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Subject: Halo Galaxy Forum Roleplay


My name is MashterChief117, current roleplayer in the forum based Halo Galaxy Rp, have you always wanted to roleplay a gritty marine fighting against impossible odds and working together as a unit instead of an armoured SPARTAN supersoldier ? or have you wanted to clamber on into a drop pod and go feet first into hell ? or would you prefer to reign fire high above in the skies piloting a Longsword ? or maybe you'd rather want to fight for the other side as a Special Operations Sangheili, you're Energy Sword lighting the way

whatever your style then we will happily accept you, plus it's real easy too ! you create an account, make yourself known to the community, then create a character, then after a moderator reviews your Bio and it is approved then you're free to put your virtual boots on the line and kick ass ! and don't worry if your bio isn't approved the first time, the community and mods will be happy to help you every step of the way, i'm usually on the Site nearly all the time but if i'm not and there's another member on the chat box at the bottom of the website then tell them that The Chief sent you, they'll know what you mean

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see you on the battlefield,

  • 12.18.2012 5:22 AM PDT