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Subject: Halo Haven
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Halo Haven was created with the intention of providing a single location on for Halo fans to discuss the current era of Halo. Since activity has largely diminished in the main forums, Halo Haven serves as the hive for players to come together under a free yet inviting atmosphere.

In here, you will find all of the latest information about Halo 4 and the future of Halo. This is also an area to discuss past Halo games and find players to join you. You may discuss anything about Halo ranging from gameplay and recent news to Halo lore and merchandise. In addition, Halo Haven also serves as a group to meet new people, engaging in spontaneous non-Halo discussion, and share your thoughts from day to day.

Going forward, we will have regularly scheduled game nights and gatherings, and we will work together to produce media representative of our community. If you would like to participate in these, you will find the necessary information as they become available.

Halo Haven welcomes all Halo fans, but in order to keep an inviting atmosphere, I ask that you please respect your fellow players. Regardless of your background or opinions, be mindful of how you present them. This is the main requirement for the group, and if you follow it you will have the privilege of enjoying all that the current Halo era has to offer.

I look forward to your participation.

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