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Subject: H2V Games for Windows Live Issue

So I recently reinstalled H2V and as such I am prompted to sign in to GFWL when I launch the game. However, at first it would always fail to sign me in, but I figured out what the issue was. I installed a VPN for another program that use for school a while back. It automatically sets the MTU value for my network adapter to 1300. I read somewhere that GFWL requires a value greater than 1400 to work. This seems to be the case because I can change the value via the command prompt. When I switch it to 1500, I can sign into GFWL just fine. The issue is that I have to do this every time I launch H2V. Does anyone know of a way to permanently change the MTU value? Maybe via the registry or something?

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Posted by: Anton P Nym
who says you have to be an ace to have fun?

Posted by: TUI_Obi_Wan
Stupid parents let their stupid children play games that are rated M when they should be playing Big Birds Spelling Adventures

Posted by: Kira Onime
Also the AR is actually good in CQB now and no longer a glorified baseball bat.

I know it seems obvious, but uninstall the VPN thing?

  • 12.25.2012 6:53 PM PDT