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  • Subject: Active And Friendly Community. Here Today, Ready For Tomorrow.
Subject: Active And Friendly Community. Here Today, Ready For Tomorrow.

How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.

Those looking for a group to join, I suggest you join Gamma Company Spartans (check my groups page). We are a friendly and active community always looking for more members.

Hello, my name's Garvak and I'm an Admiral in Gamma Company Spartans.

GCS is an active and productive community who focus on many subjects, mostly Halo.

As this community is still growing, we believe every active member of our home should have a say in how it develops further. Our community's leadership is made up of Committee Chairmen who are voted into this position by the members of the community. Have an idea you'd like to see addressed? Bring it to a Chairman. Or, if you think you're leadership material, try running for the position yourself!

Aside from the Committee Chairman (Admirals), we offer multitudes of navy-based ranks. When you join, you'll get promoted by how active you are within the community, and how helpful you've been. Just be active and polite, and try attending a few of the events we hold. Attendance is optional, however.

As I said before, we focus on a multitude of things. Do you like writing? We have a dedicated team devoted to writing about anything, be it Halo, Mass Effect, or even something original and modern. Do you like art? We've hosted several events in the past devoted to...creative creations! Winners of such events are awarded with an honorable mention in our Hall of Fame.

Are you a devoted Halo player? Maybe you'd like to join our Spec Ops team! We're always looking for new faces to play Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and other games with. Game Nights can be hosted by all members.

Maybe you're looking for a group with plenty of roleplaying threads or just looking for a couple of friendly people to chat with. I firmly believe that everyone in GCS is pretty chill and relaxed.

If you like the sound of any of this, you should give us a try.

We have a structured Democratic Committee with an organized ranking system. We offer specialized positions. We accept anyone who is willing to commit their time.

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Bungie doesn't like French on their site.

How active are you guys on your site/in-game/ group?

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