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Subject: Halo CEA Terminals

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So I was playing through 343 guilty spark tonight to collect my last terminal for the achievement, and after about 4-5 months of not playing CEA I totally forgot about this. Is it ever explained anywhere whose ship crash landed on Halo that we see during the terminal cut scenes?

  • 12.03.2012 2:09 AM PDT
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I don't read the books, but not to my knowledge. Certainly wasn't the Autumn. I think it's a one-off. BTW, was the Keyes terminal intense enough, or what ?

  • 12.03.2012 6:03 PM PDT

It's still unidentified as of yet. Perhaps a Forerunner or Precursor ship? Who knows. There's still time for it to be revealed in Halo 5, 6 so we'll see.

Personally i think the back story and the terminals in CEA and 4 have been great. I loved seeing Sparks decent to rampancy and Prehistoric Humanitys fight with the Flood and Forerunners. It's pretty neat.

  • 12.05.2012 3:44 AM PDT

Oh hey there

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That question was never actually answered. I feel like it wasn't meant to be answered and was more of a plot device to show Spark's isolation.

  • 12.08.2012 5:44 PM PDT