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  • Subject: ODST's wonderful soundtrack
Subject: ODST's wonderful soundtrack
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I love cookies, and metal.

Lovin' me the awesome ambient.

Discuss ODST's epic soundtrack.

  • 12.16.2012 3:42 PM PDT


  • 12.16.2012 5:18 PM PDT

I bought it because I love it. It's new...and beautiful...and huge...

  • 12.16.2012 9:16 PM PDT
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If death is what you want, then I'll gladly offer you a cup.

I bought ODST again...and lord, this game soundtrack is amazing.

  • 12.17.2012 8:17 PM PDT

-Ghost cow

It goes really well with the sad atmosphere of the ruins of New Mombassa. Even though the Rookie is silent, you can almost feel his sadness as he walks through the destroyed city.

  • 12.22.2012 8:28 AM PDT


ITs amazing most epic ever.

  • 12.22.2012 9:04 AM PDT

"Unfortunately for us both, I like crazy."

The CD of this game's soundtrack never leaves my car. When nothing else is on or I just want to feel awesome, I pop in the CD, blast "The Rookie" or "More Than His Share" and things get better. Or if I'm feeling sentimental, I'll go with "Light at the End." So amazing overall.

  • 01.01.2013 6:22 PM PDT

It makes me wish ODST was a full game...

  • 01.07.2013 6:18 AM PDT