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  • Subject: Destiny - ART IN MOTION (Animated Trailer) by Ferino Design
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Subject: Destiny - ART IN MOTION (Animated Trailer) by Ferino Design

Only 13 leaked concept arts from the new game universe of Bungie (I hope so), combined in one video. I'm a huge fan of all the games of this wonderful studio, so I can`t get past such beautiful artworks. The work took about three weeks. Two weeks of which are spent on cutting and drawing of the arts for more than 100 objects and one week left on the editing and montage.

Hope you like it! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe!

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  • 12.21.2012 10:38 PM PDT

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Damn, OP. That looks pretty freakin awesome. Nice job!

  • 12.22.2012 2:33 AM PDT

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Damn man... Nice!!

  • 12.22.2012 6:53 AM PDT

And so the war of Gods and Demons shall begin. Tomorrow will end with your heart in my hand!

Love ya! =3

That is just -blam!-ing sweet. You should work at Bungie. :D

  • 12.22.2012 7:36 AM PDT

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Wow that was awesome.... Good job and don't stop doing this kind of thing.

  • 12.22.2012 8:05 AM PDT



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  • 12.22.2012 8:15 AM PDT
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I'm gonna finish it. Just like Jigga did to the pyramid.

that's awesome sauce OP.

here's some positive feedback

  • 12.22.2012 8:22 AM PDT

Per Audacia Ad Astra

Excellent video. Very unique.

  • 12.22.2012 8:23 AM PDT

Very nice, favourited!

  • 12.22.2012 8:29 AM PDT

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Posted by: jBhIpS
The work took about three weeks. Two weeks of which are spent on cutting and drawing of the arts for more than 100 objects and one week left on the editing and montage.

Wow! It really shows. Thumbs up.

  • 12.22.2012 8:32 AM PDT

-Ghost cow

Came here from the Flood and I'd like to say great work. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

  • 12.22.2012 8:33 AM PDT

Posted by: A Bit Of Zero
This thread would have appealed to me more if it was written with crayons.
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Awesome - very cool.

  • 12.22.2012 8:34 AM PDT
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Very skilled work here.

  • 12.22.2012 8:38 AM PDT

Cammalamm is the best.

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  • 12.22.2012 8:58 AM PDT
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That was pure win. Just pure win. Holy crap fantastic job!

  • 12.22.2012 9:09 AM PDT

Das awesome.

  • 12.22.2012 9:10 AM PDT

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Incredible stuff

  • 12.22.2012 9:31 AM PDT


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Excellent job. I have subbed to your channel.

  • 12.22.2012 9:40 AM PDT

I loved it, great work!

  • 12.22.2012 9:43 AM PDT
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I cried.

  • 12.22.2012 9:45 AM PDT

I will own everyone in Halo: Reach

Just amazing!
Maybe you could add a more epic soundtrack, but it was fantastic!

  • 12.22.2012 10:30 AM PDT

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Wow! That was very well done and it made me look forward to whatever-the-hell Destiny is so much more.

Thank you

  • 12.22.2012 10:39 AM PDT

Nice work bro, you certainly have talent.

  • 12.22.2012 12:22 PM PDT

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That was incredibly well done man, excellent job! I'm going to show this to everyone.

  • 12.22.2012 12:36 PM PDT

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