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Subject: I miss the glory days of Halo 2...


Remember back when i was too scared to put a credit card in to buy the new maps, All the fun trying to level up past level 20, The menu the matchmaking everything about Halo 2 was absolutely glorious, No youtube you had to find glitches by something tell you in a game or a friend messaging you. Oh and super jumping :D!

  • 12.07.2012 2:09 PM PDT
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Posted by: feedthefishy
I miss the glory days of Halo 2...
don't we all brother
i was more fond of split screen matches with friends then online games

  • 12.07.2012 3:27 PM PDT

Co-op campaign and the pain those darned jackal snipers bring. Super jumping, crazy! I only played Halo 2 online in the last few months, but I loved every bit of it.

  • 12.08.2012 8:02 AM PDT

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Manly tears flowing...

I've hardly even touched XBL since H2 was put down. Played some H3, a little COD, but for me, nothing matched up with H2. If you dig into my stats, you'll find I logged over 10,000 online games (and that was on this account- I put another 3,000 or so on a secondary account). Can't stop won't stop!! But had no choice but to stop. Those jerks T_T

  • 12.12.2012 6:03 PM PDT
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Just call me Najar.

Me too, my brother, me too.

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  • 12.14.2012 10:52 PM PDT

Me too. It was a big part of my life for a while :(

  • 12.15.2012 4:28 AM PDT

And yeah, why was it so damn hard to level up in Halo 2??? When Halo 3 came out I leveled up to 47 very easily; but in Halo 2 I think the most I ever got was 28 or something and that seemed ridiculously difficult! I also miss the way those ranks looked too with the different colours as you leveled up! And then there was the cool symbols from like, I think, 45/46 up to 50!

Oh, and regarding superbouncing, I could *never* do that; didn't matter how much I tried! The only glitch I ever managed to do was on Ivory Tower, where, on the ramp with the power-up at the bottom, you could drop below (with the aid of a team mate standing in a specific spot) and then get away up to on top of the map from there!

I played some of the best custom games on Halo 2 as well! For example, the one on ascension (the name escapes me just now) where your team had to try and control the main tower, and the weaponry was only shotguns, with no shields! It was GREAT! Could easily have played that for a couple of hours before getting only slightly bored of it!

Another one I remember someone played on Lockout (althought many people didn't really like it): the settings were no teams, only two played at a time (the rest spectated, which was fun) and you waited your turn! But it was really fun to watch the two play against each other!

These are just two of many amazing custom games of course :)

So yeah, I miss it big time. I did enjoy Halo 3; but it was just never quite the same as Halo 2: the maps, the movement, the general "feel" of the play...

Oh, and what the hell is with the getting rid of the three-shot BR? That sucks! Therefore, I didn't purchase Halo Reach and I won't be purchasing Halo 4.

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  • 12.15.2012 4:40 AM PDT

Posted by: x Gr3nad3z x
Oh, and what the hell is with the getting rid of the three-shot BR? That sucks! Therefore, I didn't purchase Halo Reach and I won't be purchasing Halo 4.

...you realise Halo 4 has a 3 shot BR..right? If that's you're only reason then it's pretty silly.

I agree with your comments about the customs, had countless hours doing exactly the things you described. Exploring all the maps, tower of power, zombies the "hunters in coagulation (lol..)" and much more.

  • 12.15.2012 6:04 AM PDT

Really?? In that case I may get it then... all I've seen on youtube videos of gameplay are those one-shot DMRs (or whatever they're called, the same as on the Halo Anniversary one)!

I'm having such bad nostalgia after being on here! I reeeeaaaally want to play Tower of Power! :(

  • 12.15.2012 7:05 AM PDT

Oh, and I don't think I ever played that "hunters on coagulation" custom... but perhaps I did and just didn't realise its name!

We should all try and remember the best custom games that people played. I remember one on coagulation that was CTF but the people had to use ghosts to try and get you, or something (memory is a little hazy). Zombies was pretty awesome too (I think the best was on Foundation!); although, people not changing over to zombie was annoying sometimes :P But I remember one of the specific rooms on Foundation was good 'cause you could jump up to an upper corner bit and sort of hide and shoot from up there! Ahh, such good old times on Halo 2!

I saw a few youtube videos that show you how to play it online by connecting up your xbox to computer and playing through a thing called, if I remmeber correctly, "Xbox Connect". I just need to find out how I go about connecting my laptop to my xbox... (I'm not very au fait with things like that).

  • 12.15.2012 7:09 AM PDT

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i would still play it if it had online avilable.

  • 01.05.2013 8:37 PM PDT