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  • Subject: Need help troubleshooting DayZ
Subject: Need help troubleshooting DayZ

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Im trying to join my friends server in DayZ for the first time, and i just bought Arma 2 and operation Arrowhead. He has tried to help me, but everytime i try to join the server from DayZ Commander, it takes me to the main menu instead of the server. If anyone would like to chat over steam or skype call, i could really use some help...

  • 01.04.2013 5:48 PM PDT
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I have never personally played DayZ but I can point your in the right direction of where you should be asking; here is a perfect place to start - the troubleshooting forum for DayZ.

I was also able to find a thread with someone who had a similar problem here

I would also refrain from posting within the classifieds for these types of problems - usually the flood would be able to comment/assist with things like this as the classifieds are for group creation/advertisement

Hope this helped bud


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  • 01.05.2013 6:20 AM PDT
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deej pls

I'll try to help you.

Message me your skype if you still have the problem going on.

  • 01.08.2013 12:49 AM PDT