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  • Subject: Marathon, Oni, Myth and Halo which is your favorite?
Subject: Marathon, Oni, Myth and Halo which is your favorite?

Just as the tittle says this topic is here for all us die heard Bungie fans to state their opinion on their favorite Bungie game mine personally would have to be Marathon since it was Bungie's first game and first success which would be heavily referenced in the Halo trilogy But that's my opinion i want to know the community's opinion so if you want to tell your opinion or you want to the know the secret of immortality comment below.

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i enjoyed Halo more so I'm going with that, but I believe the other Bungie series were great as well. My second is Marathon. The story telling is quite ambitious during its time. Great narrative, but I didn not really "enjoy" playing it. I have no real opinion on the other two.

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Many gave their lives so that we could live on. I intend to honor them by remembering them. Remember Cyborg. Remember John. Remember Noble.

I believe I played Oni even before Halo: CE and loved the hell out of it. I loved the combination of manga style and action. I suppose one of the reasons I liked Halo because it reminded me of ONI.
I don't really have a favorite. Halo got most of my attention, ONI is a heart-thing and Marathon is just plain godly.

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"It's them! The Government! They're in cahoots with them aliens! You believe me right?! Ya do right?!"


Halo. 'nuff said.

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I enjoyed Halo the most since Halo 2 got me into Bungie games. I got the Marathon series on my iPhone and have enjoyed the first and second games but I haven't started Infinity yet.
As for Oni I got it for a cheap price in a shop but I didn't like it that much and to this day I have never played a Myth game.

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Halo. 'nuff said.

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While I did love the Marathon series over the other older Bungie games, it doesn't come close to my love for the Halo games that Bungie made.

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Halo. I never played the other three.

Although when I was a freshman in high school (2000) my Japanese teacher used to play Myth all the time in his free time.

That was my first introduction to Bungie.

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