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Subject: The Imperial Juggernaut, The Sith Empire

Join the Sith Empire today!
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Born a boy, raised a man, lived a hero, and died a legend.
Words to live by: "If man were to do thier best we would astound ourselves" -Thomas Edison
"Sometimes we only have a bullet and a prayer, don't miss."-Red Faction

Join the Dark Order of the Sith

To All the Citizens of the Former Sovereignty of Naboo!
Too Long has your planet gone unnoticed by we who now blockade your world!
Do you Nubians of Theed take pride in your little civil paradise!
Do you Gungans think your underwater cities will never again be tainted again by weapons fire?
Well, the once proud birthplace of the Self-elected High Mistress Jedi, former Emperor Palpatine, Padme Amidala, even yours...
truely will burn to ashes until nothing remains but a baron lifeless wasteland
Today is your day....
Your day to live in infamy, to have your mark implanted in galactic history, as your destruction....
shall mark the day the Separatist Alliance asserted our might.
You have nowhere to hide, your fate has now been sealed
There is, no escape.
Forces of the Grand United Separatist Alliance!
Today we show our true capabilities with action rather then meaningless words!
Today we rain down fire upon those who dare smite our flag with blasphemous propaganda!
Today we prove how dedicated we all are to our cause for peace in the galaxy!
Let no joyful voice be heard!
Let no man, woman, or child look at the sky with hope!
Let us begin the purge of this wretched world!
You all have your assigned
~Grand Admiral William 'Eclipse' Narmele of the Sith backed Seperatist Alliance speaking to the former planet Naboo.

This is what we are in the Sith Empire. We are grand army like no other. Worlds fall to our wrath. So I ask you all this question. Do you wish to join the Sith and conquer the galaxy? Or do you want to join the Republic and die with the galaxy. Think well and think hard for this choice is vital to your success in the future.

We are a clan in Halo Reach yet we play a multitude of other games. We have structure and we hold regular events. We enjoy talking about the recent events in video games and we have a place for people of all interests.

If you would like to join message me over xbox live and I will get you started on your path to the Dark Side. Free cookies along the way of course.

  • 01.05.2013 8:13 AM PDT

Link to my Main Account:

The is very promising clan with leaders well experienced in running one. It clearly has a great deal to offer, thus I recommend it to anyone looking for such.

-RC Echo, Ruins Clan

  • 01.06.2013 12:16 PM PDT