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Subject: Happy Birthday Halo!!!

Easter Egg Hunter. Apprentice Tricker/Glitcher (learning from Grumpy and Sliding Ghost).

Trying to get Waypoint to update Halo 3 stats in detail like here. Now no one can see that my Halo 3 Spartan no longer looks like my Reach Spartan.

Really want to be a Heroic member or have a title. :/

I know that Halo 4 is out and a lot of people, including me, are caught up in it. I would however like to celebrate and remind people an important fact. Its Thursday, November 15th. Halo CE and CEA's 11th birthday! To celebrate this, tell how this game has been good to you. Tricks, funny moments, any memorable Halo 1 moments!

Here are some of mine:
-First time using the magnum
-My first launch. It wasn't that high, but it was my first one so it was still pretty exciting. I landed on a jackal :)

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NO WAY! Happy birthday greatest game of all time!

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Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

the first time my ghost did 3 back flips of a tank :')

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Happy birthday CE! My AI collecting pastime will never be forgotten. My frequent encounters with Zealots will never get old. I offer this video as a tribute. And possibly another video later today.

As per the op, my favorite moments were:

1. my first time playing Silent Cartographer, completing the beach battle, betraying the marines. It was when I became a Halo player instead of a raging maniac.

2. successfully bringing the sword Zealot to the end of Two Betrayals on Legendary.

3. twin bridges megabattle. The UAC (Ultimate AI Collection) of CE and the best part is that you have access to an infinite amount of checkpoints and it can be done on Heroic and Legendary!

4. the AI. Never felt cheap and the marines were fun. It's always going to be funny watching them throw grenades at Banshees.

5. believable AI animations. It's always hilarious watching Elites, Grunts, Jackals, and marines trying to take off the stuck grenade or needles and Jackals and marines rolling futilely when shot at. It's amusing watching Grunts jump in place while idle, it's even an easter egg on PoA. It's great seeing my marine gunner raise his arm up when getting height in the Hog. It's awesome having the opportunity to stealth patrols instead of enemies always expecting you. It's nice to see marines berserk.

6. cutscene glitching. 8 Hunters. Enough said.

7. the Needler. Multiple supercombines on living enemies, supercombining on dead bodies, destroying Elites (Halo 4 brought this back but it's not the same :/), epic combinations with plasmas, frags, and rockets (you didn't need Sputnik or Cowbell for huge explosions), homing functioning from behind cover, balanced and dodgeable, great sound effects, and it's melee is so violent!

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It feels like no time has passed at all since ce came out. So many memories betraying Keyes then running away from the marines

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Posted by: da 70 70 hatred
It feels like no time has passed at all since ce came out. So many memories betraying Keyes then running away from the marines
Invincible marines easter egg FTW.

I was really disappointed Reclaimer didn't have a reference to that. Lasky is invincible, doesn't respond to betrayals, is hard as -blam!- to move from his path (you either have to melee him with Cowbell turned on or keep shooting him in the head), and deloads at the first loading point even if you manage to get him off the Mammoth. What a terrible waste of a cameo.

Nearly all the important friendly NPC in past Halo games have been interesting, largely because they were interactive.

From worst to best in-game appearances:

10. Lasky.

9. ODSTs. You could swap guns with them.

8. 343 Guilty Spark. Can be pushed around and blocked when he's an ally and he can damage you with his blue beam. There's a clone of him at the bottom of The Library.

7. Rtas Vadum. You can flip him out of his Wraith on Great Journey and bring him to the Tartarus fight.

6. Noble Team. Can be relocated, cloned, launched, there's even an easter egg associated with Jun and Emile on The Package. And it's possible to get 2 Emiles, 2 Jorges, 2 Juns on various levels and get Emile out of the MAC cannon. I just don't like their AI which is why I rarely bring up their potential. But it was there.

5. Gravemind (on The Covenant). First time Flood were allies. You get points for betraying them if you have campaign scoring enabled. You can raise them (jump onto the roof of the building then go through the door to spawn them. Make sure you have at least 1 Brute survivor or an Auto-Turret to get them to raise dead bodies), kill them so they don't get deleted after the cutscene, and fight them (teabag Arbiter into non-existence by getting his body on the podium). You can even drop weapons near the dead Flood bodies so you could potentially get about 9 fuel rod gun wielding combat forms chasing after you (if you clone Arbiter 3x and give each a fuel rod gun and if you're playing on Heroic or higher). You could also get a sword army of combat forms by repeatedly betraying the Arbiters (keep the unkillable one blocked with a deployable cover or by keeping him on the turret).

4. Miranda Keyes. You could distract Tartarus with her and get her on the Spectre turret. You could melee her into space on Cairo Station. Her appearance in Halo 3 was disappointing but she did pull out a magnum when you betrayed marines.

3. Jacob Keyes. The invincible marines. Getting a Zealot to whack him. Killing him before deactivating the shield doors. And he has 2 easter eggs associated with him (his name tag and pipe).

2. Johnson. Hidden speech on AotCR, can get 2 of him in CE since his model is reused for standard marine sergeants, you can launch him up to the bridge on AotCR, you can move him all the way to the end of Cairo Station, you can stop him from leaving in the Pelican on Outskirts, you can get him out of the Scarab and can make a hundred clones of him on Great Journey, you can clone him on Sierra 117 and Crow's Nest, you can get him out of the Pelican on The Ark and bring him to the end of the level, you can save him on the last level and hear an easter egg when he's infected by the Flood, it used to be possible to bring him to the end of the level in the Hog. Oh and he drops an infinite ammo laser if you take away his current one.

1. Arbiter. Enough said

343 better get their act together. Though NPCs being invincible and/or capable of killing are often unwelcome, they did have some fun in them. Lasky was just a set piece. He was there to provide an air of authenticity. That's about it.

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This is all awesome. Today I finally did my first betrayal run on a 4 map. Ah, the collective consciousness...
Womy, am thinking of you.

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so true i remember going up to Keyes and shooting him then hinding

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