of all Unggoy on planet. Even after losing his eye, even more ruthless than his race should be.

General Kol'Dal entered not long after flanked by two Sangheili Guards in red armor. Each leader stood eyeing each other.

" I have asked each of you here for humans defile a Artifact. One of my best scouts fell in battle. These humans have it. I want it secured even if you have to kill them all." A Holo-Projection of armored humans entering a building floated in the space between each leader.

" We have been tracking its energy signature. I know Mercy has made promises to each of us." Taking a data information device out. "I will not tolerate these humans resistance! Nor the manipulation of my army!" Kol'Dal threw that device through a holo projection as it sailed into another room hitting a Unggoy.

Each leader flinched seeing this out rage from Kol'Dal. Behind them was a single Unggoy who layed on the floor bleeding in the next room. It could be seen by each leader yet no one dare disturb the body till they adjourned.

" I know he made promises to each of you. Even to my brother. I will not be undermined by a Prophet. Is that in any way not clear or should i purge this place of hearsay ?" Anger made each leader unsettled as they silently agreed.

"Now i have Sharzan'Thul leading a force to keep these humans occupied. Our reinforcements will not reach this planet in time. So we are going to wait letting these Heretics think they will escape."

"Our plan will to be keep them occupied. I want a quarter of each of our forces to be on drop ships i reserved for just what i have in mind." A holo-display opened showing troop deployment.

" We will leave this human ship alone for now. No need to alert them as of yet. These humans have shown they are unlike any enemy." Waving a hand to emphasize his point.

"They are resourceful i want the gravity generators to be put around that ship. Trapping them here. As our drop ships board that vessel." Pointing to it on the holo-display that was enlarged for General Kal'Dol to do so.

" What if they escape all of that ?" Zergon nodded to the holo-display with a single human ship being represented in yellow.

"Then Zergon we use our ship to stop them. I have no intent on going back a failure. We each swore a oath when we joined the Warrior ranks. They are not leaving this planet alive with that Artifact." All Displays went dark as this meeting was over.

Each leader stepped over that unconscious Unggoy who lay bleeding from his head. When each leader departed was he given attention to his injuries.

Darthan'Sha spoke once it was clear to Kol'Dal." Sir do we have to have them help us ?" In a dismayed voice." We can secure the object ourselves."

General Kol'Dal squinted then said in a sad tone." We have lost too many brothers today. We were wrong to assume these humans were weak. They remind me of our race."

" I am still not comfortable with killing innocents. Yet they hid our prize thus being punished. As to why we need them ,it is better to let fools die for mere promises of power. We will do as we always have. Remain true as our blades light the dark." Four Sangheili strode off together leaving behind a dark planing room.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[Lord Hoods Personal Log, December 24th, 2552]

When humanity dared to touch the stars,War fallowed in our wake. Even before the Covenant we were in a Civil war. Still we were able to Colonize other worlds. Achieve only what we had dreamed what was possable.

This changed when Harvest was attacked. It seemed so long ago. Humanity was on the verge of great discoveries yet the Covenant changed all of that.

With the fall of Reach our enemy has learned about Earth. I fear that this is our darkest hour. Battle in streets below especially New Mombasa.

To quote Winston Church Hill:"We shall not flag or fail,We shall go onto the end. We shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island what ever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender".

These words are hard to comfort the dead. Yet i find resolve in them. Humanity has a barbaric past yet we have been thrust into the forefront of a war we did not want. Despite this our intelligence sources say that they warship a long dead alien race.

These Halo rings hold the key yet to what end i do not know. When this war is over. If there is any one left we can rebuild to safeguard others from the threats of tomarrow.

I sit in the dark knowing humans are dieing. We must fight past the fear, pain to know that there is another way. All i can do is stall till others arrive to hopefully save whats left of humanity. It seems hard to belive that when we need our heroes most they always arrive. I have that hope.

Covenant can take away a great deal but never faith nor hope that some how humanity can endure this storm. I must be strong for others. I take solace in the words of Abraham Lincon.

"I'm a success today because i had a friend who believed in me and i didn't have the heart to let him down."

So we must turn to each other for strength to carry on. We must give others kind words to give them hope that there will be a tomorrow. Most of all we must lend a helping hand to those in need of it greater than our selfs.

Lord Terrance Hood, UNSC Command.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1027 hrs October 26th 2525, ONI Base apart of Project:Overdrive]

Elizabeth looked about noticing O'Kife was not around. He probably was on a bathroom break. They all needed one with combat they had been in.

On the security monitor above where Dr.Witherspoon worked she was surprised to see him inside that sealed room. Hunting down Gunny took longer than expected.

Gunny was placing a charge when he finally noticed. The ODST with him was helping. Standing up dusting off his hands.

" Liz you got something to say ?" Liz took off her Helmet tucking it under one arm." Smooth is in the frozen room. He looks hurt is there a reason hes inside Gunny ?" Gunny had a perplexing look on his face.

"On Me both of you lets find out what Mr. Fabuloso has to say." All of them marched over. Gunny had his helmet off as well. LT. Col. Kingston Sat at his desk with two marines outside who parted to let Gunny inside who left the door opened.

" Sir, With all due respect why the hell is my man inside that room." Gunny's face was nearly livid with rage." Insubordination,Plus hes compromised if he does not know it he will." Kingston say in a calm tone.

" My people do not answer to you. You might be a ranking officer but that does not mean you have authority to do what you like!. My mother is ONI's Deputy Director. I know exactly what you do. Now release him" Kingston shook his head no.

"Do you even understand what you are asking ? That object he has drove the last man who was studying it crazy. We had to put him down. Babbling about some Fairy AI only he could see. How they wanted to see the Architect."

" Hes Air Force so i do not see why he is involved in ONI projects anyways." Gunny cleared Lt. Col. Kingston's desk. Looking the man in the eye.

" Sir we came here to rescue you. My team leader was injured trying to make this possible. We had problems with ONI in the past with field agents who did as they liked feeling the objective was more important than people."Gunny sat his helmet defiantly on Lt. Col. Kingston's desk.

" Now i am taking my man and leaveing if i have to with any one who fallows. If you wish to stay here that is fine. Even if what you say about the Package is true its not our job. Our job is to get all packages with personal back to Devils Advocate before our friendly neighborhood Alien scourge decides to add to this planets death toll." Nodding his head he with the others all opened the cold room.

O'Kife sat against the wall weakly singing." My baby left me today..she."Then looking up at the faces." Sir i am not drunk. Just..Hear me out we..were.." Liz helped him to his feet. His lip was split as the ODST cleaned him up.

" Something bad happened off base..i ." Gunny slapped O'Kifes shoulder." -blam!- hes out of it. O'Kife can you hear me. Eric..come on son." Gunny trying to shake the mans senses.

" Gunny ? Why do i see Pixies face on that dead woman in the market square." Elizabeth put a hand gently on O'Kifes shoulder." Who's Pixie Trooper ?" O'Kife shook his head in disbelief.

" In that Artifact. It spoke to me when i touched it. What woman in a square ?" O'Kife shook his head sadly." It was my second mission out. I was suppose to locate a Indie terrorist cell. We were hot on the trail when they blew up the market Sir." O'Kife was out of it. He might be having flashbacks or PTSD.

" We killed every last one of them." Shaking his head guilty O'Kife was taken out of the cold room." Artifact some how communicated to me when i touched it Sir. I just want to play music. Why i joined the band." They took him to the medi room.

O'Kife was set down gently on the gel bed." I am going to see if a Doctor can help us. Stay with him Liz. Guard that door if you have to. No one gets in until i get back with some one to fix him up." Gunny had Concern in his voice.

Liz knew what he felt because she felt it also. Losing Sgt. Green was hard on all the team. She barely knew him but he will be remembered.

" Liz ?" O'Kife called to her." Yes Eric." He said in a totally calm voice." If i say i love you would that be bad ?" No one had ever asked her that. Keeping her emotions inside was apart of her training.

" I am sorry if i offended you its just. I came out of what ever it was by the way. Anyways i have gotten to know you. I think it was sad what ONI did for all the right reasons." Moving a little O'Eric winced in pain." OW!..OK not getting up." Laying back down.

" I love the blues. Some of the women i dated did not really understand that or who i was. Once the found out i was UNSC Military they left assuming i was an artist." His voice sounded pained.

" I am not saying it will be me who you might love back. But i do love you as a good friend does. Not saying it cannot develop more. I have enjoyed our chess games. No matter what was done you are a person. Even one who is super gifted." O'Kife fell back into silence as Elizabeth tried to fathom her feelings.

It would be a long silence before a Doctor Arrived with a medi kit in hand. Elizabeth stood out of the way letting him work on O'Kife.

Gunny did not notice as he watched O'Kife get treatment. ODST stood silently in the doorway. Elizabeth reasoned that love was a good thing. That she felt good because she was making inroads with other members.

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