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Subject: Halo 2 is terrible and H4 ROFLSTOMPS it

I hope you're not serious Op.


  • 12.23.2012 11:47 AM PDT

All my NO !

  • 12.27.2012 7:46 PM PDT
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Posted by: Comm Corsair
This is sadly the most activity this forum has seen in over 2 months


This is the new troll.
They come from a Flood wager, or just operating on their own perversity. It's cool to visit the old sites and lay down something ridiculous and watch the oldsters scramble to express their feelings against. Identify and execute.

  • 12.27.2012 9:11 PM PDT

Posted by: Super PolarBear
Trolling the Halo 2 Forum in 2012?

Come on now, that is just sad.

  • 01.04.2013 8:28 PM PDT

Name's John. I'm a 21-year-old firefighter/EMT from lolhio who doubles as a die-hard Halo fan. I've been enjoying the franchise since 2001. My favorite iteration of Halo would have to be Halo 2 simply because I never got to experience the joy of a full-on Halo: CE LAN.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Oh yeah, and boot Zome.

omg my jimmies r rustled n i dont care 4 u

  • 01.04.2013 10:44 PM PDT

*reminisces when the Bungie/Halo community wasn't made up of CoD kids*
*activates time-machine and sets the clock back to Nov. 9, 2004*
glory days here I come..

No u.

  • 01.05.2013 3:02 PM PDT

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