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Subject: Hai guyzzz

I am the Core. And I am not pleased.


Your new overlord here, just wanting to lay down a few ground rules
-worship me
-obey me
-anything I say goes
-give me all your pie
~your overlord comm corsair

  • 12.06.2012 6:36 PM PDT

Don't listen to this fgt

  • 12.06.2012 6:38 PM PDT

RIP Halo 2: November 9, 2004-May 10, 2010
I was the 2nd to last person to get kicked off Halo 2, see the thread Here


  • 12.06.2012 7:09 PM PDT

Aspiring filmmaker

Do you even lift?

~Halo 2 rocks.

  • 12.06.2012 7:30 PM PDT

North Korea.

  • 12.08.2012 6:48 PM PDT
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Posted by: Comm Corsair
-give me all your pie
*flips table*

You got a lot of nerve. I'll sic my Elite army on you...

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  • 12.09.2012 3:20 PM PDT
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Comm Corsair thanks us for our obedience...
It is in the holy texts...
I hope everyone sees that this is not the typical overlord...
My heart says resistance, but my humanmind says compliance.

  • 12.10.2012 8:19 PM PDT

Easter Egg Hunter. Apprentice Tricker/Glitcher (learning from Grumpy and Sliding Ghost).

Trying to get Waypoint to update Halo 3 stats in detail like here. Now no one can see that my Halo 3 Spartan no longer looks like my Reach Spartan.

Really want to be a Heroic member or have a title. :/

-Worship me
-Obey me
-Anything I say goes
Down the toilet. Completed the sentence for ya
-Give me all your pie
~Your overlord comm corsair
Unless I get some $$, I'm my own overlord.

  • 12.11.2012 6:04 PM PDT
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Im a CMNeir fanboy from the States that show you how silly i really am.

Oh No's! the Arbs is angry (:O

  • 12.11.2012 6:11 PM PDT
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  • 12.17.2012 9:25 PM PDT