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Subject: The Man Who Sang to the Stars

"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Posted by: paul9welli
yes i think something is missing

Authors Note:You say missing yet..You do not specify. Please do instead of making vage refrences to keep me up at night. I sleep pretty well. So its effect is lost.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[ 9Th Age of Reclamation, Edens Systems Third Planet.]

A Covenant Battlecruiser exited jump space. Dark of Intent came about as it's engines incresed thrust turning towards Eden fallowing two Corvette Class ships.

Deep in the bowls of the Battlecruiser was a holographic platform. It was a circular room used for one on one transmissions.

This day there were two in the room. Field Marshal Har'rush stood tall next to a Prophet. They both had been waiting here since the third bell.

Suddenly the display came to life. High Prophet of Truth appeared in all his glory. Har'rush kneeled down. Prophet next to him bowed solemnly.

" Field Marshal it is good to see you again." Rising Har'rush stood tall once again." I see my assistant Prophet of Hope made it aboard."

" To explain why you both are here. You see Mercy plans on using this device to gain control over the Hierarchs. This cannot be allowed. My voice must lead the others."Both stiffened at this news.

" Hierarch to do this act you are asking of me to subvert those on planet, is one that will in turn require a favor. "Prophet of Truth taken aback by this was not surprised."This is acceptable. You seem to be more flexible than most Marshal. I want this to be a failure."

"If you can retrieve the Artifact do so. Otherwise kill all except my spy who with his warriors will help you bring silence to this issue." Prophet of Truth disconnected leaving the two who stood in silence for a moment.

"I have been instructed to help assist you. Our spy is in the Hierarchs debt. When you arrive Marshal it would be prudent to not shoot before we are ready." Har'rush understood the treachery he was involved in yet was eager to end this quickly.

Har'rush left this room behind heading to the bridge to coordinate things with his commanders who will be eager for new orders. This treachery with Truth was rumored but it was too late now to turn back. He would have to bear this sin in silence.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.


[About 1100 hrs October 26th 2525,Misty Feilds Eden]

Major Ivanovitch fired a three rocket burst on a Spectre. Finishing it off with another 65mm three rocket burst that killed all three enemy occupants.

Energy explosion fallowed next with parts raining down in a fifteen foot area as the crafts power plant blew. Crafts fires licked at the dead alien bodies.

Her marines did a good job of getting the enemy in the kill zone. Wolverines would use MLRS with painted targets by infantry against heavy armor.

Cobras would take allot of the smaller craft assisted by Warthogs that screened there heavy armor. So far this was the second action of the day as these aliens tried to rush them with a recon force backed with another force of tanks fallowed by infantry.

She was proud her marines were doing so well against three even four to one odds. Still it was no time to get over confident. Pelicans were on standby for reinforcements to be delivered.

She would have time to morn later if there were any dead. Enemy forces rushed over the hills attack craft swiftly moved into battle. Her rocket 'Hog hit a hill as she in mid air let loose with rockets while another hog used its Vulcan gun to spray them with bullets.

Rockets reloaded into tubes as six rockets detonated on a enemy squad of troops carrying a mounted weapon. They drove past a burning scorpion that had been the target of the enemy's first assault.

Dirt would run with more blood as both alien and humans would loose more in this hard soil. Some did not notice those dark clouds on the horizon. It was steadily getting colder.

Major Ivanvitch had little time to surmise such thus noted it for later. It pained her to see half of her hogs wreckage from that first engagement but such is to be expected in war.

They fought on hilly terrain that was part grass but mostly dirt. It was filled with craters, along with other scars of war.

Broken bodies lay around areas along with a shell of a shattered vehicle. Purple wreckage would stick out. Her forces were hitting the enemy currently.

All except her Hornets every thing else was firing on enemy positions. Scorpions fired 90mm cannons to infantry firing M37 Assault Rifles.

Second engagement had failed now as alien troops fell back with other forces to plot once again. It would be a matter of time before those alien bastards rushed them in full force.

" This is Com Tech Allers to Ivan Six." Ivanvitch listened while they did a victory lap. After that heading to friendly lines where three Scorpion tanks sat waiting ready for next engagement.

" We have two Longswords on standby. Captain can send four more Hornets if you need them." Ivanvitch nodded then replied." Those Hornets would be best used to cover my Pelicans. We might as well do it now before there is no chance. Send them in." Allers calmly replied." Aye Aye Ma'am. Give them hell down there." Ivan chuckled." Will do"

" Sergeant Jones report." Sgt. Major Jones replied." Sorry i was discussing with Conway here our scout to go take a peek. Better safe then sorry." Touching her helmets right ear." Roger that. I agree just be safe. I hope hes not going alone." Jones said with a prideful" Alone ma'am ? Hes got ammo with the entire Marine Core behind him. But i will send a few others"

Ivanavitch stepped off her 'Hog as Davers her platoon sergeant walked over. He held out a canteen she refused." You know Major you sure do like playing dirty." Unsure if he was commenting on her appearance or Battlefield tactics.

" Nothing better than rolling up ones sleeves then getting it done. Besides any good job is one well done." Sgt. Davers gave his usual goofy smile." Amen. Well this fine day is ruined as we have yet to bury more aliens on this planet. That is one thing i shall aim to rectify." Ivan looked at those clouds she knew a storm was coming.

It reminded her when she was little looking at clouds that went on forever. It also was silly but thinking about it they were in a storm as well. One she hoped to navigate her marines through to see them safely away from Eden.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1102 hrs October 26Th,2525 ONI Base Project:Overdrive, Eden.]

Eric O'Keefe had been medicated who was resting as the Doc spoke unintelligible words to Gunny. He dozed off into a dream he had before.

This was three years ago. He had been tracking a Indie terrorist group who were disliked even by other Rebels.

It was his greatest sin yet he felt right at the time doing it. Fading into the dream he relived it.
[December 23rd 2522,New Hong Kong,Arcadia]

Sgt. Eric O'Kife with a Army Ranger team from the 82ND Airborne. Had gotten Intel from UNSC Command that a Indie Terrorist group were going to bomb a target in the city.

With his drones Eric had scoured the City then finding them inside a fountain in a park, Another set at a Market place even some inside a gas station near city hall.

Lieutenant Kadan was leading this effort. His bomb disposal guy Bobby"Bubba"Linux was inside the gas station defusing the explosives. He defused the one at the park as well.

He came out in his bomb suit after twenty minutes giving a thumbs up. O'Kifes Dragonfly's hovered overhead. One picked up signal from a rooftop as some one called in. His Drone amplified that voice to his wrist display.

" They just defused our bomb. Yes blow it. Blow it NOW!. I do-" The drone flew over as the man realized he was being monitored now. He ran despite Eric sighing that he was prepared for this.

" Well it seems we have one being fallowed by my drone. He is going to blow the market. He has to be one of the terrorist. let him run. My drone will find him. thus leading us to his hideout." Every one nodded piling into two Warthogs one was a passenger model.

They arrived at the market square with his other Dragonfly hovering overhead in the Afternoon sun. Two individuals stood at a market door. Same one that was designated by his drone to have explosives.

Lt. Kadan shouted over a loud speaker." All Civilians please clear out-" Indies fired at them from both rooftops on either side of the street." Bullets rang off Warthog armor as Indies tried to kill them with high powered rifles. One Ranger took a round to the leg.

Indies suddenly appeared with SMGs moving out of the store. Eric was having his drone scan the area for more explosives and hostiles.

Leaping out of the hogs except the gunner who was letting them have a storm of lead but even he fell to a well placed rifle shot that went into his helmet killing him instantly.

Every one was returning fire now even Eric who fired his SMG at those firing at them. Every one lay flat on the warm asphalt.

Beeping showed that the market was wired fully. Suddenly the gunmen disappeared from the roofs. Rangers attended wounded also were checking rooftops. Suddenly the market exploded.

Civilians who took cover in buildings were killed as were vendors who were selling fruit or vegetables had taken cover behind there stands.

Six shops exploded simultaneously. All sorts of debris traveling at incredible speeds tore through unprotected flesh. Some civilians died instantly others were injured pretty bad.

A woman was crossing the street in a pretty sundress who had hid away during the gun battle. She lay dead in the street on a pile of rubble. Wind blew showing blood seeping onto the ground.

Eric with the other Rangers had been peppered by debris. There armor saved them from most of it. One ranger was not so lucky as a piece of metal protruded from his right eye socket.

It was silent as no Ranger moved yet. Eric got up slowly to his feet. Silence filled the air. Then his ears rang.

Walking over to the woman in the sundress seeing her Asian face. He touched her shoulder now noticing that she was dead.

They had failed. Yet tears would not bring them back. Eric limped back to see Rangers standing up. Erics voice croaked at his drone gave the Indie terrorist location.

" This is Blue two-three. We need Emergency services to our location." He dropped a IR grenade marking there position. Also a smoke grenade.

" Also i need-" He coughed a few times." I need air strike at second drones coordinates. Its painting target now." Hearing sirens not far off he took a seat next to Lt. Kadan who was holding his side leaking blood." I have help on the way. Also we are about to torch those Indies." Turning to help Lt. Kadan with medical aid. Kadan had a smile on his face.

Longsword blew an apartment building that housed terrorists in the basement. Other innocent people died yet it would all be covered up as it would be reported they were sympathizers.
Eric awoke out of the drug filled dream hearing argument near. Lt. Col. Kingston stood with pistol in hand." I am going to get Cort Marshaled Gunnery Sergeant. This is all on my hands. So since you will not hand over the object i have one thing to do." A single shot from a Magnum killed the unstable ONI officer from his own gun who could not cope with his actions.

Eric was too doped up to entirely know what was going on but he knew it was bad. It was a stunned silence. Even the Mp's did not expect that kind of sudden change. Eric fell back into a drug induced sleep once again.

That dreadful silence once again.

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Go Mizzou. Don't fight stupid.

Dang this was pretty good

  • 12.28.2012 3:33 PM PDT

"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1109 hrs October 26Th 2525,Indie Base,Eden]

Lieutenant Angela Cortez stepped off the lowered cargo ramp. Marines stepped off as well creating a barrier against those who would approach.

She was armed with a SMG due to being in a war zone. Allot of desperate faces. Offering a kind smile to them all.

"Ma'am we are secure."A sergeant said to her as she looked up. Hovering above was another Pelican. Looking about seeing that this base had chain link fencing. Barbed wire at the top.

Automated Stolen UNSC gun turrets were powered down. Four in all surrounding the base. Watch towers over looked the perimeter with barricades also stolen from UNSC.

Her black shoes stepped off onto muddy dark earth. Survivors parted cheering at them. Waiting for them was a UNSC corporal. His armor had seen better days.

" I am Corporal O'Malley" His thick Irish accent surprising to Lt. Cortez who returned his salute." This way ma'am" Fallowing him they talked as they walked. Eight marines trailed behind keeping wepons pointed in a non-threatening fashion.

" Are we glad to see you. Our last orders were to take these people to safety. We had no contact with any one for quite a bit." She nodded to the corporal who showed them into a command center.

It was more like a cement building with radios. Few chairs, with computers and even a coffee machine stuffed in a corner.

Another UNSC Trooper was standing aside Colonel David Colt. He was more impressive in person than his file indicated. Radio operators listened with a few armed guards.

Entering with two marines she gave a pleasant smile even though she did not feel like it." We got your call." Looking at both of them.

Corporal O'Malley walked over nodding to the new arrivals." Sarge they just arrived." The NCO looked up at the officer." Sergeant Ohara" Gave a crisp salute." UNSC Army, Second Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division. I do logistics. Up until four days ago." He rubed his face glumly with a hand across his some what unshaven face.

" Corporal with a few medical personnel who are mostly Army or Marines were ordered to get Civillians to safety." Col. Colt shouted." Clear the Room. Lets have some privacy. Lieutenant we need to talk in private. Back here in my office." He waved his people out the door.

Reluctantly every one left including Marines all except Sgt.Ohara and Corporal O'Malley. A old paper map of Eden was behind the desk. It was a global map with shaded areas.

His office was cluttered with old disks to a few paper back books. Col. Colt sat down at his desk. His eyes looking each person over.

" Normally i would not have this conversation with a UNSC officer. Yet the circumstances compel me to do so. Let me start at the beginning. Little over four days ago it was UNSC against Indies."

" I served as an officer in the UNSC. You probably already know this." His comments directed at Lt. Cortez who sat prim and proper." I left as a Lieutenant then for some years became a mercenary for hire. Seeing what the UNSC did especially ONI whom i have despised for years now."

"Despite all of that. I got a call from my wife as the Aliens invaded." He nearly choked those words out." She..She that.." He winced" She loved me. That i must promise to help all those i can. To fight for what is right. I lost signal."

" I went to see if she some how survived. Our house was a flaming wreck. Only thing that keeps me going is that promise. Nothing you can do to lock me up or hurt me will go past that pain." Col. Colt wiped a tear from his eye.

" Despite all of that i have done. I am willing to help you. Help humanity. Ten Thousand souls are burning in that ring of fire. I will use every means i can to defeat them."

" If i some how survive this and avoid a trial i will rejoin to take the fight to this enemy." Sitting back his face in pain.

" Despite what has happened in the past we must focus on what is going on now. We have Pelicans ready to ferry survivors to our ship. That being said we need people to remain calm." Her eyes locked on Colts face.

" This has been trying for every one. Captain Night is a good man. He will see to it every survivor is taken care of. What i need are those who are in medical need to get lifted out first." Sgt. Ohara handed her a clipboard.

" A list of every one. People at the top need a Medevac. Women and Children next." Thanking Sgt. Ohara she took the clipboard.

" I will speak with our Captain then see what else can be done. Rest assured we will not abandon any here who want to leave peacefully." Exiting Lt. Cortez sighed.

Brave words for some one who is in charge of all of this. It felt as if her chest was going to explode.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Authors Note:Thanks. I Hope you enjoy it. Plenty more on the way. Allot to tell. Its a gritty story but it has moments in it that i hope is worthy of any Halo story.
Posted by: Nader121
Dang this was pretty good

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

[1117 hrs October 26Th, Devils Advocate,Eden]

Captain Night stood on the bridge looking over the plot with Petty Officer Laura Vexen. Lt. Cortez Secretary who was filling in.

"Any good news ?" Captain Night turned to Vexen who shook her head no." We have reports sir of activity below us. Enemy is up to something moving some sort of machines into place." Walking over to a empty chair showing him footage on a empty crew terminal.

Captain Night fallowed looking over Vexens shoulder. Footage from a drone made it quite clear." Dammit." Chief ready the M.A.C. to be used. I want our Long Swords to make a strike on them as well. Allers Let the Air Boss know."

Footage from the drone showed the aliens towing in huge disk like apparatus below them. Every one was at there stations doing so." Ensign Redwolf ready us to move when the time is right. Wait till after the air strike."

Captain Night shook his head sadly." Our options are limited. Operation Silent Night is in effect. Let the ground forces know. Our Pelicans reinforcing Task Force Ivan have not left yet. Make sure they have supplies." Night did not like the options he was not going to loose the ship.

" Allers put me through to the Ground forces. All of them." Com Tech Allers did so reluctantly." This is Delta Able Actual. Operation Silent Night is in Effect Repeat. Silent Night. Do not reply."

Captain Speaking into his headset knowing if he did not get off Eden he never would." Task Force Ivan is to link up with Charlie Four and Wolf Pack. Pelicans are inbound with coordinates and supplies. A beacon will broadcast this message." Adjusting his headset Captain Night rubed his tired eyes.

" Sir we are ready to fire the M.A.C. " Ensign Redwolf informed him." Launch Longswords. Once they are clear i want a firing soultion." Punching up the bridge plot it gave him a 2-D map of the area below them.

" Sir Longswords away. Pelicans are en route to Task Force Ivan's position." Captain Nodded. It was the first time she ever seen Captain Night look very sad. His face was grim yet he kept his cool.

" Fire Control reports we have a lock." Com Tech Allers reported." Fire!." Captain Night yelled. It startled a few crew members who watched the power of a M.A.C. Be unleashed.

The shot destroyed two of the disks that exploded. They were one hundred meters in diameter. Longswords hit the remaining two destroying them as well sending enemy troops to cover.

" LADAR shows nine alien craft heading this way sir. Size of Pelicans." Chief Thorton reported to the Captain who stood tall looking out at the planet.

"Let the Longswords know to hit them. I want to be away from the planet. Prepare to Repel Borders. Master of Arms to the Bridge. Chief Keep an eye out for more." Com Tech Allers was working her board alerting the right departments.

" Aye Aye Captain." Chief Returned to his duties. Ensign Redwolf swivel in her chair." Sir we are rising but enemy is going to intercept us in fifteen minutes. We should be in the stratosphere by that time." Captain Night Nodded.

" Alert the ship to battle stations. I want all hands on deck. Security is to lock down Engineering and the Bridge. Small arms are to be distributed to officers." Captain Night did not know what was going to happen.

"Sir a Longsword wants to speak with you. They are heading back." Com Tech Allers switched his headset." This is Sandman Lead to Actual. We have downed three enemy ships. Lost one bird to enemy fighters. We will land just before they arrive over." Night keyed in.

" I copy. good job out there." Com Tech Allers was speaking with security when Master of Arms showed up with two squads of Security personnel.

Saluting Lieutenant Bryant waited for Captains instructions." Sir." Night Turned to him after checking the plot one more time.

" Take up positions here." Captain Night looked over the Navy and Marines who were S.P. and M.P. respectfully. He would need there help.

" I have two more squads protecting Engineering as well sir" Lt. Bryant was directing his men with hand movements where he wanted them.

" Allers are we ready ?" Com Tech Allers shook her head yes." Good our new friends have some lessons to learn about humans. Lets show them a good time."

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i know what is missing

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Chapter 9

[1130 hrs October 26Th, Airlock one,Devils Advocate, 9Th Age of Reclamation.]

Lance Leader Dul'Kalth stood in the drop bay of the Drop Ship. His Phantom turned as they stood quietly. They were docking. Several Unggoy ready plasma pistols or checked over one another.

His fellow Sangheili patted a brother to his right affirming the gods blessings. Few Kig-Yar readied the shields they carried on one arm.

Drop Ship slowed as they knew it was time before they docked." Brothers. We have given our Oath. Now we must fulfill that Oath. We are to take the ship intact. May the Gods favor us all." Readying both of his Plasma Rifles in each hand.

Seal of an Airlock as two Unggoy moved forward to use a cutting charged to unseal the door. It was a plasma charge that changed due to door shape. It cut through in moments. Squads lead by Sangheili poured out towards waiting marines.

His shields flared as his squad was second behind another. Unggoy fell yet a testament of the fearlessness they showed during the Charge.

Humans used there inferior wepons as metal projectiles. Plasma Grenades arched low in the cramped hallway. Human marines fell as they were wounded or killed.

Plasma fire stormed back. As enemy grenades bounced in as well to kill more Unggoy. As a Major it was his job to take care of those under his command. Yet it seemed as if he would fail that charge.

Dul'Kalth fired both of his Plasma Rifles taking cover behind a support beam. More troops arrived with Kig-Yar who used there shields to press forward returning fire with plasma fire.

Humans pulled others down the hallway. Yet he did admire them for not giving up. Some were dragging wounded away. He hit a human who was firing some rifle from around his Corner as Kig-Yar kept the focus on them.

Humans seem to be afraid of them. They had courage as a white suited leader had them fall back. He needed to find a hangar bay that was possibly below them. At an intersection he called back to the Phantom.

" This is Dul'Kalth leading a strike lance. I need directions to a hangar bay." His wrist mini projector was up dated with info as scans from his Phantom showed the desired location.

A Kig-yar pilot squawked as his helmet displayed the translated words.(Information loaded.) They ran down this hall to large cargo elevator took it down. Humans were waiting here as well as they killed mechanics who used improvised tools or pistols.

Opening the Cargo Bay really unleashed the human defense effort as they came down with even more wepons. A turret mounted gun that killed one of his brothers who had been focusing on a pair of humans.

Every one rolled into cover. Dul'Kalth hid behind a large tool chest. Several Unggoy fell to the enemy's wepons as a drop ship flew in with reinforcements.

They did not do much better as many were cut down. Yet the turret was silenced from a well thrown plasma grenade. Human manning it was able to get away.

He had assumed command of that other lance. There leader lay dead riddled with holes. Drop Ship was unable to fire in the close confines. Unggoy having no choice backed by Sangheili rushed the stairs.

He supported this effort as they tried to pin down humans with plasma fire. This was going to take more troops then they had brought. He understood now the meaning of sacrifice.

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"Life to you stepson and everlasting glory. " Thifes World.

Posted by: ashley8neu
i know what is missing

Authors note: Movie Deal ?Or it getting published.?(Doubts it but hey i need to dream.) Anyways thanks...*Showgirls in Spartan Armor kick dance coming out as the curtain closes on another Authors Note.*

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